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By Lukas Mikelionis

Weasel Globalist Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, stole the leadership from Tony Abbott (or was the CIA involved in that too?). Abbott, despite his shortcomings, was at least awake to the threats to Australia from Islam and the U.N.

Turnbull is very likely just another Australian leader in a long line of Prime Ministers who have been puppets of the deep state operatives currently opposing Donald Trump and attempting to bring America and Europe down through Islam and the push for a 'new world order'.


UPDATE: (Australia buys deeper into new world order) 

Four thousand teachers in Australia are preparing to go through a training program aimed at helping stop sexism in students as young as 4-years-old.

The course, set up by the regional government in Victoria, will teach educators how to spot young children who “enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes.”

A document concerning the program obtained by Heat Street defends the action by arguing that sexism first begins to appear in preschoolers.

“As young children learn about gender, they may also begin to enact sexist values, beliefs and attitudes that may contribute to disrespect and gender inequality,” the document says. “Professional learning will ­increase the capacity of early childhood educators to understand and implement respectful relationships and gender equality into their program delivery.”

“It will build the capacity of ­educators to use reflective practice to critically evaluate their work with children using anti-bias ­approaches specifically regarding gender bias,” the document adds.
Other reports indicate that teachers will also be taught to stop using “sexist” phrases such as “boys will be boys.”

Jenny Mikakos, the minister for Families and Children, called the program a necessity for early childhood development.
“The early years are an important time to start helping children develop a secure sense of self and healthy, respectful ­relationships,” she said. “This will help prevent family violence in the long term.”

The cost of the program, according to The Australian, will set taxpayers back $3.4 million AUS or $2.6 million US.

(Why is it so often women who come up with these moronic ideas, or am I being sexist saying that? ... Keygar)

Teachers at a primary school in Sydney, Australia have been threatened with beheading and other violence from young Islamic students, prompting one of them to quit her job.

Students as young as those in Year 5, according to the Daily Telegraph, are making the violent threats and pressuring others to read the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney.

Documents given to the newspaper allege that three staff members have taken a leave of absence owing to stress, received counselling and been awarded compensation after bullying from Islamic students.

One female teacher reportedly quit her job after it got too much for her. She claims she quit after receiving death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her.

The teacher also said she made numerous complaints back in 2014 about the extraordinary behaviour in the class. For example, she said, she was abused by students after she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

In another example, she claimed she was pushed into a corner by students who began marching around her chanting the Koran.

The bullying wasn’t restricted to teachers. The woman also reported an incident where children bullied other students by saying that someone had “betrayed his religion” by “not going to Muslim scripture”. In another incident, she said a “group of boys had stood around a girl and called her horrible names like dog”.

The region’s education department didn’t deny any teachers received a compensation. However, they insisted they weren’t aware of any instances of religious-related violence at the school.

“All NSW schools must immediately report all concerns of anti-social and extremist behaviour in NSW schools to a dedicated hotline,” a spokesman said.

“The Department of Education continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies on such matters. To maintain effective operations and protect the privacy of students, the department will not identify schools participating in these programs.”


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