By Don Koenig

What a change less than two months has wrought on our nation and on the world. In late February I was warning that the coronavirus hitting Wuhan China could cause an economic downturn that could impact Trump’s election chances. Just a month later governments all over the world began shutting down everything to stop the virus spread. Because of all the shutdowns, the world is about to be hit with the worst global economic crises it has ever encountered. This may take a couple of years to fully play out, but it will turn out to have a far greater negative impact on nations than on anything the virus world have caused without the government intervention.

Governments all over the world ignored the virus and only acknowledged the threat after the virus became too widespread to stop. Slowing the spread or flatting the curve is just an exercise in pushing off the majority of infections until a latter date. Shutting everything down and locking people in their houses slows the spread but the economic impact could prove fatal to many national economies.

The virus appears to rapidly spread though an area and then burn itself out in a couple of months. That is probably because a good percentage of people in that location became exposed to the virus no matter if they got ill from the virus or not. Sick people are mostly the ones now being tested. Counting only the sick people says little about the virus spread. A good percentage of those in hot spots may never get sick from the virus for one reason or another. I think that has been proven on the ships and in the cities and towns where the virus was everywhere but only a minority got sick from it.

If many more people were exposed to the virus than the confirmed cases suggest, the death rates from the virus are way overblown. Many times the number of confirmed cases may already have been exposed to the virus and are not prone to catch it.

Governments should not have become the enforcement arm of narrow focused bureaucratic technocrats who are always gazing into their crystal ball models to predict the future. Models fed incorrect or incomplete data always give wrong predictions. These bureaucratic technocrats have become the secular false prophets of our time.

A blanket shutting down of the means to earn a living and ordering people to stay in their homes is tyrannical, abusive and it may prove to be more deadly than the virus. President Trump knew better, but he let the deep state bureaucratic technocrats prognosticators and their subversive press roll him.

Government stay at home decrees can only delay the spread. Most people will eventually catch this virus just like most people catch a cold when they are exposed to the virus and their immune system is not up to par. If the virus turns out to be seasonal, the spread will slow down by summer and pick up again this fall and in fall seasons thereafter. Do governments think they can keep shutting down everything until they come up with a vaccine?

The confirmed case count of those having the virus is still far less than one percent of the people on the globe. The scientists also tell us that most of the world will catch the disease within a couple of years. That means over five billion people will become infected at some point. They say 100,000 have already died from the virus. If what they are telling us is correct, do the math, tens of millions would die in the next year or two. So how can the shutdowns end anytime soon for more than a few months? Will nations have additional shutdowns for months on end to try to prevent a resurgence of something about as deadly as the Flu? You would soon be living in a totally managed world on about a third of the income you had. I think globalists actually want that to happen in wealthy nations.

Like it or not, if the virus does not die out, it is going to continue to play out. Whichever turns out to be the case, this virus is probably not near as deadly as we are being led to believe. The most vulnerable seem to be those already in poor health. Most of them can recover with the help of antivirals (not the over flaunted ventilators).

Most in the world will not get noticeably sick from the virus and antivirals will greatly reduce the impact for the small percentage that are at risk. We need to keep this in proper perspective. Sixty million people die each year in the world because of their last disease. Many of the sickly catching COVID-19 would have died shortly from some other disease anyway. In fact, the death figures you see daily on the news for COVID-19 are somewhat overblown. That is because those carrying the virus who die are reported as having died of COVID-19. That is not always true. Germany only reports the actual deaths caused by COVID-19 and that probably is why their death percentage is so much lower than other nations (less than one percent) .

Should governments be putting the world into a massive depression thinking that slowing the virus spread is the only factor that matters? When you throw many millions of people into poverty to try to save some of the sickest people will there really be less death on earth? I thought we were trying to raise living standards in the world because doing so improves quality of life and increases lifespans?

Medical experts are just leaders in their health field. They should not be making the big decisions about shutting down nations. Slowing a disease is not necessarily the best course of action to take if slowing the disease is going to bring mass poverty and the negatives that poverty brings upon nations.

Wise people should be leading nations. Can we assume the actions of governments taken against this plague will nullify why the plague was allowed by God? Governmental actions will slow the plague, but governmental actions also could bring about something worse. A self-induced world economic collapse and depression may turn out to be far worse. It will destabilize the whole world and that could bring much misery, disease and death. I know governments like to think they control everything, but they really don’t.

The governments of the world forced their economies to shut down, but then create unlimited debt to appease the people they impoverished by their shutdowns. It sounds insane because it is insane. To keep this insanity going all nations on earth are taking on huge debts they will never be able to repay. That either brings hyperinflation and the devaluing of currencies or defaults. It all brings us to the same place. A huge world depression.

The globalist progressives will attempted to use this crisis for the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world but it will actually turn out to be the biggest asset destruction in the history of the world.

I have no inside information, but all this might be part of a plan by powerful people or the unseen realm to bring down the existing world order and bring about a new world order that will kick start global governance. Could someone in a lab in Wuhan been paid to start this virus spread at this precise time? Many powerful people in the world did not like the ways things were going since President Trump took office. If it were not this virus, it may have been something else. The “progressive” globalist elite are quite aware that crisis management gets their progressive fascist world agenda implemented much faster than through usual politics.

The coming economic collapse caused by debt is something elitist bankers knew was coming, it was inevitable. They already have the solution. After the dollar is rejected as the world reserve currency the world bankers will create a global currency. National currencies will all be pegged to it. The value of the national currencies will be determined by the consensus of the world bankers. When debts are reset, those that hold the debt lose most of their assets. The Bible warns us not to be a borrower or a lender. The borrower becomes a servant of the lender and often the lender never gets their money back.

By the way, the coming global currency will be all digital. (Everyone now knows that paper money helps spread disease.) As national currencies become fully converted to the global currency, local paper money will die out. So putting your wealth in paper currency and stashing it under your bed is likely to just become your future toilet paper reserve.

I used to think that Americans would revolt if our government ever became obviously authoritarian and unconstitutional. I think this shutdown gives a different perspective. People all over the nation are now in virtual house arrest because government says it is for our own good. The churches are all but shut down and possibly just one internet algorithm from being eliminated. Just trust government! I do not think such things will happen in this crisis, but what is occurring now will set the precedence for future crises.

People obeying orders to stay home could be one additional order from the government going house-to-house to round up the guns. The only thing stopping anything like a gun round-up from occurring during this crisis is Trump and some Republicans. Put a fascist progressive in office during the next election, and such a means to disarm the population appears feasible.

The authoritarianism being displayed is not all federal either. I live in a rural area of Missouri where there is no real coronavirus problem, but we have to abide by Missouri stay at home orders because a few big cities in the state think the shut-down is necessary. Even before the state order, the counties and towns around here had already shutdown most everything because that was suggested by the CDC. Every level of government is trying to outdo the other no matter if it is actually warranted at that location or not. Should I expect such local knee-jerking officials and the citizens electing them to ever question future unconstitutional federal decrees said to be for the greater good? If you even brought up the view that such government actions are unconstitutional, the media brainwashed local citizens would shout you down. This is how communism and fascism take over nations.

I already knew that freedom in our so-called democracies was just an illusion being sold to the people. The governments of the world have always forced their citizens to comply with whatever they want. Governments in the past proved this during wars and they now they prove this on a projected virus threat. Inalienable rights in this fallen world actually only exists in your own mind or when or where government occasionally allows such rights to exist. In this world, trying to prove that you have inalienable rights from God when government says otherwise could prove more fatal than a virus.

The government forced shutdowns set a very bad precedence for America. Giving up our constitutional liberties and our economy for a technocratic snake oil cure could turn out be the worst transaction America ever made. If that is not enough to wake people up, think of the precedence this sets for the subversive America hating Democrats should they gain power later this year. 


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