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____ Keygar 


Give me one good reason to abandon my faith in Christ! 

Hold a gun to my head and tell me to renounce Christ? I wouldnít want to be a like a person who would shoot someone simply because they believe something different to themselves. Shout expletives at Christians and call them fools for believing in fairy tales and tell them theyíre idiots? I wouldnít want to be like people who treat ANYONE like that. Be someone who just believes in nothing except pleasure, money and career and then dies without hope or peace? I donít want to be like that. What other religious or political system gives mankind a sensible explanation for his state and a set of moral guidelines to live by, apart from Christianity and the bible? Can the design of the human ear or the human reproductive system really be the result of an explosion in space, a space seed, cosmic dust or chance?


Give me a break.


Iíve never met or heard of a homosexual, an atheist, a profaner, a drunkard, a drug addict, a suicide bomber, a Christian hater, a Jew hater or any non-Christian who is apparently happier than me or who has a better outlook on and explanation for, ďlifeĒ. Most if not all of Christís disciples were murdered. They probably could have avoided this fate if they had renounced their beliefs or surrendered to the threats of their godless tormentors. But they also could see nothing in their tormentors that seemed better than what they had seen in Christ. So much so that they were prepared to die for the way they were.


Iíve often said to friends, show me something or someone better to believe in than Jesus Christ and Iíll switch sides in an instant. No one has yet.


Would I want to be a celebrity? A large number of celebrities appear to be social misfits. In and out of rehabilitation centers, divorce and law courts, behaving like children, preoccupying the front pages of newspapers that are supposed to be reporting IMPORTANT news, only to die often lonely deaths, regularly by their own hands, and then for decades after have money hungry authors write insulting biographies about them. I certainly donít want to be like them.


Show me a religious figure who is better to believe in than Jesus Christ. Iíve read about them all from Mohammad to Joseph Smith. They all were either murderers, misfits, figments of someoneís imagination or pathetic characters attracting as followers gullible non-thinkers who have never exhibited anything resembling a level of happiness or joy equal to or beyond that which I have.


Jesus Christ gives me an explanation of the origin of mankind, a reason for the problems in the world, an insight into my own heart, a way to know God and have an involvement in his plans for the world, forgiveness for my shortcomings and inadequacies, hope for the future and joy and peace in my heart. All without having to kill, injure, insult or bother anyone who doesnít want the same. Why would I give that up?









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