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The Bible doesn't give specific instructions on dancing. So I'll point out some examples of good and bad dancing, and then mention some biblical principles to build dancing standards on. Here goes: Exodus 32:6, 19-25--This is a disappointing part of Israel's history. While Moses was up on the mountain talking to God, the Israelites built an idol. In the process of the idol worship, they began to dance. This ended up in "revelry" (v. 6) and being "out of control" (v.25 says "naked" in some translations). In this case, dancing led to very sinful activity. In Exodus 15:20 (mentioned above), Miriam was dancing to celebrate the victory God's power had brought at the Red Sea. 2 Samuel 6:12-16--David "danced before the Lord" to celebrate the Ark of the Covenant being brought back to Jerusalem.

Every instance of dancing that is not considered sinful was done in worship or praise to God. Here are some more principles to keep in mind in considering dancing: Ecclesiastes 3:4--There is an appropriate time to dance (and inversely an inappropriate time to dance). Psalm 149:3 & 150:4--Both passages mention that we can praise or worship God through dance. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20--Our bodies belong to God, and are the temple of the Holy Spirit. So everything we do must be honoring to Him.

Dancing to bring attention to yourself or your body therefore would be sinful. 1 Corinthians 7:1-3--The writer says, "It is good for a man not to touch a woman." (see New American or King James for this translation as NIV says "marry" instead) Paul was acknowledging that men have a very strong sex drive that is easy to set off. Because of this, many styles of pair dancing outside of marriage can be very tempting, especially to the man. 2 Timothy 2:22--"Flee (as in "run away from") the evil desires of youth." Any dancing that stirs up sinful desires in yourself OR OTHERS PARTICIPATING is sinful. Matthew 18:6--Doing something that might cause someone else to stumble into sin is considered absolutely inexcusable. Dancing in a way that would cause someone else to lust would fall under this guideline. 1 Thessalonians 5:22--This is a great rule of thumb if you're not sure if a dancing situation is o.k. It says, "Avoid every kind of evil." If it even looks like it could be sinful, don't do it.

In the end, there is a lot of dancing that is inappropriate for believers who should be trying to glorify God with their lives, and especially their bodies. Yet the Bible acknowledges that you can dance in a way that does not tempt others, does not tempt yourself, and brings glory to God. I hope these guidelines and examples will help you to set Godly standards.


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I have played in bands where people have danced to our music, and I have not considered their dancing provocative or sensual. The people have enjoyed themselves and indeed, on occasion, I have wished I wasn't playing in the band, so I could have had a dance myself. On the other hand, I have seen TV shows such as "Dancing with the Stars", which have been very popular because they highlight lewd and suggestive dance routines, and attractive females in skimpy costumes. This is a simple formula for success really for similarly simple TV executives to follow in this day and age where immorality rates well. Such shows as the afore mentioned, MTV and many teenage music video clips are an example where blatant sensuality and lewdness is disguised or passed off as talent to make it morally acceptable to those who otherwise might raise objections.

Then there is so-called "Dancing in the Spirit" which I've encountered many times in Pentecostal churches. My humble opinion is that most of this dancing has not only been silly, but definitely had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. I can find no biblical precedent for its practice in a modern church environment. I think it's just a part of the "feel good" services so many Christians seem to like attending these days.

One Pentecostal church I attended encouraged vigorous dancing and leaping during their singing, based on the fact that David danced before the Lord on one occasion in scripture. I guess if David had once eaten an ice cream while worshipping God, these same churches would give out ice creams to eat during their services, based on the same reasoning. At least their attendances would increase. After all, most people prefer ice creams to discipline and teaching don't they?

Of course, there are occasions in one's life, for example if victory comes after a particularly draining battle of some sort, when one might burst into joyous dance and shout a praise to the Lord. I'm sure Jesus smiles at that, and I've even done it myself. But just as Paul says everyone in a church shouldn't speak in tongues at once lest someone entering might think everybody is POSSIBLY nuts, neither in my opinion should everyone in church be leaping about or running on the spot, lest those same people entering be CERTAIN everyone is nuts. That's not to say that I believe all dancing in church is wrong, only God knows the true motives and inspiration behind everyone's actions. But to leap or run about in a church and say it's of the Spirit is stretching credibility in my opinion.

I remember once standing still in church singing whilst the gentleman next to me was jumping up and down like his feet had disturbed an ants nest. He noticed I was standing still and beamingly offered me the following sound, bible based advice, eager to share his obvious maturity as a Christian..."Never mind mate" he consoled, "you'll get the hang of it!" Thankfully, I never did.

My two cents worth .............. Keygar!

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