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Listed articles are by various writers and contributors.
Appropriate credit is given at the top of each commentary.

Conservative? Be banned! Entertaining angels
Pandemic lawlessness By His stripes?
The overlooked sign Kreepy Kundalini
Never give up! How to be saved
comments "The Rapture" How to know I'm saved? contact
If there's no rapture? Why did Jesus die?
More on the rapture Give me a reason !!
The Rapture is coming Becoming a Christian
jokes Is rapture pre-trib? The easy way to heaven funny
End times prophecy Where Satan gets you
Signs of the end Can Salvation be lost?
The antichrist The Bible
a prayer
Mohammed vs Jesus What is a Christian? blog
Is Islam evil? Born again explained
Satan hates Israel Salvation for dummies
Islam What is "being saved?"
news &
666 The Mark Why Jesus only feature
Living in end times Why People Reject Jesus
Peace and safety? Forsaken?..Never!
False prophets dead loss Suicide no dead end
Signs of His coming Morals?..what morals? links
My favourite martian?? A cult is a cult!
Don't fall for falling! Did you hear a bang?
Pre-tribulation eh? Evolution?
photos Doctrine of Hijrah The maze of praise kids
Rapture vs no rapture The long silence
Revelation revealed Sorry Mormons, but ...
Post rapture scenario Sorry Catholics, but..
Rapture fact/fiction What constitutes success? feature
Deceiving the elect Psychos seek psychics
New World Order God's flops
Israel's destiny Heavens above!
translate 1000+ year forecast Emerging Church error daily
Agog about Gog-Magog The fruit test
Damascus's demise? Porn Plague
Possible delusions Yoga bare
this site
Global warming, hype? Addictions about
this site
The "two witnesses" Fear Not
The "False Prophet" Forgiving
Headin' to Armageddon Biblical view of world

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