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Christians, Conspiracies

 Faith and Love

By Ron Graham


“...but the just shall live by his faith.” Habakkuk 2:4.

Conspiracy theories abound and are being thrown at us from every angle. Recently I was provided with a link to a two hour video that if true would probably scare the most hardened atheist. The video begins by proclaiming that all past U.S. presidents had been puppets clear back to, but excluding, John F. Kennedy. This recent conspiracy points to multi-billionaires, the bankers of the world, as the ones holding the puppet strings of our government leaders. It seems, according to this theory, these greedy fiends are the ones behind the push to a one world government. These theorists say there are concentration camps being built all over the US to imprison those who know the truth. They are constructed and will be utilized to keep the nonconformist silent while these evil and maniacal men and women pour out their treachery on the rest of unsuspecting mankind. Is this truth or fiction?

Conspiracy theorists have been around forever it seems, and they always appear when times get tough. Our economy is in the tank and our government leaders seem bent on replacing the US Constitution with some other form of government; no one really seems to be able to put their finger on just what form of government that’s going to be, whether it’s new designation will be that of a socialistic or communistic form of government is yet to be seen. To the theorists, the American republic we once knew and loved is all but washed up.

Certainly we can clearly see there’s a movement afoot to eliminate our US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We see them both being trampled and trashed more and more every day. Worst of all, in my mind, is what’s happening to the Christian Church in America . The signs are so painfully obvious yet biblical. Clearly, the apostasy of the Church is nigh at hand. Yes, absolutely something evil this way comes. Those who have no faith in God have no hope for anything better. But the true born again believer, those who are “in Christ” are justified and thus living in faith, right?

My brethren, do yourselves a huge favour and stop listening to men or women who have their own agendas apart from God’s. Whether they be our government leaders or conspiracy theorists, or even some of our church leaders, stop this lunacy and let’s remember what God told Habakkuk “The Just shall live by his faith”. Our faith is in Jesus Christ and also our trust. Many of these conspiracy theories seem to be in line with Bible prophecy, so where better to turn than to God and His word for the details? I’m not saying that these conspiracies can’t be true, but that we should approach each new theory through the lens of scripture always remembering in whom we’ve placed our faith and trust.

God gave us His word to study, to immerse ourselves in, and to obtain the truth. God is truth and He puts more emphases on the truth of His word than on His very name. That’s why it is so important that we live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. “...that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.” Deuteronomy 8:3. Even when our Lord was being tempted in the wilderness for forty days it was God’s word that He always fell back on as He rebuked the Devil.

Aren’t Christians being tempted each day? Where should we turn if not to the Lord? Will we see the times we live in worsen? Probably. If we are worrying and fretting now while we are still living in abundance, what’s going to happen to our faith and our witness as we see the US crumble around us? The Just shall live by faith. Who are the just? If you are a born again believer you are justified and you now live by faith.

The Bible is a history lesson, and it has taught us plenty about mankind’s past history, and interestingly we are also given a look at the future history of all mankind. We call the future history prophecy. Prophecy is all through the Bible; God uses prophecy to authenticate His word. Whether we are inundated with conspiracy theories or evil ungodly people pushing to realign this planet as a one world government everything has been written down for us beforehand so we wouldn’t be surprised. My point is: God will not allow anything to happen in this world that doesn’t conform to His plan, His will for the future of mankind.

Sincerely studying the Bible will probably become the national pastime of most born again believers as we traverse these last of days on planet earth. Staying in fellowship and prayer are basics that should never be neglected. Building strong relationships with our brethren will bring huge blessings and benefits to both us and them. God wants us to come together as His children and unite in our common faith. That faith is in Jesus Christ His Son.

There are going to be many aspects of the end times that we disagree on. This is painfully evident, but those disagreements don’t need to tear us apart. Satan loves to get Christians bickering amongst ourselves. My brethren this should not be so. The just are living by faith in Christ and that fact alone becomes our uniting tie that binds us together. We are going to need that binding more and more as we watch these last days drawing to a close.

When will the Church be raptured? No one knows. The heat of persecution is already upon us though, and most believers are already feeling it. What am I speaking about? Take a look at how the ungodly have infiltrated our government and its programs. These people are now pushing their evil attitudes and agendas to replace what was once a free country with new radical socialism. The left and centrist (and Greens *) of this country are the antagonists that will stop at nothing to eradicate Christians and our beliefs from being a part of their new enlightened society.

Our faith and our God-given rights to oppose anything that is contrary to God’s laws are being systematically discouraged and even eliminated from the American (Australian *) scene. Oh, and of course our newly elected president (prime minister *) has some wonderful new agendas that he’s seeing fit to push down the throats of the spiritually blind populace. Please consider that anyone who is opposed to God’s laws will be the ones ratcheting up the heat of persecution upon the Christian community. Again we turn to the book of Habakkuk for God’s response to all this evil. “The just shall live by his faith”. God makes it easy to understand, we are His and we are justified in His sight. Therefore, we shall live out our lives here on earth by faith.

Will America (Australia *) take her place among the trash heaps of discarded past civilizations that refused to humble themselves or to show any respect or reverence for their Creator God? Time will tell. I’ve heard it said that if God doesn’t judge America , He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah . Wow, God really let Sodom and Gomorrah have it. Just what kind of judgment might He have in store for a country that began so strong in the Christian faith and yet has now done a 180 degree turn and is currently engulfed in unholy, godless, evil activities so perverse that even Sodom would blush? Since God knows the future of all events, there’s no doubt His plan for America’s judgment is already set. Christians need not fear God’s fierce wrath; many other Americans should.

My brethren, we have a wonderful Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. He came into this world to save us from our sin and to give us life more abundantly. That said, why do we worry so about the future? If we believe that God is in control then whatever happens to America, (Australia *) or the world for that matter, is up to God. All our faithless worries are an abomination since believers are the just who shall live by faith.

First and foremost our focus in these last days, as always, should be on our Lord Jesus and secondly on the lost, not on conspiracy theories. Believers know the final outcome of all this evil that abounds, but what of those who are still living without Jesus? What must be going through their minds as they witness the systematic destruction of our once favoured way of life? Some, when they hear the truth, will turn from their wicked ways, but what if no one tells them the truth? When a family member or even a friend dies, the last thing any of us will want to hear ourselves saying is, “Why didn’t I tell you, before it was too late”?

Are you one of the just that shall live by his faith? I know there are many roadblocks impeding our movements as we try to adhere to our Saviour’s will. By faith we don’t allow Satan to instill fear in us. By faith we won’t allow him to establish a wall of separation between us and the lost. By faith we will allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in all our endeavours. Worrying about what kind of evil reaction might follow our presentation of the Gospel will be nonexistent to those who are justified and living by faith. God will take care of the evil things of this world as long as we are presenting the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There’s a song that I really enjoy singing, and the chorus goes like this, “And they will know we are Christians by our love, by our love. Yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love”. How many lost people have seen your love today, Christian?

( * emphasis by Keygar )






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