Please Help Children

“Compassion” is an organization committed to helping children throughout the world. It takes a “complete” approach to this task by addressing their physical, material and spiritual needs. It provides aid to these children “in the name of Jesus” and encourages them to attend their local churches and to help their families by performing tasks and chores. It also shows them how to contribute to their community in practical ways. The children correspond by mail with their sponsors, and annual reports from COMPASSION include an updated photo, school reports, health and family issues and any other information relevant to that child’s well being.

Being involved in this aid and outreach is immensely rewarding. My wife and I have been associated for nearly fifteen years with "Compassion", and can attest to this organisation's authenticity and effectiveness. All it costs is a few dollars a month, and a little time answering your child’s letters.

 Additional information can be found in your country by simply doing an Internet search for “compassion”. The results should show the whereabouts of a branch in your vicinity. If not, email me and I will try and get some information for you if you are interested.

___ Keygar



( From left to right… Royers, Jeffclifton, Kevin, Weyinishet and Soni )

If you are a Christian, please spare just a few seconds to pray for God’s Blessing and Involvement in the lives of the above children.
Thank you.



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