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The Jew


Scattered by God's avenging hand,

Afflicted and forlorn,

Sad wanderers from their pleasant land,

Do Judah's children mourn:

And even in Christian countries,

few breathe thoughts of pity for the Jew.


Yet, listen, gentile, do you love the bible's precious page?

Then let your heart with kindness move

To Israel's heritage;

Who traced those lines of love for you?

Each sacred writer was a Jew.


And then as years and ages passed,

And nations rose and fell,

Though clouds of darkness often were cast

Over captive Israel,

The oracles of God for you

Were kept in safety by the Jew.


And when the great Messiah came

For guilty man to bleed,

He did not take an angel's name,

No - born of Abraham's seed -

Y'shua Jesus, who gave His life for you,

The gentle Saviour was a Jew.


And though His own received Him not,

And turned in pride away,

Whence is the Gentile's happier lot?

Are you more just than they?

No; God in pity turned to you -

Have you no pity for the Jew?


Go, then, and bend the knee to pray

For Israel's ancient race;

Ask the dear Saviour every day

To call them by His grace;

Go, for a debt of love is due

From Christian Gentiles to the Jew.




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