My name is Keygar and this is my website, "Rapture Notes".

I guess you could simply describe me as a musician with a keen interest in bible prophecy, Christian matters in general, and computers. It all began in about 2001 with a single web page and a few of my Gospel songs on it. I used to get real excited if I had a dozen or so visitors to the site each month. It was called "Keygar's Christian Music Page" back then.

One day, after moving to the country, I fell out of a tree with a roaring chainsaw in one hand, and a gesture for help to the Lord with the other. Emerging from hospital some time later with a new appreciation of the fragility and shortness of our lives, I expanded the site, renamed it "Rapture Notes" and it now gets many thousands of visits each week.

I'm constantly designing and expanding the website myself, so there's probably a few things not working properly. Please let me know if you come across any problems with the site, and I will fix them. Any suggestions for improvement will be seriously looked at. I'll take all the help I can get.

"Rapture Notes" covers a very wide range of subjects by a diverse group of authors. The articles are for your information, education, criticism and to comment on if you so desire. Of particular interest is the Rapture of the church and there are quite a few articles on that topic. It ties in with bible prophecy and end time matters, an area that is sadly neglected in many churches these days. As well, I love a good belly laugh, so I have included some jokes and funny videos etc. that people have sent me. Hopefully they'll lighten up your day sometime.

Also, many like to listen to an interesting talk whilst working or doing the housework etc, so I've included dozens of radio program excerpts, discussions and sermons that can be downloaded and listened to anytime, or streamed immediately. These also are mainly concerned with end times and prophecy subjects, but with other interesting topics covered as well.

Most churches that I have come across in recent years seem preoccupied with "experiences", "feelings", "prosperity", "Christian rock music", "fund raising", "charismatic celebrities", "manifestations of the spirit", "dreams and visions", "personal prophecies", "ecumenicalism" and on and on.

Getting into the real Word of God and applying Christ's teachings to how we live, conduct ourselves and relate to others has fled, chased out the stained glass doors by superficiality, insincerity, love of the world, love of money and power, mediocrity, and expensively dressed conmen. "Rapture Notes" is an attempt to counter that and share information I think is important in these times we're living in.

Please don't expect to agree with every article. There will always be differences of opinion on some bible topics and subjects. Even if you disagree with an article, you might still learn something from reading it. If you VERY strongly disagree, let me know why, then I might just learn something as well.

Do I go to church? Only occasionally these days. The sad fact is, the churches within travelling distance from where I live offer little to no spiritual nourishment. My Christian fellowship is mainly with friends, and online.

The self righteous would of course jump at this and immediately label me a "backslider" not worth listening to. Well wait, there's more. I also have an occasional cold beer on a hot day. SILENCE. My old Sunday School teacher just went white. And, I sometimes for a bit of fun, buy a lotto ticket. THUMP. That old teacher just dropped dead. Ready for more? I used to play in rock 'n' roll and country bands, and even had my own band for a while. ALL IS QUIET. The noose is being prepared and the trap-door oiled. I'm not saying anyone else should be like me. I'm just trying to be honest and open. Others may impress God with their holiness, but I just try to live temperately within God's guidelines, and be impressed with His holiness.

I seem to have come across three types of Christians in my lifetime. Those that just live quietly day to day with a strong unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ in their hearts. They don't make a song and dance about their belief, but are prepared to expand on it if asked, and they set a good example with their life and standards. Then there are those that are continually saying things like "Praise the Lord", "The Lord told me...", "I have a word from the Lord for you" or "You know, you should do this or that, Jesus said.....". These may be the best Christians, but I can't relate to them much I must say. They either make me feel inferior, are just plain annoying, or come across as loud but empty drums.  Finally there are those that are just plain boring and dull, and act as if even laughing may be a sin. They wear this coat of respectability and "holiness" that obviously doesn't fit them and looks uncomfortable, but they refuse to take it off. It makes me uncomfortable as well.

I sometimes think there will be more people in heaven who never set foot in a church than those who did. Most laughs I've had in life have been with non Christians. There are of course those Christians who I really regard as the "salt of the earth". I long to be like them.

There are unfortunately many areas of my life I would hate to be exposed publicly. I would be acutely embarrassed. The lord knows about them. I know about them. They'll be the "chaff" that is burned off me in Glory. Stand back on that day, the smoke will be thick. For example, I detest foul language from people and in the media. I myself try not to curse and in general, I don't, BUT, after twenty pulls on the cord trying to get my lawn mower to start, or after I've just stripped the thread on the last bolt holding the alternator on in my car, it's best if the faint hearted and small children are kept away from me. Thankfully God regards me as a "work in progress". Like I say in one of my songs, "I'm doing the best I can with what I am".

I started learning the piano when I was five years old. I pestered my Mum and Dad to let me have lessons after I was inspired by the piano music that used to waft over the fence to our house from the musical lady next door. I passed the obligatory classical piano exams but my piano teacher eventually discarded me when I told her I liked jazz music. The gospel songs on this site are written and/or performed by myself. I was inspired to write these gospel songs during a time in my life when I was unhappy, confused and stressed. I found much comfort in writing them and singing them. It was a release of my heart's problems and at the same time my heart's hope and appreciation, to Jesus Christ.

I became a Christian as a teenager in response to a scary sermon preached in our church. I've heard it said that it's wrong to become a Christian out of fear. BALONEY. If it takes fear to wake you up to your need of forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, then I hope something, somewhere, sometime, scares the HELL out of you! The bible says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The fear of bulls may stop you being stomped on, a good thing no? And there's plenty of bull around. Of course, after fear comes respect, admiration and then love. God can get a person's attention in many ways I'm sure.

What do I hope to get from operating this website? I'd like to feel that at least ONE person before I die, gets something encouraging, enlightening, or even better, life changing from it. The bible makes it clear that as well as having faith in Jesus to give us eternal life with Him, we need to put our faith into action and do something for Him in return. It seems to me the main thing he said He wanted us to do besides loving others etc. was to tell others about Him, or to be ready at least to tell others about our faith in Him should the opportunity arise. Well, the internet is one way to do that, especially for me who finds it difficult to approach people in a shopping centre car park and preach to them.

The bible teaches that we should aim to have Jesus say to us upon our arrival in Heaven, "Well done, you good and faithful servant". Perhaps, as a result of this website, He might say to me, "Hi there Keygar, I guess you tried". That's as good as I can hope for. While everyone else is led off to their mansion, an embarrassed angel will point out my tent. But I'll be happy. My tent will be your tent.

Most importantly of all, I'll be where Jesus Christ is. That'll do me!

By the Grace of God through Jesus Christ, I hope to see you in Heaven one day.

If you find "Rapture Notes" useful in anyway, I'd love to hear from you.


  If one day you visit this site and it says "this site is currently unavailable", or "due to overwhelming traffic demand, this site is temporarily down", it probably means I've either died or the RAPTURE has come and gone, and me with it. If you believe this site is worth "keeping on the air" under such circumstances, please contact:

"VODIEN" at https://www.vodien.com

and arrange with their sales departments to pay the bills etc. on my behalf. Who knows, this may be just what God wants you to do at such a time. Me, I'll be with Jesus by His grace, and no longer much interested in "Rapture Notes" as such, but it would be nice to know it was still being a source of encouragement and information to some.


P.S.   I believe there will come a day when the information on this site will be eagerly sought after. This site will then probably go down as a result of the sheer volume of traffic to it.

If you would like to do something constructive as a Christian, please consider either mirroring this site, or downloading it onto a thumb drive (64GB) for distribution now or later to family, friends and neighbours. Free software such as "httrack" can be used to quickly copy this website in its entirety. Just Google/Download these programmes and you can easily have the entire Rapture Notes website on a small USB drive to share with or leave for others.



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