I enjoy a good laugh. I get emailed lots of things, including funny, amusing, and thought provoking items. I thought it might be worthwhile including some of them here for you to look at if you're a bit twisted in the sense of humor department like I am.

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protective mum (mp4)

baby bird (mp4)

I like surfing ..woof! (mp4)

peeling a horse (mp4)

bad monday (mp4)

snow dogs here (mp4)

chicken musician (mp4)

going nowhere (mp4)

funny bike ride (mp4)

helpful kids (mpe)

Christmas lunch (jpg) 

parking (mp4)

the bird (mp4)

changing tyres (mp4)

buzzards (bmp)

sunbaking (jpg)

fostercat (mp4)

misunderstanding (mp4)

tiger hug (jpg)

acrobats (mp4)

quality tells (pps)

female brain (gif)

put down (jpg)

parking 2 (mp4)

a man needs a wife (jpg)

sand art (mp4)

maniac driver (jpg)

one of those days (mp4)

life cycle (jpg)

musical machine (mp4)

when sport goes wrong (mp4)

ear ear (jpg)

lost dog (jpg)

I'll scratch my own back (mp4)

tree trimming the wrong way (mp4)

anger management (jpg)

wake up and feed me (mp4)

car air conditioner (jpg)

the last laugh (mp4)

one big swimming pool (jpg)

revenge of the icon (doc)..right click & save

home made water slide (mp4)

the birds (pps)

ouch! (jpg)

spring man (mp4)

isn't life sweet (jpg)

power windows (mp4) 

enjoy the moment (pps)

running the lights (mp4)

new maths curriculum (mp4)

your lucky day (mp4)

a good night's fishing (mp4)

eyes in back of head (jpg)

be careful when going for a walk (mp4)

oh "deer" (mp4)

skate boarding dog (mp4)

cute critter (jpg)

skating on thin ice (mp4)

how embarrassing (mp4)

acceleration (jpg)

bright folk (mp4)

groovycocky (mp4)

pot holes (pps)

price of petrol (jpg)

cave parachuting (mp4)

computers to books (mp4)

sick animals (jpg)

clever bird (mp4)

stand off (jpg)

future of mobile phones (mp4)

leaving the scene of an accident (jpg)

baby picture of me (gif)

shadow puppetry (mp4)

dancing chimps (mp4)

how to encourage drinking (jpg)

McDonald's dog food (jpg)

a cold roll (jpg)

caffeine break (jpg)

begging for problems (gif)

pigeon power (mp4)

why dogs are special (pps)

party pooper (mp4)

marzipan baby (jpg)

fail (jpg)

fail2 (jpg)

from small beginnings (pps)

toe to tow (mp4)

snake tales (mp4)

nutty dance (gif)

dolphin magic (mp4)

funny animals (mp4)

grumpy gran (jpg)

grumpy gran2 (jpg)

african animal photos (pps)

chimp's feline friends (jpg)

embarrassing parents (jpg)

roll on summer (jpg)

music soothes the savage beast (mp4)

blue beauty (pps)

mirror mirror (jpg)

golf's a funny game (mp4)

safe work practices (pps)

more embarrassing parents (jpg)

using your head (mp4)

mum's the word (mp4)

dream dog (mp4)

the ideal woman (mp4)

amazing art work (pps)

sorry (jpg)

brrr it's cold (gif)

monkeying around (gif)

lost in space (mp4)

toy bike fun (mp4)

don't upset granny (mp4)

hard to bear (jpg)

all tangled up (mp4)

hyper-inflation (mp4)

decisions decisions (jpg)

open and closed (mp4)

inspiring kids (mp4)

know a good mechanic? (mp4)

light on their feet (mp4)

modesty prevails (jpg)

kids and their pets (mp4)

church capers (mp4)

sssshhhh! (jpg)

making up (jpg)

60's jukebox (pps)

pussy willow (mp4)

flat out ironing (jpg)

penguin pranks (mp4)

soccer wizard (mp4)

hot chocolate (pps)

unpopular fashion statement (mp4)

environmentally friendly bus (jpg)

space games (pps)

musical stairs (mp4)

warning! (jpg)

extreme skill (mp4)

extreme sheep (mp4)

ladies car park (jpg)

after a hard night (jpg)

up the wall (mp4)

something afoot (jpg)

advice (pps)

a school hits back (mp4)

extreme off road (mp4)

tolerance (jpg)

snowmobile (mp4)

we meet at last (jpg)

dear friends (mp4)

the missing key (mp4)

flash dance (mp4)

magic maths (pps)

wing and a prayer (mp4)

monster shredder (mp4)

dog spam filter (mp4)

fishy space shuttle (jpg)

good ol' humour (mp4)

no nonsense pilots (mp4)

computer age (jpg)

song for the over 50's (mp4)

true buddies (mp4)

printer problems (mp4)

computer help (jpg)

dog ahoy (jpg)

mens & womens brains (mp4)

do I look like like an idiot? (mp4)

opinionated (mp4)

it's ok for some (mp4)

seal of approval (mp4)

dog of a knight (jpg)

rich vs poor (pps)

7 yr old pool shark (mp4)

scaredy dog (jpg)

irish olympics (mp4)

action man (mp4)

cat addiction (mp4)

stylish demolition (mp4)

baby sitters (pps)

why won't you play (mp4)

swift justice (mp4)

guilt (mp4)

falling for you (mp4)

bottoms up (jpg)

gotta love dogs (mp4)

backfire (mp4)

paintings or photos (pps)

roll of cat (jpg)

cruel (mp4)

pushing your luck (mp4)

wireless technology (jpg)

flying fish (mp4)

shy (jpg)

with friends like this? (mp4)

save the antelope (mp4)

that was close (mp4)

weedy reporter (mp4)

look no legs (mp4)

wait for me! (jpg)

miles away (mp4)

snow way (mp4)

wisdom (jpg)

spring time (mp4)

boys will be boys (mp4)

classy glass (pps)

breakfast in bed (jpg)

where'd he go? (mp4)

pay back (mp4)

get off the treadmill (mp4)

morning exercise (mp4)

pint size Elvis (mp4)

dog bin (jpg)

big bored boys (mp4)

bare minimum (mp4)

buskers beware  (mp4)

password solved (jpg)

I get a kick out of you (mp4)

the great escape (mp4)

tunnel terror (mp4)

dog of a song (mp4)

bright couple (png)

ride, don't walk (mp4)

feeling jumpy (mp4)

ultimate in cute (jpg)

hoon control (mp4)

Spanish precision (mp4)

I really shouldn't laugh (mp4)

don't call us (mp4)

table tennis pro (mp4)

clean spike (jpg)

world championship teaching (mp4)

toyota trap (mp4)

ten pin mayhem (mp4)

amazing animals (pps)

your average politician (jpg)

surprise (pps)

pedal to the metal (jpg)

winter moments (mp4)

like a dog's dinner (mp4)

duhh (mp4)

go grannie (mp4)

I'm not scared (mp4)

blazing saddles (mp4)

animal antics (mp4)

mishaps (mp4)

spare teeth (mp4)

gnome fun (mp4)

pay back (mp4)

a bit off the top (mp4)

revenge of the animals (mp4)

kids!!! (mp4)

card sharp (mp4)

losing it (mp4)

how to catch a spider (mp4)

where there's a will (mp4)

the flying scotsman (mp4)

cat versus cucumber (mp4)



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