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A question about the Antichrist



Dear Sir...

Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and understandings of the Bible with us on a regular basis. One of the neatest aspects of your writings is that you have the ability to generate additional thinking by the readers. Yes, you give specific Bible references to guarantee your thinking, but you also leave the reader wanting to learn more and more.

One question that probably does not have a Bible answer that I have been recently thinking about is this ... When the Bible states the antichrist will rise to power, it is at least implied that he will not be a youngster (child). Thus far I have never read anything written by experts as to at what stage of life will the antichrist know he is the antichrist. Is this something that his parents know due to some kind of a message from the devil? Does he know this about himself since birth? Is this something in which he gradually becomes aware? Or does he make some kind of a deal the the devil to become the antichrist, etc.?

If you would be so kind, would you share some of your thoughts on this with me.

Respectfully ... Joe



Hi Joe....

Thanks for stopping by Rapture Notes. Your question is a good one. I guess if everything to be known was written in the bible, it would still be being written. All I can really give you is my opinions on your questions, but they are probably no more valid than your own on these matters.

Personally, I don't think the antichrist will know he is the antichrist when he's a child. I don't think his parents will know he's the antichrist. I don't believe he will even understand that he's the antichrist himself until perhaps shortly before his doom.

I think he'll just be a very charismatic person who through charm and guile will win many people over, and he will possess skills and problem solving abilities that probably will surprise even himself. I don't think he'll actually "make a deal" with Satan.

Perhaps, as he begins to get puffed up with pride and speak against God and Christians, he'll become vulnerable as any one can spiritually, and Satan will possess him in a similar manner to how demon possession occurs, to the point where the antichrist actually declares that he is God. After all, Satan has always wanted to be worshipped like God and the antichrist will be the vehicle through whom Satan tries to achieve this.

One thing I am sure about, and that is that we'll soon have the answers to questions such as yours.

God bless you and keep you till we are all with Christ.


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