Movement Into Madness



This guest blog is by Terry James of raptureready.com :

Perhaps what we are witnessing today in the insanity going on around us can be encapsulated within two verses –a prophecy given to the Apostle Paul to forewarn this generation.

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived” (2 Tim 3:12-13).

And it is the great apostle who was given by the Holy Spirit to let us know the causes and effects of the evil deception.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” (Romans 1: 28-32).

The old saying “what goes around comes around” is certainly true, and especially in terms of fallen humanity’s prophetic trek across linear time. The antediluvian evil and wickedness Paul delineates is mirrored precisely in this generation upon Planet Earth. We are enduring madness wrought by mankind’s turning its back to God and determining to do what is right in the fallen ones’ own mind. – Or I should say more accurately, what is right in the eyes of their father, the devil.

For all who are not in Christ are fallen through Lucifer, their progenitor in that sense, who introduced sin into the human bloodstream. It is that venom that has the vast majority of mankind infected and affected by the reprobate mind –upside-down thinking that is opposite the Redeemed mind that produces Righteous acts. –Righteousness found only in the Lord Jesus Christ, who takes away the sin of the world.

In thinking on the things ripping at the very fabric of civilization and the root causes, two quite timely articles came before me. The first gets more into the causes, and the second, into the effects. Here are excerpts of each.

Discussions on collapse often turn to signs and signals – The economy, politics, and social tensions have become increasingly unstable for many years now, and much like adding more and more weight to a man standing on a frozen lake, eventually the ice is going to break. The question is, how do we know when that moment will be?

As cultural systems begin to dissolve due to political clashes and economic decline, the real evil tends to slither out of the woodwork. It happens slowly at first, then all at once. A sure sign of accelerating collapse is the growing prevalence of psychopaths and psychopathic behavior in the open.

The US appears to have entered the middle stages of such a collapse, with many sociopaths and psychopaths beginning to feel that they might be able to act out their worst impulses without consequences. They are beginning to test the waters to see what they can get away with… [Source: Increasing Psychopathic Behavior Is a Sign That Society Is on the Verge of Breaking Down, Zero Hedge, BY TYLER DURDEN, TUESDAY, JAN 16, 2024]

When people have a distorted moral value system, that distortion applies to just about every issue. Just as a broken compass will almost always point in the wrong direction, a broken moral compass will do the same. However, to be more precise, people who say “men give birth” and who side with Hamas, i.e., progressives and leftists — liberals don’t believe men give birth or side with Hamas — do not merely have a broken moral compass. They have a moral compass that works in the way progressives and leftists have configured it: North always points south, and East always points west.

Some examples of how the progressive compass works:

—Women who object to men who say they are women competing in women’s sports — even in weightlifting — are haters and bigots (“transphobes”). The men who compete against them are heroes.

—Adults who object to schools’ sponsoring drag queen performances for 6-year-olds are haters and bigots (“transphobes”). The teachers who take children to drag queen events are progressive, compassionate, and open-minded.

—If a 9-year-old girl says she is a boy, the only therapists she is allowed to see are those who engage in “gender affirmation,” which is, of course, a left-wing Orwellian term. The one thing these therapists do not do is affirm the actual gender of the child.

—All-black dorms on college campuses are anti-racist. Objecting to racially segregated dorms is racist.

—Those who want to build walls or fences to prevent millions of people from illegally entering the country are xenophobic. Those who oppose building such barriers and declare their cities “sanctuary cities” are humanitarians.

—Demanding that citizens show a voter ID before being allowed to vote — the norm in virtually every democracy in the world — constitutes “voter suppression.”

–If we have fewer police officers, we will have safer cities.

—Marriage is a product of patriarchal misogyny. It wasn’t created to protect and honor women but to exploit them. Anyway, a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

—Scientists who express scepticism about catastrophic man-made global warming are science deniers.

These are some of the morally and factually perverse positions of the left. Just about every individual who holds these positions also holds the morally perverse position that Israel is the villain and Hamas and its Palestinian supporters are the moral party. [Source: If you say “men give birth,” we all know your position on Hamas, by Dennis Prager, Jewish World Review, Rapture Ready News, January 18, 2024]

We are witnessing the prophesied movement into madness. It is increasingly clear to those who view Bible prophecy in its stage-setting as God’s Word plainly presents it –from the preTrib View—that the reprobate mind , as in antediluvian times reported by Paul, is now manifesting as in the days of Noah. Jesus said that when this point is reached –like it was in the days of Noah—He would again Intervene catastrophically into the evil and wicked affairs of mankind.

That Intervention will come instantaneously (in the twinkling of an eye). It will be the Rapture of all whom God Considers Righteous. Here is how to make sure you possess that Righteousness, thus will hear Christ’s Call in the Rapture and will go to Him and to safety from God’s Wrath that will be poured upon the anti-God rebels on earth.

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).


The insanity increases at an exponential rate. A kind of madness descends on world leaders, and the general population. Satan is pushing his agenda and most are deceived into going along with it. Anti-Semitism is exploding in line with what is foretold in the bible. The madness would be laughable if it were not leading billions to hell.

It will get worse, and worse, till the absurdity is so bad, that one will arise with a scheme to end the foolishness and restore some sense of normalcy and optimism. Most of the world's population will then, having abandoned all faith in their own leaders, run to this charismatic genius antichrist. His seven year reign will begin well, but end in Armageddon.

The jigsaw is nearly complete, with just a few more painful pieces left to discover. Eventually, soon probably, the church will be removed and the wrath of God will be fully unleashed with never seen before horrors and calamities.

Meanwhile, the globalists fight each other for power, which the coming world leader will deny them, seizing it for himself. These overly affluent reprobate deluded dolts who seek eternal life through artificial intelligence and computer power at the expense of us mere mortals, will indeed live forever, but not where they expect to.

What we Christians have to do in the meantime is stay as healthy as we can, focus on family and friends, enlighten as many people as possible, encourage each other and be patient. It has all been foretold. We are not surprised. We are seated with Christ above this evil. God laughs at the plans of those who seek to dethrone and deny Him, and who seek to destroy the apple of His eye, Israel.

Fear not, but rejoice in our salvation, and the wisdom and knowledge the Holy Spirit has given us, but withheld from those who reject God. We who have taken up the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ are indeed fortunate.


..... till next time, Keygar

The reference for the below information is the Bible.

Israel became a nation again in1948 as predicted by God Himself. Immediately it was attacked, and has been ever since. Why? Because it is God's chosen nation and therefore Satan who hates God, can't help himself. He must hate God's chosen people and His nation. Simple really.

What we are currently observing is a separation following another murderous attack on God's people. A separation of sheep from goats. A separation once again predicted by God himself. Again, simple really.

The sheep who side with Israel, will enter God's kingdom. The growing number of goats, influenced by Satan, will enter hell. They will actually outnumber the sheep. Pretty straight forward really.

This separation applies to nations, and individuals within those nations. Most of the goats are currently of the Islamic persuasion. Sad but true. But many foolish so called Christians, and believers in no deities, are now filling the goat's pens. All predicted by God.

Incidentally, many Christians who will be martyred in the years ahead will not die because they follow Jesus, but because they support Israel. Such is the irrational hatred of the Jews sourced from Satan himself.

Many goats are bleating about how Israel will soon no longer exist, but be wiped from the map. Wrong again.

It's these goats who will soon no longer exist, as predicted by God Himself. The God of Israel that is. Israel, having been re-established in 1948, as predicted by God Himself, will NEVER again cease to exist. Why? God said so. It's His land. Just try and take it from Him.

Yes, Israel may soon experience a short time of peace, but will certainly face a future time of terror. But, it will never cease to exist as a nation again. Why? I think you now know why.

What does this current separation mean? It means that earlier than many expected, this world will face seven years of God's anger for attempting to destroy His nation, His people, and even He Himself.

It's everyone's individual choice. Be a sheep, or a goat.

You'll find me in the sheep pen.

....... till next time, Keygar

Have you ever watched those depressing old war movies where the last surviving soldier from his regiment, slowly climbs almost to the top of a shifting sand hill, the sun beating down on his thirsty cracked face and lips, when he feels he just can't go on. He staggers, stumbles and with hesitant resignation, falls on his face and expires. The scene then shifts to an aerial view, and in shock we see that just over the top of that hill, there lies an oasis of water, people, animals and people going about their business. If only that soldier could have gone a dozen or more steps further!!!

A few weeks ago, I felt exactly like that soldier. I was suffering from 'prophecy and end times burnout'. Years of studying prophecy, current events and the blossoming of man's evil had taken their toll. I staggered, stumbled, and reluctantly closed down this site.

For days I threw myself into other pursuits. I stopped listening to bible and news commentaries, and resigned myself to retiring from such activities which I had previously found fascinating and interesting.

But one day, I remembered the words of Paul, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing." (2 Timothy 4:7-8)

I remembered the film about the soldier I had seen as a child. I imagined Jesus saying to me one day, "Quite well done friend, but it's a shame you didn't work just a little longer into the day before the night came."

Such thoughts haunted me constantly and no matter how much I tried to justify to myself my "retirement", ......I simply could not. To regain my peace of mind, I had no alternative but to re-open Rapture Notes.

If anyone out there is feeling like throwing in the towel like I did, PLEASE reconsider.

I recently helped out at a school sports carnival. I enjoyed particularly watching the children compete in the 100 yards races. In one such event, the race began, and a shall we say, out of condition large boy, determined to silence his detractors, took off like a scud missile. He flew down the track, leaving all behind him. But, within twenty or so yards of the finish line, with parents, teachers and students screaming encouragement, he suddenly faltered and staggered a little, red faced and breathing heavily. I really wanted him to win.

"He will not make it", I thought sadly. But then, to the astonishment of all, he actually stopped, then took off again as though being pushed by an invisible force behind him. With only inches to spare, he destroyed the finish tape taking first place. Everyone erupted in approval. It was quite something to witness.

Let's be like Paul, and that school boy. Let's leave our detractors in their shame. Let's go for that, "Well done, you good and faithful servant" greeting from King Jesus.


.... till next time .... Keygar



(Former Blog Repeated Because Of Ongoing Relevance) ...

Well, we've had three or so years of murder and mayhem at the hands of politicians, bureaucrats, officials, doctors, journalists, media, and sadly, so-called Pastors.

The Lord God has clearly exposed the sin and corruption that lurks in the hearts of those who possess any semblance of power, and also those who eagerly bow to them. The evil that has been hidden for decades has been brought forward into the public realm by the Holy Spirit, for all who seek truth to see.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Nor is naively siding with evil.

There is NO genuine spiritual awakening. Instead we have a wave of biblically ignorant heroes trying to claw back the glory days using their own imagined abilities.

What is there left for God to do when the masses do not acknowledge their sin, or call out to Him in genuine repentance?

All the LORD can do now is JUDGE. He will not be mocked. He will not have his patience and long-suffering thrown back in His face.

Step back and watch in fear and trembling the vengeance of an angry God. The door to the ark is closing.

Till next time .... Keygar

Recently, a reader of Rapture Notes has been constantly sending me the transcript of 1 John 3:6-10 and onwards. For the sake of convenience, let's call this person 'PERFECTO'. Let me quote a portion:


"6 Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.

7 Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.

8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother."


The message that PERFECTO is conveying is that if I commit one sin, I have not known God, and am not saved. That is, if I am truly saved I CANNOT sin. Talk about laying a guilt trip on someone! If this is true, I am about as lost as one can be. Many will find this hard to believe, but I, Keygar, sin every day.

Why just yesterday I lusted after a sleek little yellow car I saw (yellow's my favourite colour), I wished I had more money to get all my teeth fixed (I have a few rotten ones), I admired a pretty girl in a shopping centre and even told her she had a lovely smile (dirty old man I am), I drove above the speed limit (call it a weakness), and had a huge piece of cake at a coffee shop that I didn't really need (a common falling from Grace). I won't disgust you with any more of my debauchery.

If PERFECTO is correct, I'm a gonner, lost, a reject, a misguided fool, misled, tricked and just plain stupid. Then again, if PERFECTO is correct, and he has attained sinless perfection, he'll likely be the loneliest person in Heaven.

If one CAN know God and sin, I'm in good company. Think of Peter, Thomas, David and Paul.

Here's a more contextual and I believe, correct, understanding of 1 John 3:6-10, together with a list of observances I believe a Christian can make about their own life, and the lives of others calling themselves 'CHRISTIAN':


1. The believer enjoys fellowship with Christ and His redeemed people (1 John 1:3).
2. The believer walks in the light, not in the darkness (1 John 1:6–7).
3. The believer admits and confesses his sin (1 John 1:8).
4. The believer obeys God’s Word (1 John 2:3–5).
5. The believer loves God rather than the world (1 John 2:15).
6. The believer’s life is characterized by “doing what is right” (1 John 2:29).
7. The believer seeks to maintain a pure life (1 John 3:3).
8. The believer sees a decreasing pattern of sin in his life (1 John 3:5–6; 5:18).
9. The believer demonstrates love for other Christians (1 John 3:14).
10. The believer “walks the walk,” versus just “talking the talk” (1 John 3:18–19).
11. The believer maintains a clear conscience (1 John 3:21).
12. The believer experiences victory in his Christian walk (1 John 5:4).

So to PERFECTO, please stop emailing me, and stock up on an AWFUL LOT of jigsaw puzzles. You're going to need them in Heaven.

Till next time ... Keygar 

A knowledge of bible prophecy should be part of every Christian's world view. It focuses our long term goals, and provides a big picture panorama when day to day trials and problems impinge on our faith and peace of mind. That knowledge can also be an opening to introduce someone to the things of God and the reality of His word by explaining how events foretold have come to pass and are coming to pass.

HOWEVER, a lot of what we hear concerning this subject is speculative, and current events driven. Much is sensationalistic and dogmatic. I heard it recently described as prophetic noise and I can't think of a better description for it. The only prophecies we can truly explain, are the ones that have already played out, and the ones that are so black and white, no-one can dispute their meaning.

Many prophecy teachers have for years just repeated ad nauseum their same interpretations over and over again to those who have already heard them, over and over again. Others try and come up with a new revelation to tickle the ears of those who have become bored and ceased listening, usually to encourage them to keep supporting their ministry financially, or to keep themselves uppermost in the minds of those organising the next prophecy conference.

let's continue to study bible prophecy for sure, but let us stick to what the bible makes clear, and get on with growing in God's grace and maturing into Christians who can not so much win an argument on prophetic interpretation, but rather start moving people to a faith in Jesus Christ. It's critical they know where they will spend eternity, rather than when the tribulation may start or whether the rapture is real or when it may happen.

Our prime motivation as Christians should be to please our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to allow the Holy Spirit to make us more like Him, no matter how painful that is at times, and from recent personal experience, believe me, that can be very painful and humbling.

We need to spend more time trying to love people as Jesus loves them. It's too easy for me to give up on folks, to tag them as a lost cause for their poor decisions or difficult personalities. Jesus sees how we act as His ambassadors to other people, and we will give an account of that one day.

Most Christians, and I certainly include myself here, fail to ever achieve the goals and rewards God has planned for us, simply because we fail to meet the level of sanctification required to do so.

So yes, let's continue to contemplate bible prophecies. May they give us insight, comfort and a forward looking perspective. But let's all please ignore the prophecy noise, and get on with what's really important and of eternal value.

Till next time  .....  Keygar


Well, we've had three or so years of murder and mayhem at the hands of politicians, bureaucrats, officials, doctors, journalists and media.

The Lord God has clearly exposed the sin and corruption that lurks in the hearts of those who have any semblance of power, and those who eagerly bow to them. The evil that has been hidden for decades has been brought forward into the public realm by the Holy Spirit, for all who seek truth to see.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Nor is naively siding with evil.

There is no GENUINE spiritual awakening. Instead we have a wave of biblically ignorant heroes trying to claw back the glory days using their own imagined abilities.

What is there left for God to do when the masses do not acknowledge their sin, or call out to Him in genuine repentance?

All the LORD can do now is JUDGE. He will not be mocked. He will not have his disclosures, patience and generosity thrown back in His face.

Stand back and watch in fear and trembling, the vengeance of an angry God. It's just a matter of time.

... Keygar

( Regular visitors may have noticed no change in my blog for some time now. Well, truth be known, I've seen no reason to update it. The world grows darker and darker and what I've written below just doesn't seem to lose its relevance. As the weeks roll by, the dead appear to be continuing to bury the dead. There's no Christian revival as many predicted there would be. There's no national repentance in any country. The wicked grow bolder and the masses grow no less blind. Some say they can hear the sound of a great spiritual awakening approaching. If that's the case, I must get my ears checked. )

Have you noticed that during an emergency or catastrophic event, usually one person stands up, takes charge and brings the crisis to an end through their direction and inspiration?

Come across a traffic accident, and you'll always find one person giving directions to others on what to do, who to contact and how to even get traffic flowing again. Others seem to instinctively follow their orders, no questions asked.

Have you watched a football game where suddenly one player looks at another the wrong way, and a wild brawl breaks out. Suddenly one player arrives and through loud words and extravagant gestures, he calls for order and the fighting suddenly stops and the players run back to their positions and the game resumes.

When I was barely old enough to be legally classed as an adult, I was called to serve on a jury in a case where a man was charged with possessing drugs with intent to sell them and perverting the course of justice. The other jurors were much older than me and I felt somewhat overwhelmed and not really qualified to even be there. Out of nervousness I blurted out, "Well, I guess there needs to be a foreman elected." Before I could even lose consciousness through anxiety they all said, "Yes, and we elect you." Simply because I had acted like a leader even though I prefer a background role in most things, these people were now eagerly following me. They should have tried me as an imposter.

During the heat of a military battle, often the order is given, "Charge, and take that hill from the enemy." The soldiers look at each other and each is thinking, "They must be joking, it would be suicide to try and take that hill." Then from nowhere, a soldier bellows, "Let's go", and charges out into a wall of enemy fire. The rest of the troop suddenly energises, and screaming and shouting, follow him out to confront the enemy.

In situation after situation, all it takes is for one person to stand up fearlessly, seemingly with a plan, and everyone else follows them.

All that to say this. This world is now in one of those situations. There are crisis situations all over the globe. Economic chaos, threats of nuclear war, critical energy and food shortages, lockdowns, biowarfare, population culling, immoral madness, ethnic tensions, and insane division everywhere. In short, the world's a mess like never before.

All people want is SOMEONE, a LEADER, who amazingly will have the answer to all these issues, particularly the economic and energy crises. If such a person arises, the people will fall over themselves to follow him. They'll adore him. They'll worship him. They'll obey him, just to get a semblance of normalcy back again.

That 'SOMEONE' I believe, is soon to appear on the world stage. The Bible refers to him as the 'antichrist'. He'll bring calm, order and peace, and the peoples of the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief. But, it will be short lived. All hell will soon break loose as God shows the world just how angry it has made Him. About four billion dead people and seven miserable years later, Jesus will return to take over, not as a lamb, but as a lion. Pity help anyone who stands in His way.

If you want to avoid those seven years, pray to Jesus now and tell Him you want to be on His side. Ask Him to forgive you for ignoring Him and for your wrong doings. Then read about Him and stay faithful to Him in your heart.

There's not much time ...


As It Was In The Days Of Noah ... the human DNA was then tampered with by fallen angels. Since 2020, under the cover of covid and vaccines, it has been tampered with again, this time by fallen humans. (Genesis 6:2)

After the first tampering, the world's population, except for Noah and his family, was destroyed by God.

After the current tampering, the world is soon to be judged again. And it will be judged so harshly, that Jesus Christ said He will have to return quickly, to prevent the complete extermination of life on earth. (Matthew 24:22)

Are you ready? 

The censorship of Rapture Notes is increasing every week. The 'fact checker' network, funded by communist agencies like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is increasingly cracking down on truth and in particular, Christianity. This network by the way, is 'international'. Nearly all countries are subservient to it.

If there is anything on this site that you'd like to download or share, it might be wise to do it now.

To those out there waiting for a 'great awakening', or 'spiritual revival', I've got a really nice little  car for sale if you're interested. It's thirty years old and has a few clunky sounds in the motor, but hey, if you believe people are turning to Christ en masse, or America will again be the world's super power, well ...

Even after nearly three years of propaganda, censorship, lies and the erosion of liberties, most people still have a mouth full of sand. They have in fact, seem to have developed a taste for it.

We must prioritise our time. Spend less effort now on pushing back against globalist tyrants as they are not going away any time soon, and even worse demons are waiting in the wings.

Spend more time on building up treasure for yourself in heaven, by spreading the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, or at least support in a practical way, those that are doing just that.

Stay safe, and humble thanks to all of you who regularly visit this site and encourage me to keep going.

... Keygar 

The 'Climate Change Emergency' is simply a false flag follow up, to the false flag Covid narrative, which is failing. The 'globalists' must keep the sheeple in a state of fear and subservience in order to usher in their new world CONTROL. If 'monkeypox', 'climate change fears', 'threats of war' and 'economic chaos' don't result in victory for them, their final play may well be a 'false alien invasion'. That would indeed probably scare enough people worldwide to achieve their objectives. That would then usher in the Biblical "tribulation period", and gratefully, usher us out.


Climate Change Deception For The Sheeple (Language PG)

..... Keygar

In military circles, they say a picture is worth a thousand DEATHS:

death rate

Here is a repeat of an earlier blog I did, but I believe it's even more relevant now:

In some parts of the world, Covid restrictions are being rolled back. Sports stadiums are nearly full again. Restaurants are packed with people (be it with mainly those who can prove their poisoning with the Covid jab).

Mask and vaccine mandates have been halted in many areas, and life almost looks like it did in 2019. Where I live, travel agents have begun advertising overseas holidays again, assuring us that all is back to normal and the good times are back.

Super market shelves are being restocked and hospitals are beginning to clear the backlog of untreated patients that accumulated during the initial stages of the plandemic.
HOWEVER, if you are diligently watching world events, you may not be falling for the above illusion. BIG big troubles are coming unless the Lord throws us a temporary lifebuoy.

Worldwide, farmers are running out of fertilisers. Wheat stockpiles are almost depleted. Food riots are already occurring around the world. Famine looms large on an expanding horizon.
The American dollar is on the verge of collapse, threatening all countries that depend on it. Banks are closing people's accounts under orders of Governments (think Canada). Retirement funds are under threat of simply disappearing.

Inflation is leaving the launch pad and about to orbit the whole earth sending scarcity to all countries.

The moral collapse is simply breath taking. Now men are women, women are men, children are indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle and parents are encouraging it. And on and on the ROT goes. Reprobate perverted evil souls are pouring out of their previously hidden dimension, and like a tsunami they appear unstoppable.

Paedophilia is being normalised and pushed by the increasingly aggressive anti-Christian abhorrent LGBTIQ+ community.

The illusionary bubble of normalcy is on the way to bursting into seven years of HELL on earth. We have been pushing Jesus out of our societies for two thousand years. Now is the time when Jesus pushes back, and it's not going to be pretty.

If you haven't already, it's now imperative that you call out to Jesus Christ to deliver you from a coming death and horror filled period of time, about which Jesus said if He didn't shorten that time, there would be NO life left at the end of it (Matthew 24:22).

... Keygar 

Here is a quote from Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko who cured Donald Trump (who I don't endorse) of coronavirus:

"I'm sorry to say, but whoever gives in to the monkeypox false narrative is a lost cause. This is a continuation of psychological warfare and domestic terrorism. The Biden administration, WHO, Gates, Dustin Moskowitz, CDC, FDA, NIH, the whore media and many others are complicit in crimes against God and humanity. They represent the collective primordial serpent. My advice is to do the exact opposite of what is being recommended."

The following blog is authored by Dave Hubley ...

A few weeks ago, I was at a prayer meeting at church. One of the ladies sitting nearby commented on the speech that the president of Ukraine gave to the American congress. She was fairly gushing over what a wonderful speech it was. I was quite taken aback by it, and it brought to mind that even “the elect” can quickly be drawn in by carefully crafted words and facial expressions. Since she directed her comments at me, I was prompted to remind her that the man is essentially an actor.

Perhaps he is a very good one; perhaps he was sincere. Time will tell, but the acceptance of his words without proof of their validity was a little unnerving. I think that entire situation warrants a great deal of caution. As time goes on, related to this event, it is becoming clearer that, indeed, the world is being played. If only this were the only example of the world being played. It is only one of myriads.

I am not the least bit doubtful about this lady’s salvation. But it gave me another reason to believe even more strongly in the value to all Christian believers of studying God’s word of prophecy.

“News” outlets abound with every contradiction one can imagine (and some we can’t imagine). Many seem diametrically opposed to each other. Confusion reigns. Truth is buried in there somewhere. Or not.

In other words, it is not just a description of general behaviour; it is a warning klaxon.

It is now institutionalized, standard operation for deceiving and misleading, and awareness of it should govern every single perception we have of ANY reports we see, hear, read, etc.

Romans 1:29-32 describes the potential of humans: “being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

And 2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes the characteristics of men near the end of the age: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

Paul further cautions Timothy (and us, of course): “But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Tim 3:13).

The world (meaning the unsaved) willingly wades with alligators every day. They go to work (if they still have a job), they come home, and they wonder why gasoline is so high. They stop at the supermarket and wonder why the shelves are so bare. They sit in front of the tube and watch the “evening news” and continue to exist in a 180-degree from reality paradigm, a deadly pantomime of reality. They listen to the brainwashed (and brainwashers). Talking heads tell them about the inevitability of “climate change” washing out the shorelands and inundating the coastal plains of the world’s nations, but they never consider why the leading, rich and privileged promoters of this travesty have no compulsion against buying multi-million-dollar shorefront homes!

They never consult history books (older ones that were published before the agenda minions took over) to confirm that climate does change from time to time in a normal cyclical way as it has since long before records were kept and tracked. There are rational voices out there, but they don’t hear them either because they have been silenced or they simply don’t want to deviate from their routine. It’s easier to get home, turn on the tube and drink up the panacea of false narratives.

Turn up the heat, and wait for supper; soon, there may be none of either.

I have a neighbour who is very likable and extremely intelligent, yet he swallows this bile and “worries” about what will happen because of all he hears on the “news”; yet, the thing he should be concerned about, he is oblivious to. Any attempt to witness draws the “blank look” or the shrug that so many of us who do try to witness (and that is a frightfully small number) are so familiar with.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Cor 1:18).

Tragically, this conduct, this wading with alligators, is hardly limited to the unsaved. Many Christians have become inured to the real climate change that surrounds them—the climate of truth. While the Truth of God’s Word cannot be changed, the understanding of it is under constant assault. Many of the current (so-called) Christian churches lead this horrifying parade.

Many Christians walk a line between cognitive reasoning regulated by Biblical wisdom and the siren call of convenience. Hearing their “facts” from secular sources is easier than opening the Word of God and allowing the Spirit to guide them into all Truth and hone their intellect so they can distinguish between Truth and indoctrination.

By contrast, there are very many Christians who can, through the council of the Spirit, see the forest for the trees. They know the lie when they hear it. They spend time in the Word, and it permeates their heart and mind just as God intended.

There are just far too few of them.

Never before has it been more imperative to take the time / make the time to study God’s Word.

Approximately 1/3 of the Bible is prophecy, so the popular opinion goes. I personally believe it is more than that; but be that as it may, I know so many Christian brothers and sisters that are afraid of prophecy, and so they avoid it; God’s very signature on His purpose for all creation.

No one can foretell the future but El Shaddai! His track record to date = 100%. His track record for the future will also be 100%

“We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19).

Now to the crux of this article.

It is this author’s opinion that the Christian who has not put sufficient effort into understanding the prophecies related to the nature of human conduct at the end of the age, as stated above, likely does not possess the situational awareness that should cause them to diligently put on the full armour of God (Ephesians 6:11-17). As a result, I believe they are going to be very unprepared for the realities that are manifesting with extraordinary rapidity every single day as the end of the age rushes into view.

When I was a little guy, our house had a very large picture window facing a large open field across the street. I would watch the sky turning very dark and ominous as very violent thunderstorms approached. They would gather and grow and darken until, suddenly, the first bolt of lightning would flash across the sky, and the storm would unleash all its violence and unrestrained fury.

At one time, it was popular to say among prophecy-conscious believers that “the (prophetic) clouds are gathering on the horizon.” I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that the storm is over our heads right now.

There is a wonderful children’s song called “Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See” by Buford Abner.

It carries a warning about what you allow your eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to say, hands to do, and where you allow your feet to take you.

It has never been more appropriate to the stabilization of our everyday lives than it is right now. Yes, it is a children’s song just like Jesus Loves Me,” and it is no less important to Christians of all ages.

The prophecies of God are unfolding in real-time right in front of us.

You can easily imagine the inevitable outcome when wading with alligators.

It’s time to get out of the pond.

For anyone who may read this article and has not trusted in Jesus Christ and therefore has no hope or peace in your life:

You can have hope. You can have the peace that Jesus has promised to all who have made Him their Lord and Saviour.

It requires that you come before God on His terms.

And, what are His terms according to His Word?

Genuine repentance (turning to God instead of continuing to reject or ignore Him).
Confession of sins (that you are a sinner and acknowledge that to God).
That you understand that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).
To acknowledge to God that you are unable to pay that debt.
Belief that Jesus Christ paid your death sentence for you on the cross.
To believe that Jesus is the Way, the only Way, that God has established by which humans may be saved from the consequences of their sin and rebellion.

God has made it absolutely clear that there is no one who comes before Him, under His terms, that will be refused.

No one: no race, no colour, no country of origin, regardless of any previous belief system: no one.
No matter what your past sins have been, God can and WILL forgive you because He says He will.
Salvation is available to everyone without any exceptions.

If you put all your trust for salvation in Jesus and Him only, you can follow that prayer up by simply saying, “Thank you, Father God, for hearing my prayer and saving me,” because we can trust Him to keep His Word. He always has. He always will.

John 5:24: “Truly, Truly, I say to you that he who hears My words and believes the One who sent Me has eternal life and will not be condemned. He has crossed from death to life.”

There are no answers, and there is no hope in the world by governments, organizations, politics, or politicians. There are only lies and deception. But you can have the Truth and the peace you seek.

The answers are in the Word of God—the Bible. If you ask God with all your heart, He will hear you.

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13)



You've heard of the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour? ... Well come with me on Keygar's Whimsical Wandering Mystery Babylon Tour ...

The identity of Mystery Babylon as per Revelation 17-18 has been subject to much debate for as long as I can remember, which at my age, is a pretty long time.

Many books have been written about it. Too many I think. They have only confused the issue. Each well known Biblical scholar seems to feel the need to espouse their conclusion on what city it refers to.

According to some writers, Mystery Babylon is America. No other country in human history has spread Christianity around the globe as the USA has. Ironically, neither has any other country exported unrestrained evil worldwide as has the USA.

Even the recent Covid Plandemic originated in the USA (no, not China), and America has spread sickening bio-weapons labs worldwide, including to Ukraine, hence the current conflict there. Not to mention the wars America has started, the governments it has overthrown, and the gross immorality it has infused into other cultures.

Indeed, America has never seemed to progress far from the days of Al Capone and its era of corruption, murder, bribery, violence, deceit and bullying. If ever a country deserved judgement, it is the USA. But I doubt America is in fact 'Mystery Babylon' simply because it is already under judgement and well on the way to have fallen before the tribulation even begins.

Then, of course there's Rome, traditionally thought of as being the future Babylon to fall, by such great bible scholars like Dave Hunt. His arguments for this theory are many and almost indisputable.

If you're still with me on this rambling journey through the theoretical, follow me. Or if you'd prefer, there is a side path coming up you can go down to a nice picnic spot.

Other scholars claim Jerusalem is referred to as Babylon and is the place referred to in Revelation. Some good arguments exist for this idea, but the concept hasn't gained great support.

Other well known preachers insist Babylon is LITERALLY going to be rebuilt and the antichrist will rule from there during the tribulation. This idea would seem to clash with the concept of "imminency", that is, the idea that the rapture could occur at any instant. Unless of course, there is going to be time enough to build a city and establish world control and trade from it, following the rapture and preceding the tribulation.

Also, if Babylon is rebuilt during the tribulation, it would indeed be a miracle for the merchants of the earth and the captains of cargo ships to get rich off it as seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls of judgements are unleashed on the earth, and half of the world's population is wiped out, as recorded in Revelation.

A tribulation Babylon rebuilt seems a stretch, but literal Babylon believers insist that a city can be built quickly these days. But, to be planned, constructed, and then establish trade and rule over the whole world as well, in a few short years? This would seem to push the rapture back an awful long time from now. I guess, that could in fact be the case. After all, anything is possible with God in charge. But the logistics involved in Babylon being rebuilt and becoming the centre of world rule and trade in our generation anyway, are ENORMOUS, to put it mildly.

But where does all this speculation end? How many more books must we endure on the subject. It is all largely guesswork after all. Why even spend energy and time writing books to prove your point when your point may well be wrong, and then go on using every opportunity and news article trying to justify your position. Personally, I'd rather go for a coffee.

If the true identity of the future Babylon was really known, the only people who would mainly benefit, if at all, would be those left behind to go through the tribulation period.

There must be more important things to write books about, and to elaborate on. How about the CERTANTIES that exist in the Bible instead of those things that are partially hidden and obscured, and indeed blatantly called a "mystery".

Well, If I've given you a headache, I apologise. I only wanted to share mine. I'm getting a little tired of endless speculations by Bible Scholars. These days, I prefer to dwell more if not only, on the certainties found in God's word.

I do of course have my opinions on matters such as these, but I'm not going to risk leading others into error by putting forth my conclusions, as if they were fact.

On second thoughts, I will in fact, tell you, after much deliberation, exactly who Revelation refers to as 'Fallen Babylon' ... I will, right after the rapture.

If you've read this far, you astound me. But I thank you for killing a little time with me as I've rambled on my whimsical mystery tour. Won't it be great when we know all things as HE does. Hopefully we won't have to wait for Babylon to be rebuilt before that's the case.

Keep one eye looking up, and the other looking down for pitfalls.


.... Keygar


Check this out and decide FOR YOURSELF ...  

Here is a link expressing concerns with the above video: CLICK


.... Keygar

In some parts of the world, Covid restrictions are being rolled back. Sports stadiums are nearly full again. Restaurants are packed with people (be it mainly those who can prove their poisoning with the Covid jab).

Mask and vaccine mandates have been halted in many areas, and life almost looks like it did in 2019.

Where I live, travel agents have begun advertising overseas holidays again, assuring us that all is back to normal and the good times are back.

Super market shelves are being restocked and hospitals are beginning to clear the backlog of untreated patients that accumulated during the initial stages of the plandemic.

HOWEVER, if you are diligently watching world events, you may not  be falling for the above illusion. BIG big troubles are coming unless the Lord throws us a temporary lifebuoy.

Worldwide, farmers are running out of fertilisers. Wheat stockpiles are almost depleted. Food riots are already occurring around the world. Famine looms large on an expanding horizon.

The American dollar is on the verge of collapse, threatening all countries that depend on it. Banks are closing people's accounts under orders of Governments (think Canada). Retirement funds are under threat of simply disappearing.

Inflation is leaving the launch pad and about to orbit the whole earth sending scarcity to all countries.

The moral collapse is simply breath taking. Now men are women, women are men, children are indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle and parents are encouraging it. And on and on the ROT goes. Reprobate perverted evil souls are pouring out of their previously hidden dimension, and like a tsunami they appear unstoppable.

Paedophilia is being normalised and pushed by the increasingly aggressive anti-Christian abhorrent LGBTIQ+ community.

The illusionary bubble of normalcy is on the way to bursting into seven years of HELL on earth. We have been pushing Jesus out of our societies for two thousand years. Now is the time when Jesus pushes back, and it's not going to be pretty.

If you haven't already, it's now imperative that you call out to Jesus Christ to deliver you from a coming death and horror filled period of time, about which Jesus said if He didn't shorten that time, there would be NO life left at the end of it (Matthew 24:22).

... Keygar 

It's very convenient to blame our leaders and governments for the woes that overtake our societies and cultures.

It is true that most if not all governments are inherently evil, because we are ALL inherently evil. Whether a person is in a position of power of not, they are still fatally flawed because SIN inhabits EVERY person.

It's time to stop and for once, perhaps blame ourselves for the predicament we find ourselves in. Generally, Western Governments are a reflection of the society that puts them in power.

People WANT to be able to sin and get something for nothing, so they elect those who will facilitate that desire. How do you think the evil of "same sex marriage" became legal in western societies in recent years? WE the people, WANTED IT.

How do you think the evil of "abortion" became legal? Because the people wanted it. Sure, there were many who didn't want it, but what did they do to oppose it after it became lawful to murder? Very little. They marched around with a few shabby home made signs to ease their conscience.

Did they do ANY research on the people they voted into power, to see what their plans were in relation to matters such as same sex marriage, abortion etc?

NO. They didn't have time. There was a movie on. A football match to attend. A restaurant to meet at. A video to watch etc etc.

We voted as our partner told us to. As our media influenced us to. As our family tradition influenced us to. Or we didn't bother to vote at all.

People, it's a common assertion that we get the leaders we deserve, and IT IS TRUE. We have gotten the leaders we deserve.

We have sown our seeds of lust, Godlessness and sloth, and now we are reaping crops of tyranny and oppression.

WHAT ... did we really expect??

WE have roused the sleeping giant. His name is Jehovah. But still the people play the blame game. That is, blaming all but themselves. Such is the delusion that inhabits our human hearts. Even in the coming period of God's judgement, which we can already taste a little of, mankind will blame and curse God rather than take responsibility. So Jehovah will crush the world back to reality.

WHAT ... did we really expect??


... Keygar

Vladimir Putin is against the globalists. He's not interested in their New World Order and their Great Reset. Thus, the elites would like him gone because they can't set up their global government till he's out of the way. Hence the world media's constant anti-Russian rhetoric going back decades.

Putin's ideology drives him to restore Russia to it's glory days. He had to wait for America to become weak. Now the wait is over. America is impotent after decades of immorality, deceit, failed military actions and ingrained corruption so deep it can't be measured or corrected.

Putin is no good guy. He is just as evil in his own way as the globalists are. Thus, he has invaded Ukraine as part of his now perceived opportunity to restore the 'Holy Russian' empire. This is his agenda. This is what drives Putin.

He hates the West and its drift towards their New World Order. THAT DRIFT INCLUDES ISRAEL.

Ring a bell?

What's the main country in the middle east that is aligning with the globalist's NEW WORLD ORDER ambitions?


So who would Russia (assuming Russia IS the player mentioned in Ezekiel 39) have to eliminate in the Middle East to achieve its own anti-globalist agenda of a revived 'Holy Russia'?


Does this sound a little like Ezekiel 39? And if Russia is defeated after invading Israel, by God himself, is not the way then open for the New World Order under antichrist to rise to world power as per Bible prophecy?

But of course, the antichrist / new world order may well keep Russia at bay, at least temporarily, if the gog-magog conflict occurs well into the tribulation, and well after the rapture. There is much conjecture as to when the gog-magog battle occurs. The timing will become clear ... eventually.

Nevertheless, the overall scenario is all taking shape, quickly. Astounding is the accuracy of Bible Prophecy. Astounding is the fact that we are watching it heading to fruition. When it will actually play out we don't know. That's why we still have much work to do and people to win over to Jesus Christ.

... Keygar 

The aim of the globalist self proclaimed elitists to rule the world and evolve into gods must be seen for what it is ... ludicrous. They are succeeding for the moment in ruining economies and oppressing the peoples of mainly western countries, but do they really believe they can transform themselves into little gods whilst the rest of us will be culled to a few in order to serve them?

Yes. They are so reprobate in their thinking that this is exactly what they believe. They are like the mad scientists of old movies, who audiences used to laugh at in decades past.

They will of course fail, as their aims are quite simply ... insane. But they ARE setting up structures that the coming world leader (antichrist) will use to try and convince the world that HE is god. The 'elites' like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are demonically controlled and quite like your typical Hollywood movie mad scientists. They really believe what they aspire to, because they are literally given over to a madness by God himself because of their narcissism.

So now and then we need to refocus away from these megalomaniacs, and back onto our faith in Jesus Christ and HIS plans for us.

Here is a video that emphasises that thought:
Are we crisis centred or CHRIST centred?

.... Keygar   

This month's blog uses material from J. D. Farag at JDfarag.org:

To those hoping for a return to "normal", that is, pre-Covid like world conditions, it must be increasingly obvious that it is a very remote, if not impossible, pipe dream.

Here are ten things that would have to happen immediately if that were to be the case:

1/    All Covid vaccinations would have to stop NOW. No more masks would be worn.

2/    Adverse reactions from Covid vaccinations would have to cease, immediately.

3/    All evil agendas put upon the people of the world would have to end NOW.

4/    People would have to CEASE dying by the thousands from Covid inspired mandates.

5/    The global economy and supply chain would have to be INSTANTLY restored.

6/    There would have to be an admission of a MASSIVE deception on a GLOBAL scale.

7/    All businesses and churches would need to re-open NOW.

8/    The world's workers would have to resume employment IMMEDIATELY.

9/    The sick would have to be treated CORRECTLY by hospitals and doctors.

10/    The world would have to return to 'normal' very quickly.

Considering that the Covid PLANDEMIC had been planned for more than two decades, a fact obvious to anyone doing a little research (e.g. event 201), together with the fact that none of the above conditions for a return to normal appear to be on the horizon, we can conclude that there is little left of value to do for Christians, other than to point out the agenda of the global elites to enslave humanity, to anyone who will listen, and to engage is some form of evangelism, either directly or indirectly, with all haste.

... Keygar


It would appear the truth about Donald Trump is coming out, and it is not pleasant. Here are a few comments I wrote about Trump over a number of years, that increasingly appear to have perhaps been correct:


"Why is Trump pursuing operation warp speed? Is he a camouflaged globalist, stupid, or has he been set up?"

"If Trump loses the election he can largely blame himself. He's a great entertainer but a poor restrainer. He let social and mainstream media run amuck. And now he's out of luck. He appointed crooks, and let them stay".

"The most disappointing aspect of it all is that Donald Trump seems to have rolled over on many of the things he originally said he was against. Caving in on mandatory rushed vaccinations, forced wearing of ineffective masks, the health risks of 5G and social media censorship are several critical matters that come to mind. He appears to be easily bullied and conned by despots like Fauci, and by his ill informed son-in law."

"If Trump was a person who did his own research and homework, he may have made some wise and correct decisions much sooner, but he is a tad lazy I think, or simply not bright enough to do so. Hence, he usually lets someone else make critical decisions for him, with disastrous results. Even when he claimed the economy under him, was roaring along, the recovery was at a cost of trillions of fiat dollars. It was at best, illusory."

"It may well turn out that Trump was not so much an answer to Christian's prayers, but to the hopes and dreams of the globalists, as he seems to be pretty much on board with their agenda now. He talks and tweets tough, but does little to nothing. Is that just him or is it by design?"

"The one man on the planet who could do something about censorship, Mr Trump, continues to sit on his hands. President Trump seems to have failed on many issues. Time alone will tell."

"President Trump seems pre-occupied with economic issues whilst being inactive on nation destroying matters such as border protection, censorship, sharia encroachment and sexual deviancy gone mad. I believe Trump was put into power by the Almighty for Israel's benefit, and to prepare the way for prophecies to be fulfilled, but not to steer America away from eventual judgement."

"PERHAPS Trump was even put there to deliberately cause the deep division and cultural suicide we now see. This was PERHAPS planned all along to make the Marxist takeover easier and more certain."


[ Is it possible Donald Trump could really be a goog guy? ... Yes

Is it possible Donald Trump could still save America? ... NO

.... Keygar ] 

In deep ocean water, tsunami waves are often less than a meter high and can travel at speeds up to 1,000 km/hour. However, as a tsunami wave approaches shallower waters along the coast, the leading edge of the wave begins to slow down while the rest of the wave begins to “pile up” behind it — causing it to grow in height while maintaining its strength. The crest of this wave can be meters high by the time it reaches the shoreline.

Sometimes tho, the crest of the wave isn’t the first to arrive — the trough is. In this case, instead of extremely high water levels, the first sign of a tsunami is what appears to be an unusually low tide. Although onlookers might be intrigued by this unusual site, this major withdrawal of the sea should be taken as a warning that a tsunami wave will soon follow.

This is exactly what happened in the tragic 'Boxing Day Tsunami' of 2004. Hundreds walked out to look at the odd 'low tide' and were then swept to their death by the wall of water just out of sight.

The current wave of pushback against the Covid lockdowns and bio-weapon injections may be pleasantly intriguing and strangely hypnotic, just like the above described false low tide. But even if reason were to return for a time, especially in the form of an apparently smart world leader with answers, the tsunami wave WILL STILL COME. It will arrive, and those transfixed by its mirage of hope, will be swept away.

This of course, is what it is, which is ... speculation.

isn't it?

... Keygar

The blog below is by Jonathan Brentner ( https://www.jonathanbrentner.com) :

"I feel like I have awakened in the midst of a dystopian nightmare. The horror movies that I have avoided in the past have suddenly become reality.

I have read or listened to at least a hundred and fifty accounts of death or serious injuries brought about by the so-called COVID “vaccines.” I have reached the point of not wanting any more of the grief that I feel as a result of hearing these tragic stories. The mandating of these injections that kill and disable people for life is pure evil; there’s no other way to describe it.

The nation I love teeters on the brink of an economic ruin unlike anything in our history. It’s difficult to know if America will fall as the result of an internal implosion or an external attack, but one or the other seems likely in the coming years, if not much sooner, apart from a major change of direction away from the murder of innocents, the LBGTQ movement that destroys the lives of so many children, and the rampant lawlessness at the highest levels of our government that obstructs justice for so many and rewards the guilty.

It’s more than a little easy these days to fall into despair and wonder if Jesus is really coming for us anytime soon. Are there not days when it seems as though we are already experiencing Tribulation conditions?

At a time of great discouragement and much heartache in my distant past, I focused on biblical promises and wrote several reasons in my journal of why I still believed in the Lord in spite of my awful circumstances. Perhaps it’s time for another declaration of faith, this time concerning why I still believe that Jesus will come for us before the start of the Tribulation.

So here goes. I still believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture!! I say this because of these biblical truths:

Pre-millennialism is a Biblical Certainty

Any case for a pretribulation Rapture must begin with the biblical certainty of pre-millennialism, which includes beliefs in a literal seven-year Tribulation, the return of Jesus to set up His thousand-year reign on the earth, and the glorious future restoration of a kingdom for Israel. One cannot get to a pretribulation Rapture if one begins by denying these basic scriptural truths.

Those who reject such truths utilize allegory, which retrofits biblical prophecy with interpretations foreign to the purpose of the authors at the time they wrote. Because belief in Jesus’ imminent appearing depends on interpreting passages according to their meaning at the time the Lord inspired them, coding passages with symbolic meanings blocks all paths to convictions regarding this hope.

I wrote about my conviction regarding this in another blog post, 7 Reasons Why Pre-millennialism is a Biblical Necessity.

The Church and Israel Are Separate Entities

Another fundamental error made by amillennial pastors (those who deny the glorious restoration of Israel) is that of equating Israel with the Church. If one starts with the assumption that Israel and the Church are the same entity, it again washes out the road to a pretribulation Rapture.

If one errs in confusing the two, then the seventieth week of Daniel 9:24-27 becomes a moot point. However, since there’s coming a time when God is going to deal with Israel to bring about the repentance that the prophet Zechariah wrote about in 12:10-13:1, then it makes perfect sense for the Lord to remove His Church before this time begins and turn His attention to bringing the Israelites to salvation.

There are still many more reasons why I still believe in a pretribulation rapture!

The Rapture Cannot be the Same Event as the Second Coming

Once we establish pre-millennialism and reject the misleading allegorical interpretations of biblical prophecy that confuse the Church with Israel, it becomes clear that the Rapture and Second Coming are distinct, separate events. They cannot occur at the same time.

With the Rapture, the resurrection of the dead in Christ happens first; but when Jesus returns to the earth, the resurrection of Tribulation saints happens after a series of many time-consuming events; it may not even occur on the same day as the Second Coming. This is just one of many key differences.

Since there is a millennium, which we established as essential to even begin making a case for a pretribulation Rapture, this necessitates that a separation of time must exist between the two events so that tribulation believers can enter the Lord’s kingdom in their natural bodies. If the Rapture and Second Coming are the same, then all believers would receive resurrected glorified bodies. If this is the case, then who does Jesus rule over with a rod of iron (Psalm 2)?

Jesus’ Promise to the Church at Philadelphia

During the past several months, Jesus’ promise to the Church at Philadelphia in Revelation 3:10-11a has risen in importance regarding my conviction that the Lord is coming for us before the Tribulation begins.

“Because you have kept my word about patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell on the earth. I am coming soon.”

Please notice that the “trial” Jesus refers to is not a persecution of the Church; it’s something that comes upon “the whole world.” Because most of the following chapters in Revelation describe a time of God’s wrath on the earth, I believe they depict the “trial” that will someday impact the entire planet (chapter 6-18).

The next phrase, “those who dwell on the earth,” also emphasizes that this time of tribulation is not for the New Testament church. John uses this phrase eight other times in the book of Revelation (6:10; 8:13; 11:10; 13:8–12, 14; 14:6; and 17:8), and in each and every occurrence after Revelation 3:10, it refers to either people impacted by the Tribulation or to those refusing to repent of their sins during it.

John never refers to the Church as being on the earth during this time but instead uses this phrase to identify people living during the Tribulation.

Jesus’ words, “I am coming soon,” depict the quickness of his appearing rather than nearness in the sense of time. Jesus will deliver us from this global time of wrath by taking us to heaven (John 14:2-3). Why would He refer to His coming in this context if not to keep His Church out of the “trial” that will impact the entire planet, the Tribulation?

The New Testament Posture of Imminency

New Testament passages that refer to Jesus’ return for His Church have one prominent theme in common: They characterize it as the eager anticipation of the saints. In other words, they regarded Jesus’ appearing as something imminent that could happen at any time.

In Philippians 3:20–21, Paul wrote:

“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him to subject all things to himself.”

The Greek word for “await” in verse 20 points to an “intense anticipation” or an “excited expectation” of a future event. [i]

In 1 Corinthians 1:7, Paul used the same Greek word for “wait” as he did in Philippians 3:20 to indicate his readers’ heartfelt longing for Jesus’ appearing, “so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift, as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Despite the immaturity of the saints in Corinth, they excitedly awaited Jesus’ return for them.

In 1 Corinthians 16:22, Paul prayed, “Our Lord, come.” The word for this phrase in the original text is the Aramaic maranatha. This signifies “a petition to Christ that He should return now—at any moment. Paul used it in this letter to Greek-speaking (mostly Gentile) Christians in Corinth because it expressed an idea that had become universal in the early Church. Christ could come at any moment, and Christians called upon him to do so.” [ii]

The early church belief in imminency became a prayer for Jesus to appear in the immediate future.

The Grief of the Thessalonians

A close look at 1 Thessalonians 4:13–17 reveals that the recipients of Paul’s letter not only believed that the Rapture could happen in their lifetime but mistakenly assumed that it would happen before they died.

We see this in the way that Paul addresses the unnecessary grieving of the new converts in Thessalonica over the deaths of some in their midst.

If their grief had stemmed from a lack of belief in the future resurrection of their loved ones, Paul would have responded in much the same way that he addressed this issue with those in Corinth (see 1 Corinthians chapter 15). Instead, he attributes their sorrow to a lack of information about the Rapture rather than an absence of faith in the promise of a future resurrection.

The apostle answers their lingering sadness by giving them further revelation regarding the Rapture, emphasizing the role of the “dead in Christ” during Jesus’ appearing (1 Thessalonians 4:13–16). Not only would their departed loved ones not miss the Rapture, but they would also be the first participants in it.

Paul’s emphasis in these verses reveals the source of the problem: The Thessalonians mistakenly thought that the dead in Christ would miss out on the joy of the Rapture.

“God has Not Destined Us for Wrath”

In 1 Thessalonians 5:2–3, Paul tells his readers that the start of the Day of the Lord will surprise people on the earth “like a thief in the night” with its “sudden destruction” from which “they will not escape.” The day of Lord, a primarily Old Testament term, refers to an extended time of the Lord’s wrath on the earth leading up to and including Jesus’ return and His reign over the nations.

If the day of the Lord began at any time after the seal judgments of Revelation 6 commence, this day wouldn’t catch anyone by surprise. No one will be saying “peace and security” (v. 3) after the pestilences, famines, pandemics, and wars of the seal judgments kill one-fourth of the earth’s population, perhaps as many as two billion people.

Furthermore, in 1 Thessalonians 5:9, the apostle assures his readers, and us, that we will not experience this time of God’s judgment upon the earth: “For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Since the seal judgments are a part of God’s wrath, the Lord must come for us before they begin.

This promise seals the deal for me, but there’s much more behind why I still believe in Jesus’ appearing before the seven-year Tribulation.

The Need for Witnesses During the Tribulation

If the Church remains on the earth during the Tribulation, why is there a need for other witnesses to the saving message of the gospel?

In a radio interview with Jan Markell on November 7, 2020, Amir Tsarfati questioned the need for the two witnesses of Revelation 11:1–13 if the Church is present on earth at the start of the Tribulation. Isn’t it the job of the Church to bear witness to the good news during this current age?

In Revelation 14:6–7, John adds this:

“Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tribe and language and people. And he said with a loud voice, ‘Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come, and worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water.'”

Why does the Lord need to send an angel to proclaim the gospel to people on the earth during the Tribulation if the Church is present on the earth? This only makes sense with the absence of the Church during this time. Otherwise, it would remain the task of believers to fulfil the Great Commission.

What about the 144,000 Jews that God will seal during the Tribulation (Revelation 7:1–8), whom many believe will act as evangelists during that time? And, if the Church is still present on the earth during the Tribulation period, there could be no distinction between believing Jews and other New Testament saints (Colossians 3:11).

The sealing of the 144,000 witnesses tells us the Church cannot be present on the earth during the time in which they serve the Lord. Otherwise, they would be a part of the Church that is already sealed by the Holy Spirit in Christ (Ephesians 1:13-14).

The Encouragement

I could mention many other reasons why I still believe that all who know Jesus as their Saviour will miss the entire seven-year Tribulation, but perhaps the above items are sufficient for now.

I realize that since the majority of my readers are aware of the nearness of the new world order along with the events paving the way to it, I do not have to write anything more about the precarious times in which we live. You, like me, already see the grave dangers that underlie the headlines of our day and do not fall for the lies of the mainstream media, although many Christians do and remain unaware of the times in which they live.

I find tremendous reassurance and comfort in the fact that Jesus could snatch me out of this world at any moment and change my body into one that’s imperishable and glorious (Philippians 3:20-21). Yes, I may experience difficult times and great persecution in my remaining time on earth, but I know that I will miss the terrors of the Tribulation.

Can there be any greater hope or encouragement as we face a lawless and violent world? I don’t think so! Paul did not instruct the Thessalonians to “encourage one another” with the truths of Jesus’ appearing because they would have to endure the ‘day of the Lord’ wrath, but he did so because they would miss the terror of that coming time.

Yes, I still believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church. I feel much better already! Difficult days may lie ahead for me, but I will not face God’s outpouring of wrath in the coming Tribulation period."

Satan has been working overtime since the 1960's and earlier to bring us to where we are now. This short, but inspired video clip explains in part how he achieved it, while we were too busy with our own desires to see it happening.

To those well known bible prophecy "celebrities" who make a living doing the "conference" circuit, who say we should not talk about the dangers of Covid vaccines but just ... "Preach Jesus", please answer me this. How do you preach the Gospel to the multitudes who have died from the Covid vaccines? Shouldn't we be warning and evangelising?

The figures below relating to Covid vaccines adverse effects, are those that are currently available (August 2021 ... and going up every day), and represent about ten per cent of the actual totals due to systemic under reporting:



Here's a blog I wrote several YEARS ago. I think it is very relevant right now as to where we are, so I have reposted it:

"When I first started this site, many years ago now, it was fairly clear that we were approaching the end of this age. Slowly but surely, culture and politics were progressing in a direction that seemingly aligned itself with bible prophecy.

Every few weeks, sometimes only every few months, events would occur that would fortify my belief that, rather than making moral progress, this world was slipping into self delusion and a position where in fact, it was inviting God's anger to reach a tipping point.

It's quite remarkable how instead of this 'slipping further' into the time of God's judgement slowing down, or even stopping, or reversing as some predicted, this slide towards the period described in the Bible as "Jacob's trouble", commonly known as the "seven year tribulation", has exponentially sped up to the point where already, long before I had anticipated, it appears we are right at the doorway to that time period.

In just the last year or two, we have had.....
The legalising of same sex marriage in country after country
The rise of ISIS
The maniacal persecution of Christians world wide
The Islamisation of Europe
The moral and military decay of America
The rebirth of Russia as a world influence with greedy eyes on the middle east, and in particular the recent oil and gas discoveries by Israel
The meteoric increase in anti-Semitism
The alignment of nearly every nation on the planet against Israel
The tampering with the DNA of animals and humans, not to mention the mixing of the two
The explosion of Godless liberalism in western countries
The completely insane and evil indoctrination of children with the nonsense that they are neither male or female, or they can choose their gender for themselves
The disproportionate rise in moderate to severe earthquakes.....
and the mind blowing list just goes on and on.

Meanwhile the average narcissistic westerner nonchalantly lines up for his or her new iPhone.

To any fair minded and reasonable intellect, there can simply be no doubt as to the veracity of end times Bible prophecy and how that it is quickly coming to pass in this generation.
Satan and his earthly and non-earthly accomplices have finalised their plans for the ultimate takeover of planet earth, and believe it or not, their hoped for defeat of God Himself.
It's laughably but tragically true.

It is time to reflect on how truly great and powerful God is.

Psalm 2:4 tells us that God is in fact no more than amused by Satan's and man's plottings against Him, and against Israel, the apple of His eye. We sometimes think of Jesus very thinly. As a sad figure unjustly murdered and nailed to a cross. A divine man full of love, but who was unfortunately betrayed and killed.

In fact, Jesus spoke the UNIVERSE into existence. Every knee will eventually shakingly bow before Him. His enemies will be thrown, not gently asked to go there, but thrown into hell to be punished, not for a time till parole is granted, but FOREVER.
Jesus is God.

His plans are never thwarted. He is coming back just as HE said HE would. He will not rule by consensus, but with a Rod of Iron. (Revelation 2:27). Nations will pay Him His dues and toe the line, or suffer the consequences. Judgement against evil will be swift and final. Who is man or Satan compared to Him who created the still expanding UNIVERSE.

If you have never taken Jesus Christ and His claims seriously, it's time to do so.
We should all quake in our boots, both Christians and non Christians, at the prospect of a soon returning Jesus Christ. It's time to clean house, push back at sin in our lives, meditate on the Word of God and look up......

because our redemption, or our judgement, draws close."


..... Keygar

The governments of the world are saying, "Trust us, take the vaccine. If you don't, you may lose your job. It's the only way to get back to normal."

Trust the science they say, while they ignore it. They lie of course, because they are of their father, satan.

The mainstream media outlets of the world say, "Trust us, we wouldn't lie to you. Do the 'loving' thing and get vaccinated. The vaccines are perfectly safe."

Yet they lie. The vaccines are not safe. Their father also is satan. They can't speak the truth, so how can they tell it to you?

Friends, it's time to choose who we believe. God or satan? God says ... Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." I choose to believe that. If I have to lose my friends or job, God will give me new friends and another job or alternative source of provision. He has to because HE DOES NOT lie.

Friends, if we have to choose to defy ungodly instructions, or if it appears that we are trapped by satanically inspired circumstances, believe God when He says ... 1 Corinthinas 10:13, "No temptation (testing) has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted (tested) beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted (tested), He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it."

Take heart saints. God is with us, and for us.


.... Keygar

Psalm 34:

1   I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

2   My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

3   O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.

4   I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

5   They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.

6   This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

7   The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

8   O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

9   O fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him.

10   The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.

11   Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

12   What man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good?

13   Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.

14   Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

15   The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

16   The face of the Lord is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

17   The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

18   The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

19   Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.

20   He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

21   Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.

22   The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.


Two words mentioned in the Bible describing how the END TIMES would look are:

perilous (2nd Timothy 3:1) ... dangerous, grave, grievous, hazardous, jeopardizing, menacing, parlous, risky, serious, threatening, unhealthy, unsafe

reprobate (Romans 1:28) ... depraved, unprincipled, wicked, bad, corrupt, degenerate, foul, incorrigible, wicked, improper, vile



 The insanity increases at an exponential rate. A kind of madness descends on politicians, the general population and even medical practitioners, who have previously been held in high regard, but who now participate in the worldwide medical holocaust. Satan is pushing his agenda and most are deceived into going along with it. The madness would be laughable if it were not responsible for the deaths of millions and the ruination of countless livelihoods.

It will get worse, and worse, till the insanity is so bad, that one will arise with a scheme to end the madness and restore some sense of normalcy and optimism. Most of the world's population will then, having abandoned all faith in their own leaders and medical professionals, flock to this charismatic genius antichrist, and his seven year reign will begin well, but end in Armageddon.

Prophetically, all is lining up. More hurt is coming. Eventually however, the church will be removed and the wrath of God, now being previewed, will be fully unleashed with alarming results. And undoubtedly a few more unpleasant surprises will occur as the globalists fight for power. There may also be a significant time gap between the removal of the church and the rise of the antichrist, during which the final stage setting will occur.

What we Christians have to do in the meantime is stay as healthy as we can, focus on family and friends, enlighten as many people as possible, encourage each other and be patient. It has all been foretold. We are not surprised. We are seated with Christ above this evil. God laughs at the plans of these worldwide satanists. So also can we.

Fear not, but rejoice in our salvation, and the wisdom and knowledge the Holy Spirit has given us, but withheld from those who reject God. We are indeed fortunate.

..... Keygar


My tribute to Don Koenig who is going through some very serious health issues. Please pray for Don whose site is here :

" Hi Don,

Just to wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for all the work you have done for God's kingdom. I agree that Andy Woods and John Haller are up there amongst the most humble and thorough thinkers out there today, and I use their knowledge on my website often, as I have yours.

I have a love and respect for you that is sincere, and it hurts me to think you may suffer from further health complications, but I console myself with the fact that you have run a true and meaningful race that is sure to have been pleasing in Jesus' eyes. I can't say the same about myself, but people like me need someone to look up to and be guided by, and I look up to you.

I shall pray for you that if it is willed to be so, you will soon be with the Lord, finally free of the wickedness and pain of this world.

Thanks again so much for all you have taught me, and how you have kept my feet on the ground and not floating around with the "speculators".

Love you in the Lord Brother, and look forward to standing with you, by God's grace, in the presence of King Jesus.

Brother Keygar "

It's possible that there MAY be a spiritual revival before the rapture. It may be that the rapture is years or even decades away. To constantly dwell on it is unhealthy. It may rob us of fulfilled plans, the work of evangelism, and can lead to frustration and disappointment.

The apostle Paul knew more about the rapture than anyone. It was he who first revealed its reality. But he didn't dwell on it. He got on with his work and ran his appointed race. And even he wasn't spared from severe trials and tribulations by the rapture that he taught about, rather, he was executed for the work he got on with.

Anything that is an obsession is unhealthy. After all, who amongst us knows what twists and turns the future holds? Only God, and He has given us quite limited revelation about it.

As a wise person once said, "Conduct yourself as if the rapture were happening today, but work and plan as if it were far off."

It's POSSIBLE that life may even return to pre-Covid like conditions. The elites MAY be exposed and their lies become known. The media COULD be forced to reveal the truth of the scams and lies. It certainly SEEMS unlikely, but we cannot say it WON'T happen. Being dogmatic about many things, secular and spiritual, is a sure path to embarrassment.

But do I hope the rapture IS near? I surely do. But I don't spend every day, all day, looking up.

..... Keygar

The excellent blog below was posted on June 18, 2021 by Don Koenig of thepropheticyears.com ...

" There seems to be some resistance to the leftist agenda forming in America. We probably will know within months if there are sufficient numbers of “deplorable” patriots who will step up and put a halt to America’s slide into a police state leftist fascist tyranny along with its plum crazy cancel culture and anti-truth agenda.

Even so, the ongoing waking up of the sane, might be too little too late to keep the sane people out of civil war with the reprobate minds now holding most positions of power in our nation. If the Biden/Harris regime continues on their path to criminalize the sane MAGA people, civil war is inevitable.

The Biden regime is aware of the rising threat from normal Americans so they are doubling down on lying and on their police state tactics. The Biden regime is saying that white supremacists are the number one threat in America and by that he means white MAGA people. They are now subverting the military and local police departments using such lies.

The real threat to our republic is the leftists in power. The leftists in power know that MAGA people are the biggest threat to the socialist police state, so they are correct in saying that mostly white MAGA people are the biggest threat to the leftist regime that took over America.

The election audit in Arizona may be the first major victory for the MAGA movement since the left took the presidency. The Biden regime is doing all it can to stop this audit, but they have no constitutional grounds to stand on. If the Biden regime does somehow suppress the audit, the people of Arizona and the nation will know the federal government did it to keep the truth from getting out. Federal Justice Department interference in sovereign state election processes would clearly be unconstitutional. I cannot see the Supreme Court allowing such federal government control over state elections.

If the audit in Arizona shows major fraud, other Republican controlled state legislators will follow with audits of their own. When then happens, the people of America will find out that that leftists stole the election from Donald Trump. They also will find out that a number of Republican Senate candidates actually won and Republicans should also be controlling the Senate. I suppose that may also be true of the House.

Of course the controlled leftist media will cover up the truth and make all kinds of lying accusations against those carrying out the audits. That just will make the leftist corporate controlled media lose even more credibility with those Americans that can still think for themselves.

The audit results and the corrective actions will be decided in the respective state legislators or perhaps the Supreme Court anyway. If widespread election fraud orchestrated by the left can be proven across the country, it is hard to see how an illegally elected regime remains in power. In any case, there would be a landslide for the Republicans in 2022.

At the local level many people are waking up. They are coming out against radical leftist “woke” propaganda being taught everywhere as if it were the truth. It is getting rather obvious that America haters with their reprobate minds want to divide and destroy America. Many people are getting fed up! There will be a backlash.

You know something unusual is going on when the number one talking head on Fox News, Tucker Carlson, openly now says our own government has been planting undercover agents in groups the Justice Department does not like and they help enable members in these groups to carry out subversive events.

Groups like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters were infiltrated by government agents and these agents played some role in the events that happen at the capitol invasion, as did the capitol police.

This planting of undercover agents by the deep state left has been happening at least since Janet Reno. All groups the deep state does not like are infiltrated with federal informers and undercover agents. These government undercover agents rise to the top of these organizations by being more informed and bolder than the rest. They then find the most radical members in the group and the simple minded and they set them up. They help enable these people to carryout illegal agendas that the government itself thinks up. By the way, this kind of framing by government seems to be perfectly legal.

The American people are also finding out, and will continue to find out, that the corona virus was created in a lab in China that was partly funded by our own government. After the virus escaped from the lab, China helped use the virus to their advantage to destroy western economies.

The American people also will be finding out that tens of thousands of people in America needlessly died because certain safe drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin were being kept and are still being kept, from the American people.

Heads will roll when the people find out that the experimental jabs that they are being coerced to take have all kinds of serious side effects that will turn out to be worse than catching the disease for normal healthy people. Lung diseases will also increase down the road in those forced to wear Chinese made cheap masks for over a year.

The economic recovery will also soon turn south. There is no free lunch. With all the spending and printing of funny money, we are now in for a period of high inflation. Those with any savings or on fixed incomes are already being robbed blind. High inflation, and having more debt than a nation can refinance, never ends well.

Needless to say, more people are starting to realize that government and the corporate and the social media constantly feeds them leftist propaganda and lies. All the lying is their means to an end. That end is international socialism and total control of everyone on earth.

That kind of control will certainly come under the Antichrist, but as I have said before, this will not happen before the Rapture and the four horsemen of Revelation ride. The riding of the four horsemen sets up the conditions for total control of all the people and all the critical resources on earth. Only then will Satan get to insert his man. Read the first five seals in Revelation and you should get the picture of how the Antichrist comes to power. This present push toward global tyranny will fail as long as the Church remains on earth. So, I expect a backlash.

Americans were too trusting. They thought government was looking out for them. They are now finding out differently. Americans let the left take over, and along with the left came the loony tunes with Daffy and his plum crazy buddies. Those in power in America are not even rational. They tell lies as if it were the truth, and claim the truth is a lie. Increasingly Americans are waking up and wondering how Warner Brothers cartoon characters took over the nation. Americans will soon do something about it. The pendulum swings both ways.

Any backlash in the world against the tunes that recently took over does not mean that America will be saved from disaster, civil war, economic collapse, grid failure caused by cyber attack or an EMP, or all of the above. After we are out of the way, the focus turns back to the ancient lands. The little horn of Daniel will rise to power having great solutions and by showing great sanity not insanity. The tunes and plum crazy will be the first to go. "



Interesting Link: WATCH (mild language)

( food for thought at least )

The following blog is by Don Koenig of thepropheticyears.com :

"Obviously the geopolitical situation in the world is now rapidly changing. I think this will continue, because the final stage setting before tribulation events begin to play out is underway. The stage setting will be followed by the rise in Europe of the little horn mentioned by Daniel and the riding of the four horsemen of Revelation. At that time, Gog will also expand its influence in the area of the old Soviet Union.

Keep your eye on France. There is a Catholic right wing anti-immigrant anti-Islamic movement rising rapidly. Marine Le Pen of the National Front political party (now called the National Rally) may even win the spring 2022 presidential election. Even if she does not win, the movement is causing President Emmanuel Macron to move right on nationalistic issues. The majority in France are fed up with the Muslims and their failure to assimilate into the French culture. There are no go zones for non Muslims all around the major cities of France.

I have been saying for over two decades that the migration of Muslims into Europe would bring about a civil war in the 2020’s, and that would also result in a war with the Islamic states that they came from. It now appears this will start in France. Many retired and active French military have recently said the same thing. They ought to know. The military will become directly involved in any civil upheavals.

The majority in Catholic France will not allow the Muslims to subvert their nation. They hate what these Muslims are doing to their nation. The rise of Catholic French nationalists makes sense in the end time geopolitical picture. The civil war and resulting war with Islam brings the rise of the little horn who grows exceeding great toward the south, east, and toward the Holy Land (Da 8:9). The south, would be North Africa. That is where most of the Muslims of France came from. The east, would be the Middle East nations.

The Bible suggests that the little horn and future Antichrist is ridden in by the Harlot of Rome (Rev 17:3). In other words, the Vatican will support the creation of what the Bible identifies as the Beast Empire. Even so, once the Beast is fully established and the man leading it becomes supernatural. He turns against the Harlot woman that brought him to the dance (Rev 17:16).

There is old Catholic prophecy (Catholic Prophecy – The Coming Chastisement, Tan Books, 1970) that says a great Christian monarch will rise at a time of great strife in Europe and this king will restore order and Catholic rule until the time of the Antichrist. The Jesuit order was created and has been working all over the world for centuries to put the world back under the Pope. Keep in mind, that Catholicism believes that they have the only true God ordained religion. They believe their God given mandate is to rule the world in the place of Christ.

There is nothing new under the sun. It only makes sense to me that the two great Abrahamic but apostate world religions would once again fight each other for control of the area of the Old Roman Empire. Islam will once again lose.

America is becoming rapidly weakened by the communist coup that took over, so the timing for the rising of a new world order out of Europe seems most timely. After all, the Roman Empire is the final world empire mentioned by Daniel.

Since the Roman Empire came into existence, Antichrist prototypes have always risen out of the area of the Roman Empire. It will not be any different when the next one rises.

Many Bible prophecy watchers want to hear that the present conflict between Hamas and Israel will result in something that has prophetic significance. I do not think it does. I do not think this present conflict with Hamas is going to spread to include the Arab states, Iran or the Hezbollah faction of Lebanon. If that were to be the case, it probably already would have happened, but obviously Iran is not telling Hezbollah to attack Israel now.

That is because Iran wants nuclear weapons. They do want a wider conflict upsetting that apple cart. The big winner of this conflict probably will be Benjamin Netanyahu. He will probably get to continue to run Israel. The conflict and the leftist disinformation is also sure to spread more hated and violence against the Jews around the world.

In spite of what some “Bible prophecy” teachers are saying on the media, I do not see Psalm 83 taking place now, or see Gog coming down against Israel in the next couple of years. I think Gog will take over the area of much of the old Soviet Union before any invasion of Israel. When Europe breaks down into civil strife, the leader of Russia will see it as an opportunity to expand his influence over the whole region.

The prophecy about Elam has fulfilment in what is now part of Iran, but the fulfilment requires a great coalition of nations coming against Elam. Iran and its nuclear weapons program could be the very reason the little horn expands toward the south and east with the help of the military of other western nations.

If you old Bible prophecy students recall, the Gog invasion looked imminent at the time of the peak of the Soviet Union. End time events and the coming of the Lord at that time, was apparently delayed. NATO backed by America was used to hinder the Soviet plans. I think the next great build up led by Russia will even be greater than the former Soviet Union. Gog will fulfill the prophecy when he knows little stands in his way. That is why it will take direct involvement by God’s angels to stop the Gog invasion.

Which leads me to UFO’s. It seems few on earth know why they exist and what they are. I think they will be involved in earth affairs in the end times. The world is ripe for deception. After the Rapture they will be part of the great deception.

Even some of the most watched right wing “Christian” talking heads on the media think these UFO’s are advanced extra terrestrial or inter dimensional craft and contact with the beings flying them will result in a paradigm shift on earth. Unfortunately, most of the “Christian” talking heads on right wing media do not have a Christian worldview. They know little about what the Bible says, and they obviously were taught absolutely nothing about future Bible prophecy. They are wide open for deception.

The recent cyber attack take down of the east coast gasoline pipeline should be a wake- up call to all Americans. Our infrastructure is very vulnerable. There will be more attacks. Next time it may even be our electrical grid. Those that operate our infrastructure apparently focus more on profit than security. That has to change in a hurry, or we could be in a world of hurt. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have cyber capabilities that far exceed these cyber criminals doing it just for ransom money.

I think Russia and China have the capabilities to take down much of our infrastructure whenever their cyber warfare people are given the go ahead. It is things like this that do not give me a lot of hope for America’s future. We now live in a glass house, but we keep throwing stones as if we are invulnerable. Things in the world have changed since the only threat to America was the USSR. We better make our own security the top priority. Those living in America today really do not want to have to experience how or why America was taken out of the prophetic geopolitical picture."



2 pictures worth 2 thousand words

( see story below )

(NOTE: I have nothing against anyone wearing a mask anywhere, any time. What I object to is being told I MUST wear a mask, and that they are EFFECTIVE, when they are clearly not.)


I enjoy going out for a coffee alone, listening to a podcast, contemplating life in general, and interacting with others when the opportunity arises.

Today, I went to the mall, and thought I'd try a different café. I ordered a coffee. I was not wearing a mask.

Soon, a gentleman sat at the table next to me. He was wearing a rather ill fitting mask. It looked more like a napkin that had slipped upwards.

"These masks are a (expletive) nuisance", he said to me.

"They certainly are", I replied, "specially as they do nothing."

"Oh no, I trust the experts", he said, "they know what they're doing."

"They are not experts", I said, "they are liars. Your mask is about as effective against a virus, as chicken wire is against mosquitoes. Besides, they are harmful to your health, collecting bacteria and carbon dioxide, and returning it to your lungs."

He looked quite indignant.

"I trust them", he affirmed in an affronted manner, "they're the experts".

Just then the words of Jesus that He spoke to his disciples on one occasion came to mind. He didn't waste or mince words.

He simply said, "Let the dead bury the dead."

So I finished my coffee, and left the dead man to himself.


...... Keygar   ( comment> ) 

From the raptureready website:

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand

Chad Thomas writes:

"Why hasn’t Jesus come yet to rapture His Church!? To be honest I am surprised He hasn’t come yet! However we only know in part! The answer is quite simple! Because we are still in the Dispensation of Grace! God has a perfect time line! His promise stands. He will do what He said He will do. This ship is sinking and people need to get on the lifeboat right now which is Jesus Christ! Whether Jesus comes this year... or it’s still a while down the road... The way we have to live our lives is to be ready as if today could be the day!

 But at the same time occupying and redeeming the time as if it’s years from now pointing people to Jesus Christ! God has such a big heart for us and doesn’t want anybody to perish but all to come to repentance ( Changing your mind... going from unbelief to belief ).

The tribulation period which is horrific is approaching like a full speed train. The sudden rescue will happen at the perfect appointed time. Until then... as an ambassador for Christ and a soldier for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords our job is to give people the Gospel of their salvation ( 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 ) and to plant seeds!

You can’t save anybody! All you can do is plant the seeds and let God provide the increase in His timing! Let’s pray for many lost sheep to board the ark while there is still time. Tomorrow is not promised!"

*** HERE'S proof the covid pandemic was all laid out in advance!!

(spars pandemic next) ***

Informative info here  

Blog courtesy of naturalnews.com:

"The official death count from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections has nearly doubled since early March, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not appear to be at all concerned.

The agency failed to respond to an inquiry from The Defender about how it investigates reported deaths, whether or not autopsies are being conducted, and what standards are used to determine whether or not vaccination is causally associated with a reported injury or death.

The only thing the CDC has provided thus far is silence, which is unacceptable in light of the fact that there are now more than 38,444 reports of adverse effects from Chinese virus jabs in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

As this writer noted back in a story from early March, there were 1,170 reported deaths associated with Wuhan flu shots at that time. Today, that number has soared to 1,739 deaths along with 6,286 reports of serious injuries, which are worse than those generally classified as adverse events.

At this point in time, we do not even know whether healthcare providers are reporting all injuries and deaths following vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) because the standards used are unknown. The CDC would seem to not want anyone to know these details.

“As of today, 11 days later, the CDC has not answered our questions,” writes Megan Redshaw for The Defender. “Instead, when we call them, they respond saying, ‘they have received our email, they will escalate it and it is in the system.'”

“When we asked if we could speak with the person reviewing the email, we were told that information could not be provided,” Redshaw adds. “When we emailed them to follow up, we received no response.”

J&J’s coronavirus jab causing anaphylactic shock in recipients

The latest VAERS data obtained by Redshaw shows that in a single week, 478 cases of vaccine-related Bell’s Palsy were reported. Of these, 66 percent occurred after vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech injection, while the remaining 36 percent, roughly, resulted from the Moderna injection.

The first Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccines were also administered that same week, resulting in at least nine cases of anaphylactic shock. Because the J&J jab contains polysorbate 80, a known allergen, some believe this is the ingredient responsible for these anaphylactic reactions.

Both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech jabs contain polyethylene glycol (PEG), another known allergen that some have speculated is also causing anaphylactic reactions. This writer further speculates that perhaps the messenger RNA (mRNA) component of these two jabs might also be responsible.

The March 11, 2021, VAERS data release also shows 734 people who are now permanently disabled after being injected, along with another 6,689 cases of people having to be rushed to an emergency room. Nearly 4,000 have had to be hospitalized after their jabs, 1,205 for life-threatening complications.

Of the 1,739 reported deaths, 30 percent occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, while 21 percent occurred within 24 hours. Forty-six percent of deaths occurred in people who became sick within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

“By comparison, during the same period, there were only 85 deaths reported following flu vaccines,” Redshaw notes.

The average age of those dying from the injections is 77.9, the data shows. The youngest person to die from a Chinese virus vaccination was 18. At least 289 pregnant women who were injected reported adverse events as well, including 90 cases of miscarriage or premature birth.

“According to VAERS, the teenager developed fatigue, body aches and a headache one day after receiving the Moderna vaccine on March 3,” Redshaw reveals, noting that the youngest reported death age dropped from 23 to 18. “On March 5 he complained of chest pain, and died in his sleep later that day.”

Satan is out in the open now ... clearly out in the open. The takeover of planet earth is almost complete. Satanism is the order of the day. America is gone, get used to it. It was the last obstacle to this satanic takeover of the globe. The last seven years of hell on earth, are about to commence.

Billions will die. Probably many who have taken the Covid vaccine will be amongst the first to perish after the antichrist takes over. NOW is the time to make Jesus Christ the anchor of your life to escape this evil takeover and avoid the worst of it, with the bonus of securing eternal life in God's kingdom.

This is NOT a warning. The time for warnings is past. The time to get right with Jesus Christ is IMMEDIATE!

Couldn't help myself. Watch this.

Is Israel being set up by Netanyahu to fully embrace the one world government and the "man with a plan", sometimes called the antichrist who'll head it up?

This blog is by Terry James of raptureready:

" The nation and the world are rushing with unbelievable speed into global godlessness. All the while, only a few seem to recognize the end-times rage. It’s as if there’s a supernaturally imposed blindness that has the scales of satanic deception veiling the eyes even of those who genuinely know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord (the Church).

Those who read this blog are well aware of things going on for the most part, and it’s not from watching mainstream news. Those sources generally paint a picture of complete control over any potential dangers that exist somewhere in the future.

We in America, according to the fawning media, now have the near-perfect administration and governmental agglomeration within the legislative and judicial branches—that is, since the previous, much-hated president and his party associates have lost the White House and majority congressional control.

The media, which helped bring this about—through questionable electoral machinations—now turn their attention away from careful scrutiny of every detail involving Trump. They’ve turned instead to, for the most part, approval, even laudation, of every move of this new government.

They carefully avoid questioning the president on the rare occasions he’s seen in public. They say nothing about the almost nonexistence of his public availability. There is no criticism of his refusal to personally conduct press conferences.

His record-setting number of executive orders meets with absolutely no questioning by an observably unconcerned mainstream press. They seem instead to ask trivial questions of White House Press Secretary Jen Tsaki, throwing “softballs” for her, as it is said.

When Mr. Biden is asked questions, about as hard as they get are queries like: “What does it feel like being president now after being an occasional guest in the Oval Office as vice president all those years?” And the forces now in charge continue to bring this once-great republic ever closer to something that would have been unrecognizable by the founding fathers. For that matter, it’s now already unrecognizable in many ways by someone of my generation.

There is little chance that this obfuscation of and dearth of truth will change. Alternate sources of news that would tell things as they really are continue to be systematically shut down. We watch almost hourly while websites dedicated to getting real news to the public are demonetized and even de-platformed for the most trivial reasons. And the media tyrants doing the shutting down won’t answer the whys of such shutdowns. They consider themselves above the fray. The reason for their arrogant assurance of their ability to act in such tyrannical ways is that the new governmental “watchdogs” are in cahoots with them in wishing to suppress any and all pushback or resistance to their agenda.

And that agenda is proceeding at a phenomenal pace. Some wonder if there will not be total socialism—even communist-style, governmental tyranny—in our nation by the end of 2021.

The assault on First Amendment rights (free speech) and plans to assault Second Amendment rights (the right to bear arms) are but two attacks on American citizenry. The war against American liberty coalesces from somewhere that can’t be determined by those without spiritual knowledge. Those assaults are formed by the powers and principalities in high places of wickedness we read about in Ephesians 6:12.

And this is why it is imperative that the pastors in the pulpits of America make their born-again flocks know what we face. The times are getting dark and are destined, according to Bible prophecy, to grow much, much darker.

There is no revival on a massive national or world scale prophesied to occur at the end of the Church Age. The Apostle Paul wrote that “evil men and seducers will grow ever worse, deceiving and being deceived.” The Lord Himself foretold that deception and wickedness would be signs of His return to earth to put an end to the incorrigible rebellion of earth dwellers.

The Bible prophesies that the times will be like they were during the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Can there be any doubt we’re already at that point?

I was told before going on a radio program in Canada just last week that I couldn’t mention anything about LGBTQ or transsexual matters, or anything to do with such abominations. The station would be fined and punished—possibly taken off the air permanently—if those matters were addressed.

It might just be mere months, I sense, before such regulations will be instituted in our “land of the free.”

The reason pastors and teachers in the truth-bearing, true Christian churches should alert the people in their pews of these things is that they will soon hear it nowhere else. Younger people, who’ve been educated to believe the lies about America’s Judeo-Christian founding, may soon have no chance as they surf their ever-speech-suppressing social media. Soon the light would be quenched, even in the true, Bible-believing churches, if not for one thing.

“The gates of hell will not prevail“ against His Church, the Lord Jesus has promised.

As we observe the gathering darkness, we know that the Tribulation—that last seven years of hell on earth when Satan’s evil will permeate this dying, decaying, world—approaches. Therefore, the light resident within the Church will be removed by Christ Himself, as He calls His Bride to Himself and out of harm’s way (Revelation 3:10).

So, in looking at all the evil gathering—which we can see, but the unsaved world cannot—that moment of rescue must be very near indeed.

It is incumbent upon each of us who follow Jesus as Lord to hold up before the world as much light of the gospel as possible when we have the chance.

Soon, perhaps today, we will suddenly and gloriously stand in some splendid, eternal setting. We will look into the omnipotent, omniscient, eyes of our Lord, who died and was raised again so that we might be saved from the wrath that will then begin pouring out upon the left-behind world of rebels. We will then be taken to our homes He has been personally constructing for more than two thousand years. What magnificent dwelling places those must be!

Now, that’s the very best news imaginable!

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (John 14:1–3) "

Neither 'Churches' nor the Government has a right to FORCE Christians or anyone to wear masks, get vaccines, social distance or not attend a church. Neither 'Churches' nor the Government has a right to emotionally or 'morally' BLACKMAIL Christians or anyone to follow such instructions. We can make flawed science our God and obey its directives, or we can behave as instructed by the God of TRUE science.

.... Keygar   

 The Bible: "But understand this, in the last days terrible times will come. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, without love of good, traitorous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God ...."

Reminds me of when I was a kid, always saying, "Are we there yet daddy, are we there yet?"

..... Keygar

If the Rapture doesn't happen in the near future, then Western Christians can expect much persecution, even martyrdom. Or possibly death by 'vaccination'. Sound impossible? I don't think so.

Christians have been hunted down since nearly all the disciples of Jesus Christ were murdered. Up till now in recent times, Western Christians have been largely free to practice their faith, but the world has suddenly turned very dark, and very evil. We must face facts and be prepared for anything.

If you don't think you could be murdered for your faith, perhaps these people didn't either ... VIDEO

.... Keygar

I have long thought and said, that the billionaire elites will not succeed in their crazy plan to rule the world and enact agenda 2030. Why? Because Satan through the antichrist will in no way share his craving for worship and glory with anyone. He is simply using these psychopathic fools to set things up for him to take over. In fact, these elites will probably be the first to lose their heads, literally.

Even though the morally corrupt Bill Gates wants to kill off about seven billion inhabitants on earth, this does not tie in with bible prophecy. It is God's judgements that result in the death of about half the world's population DURING the tribulation, NOT before it. And the tribulation period of seven years has NOT begun yet.

America, and possibly China, will I believe be neutralised in some way to allow the rise of the antichrist who will rule from neither of those two regions.

Could I be wrong? Of course. Only God knows how things will actually play out. ... Keygar

The blog below is by Edwin Tan, edwinuk13@gmail.com:

' A good number of ragged and stressed-out individuals might draw comfort from the lyrics of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” It sure has some therapeutic value, but for us who have rested on the Blessed Hope, Galatians 6:9 is the verse that gives more than a quantum of solace. It reads in this manner, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

This resembles the flag that is waved as the final lap in the race begins. It might make sense that most of us would hang on till the finishing line is crossed. But once again, it is the case of easier said than done. This dead-serious business of watching and waiting over many years, if not several decades, is emotionally taxing where minds and souls go. It can be said to be extremely trying for brothers and sisters with faint hearts.

If you go back about a decade or even more ago, there were very few leads where prophetic activity mattered. Recall the lows on the Rapture Index in the early nineties and even in the years that followed; the readings were a far cry from what they are today. This was about the time when the scoffers and mockers began building up their case, which can be a sledgehammer in present-day settings. Perhaps some of the weaklings among the watch-people got washed out and probably went the way not much different from the unbelieving mob.

In the few years prior to where we are at this moment, prophetic activity increased – so did the scoffing plus mockery. Still, there were many who stood firm, believing that the moment of redemption so mentioned in Luke 21:28 was in the distant horizon. Then came the pandemic of 2020; it sure had a lot written about it where all indications concerning the sureness of the Rapture were staring at many faces. A moment of celebration? Not so because it was as good as being kicked and whacked face down with the severe abnormalities never seen before. Add this to the strain of faithful watching – it sure became a double whammy beyond many expectations. The toughest amongst the remnant probably held on, albeit considerable tiredness setting in.

But what about those who feel like they are about to hit a marble barrier? They have but used up all their resources!

Reeks of a winning, advantageous position being flung away because of the above weariness.

If anyone did read about the church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-9, it is about the state many who cling on to the Blessed Hope are in right now.

“And to the angel of the church of Philadelphia write; ‘The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts and no one opens.

“I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

“Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews and are not, but lie – behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you.”

Many of us are like the Philadelphian congregation in our current state. But the Lord knows our breaking points. We will not freak out at the most critical stage. We have an open passageway which will never be curtailed by anybody. So hang on and keep up with the good work. You will make it through with His Strength! '

I believe I have posted sufficient information on the Covid Plandemic, the Lockdown folly, and the dangers of vaccinations, in general, and in particular, the Corona virus vaccination. I won't be covering those subjects anymore. If people haven't woken up to the truth of what is going on after a whole year, I doubt they ever will. They will probably forever remain "useful idiots" for the globalists.

Scroll down for ample information and video links on those matters. Also, if you use "search site" on the home page, you can also access a lot of information on these matters.

1/    "The Australian Government has scrapped a billion dollar coronavirus vaccine agreement with Australian biotech company CSL Limited to supply 51 million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Queensland after several trial participants returned false positive HIV test results." I doubt these are false positives. Unlike the false results for the Covid test, I suspect these are true results. Surprise...Surprise!!! Vaccine anyone?

2/    If you have to take a Covid test, watch this first ... VIDEO

3/    Two medical professionals wrote to the European Medicine Agency to stop human Covid vaccine trials. Doctors Wolfgang Wodarg and Michael Yeadon indicated in their Dec. 1 letter that some of the vaccines to be tested, including that of Pfizer’s, may prevent the safe development of placentas in pregnant women. (Does the deception by big pharma ever end?). The vaccine is all about big money and population reduction. Why is Trump pursuing operation "warp speed"? Is he a camouflaged globalist, stupid, or has he been set up?

4/    The inventor of Covid-19 PCR test says it's meaningless. See him say so on this VIDEO

5/    In Australia, 'men-?' can now play women's football. Prepare the rubber rooms please. Oh, and have the medics standing by. Reprobate minds anyone?

What a momentous time we're in. Surely we are sinking into the tribulation period.

Lockdowns are expanding across the globe, except for the elite of course. Small businesses continue to float down to the bottom of the ocean, while big corporations count up their extra billions.

Lies are as common as flies. Cheating is not retreating. The weevils increase their evil. Demons inhabit more who cannot reason. Those who love God are odd. An increasing pastime is to bend a gender. The elites brag about their feats. The mad scientists push obscene vaccines. Punch a Christian, close a church. Towards a hellish future these blind fools lurch.

The American elections were a joke. But Joe Biden spoke. He's the man. Despite the scam.

If Trump loses he can largely blame himself. He's a great entertainer but a poor restrainer. He let social and mainstream media run amuck. And now he's out of luck. Perhaps. He appointed crooks, and let them stay. Allowing them to fool him, day after day.

Is he also just a part of a pantomime? Or is he the real deal? Will he triumph or be thrown onto a dusty shelf? A victim of an election steal. Will it even make a difference just who wins. Or is the world already ... in the recycle bin?

I hope Trump gets there. But in the end, the world's too far gone, for man to mend.

Only Jesus Christ can sort this mess out. Look up and listen, for that blessed shout!

..... Keygar

Very disappointed in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for congratulating crooked Joe Biden on becoming the USA president, even before the American election results are actually known. This makes Netanyahu appear as a shallow opportunist and may foreshadow how quickly Israel will willingly succumb to the antichrist system. If Trump wins the election, and feels that Israel has not appreciated him, this may also explain why America abandons Israel in the Gog / Magog war. Britain's Prime Minister, barmy Boris Johnson also quickly congratulated Biden. The rats are beginning to leave their holes and come out into the light.

As you can imagine, researching for this site, I watch countless videos online. I vaguely remember watching one years ago where Chuck Missler was either being interviewed or was doing a Q and A session, and he said that he believed that shortly before the antichrist arrived on the scene and took over, the globalists would attempt to set up and oversee their own new world order, but would fail.

I can't be sure tho. My memory isn't what it used to be. If anyone out there remembers hearing such a statement etc. by Missler, can you please let me know at keygar33@protonmail.com. Thanks. Now, moving on......  

Dr Fauci, who advised people NOT to wear face masks early on in the scamdemic, later reversed that position for political reasons. Dr Fauci had in fact in past studies, concluded that face masks can cause bacterial pneumonia and other health problems.

Does this make Dr Fauci who advises President Trump, a liar, a deceiver and even a criminal?

What do you think? ... Keygar   VIDEO

Could this virus be found to be a complete hoax? If so, would not the people of most countries be extremely disillusioned with their incompetent and complicit leaders? Would that not make them ripe to embrace someone who would confirm the hoax, promise honest leadership, unroll a plan to reverse the economic damage caused and offer to lead the world out of this lunacy? Could that person possibly turn out to be the antichrist?

Just a little speculation ..... Keygar ? 

The blog below is by Don Koenig of The Prophetic Years:

"Some think the civil war in America has already started. Has the fall of America as a world power already begun? The reprobate minded radical left who are controlling the Democratic Party obviously believes insurrection is warranted against President Trump. They also are hostile toward his supporters. The left already tried a coup attempt and an impeachment to overthrow the president.

Democrats are now outright saying they will take it to the streets if Trump is winning the election. This radical leftist hijacked party plans to use any means necessary, even insurrection, to drive Trump from office. I think people funding and pushing this insurrection should be rounded up and prosecuted. Where in the world other than here has there ever been a coup attempt and nothing done about the perpetrators?

Now just one month before the election Trump has Covid-19. Who knows what complications that will bring? Obese old people have greater risk of having serious outcomes. Even if you survive, the disease could zap your strength. Trump does have a good backup in Mike Pence, but Pence does not excite people.

Trump supporters are not going to just let these leftist zombies destroy our nation. If the police are not allowed to handle the threat, the people being threatened will rise up and handle it themselves. I cannot tell you how this will all play out because a lot depends on how loony the left gets. The insurrection will get worse in the short term if the election is close and worse long term if there is a blow-out by either side. In any case, it’s going to get real crazy in America after the election, so you need to be prepared for that.

Some are wondering if America is under judgment. Obviously these things would not be happening if the nation was honouring God. Conditions in our nation will continue to grow worse unless the nation as a whole repents. If the nations persists down the path to evil, we may not only see civil strife we might get in a war with a nation that knows how to put out our lights.

Things are heating up with China and Iran. There could be a military confrontation very soon. Think about what will happen if the lights go out in America for many months. Could you survive where you are at? Frankly, the vulnerability of our electrical grid could kill many more people in America than anything else. In less than a year two-thirds or more of Americans could be dead. Taking the grid down literally would bring the demise of America as a world power within months.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are confident that they will win the 2020 election. It’s hard to say which side is being more delusional. In reality, both sides will lose no matter who wins. Can anyone govern this divided nation anymore without also making it a police state? Will Trump be able to govern without crackdowns on those who are promoting the insurrection and without putting federal troops in the cities? Can Harris govern without using law enforcement to force the democrat radical leftist agenda down the throats of traditional Americans?

Unless there is great repentance in America we are going to have a dreadful decade. If only half of those calling themselves Christian would actually live by Christian moral concepts we could avoid the fall of our nation. Even so, I think most of us know that is not going to happen. Franklin Graham just held a well advertised prayer rally in Washington last Saturday but you would hardly know it by the response from Americans and the media.

Repentance of the nation will not happen because even “Christian” Americans choose to support the cultural Marxist antichrist agenda. There is little fear of God in America. Everyone does what is right in his own eyes. The events so far this year will likely prove to be just a warm-up for what is coming. The way things are going, I don’t think America will be the leading world power anymore by mid-decade.

We are living in the end times and should soon expect the prophetic events detailed in Daniel and Revelation. First the Church represented by John is told to come up to heaven (Rev 4:1) and then all restraint that hinders Satan and his world kingdom is removed. Satan then empowers a world leader and the riding of the four horsemen of Revelation begin to play out. The ten kings are empowered in the area of the old Roman Empire and a little horn comes up among them and expands toward the east, south and toward Israel (Dan 7:8 & 8:9). The little horn rides to power (white horse) saying great things and convinces many nations to follow him, but some do not, so a great war of conquest takes place (red horse).

By the end of the war, there is famine and food rationing across the planet (black horse) followed by great revolutions and plagues (pale green horse). After the four horsemen are finished a great persecution of believers in the God of Heaven ramps up (Rev 6: 9-11). In other words, creation worshiping pagans gain full control of the world.

With the recent Covid-19 shutdowns worldwide, observe the amount of control the governments already have in all nations of the world. When the great famine occurs at the riding of the black horse it should be obvious that government will determine how much food each person gets (so much for the claims people make that they cannot lose weight). Then the pale horse rides and there is greater pestilence than the world has ever seen in modern times. At that point, governments of the world will have full control over everyone. Global tyranny actually comes about with the riding of the four horsemen and the persecution, not the later mark of the Beast system. The mark will be the end result of global tyrannical controls that had already been put in place.

The ten kings empower by Satan and the little horn leader will seek to govern the whole earth. The riding of the four horsemen is how the Antichrist gains control of the earth. As the four horsemen ride, the main thing still hindering him will be the two prophets in Israel. He was not able to kill them. But, after being shot in the head and supernaturally raised as the Son of Perdition he does receive the supernatural power to slay them. He kills the two prophets that tormented the world and presents himself as the Messiah as he enters the temple of God claiming to be God.

The Church will not be here to see all this. The Rapture occurs before any of the horsemen ride. The Church is snatched up to witnesses Jesus being given the seven sealed scroll and His opening of the scroll that unleashes the riding of the four horsemen.

We should see that the things happening this year with the pandemic are really more about governments flaunting their control over their people than any medical crisis. Satan does not know God’s timing, but he is not stupid. He knows he will be allowed to bring down America if it does not repent. Satan knows the scriptures and knows that the Roman Empire had to be the fourth kingdom spoken about by Daniel. He therefore also knows the fall of America will mark the time for the revived Roman Empire. God’s hand on America has hindered his objectives in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for over a hundred years.

Satan’s last attempt at a revived Roman Empire was with Hitler and Mussolini. It failed because of God’s hand on America. The rise of Russia and Communism was Satan’s attempt to take America out. Satan wanted Russia and America to destroy each other. With God’s hand lifting from America he just may now be allowed to take America out of the equation and get another ball rolling in Europe.

Satan fully knows a revived Roman Empire and a revived Israeli nation proceeds the return of Jesus. He also knows that the Spirit hindering him has to be removed before he can gain the total control needed. The Devil does know that God is taking out a spiritual regenerated people because he can not harm them unless God allows. This also becomes obvious because when these people die their souls are not going down to hell like the rest. He knows there will be a taking of the spiritually regenerated before the end, and he already knows his deceptive response about their departure.

Satan is not blind to what is written in scripture. He quotes scripture. He has it all memorized. Satan intends to empower a worldly Christ who supersedes the return of God’s Christ. That is why the Son of Perdition enters the Temple and claims to be God. If he could defeat the Jewish saviour, none of the other stuff written about him in scriptures could be fulfilled. He would remain the God of the fallen universe for eternity.

That is why John wept when no earthly human could be found worthy to open the book and pronounce what was written on the fallen world (Rev 5:2-5). Even so, Jesus came from God, became a human, was sinless, rose from the dead and went back to God. He was not earthly, but He was fully human and sinless, and fully worthy to take the book from the Father that declares God’s judgments on this fallen world along with its restoration through His Messiah.

It seems America will be taken out of the picture because of her sins and then world power will shift back to where it was in the first century. I don’t know if the Church will see any of that before the Rapture, but Christians in America (...and everywhere) should be prepared to experience whatever happens to come our way."


Aussie Tyranny VIDEO

2 Thess. 2:7-12 ...

"For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendour of his coming. The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness."

Could this current false pandemic called covid-19 be the lie referred to above? It is certainly a lie that the whole world has bought into.

The death figures have been extremely low, as well as being falsified. Those Doctors and Specialists who have exposed the falseness of the pandemic have been dismissed, shamed, gagged and censored. Why is that? Because it exposes the lie.

The very virus itself has never been isolated. The tests are inaccurate, and give opposite results dependent on when taken, and even then, they test for the wrong thing. They test for a genetic material, and not for an actual virus.

And if there is no actual virus, just supposing, what good will a vaccination do? None!

But it could do a whole lot of 'bad', especially when developed by someone (Like Bill Gates) who is a publicly admitted eugenicist and whose vaccinations have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands worlwide.

Why do children not die from the virus but old people do. Could it be because there is NO virus, and the old people are dying from other causes, but recorded as Covid deaths in order for the hospitals and nursing homes to get the large financial subsidy the Government is offering for each Covid death?

In short, the whole pandemic has been perpetuated with FALSE statistics, and the world has bought the lie.

The lie about the only virus that respects a face mask, the only virus that can measure six feet, the only virus that leaves looters and violent protestors alone, but attacks Christians in a Church or families in a park.

This false 'pandemic' was rehearsed just months before it was pushed onto the world through the lying media operating in conjunction with great theatre provided by China.

I have pondered this lie possibly being the lie or a wonderful facsimile of it for some months, and recently after J.D. Farag expressed similar thoughts, I thought I'd air what I've been thinking ... for what it's worth.

Food for thought? ...  Keygar



Gullible and Despotic Australia & NZ? .. VIDEO .. VIDEO .. Pushback ..VIDEO

RaptureNotes is now severely censored by Google. That censorship commenced in earnest after I began to include videos and articles on the Covid-19 'scamdemic' as exposed by leading epidemiologists and doctors around the world.


Because the last thing Google, Apple, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and their Globalist handlers want exposed is .... THE TRUTH.

I could cease exposing fraud and try to get back into Google's good books, but I choose not to kneel to Satan. So these videos are for the Mainstream Media, Big Tech companies, Anthony Fauci and Psychopath Bill Gates.

Vaccination anyone? ... VIDEO   Fauci the fraud ... VIDEO

How the West was, lost ... VIDEO   ( In Police State Australia, where the death rate from covid is negligible, the Police will now wrestle you to the ground if you don't wear a mask, especially if you're a woman. "The Lucky Country"? .. not anymore! ) ... VIDEO

.... Keygar

A little speculation....

Most likely, whoever wins the American elections, if they occur, it's really a lose / lose situation.

The most disappointing aspect of it all is that Donald Trump seems to have rolled over on many of the things he originally said he was against. Caving in on mandatory rushed vaccinations, forced wearing of ineffective masks, the health risks of 5G and social media censorship are several critical matters that come to mind. He appears to be easily bullied and conned by despots like Fauci, and by his ill informed son-in law.

If Trump was a person who did his own research and homework, he may have made some wise and correct decisions much sooner, but he is a tad lazy I think, or simply not bright enough to do so. Hence, he usually lets someone else make critical decisions for him, with disastrous results.

Even when he claimed the economy under him, was roaring along, the 'recovery' was at a cost of trillions of fiat dollars. It was at best, "illusory".

It may well turn out that Trump was not so much an answer to Christian's prayers, but to the hopes and dreams of the globalists, as he seems to be pretty much on board with their agenda now. He talks and tweets tough, but does little to nothing. Is that just him or is it by design?

Unwittingly, just another puppet of the elites it would appear.

PERHAPS even put there to deliberately cause the deep division and cultural suicide we now see. This was PERHAPS planned all along to make the Marxist takeover easier and more certain.

PERHAPS, Trump is really a patient genius, yet to strike like a mesmerising cobra (though I'd be pleasantly surprised if that happened).

Time will tell, as I'm fond of saying, as it's hard to be certain of anything these days. As I said at the top ... just speculating.

.... Keygar


* mask of the beast VIDEO



Well, things just keep getting crazier and crazier. And they'll continue to do so, right up till the USA elections in particular. But make no mistake, they will get even crazier after those elections, no matter who wins.

The globalists have been dragging Trump up the stairs and trying to throw him off ever since he got elected, even before that. They will continue to do so, no matter what. If Trump gets another term, things may be a LITTLE better for Christians and conservatives, but not a whole lot better. And certainly not for long.

The whole world is reeling from the push to form a one world government, and nothing is going to stop it happening, probably sooner than later.

Deceptive evil, like a tsunami, is sweeping over normalcy, sanity, commonsense, morality and Godliness. No one, no thing will stop it, for it is ordained by God that it gives birth to His judgement and wrath.

We are obliged to stand against it, expose it and warn about it, but long term, we cannot stop it. In just six months, delusion has sneaked up on a God hating world, and Satan is drooling at the prospect of his man, the antichrist, soon appearing on the scene.

The Church age is about over. The rapture is imminent! The chaos that will follow is unimaginable. Multiply the last six months a thousand times, and you might get some idea of what is about to come upon the inhabitants of planet earth.

Everything is in place around the world and in the Middle East, for the very scary final act.

You need to make escape plans now. Particularly, escape plans to get off this planet.


By asking Jesus Christ to forgive your sins, and by believing in Him. By simply calling on His name to make you His. It's REALLY that easy if you're sincere. LISTEN

....... Keygar




This blog is by Don Koenig from https://www.thepropheticyears.com ...

"Americans over a period of many decades have not pushed back enough against cultural Marxism and the consequences are that leftist Marxists have now risen to subvert our Republic. We can push back now before the 2020 presidential election or they will soon put a radical in that office that will so divide our nation that civil warfare becomes inevitable.

Those that cannot see what is happening in America have their head in the sand. There is a well planned leftist insurrection taking place. It’s time to push back against those trying to destroy our Republic or reap the consequences. If leftists win the presidential election in November It will be too late to peacefully do anything about the communist/fascist takeover of America.

The orchestrated events of the last few months and the subversion by media has put Trump way down in the polls against an obviously senile Joe Biden. Biden will pick a radical running mate that Americans would never put in office on their own merits and that leftist radical would attain the presidency before or shortly after Biden is sworn in. We are in danger of losing all branches of government to the radical leftist hijacked Democratic Party in 2021. Meanwhile few seems to care. Our Christian leaders even take a knee with the Marxist led Black Lives Matters mob and tell their followers to do likewise.

Should the leftists take power, you can forget about having any rights. They will force you to agree with whatever they decree or reap the consequences. The middle-class will have their wealth taken from them by higher taxes and inflation. Those with fundamental religious beliefs will have to modify what they believe and teach so that unbelievers will not be offended. Minorities and mentally ill perverts will be given special protected rights to take what they did not earn from people earning it. If you have been paying attention to the latest trends, you should be aware that the Antifa and BLM mob is already pushing such insanity.

Of course push back from increasingly oppressed whites at some point becomes inevitable. The communist radicals are counting on that because these Stalinist insurrectionists are openly working toward race and class warfare. Their hope is that civil strife and division will bring about the anarchy needed for success of their communist revolution.

BLM and Antifa already have an agenda to subvert the local police enforcement of the big blue cities. They are trying to bring about conditions where God fearing police officers will leave. That is what the de-fund the police movement is all about. They only want “woke” leftists policing the cities. When they get officers to quit or be fired they will only replace them with those that pass the godless leftist litmus test.

America has been losing the cultural war to the Marxists for decades. We allowed and even enabled Marxists to take over our education system and the media. As a result. the useful idiots and reprobate minds are now found everywhere. They dominate the deep state. The radical leaders want to burn America down but their millions of useful idiots think this movement will bring about a global communist collectivist utopia where the government provides for everyone’s needs. That is what Black Lives Matter and Antifa is really about. They are a cult of “woke” insane people that do not live in the real world.

Black lives matter, as do all lives, but the organization that named itself after a slogan is all about destroying western civilization. Their own website even says as much. Yet, a recent poll said 62 percent of Americans now support this subversive communist group. Just months ago the vast majority of Americans thought BLM was a radical subversive threat, but now anyone not agreeing with the BLM agenda is attacked. The subversive communist media that we allow to broadcast 24/7 in this nation made this change possible. The deep state coup they supported did not work, so they are all in for an insurrection.

President Trump has not been taking the subversion and insurrection taking place against our Republic seriously enough. They are the domestic enemies of the Constitution that our government officials swore to stand against. The leftists tried to take Trump out through a deep state coup but nothing has been done about bringing the perpetrators to justice. Trump said he would put people in our courts that would uphold the original meaning of the Constitution but it is obvious with the recent Supreme Court decisions that Trump was misled.

In 2017 I warned that Gorsuch would prove to be a social liberal. It was so obvious, Gorsuch would not have belonged to one of the most progressive churches in America if he was not in agreement with them. Trump apparently does not know what a true conservative or a true Christian is. He is always picking people who prove to be leftist deep state “progressives”. Even Trump’s much flaunted generals all turned out to be leftist progressives. The true conservatives and libertarians that got Trump elected were quickly removed from the White House and still are not adequately represented.

The last three justices that republicans picked turned out not to be true conservatives. They are the reason the Supreme Court voted to redefine the meaning of marriage. Now Gorsuch decided that gender identification is what was meant by discrimination against sex in the Civil Rights Act. There were not the insane identifying with 57 genders back then. Discrimination against sex was clearly put in the Civil Rights Act to stop discrimination against women. Now the LGBT+ movement usurps the obvious with the help of the Supreme Court. Good luck for women sports because the court now says women have to compete with biological males who just identify as women.

The Supreme Count also just upheld Obama’s unconstitutional executive order called DACA because they did not like the manner that Trump went about halting the unconstitutional executive order. In addition, they refused to hear 2nd amendment cases. As a result of the recent court decisions, more insanity will now take place against Christians, conservatives, gun owners and women.

America is hardly being governed anymore by laws passed by elected representatives of Congress as outlined in the Constitution. America is now being governed by executive orders, bureaucratic decrees and judicial activism.

I have little hope that President Trump can pull off an election victory with all the subversion taking place in America. There will be a lot of fraud. Republicans might even lose both the Senate and the House. The cultural Marxists apparently already own the Supreme Court. Even if Trump somehow wins, there will not be much to celebrate. The leftist subversives will continue in their effort to get him out of office, and Trump will continue to compromise to try to appease these leftist reprobates that can never be appeased. Trump’s polices in just his first term will put the government ten trillion dollars further in debt. What could possibly go wrong when the dollar crashes in his second term?

Even if Trump wins, I hope you are prepared for an even greater insurrection in the blue cities. On the other hand, if the democrats take over in 2021, I hope you have a plan to survive the civil war that will ensue. The Marxists are not going to be satisfied with just taking over. The leftists will come for your guns and what is left of your free speech. They are going to make white people pay for their past “privilege”. They will even force everyone to worship everything that is perverse just as they do.

Christians remaining in big cities will be like Lot living in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you are white, they will blame you for everything and make you pay reparations. You will only be allowed to walk at the rear with your white butt hanging out. If you are white and Christian, the reprobates will go after your children. Of course there will be push back. That is what civil wars are made of.

People are going to need to get prepared. The insurrection now playing out as riots here and there will continue. As the economic and political situation worsens so will the violence. Reasonable law enforcement officers are going to be looking for other work. Those remaining will contribute to the law enforcement problem. They will do as little as possible and they will never take a stand against anything that is not politically correct.

Christians and conservatives living in blue cities and states need to relocate now if that is at all possible. You may not be able to do it latter. Property in many rural areas is now relatively cheap. After the exodus from the cities start it is going to be much harder to find anything.

Crime in these cities are going to get out of hand and police might not be available or useful. People are going to need to protect lives and property themselves. For those with little firearm training I recommend getting a shotgun for protection against home invasion. A good shotgun can be found for under $200 and they are legal to own just about anywhere. Loaded with number four shot or buckshot it will do the self-defense job anywhere around your home. Just get a shotgun with a kickback that you can handle. That might be anywhere from a 12 gauge to a 410. You need to prepare to protect your home from evil people, not to prepare to fight the military. Rifles are not needed for those not planning to get involved in the civil war.

There may come a point where you will not be able to trust your local law enforcement. In that case, do not call them. Deal with the issue yourself. In the cities neighborhoods are going to need to organize and look after themselves. In the recent riots, businesses protected by guns were not burned. Neither did Latino gangs allow rioters to enter their areas to loot and burn. I can foresee a resurgence of paying for protection. The Mafia knew how to look after its own. A local militia might exactly be what is needed in the cities to keep your neighborhoods safe. Out of work war veterans and de-funded police officers should consider starting businesses offering neighborhood protection services for a suitable monthly fee.

You need to get some extra food on hand. I recommend having a deep pantry filled with more of the stuff that you eat anyway. The freeze dried stuff that lasts 25 years is way too expensive for most to afford. A years supply of freeze dried food for just one person can exceed $5000. Even then it’s mostly cereals. I also recommend growing a garden. For example, you can grow hundreds of lbs of sweet potatoes or plain potatoes in a 10′ by 10′ plot. The harvested potatoes are full of vitamins, minerals and calories and they will last the better part of a year. Keep in mind, that Ireland survived on mostly potatoes before the potatoes failed.

Obviously things are rapidly heading downhill in America and the world. I believe we are in a time comparable to the 1860’s and 1938. You now have less than five months to push back against the communist takeover in our nation. If the leftists do take over America with all their insanity, it inevitably will bring about a great push back from traditional God fearing Americans. That push back will look much like a civil war. Before it comes to that, now is the best time to push back against the leftist subversives and now is the best time to prepare."


Black lives matter ... VIDEO

I repeat what I said here weeks ago .....

"Based on current trajectories, it is not hard to conclude that the majority of Western Countries, in particular America ... ARE TOAST!

Inept leadership, entrenched subversives in Governments and States, decades of selling out to China and Big Tech, the endless push by the deluded Elites for a New World Order, public apathy and the throwing out of God from society is about to usher in possible wars, the rapture, the antichrist and then seven years of HELL on earth known as the tribulation. The speed at which these stages occur remains to be seen."

With reference to America, quoting Don Koenig of thepropheticyears.com ...

"Trump has proven that he does not know how to clean house. From the start, Trump picked deep state people who stabbed him in the back at first chance. He does not do his homework to vet people and proves to be a lousy judge of character. He will not even remove the undue influence in the White House of his own liberal daughter and son-in-law. Trump cannot even discern that his top spiritual advisor channels demons."

....Keygar ... VIDEO

This month's blog is by Terry James of raptuready.com ...

"Our nation and the nations of the world have throughout recent history been on a collective course of anti-God thinking. It seems they’ve arrived at the same time at the destination to which such a course couldn’t do other than lead.

The COVID-19 or coronavirus is but the vehicle that has brought us swiftly to the end of this journey into madness. Every national governing body and the people they either rule with authoritarian dictatorship or govern democratically are bound tightly by an entity so infinitesimal as to require a microscope to detect it.

A worldwide, altered mindset has fully blossomed. All nations are bound up in fear. It is fear that seems to have a life of its own. It is paralysing the freedom of action and movement of the most liberty-loving, liberty-endowed people to have lived upon the planet.

Fear is the symptom most manifest in this pandemic that sprang, apparently, from the centre of perhaps the world’s most massive dictatorship. The fear continues to grow, not abate, despite all of the many draconian measures foisted on us by bureaucratic “medical experts” entrenched within government. “Shutdown” seems to be what these demand, no matter that this outbreak doesn’t come anywhere near the virulence of the various strains of flu that assault and kill hundreds of thousands each year.

It is, I think, a legitimate pondering to think on Paul’s warning about those who forget God, or turn against the Creator of all things. The apostle, under Holy Spirit direction, has some rather relevant wisdom for our current situation, in my view.

We’ve considered that wisdom many times within these commentaries. We are forewarned that when a person or people turn their thoughts from the governance of God toward doing what is right in their own eyes, the ramifications are dire. The ultimate results are…well, let’s let the Apostle Paul tell us once more:

Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. (Romans 1: 29–32)

We back up to one verse before this list of accusations to see where all the rebelliousness leads.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. (Romans 1:28)

We think of these chilling, scriptural warnings as applying only to the most egregious sins—in our “looking through a glass darkly” view of things. Homosexual activity is the sin we most associate with God’s condemnation here. But, these represent things much more profound. These are characteristics of the whole of lost, sinful humanity as time progresses deeper into human history. These are, no doubt, things that prompted the Lord to end, then start things again, with the Flood of Noah’s day. These are the characteristics of the generations since that are going to bring about God’s final judgment and wrath during the Tribulation.

Certainly, in one way or the other, this generation exhibits these characteristics so anathema to the God of Heaven. We have witnessed these get worse, just as Paul predicted. “Men and seducers have grown worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

I believe just the last five years of the corrupt political process and all attendant to it prove Paul’s prophecy as moving toward fulfilment. The evil manipulations and collusion at the highest levels of America’s supposedly patriotic intelligence agencies make the point vividly and graphically.

The argument could be made that the great fear gripping the nation and the world is the result of pulling away from God at every level. Because of this virus that is nowhere near as virulent as the flu bugs that assault each year, the globe is suffering from a paralysis that has altered normal life as it’s been known to this time.

In effect, the global mindset has been altered. I think this has been done supernaturally. Most now act and interact from what Paul calls in the KJV a “reprobate” mindset. There is, observably, the inability of governments and peoples throughout the world to think straight in this COVID-19 matter. The collective fear that makes everyone act contrary to reason it has brought about is the true contagion that infects the planet. We’re continuing to see the rise of this altered mindset.

God’s prescription for the reprobate mind is as follows:

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it." (Isaiah 1:18–20) 

Belly Up Bah!


"We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and be he god or devil, we will receive him."
......Paul-Henri Spaak, former Belgian Prime Minister, NATO Chief


UPDATE: There is evidence that some dark activities and suspect individuals are being exposed for what they are. Hopefully this will continue. Also, in places, there is an increase in interest in spiritual things and perhaps there may be mini revivals here and there. Let's hope so.

Also there is a growing backlash against the lockdowns, particularly in America. Will this lead to a return to something like "normal" times? It depends on correct decisions being made by President Trump, and on how long people are prepared to remain subservient. Unfortunately, it appears "the swamp" may have drained Mr Trump rather than the other way round.

I don't believe the globalists needed a weaponised virus to conquer the world, as most of the world's population appear quite capable of frightening themselves to death.

If this virus scare scam fails, what's next for the Globalists? An Alien visitation perhaps? That would do it.

Will a Mr "fixit" soon arise as per bible prophecy, with a solution to everything?

We live in interesting times!

Titus 2:13 King James Version (KJV)
"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"

[ FYI .. Covid-19 lockdown video banned by youtube (surprised?) VIDEO ]


Based on current trajectories, it is not hard to conclude that the majority of Western Countries, in particular America ... ARE TOAST!

Inept leadership, entrenched subversives in Governments and States, decades of selling out to China and Big Tech, the endless push by the deluded Elites for a New World Order, public apathy and the throwing out of God from society is about to usher in possible wars, the rapture, the antichrist and then seven years of HELL on earth known as the tribulation. The speed at which these stages occur remains to be seen.

Only one person can sort this mess out ... Jesus Christ, and He will!

Hang in there Christians, and fear not.




Are those countries that continue their lockdown measures and infringement of civil liberties, soon to become economically and politically irrelevant? Is it not probable that the American Deep State and China are responsible for Covid-19 being released? How were Obama, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci involved in China loosing this virus?


UPDATE:  It appears possible that there is a link between the Covid-19 bug and the new 5G rollout. Wuhan China was where 5G was turned on first and then the virus symptoms started to appear. If you overlay a map of the USA showing the main virus infection locations, with a map of where 5G has been rolled out, they are almost identical.

Coincidence? Maybe, but it makes one think doesn't it? There are videos out there that show trees dying on the one side that is facing a 5G antenna.

Many cities and some countries have banned the installation of 5G over health concerns. HERE

Naturally, so called government health agencies are claiming 5G is perfectly safe, but who believes them anymore.

I included an article on the dangers of 5G some time ago HERE .

Hopefully, further investigation will be done on this possible link between the severity/occurrence of this virus, and 5G.

.... Keygar


UPDATE: There are some who teach that in Matthew 24:36-41, Jesus is referring to the rapture and is implying that a time of prosperity must exist just before the rapture occurs.

It would seem strange then, would it not, that later, after Christ had already mentioned it and returned to heaven, Paul would refer to the rapture as being a mystery that he was revealing to the church for the first time.

These people are claiming that because in their view, Christ was talking about the rapture in Matthew 24:36-41, then the current corona virus scare MUST pass, and an economic boom follow.

In some ways, it'd be nice if they're correct, and indeed, this current manufactured crisis may well end soon, but I believe that Matthew 24 is not about the church or the rapture, but entirely about Israel during the tribulation and the second coming of Christ.

Could I be wrong? Well, does the media lie?

But, if you're waiting for an economic boom before the rapture, your timing may, just may, be slightly off.

Actually, panicked people are already talking about the need for a world leader to step up and sort this corona virus problem out. How much greater would that push for such a person be if the rapture occurred now?

I really can't see this world ever returning to how it was just a few months ago, barring a miracle from God. Perhaps this globalist orchestrated hysteria can be halted and the truth brought out, but a historic era of major changes seems to be not too far ahead.

Economic disaster worldwide? Global famine? Worse pandemics via new and deadlier viruses? A war in the middle east? A world war followed by a world government? A spiritual awakening? The rapture?

As I usually conclude, only time will tell. One thing for sure, I would think twice, nay thrice, before accepting any vaccine, particularly if it's offered by Bill Gates, as it may in fact make you very ill or dead, as with past rushed into use vaccines. It may also contain a tracking chip. I personally won't even take a flu shot, but each must make their own decision on these matters.



[ comment ]


Well, what comes next?

Worldwide panic has certainly set in. Is it justified? Well, time will tell. I'm still of the opinion that the main goal of this released virus is to cause economic chaos, get rid of President Trump, and further the world government agenda of the globalists.

I can't see deaths occurring on a hugely massive scale this side of the tribulation, but there could certainly be enough people die as a result of the corona virus to perpetuate the panic, and the control of the population by those in power.

This whole situation could lead directly into the rise of the antichrist scenario, or it could resolve itself, life return to relative normalcy, economic stability be re-established and the rapture/tribulation occur sometime further down the track.

Either way, that track can't be too long I don't think. Political turmoil in America and Israel together with instability in the middle east also contribute to the shortening of that track. Not to mention the complete moral collapse across society. I wonder if even Noah and Lot witnessed the depravity that is engulfing society at the moment.

We Christians may have some very bleak days ahead of us. Why should we expect not to suffer much. Most true Christians down through the ages have been hounded, persecuted, murdered and hated. We may, by God's grace, escape severe harassment, but we certainly have no right or basis on which to expect to.

We should be spiritually prepared for martyrdom, and regard any easier path through this life as a bonus blessing.

Practically speaking, we need to have a backup supply of food in case we are forced to self quarantine, any essential medicines to last at least weeks, a healthy immune system via diet, supplements and exercise, and disinfectants.

Fear must not overwhelm us, as we need to be ready to encourage others and reach out to those seeking spiritual guidance and instruction.

This painful boil will one day burst, and when we open our eyes in relief, we will find ourselves at the feet of Jesus Christ, with an eternity of joy and justice laid out before us.


[ comment? ]

UPDATE: I was listening to the Alex Jones show at Infowars dot com earlier today. Tho Jones is a bit of a nutter at times, he does come up with some very credible ideas at times and also has some very qualified and knowledgeable guests on his show.

His analysis of the current corona-virus situation is that:

1/    It is a man made bio-weapon (which seems confirmed)

2/    Whilst it does cause deaths, the death rate is not catastrophically high (confirmed)

3/    The virus was deliberately released by the Chinese together with the Globalists, who have worked hand in hand for decades (that partnership being obvious for a long time)

4/    The main goal of the release of the virus was not to cause massive deaths, but to cause worldwide panic and economic collapse, as China has been the main source of the world's goods for years now. The main target for the economic collapse and panic is the USA. Why? Simple. The Globalists have tried everything to remove Trump, who stands in their way, but have had no success so far.

5/     If they can succeed in causing panic and economic collapse, then Trump likely loses the upcoming election, if it even occurs. America is then effectively made impotent (which has to happen prophetically), and the path is set for the rise of a world government to restore calm and order, headed up, not as planned by the gullible ego mad global elitists, but by the ANTICHRIST, thus fulfilling bible prophecy.

This is a very possible scenario. At the very least, it is serious food for thought, for those who think about things deeply, which certainly isn't the majority of people. The church age may be closing sooner than we thought. Time will tell.

... Keygar

[ comment? ]

Any one who can't see through the haze, the outline of that seven year period called "the tribulation" must be blind, pre-occupied, part of the haze itself, deluded by satan, glued to pleasures and ambitions, or just plain stupid.

The corona-virus is spreading world wide. It was engineered by mad scientists who don't believe in God, but who don't mind playing God. It may even have been deliberately loosed on the unsuspecting public. There is some evidence now that it was developed in America and sold to China. Remember it is the published aim of the global elites like Bill Gates to reduce the population of the world to around 500 million. And of course, those elites will rule over those who are privileged enough to be part of the 500 million.

In South Korea, corona-cases are spiralling and shops are being emptied of food by the panicking populace. Business are going bust. Factories are closing down. What we see currently is barely the tip of the iceberg. Unless this virus suddenly runs out of steam, the entire planet is in big trouble.

Locust swarms of unheard of size are ravaging parts of Africa.

Volcano and earthquake activity is through the roof.

Riots and protests are occurring all over the world.

Sexual deviancy is out in the open and children, with the encouragement of their spiritually and morally dead parents are being exposed to it. The adults organising and condoning this attempted perversion of very young children are building up a huge investment account of judgements, which will soon be paid out.

Men who are 'married' to men are running for public office and gaining much support. They delight in kissing in public on camera during campaign rallies. The sight of it turns my stomach. Sodom has risen up from the ashes it would appear.

Censorship has run amuck, aimed squarely at conservatives and Christians. Google, Facebook and Twitter more and more control all speech and decide what can be said and who can say it.

Crime is through the roof with some cities saying that burglaries of a value less than one thousand dollars won't even be looked at. Crime now does pay, and it's easy money.

The Antichrist will appear during a time of world wide turmoil. What better time to show up with the solutions to multiple catastrophes than when the planet is in big trouble. Such a time as this perhaps?

All this is like the supporting act to the main event, "THE TRIBULATION".

The supporting act is on their last number. Soon the curtain will go up on the final seven years of this age. If things look grim now, you ain't seen nothing yet. If you want to escape the coming panic and preview of hell, accept Jesus Christ today, as being the only one who can save your soul and grant you a place in His eternal kingdom.

Please, if you do not know Jesus Christ, take time to peer through the haze and be afraid. Be very afraid. Fear what God is going to do to this rebellious and Christ rejecting world. I say this because fear of God, is the beginning of wisdom.  (  Proverbs 9:10 ..  Proverbs 1:7 .. Psalm 111:10 .. See Here )

..... Keygar

[ comment? ]

Update: It would appear, according to the latest information from Bio-weapons Expert, Dr. Francis Boyle, that this IS a man made virus, developed as a WEAPON. It did NOT come from from bats or snakes etc. There are many such lies about it circulating out there, particularly from the general media. Surprise Surprise!!!  Click HERE


Just what is the significance of the Coronavirus outbreak in China?

Was it an accidental release of a bio weapon?

Is this a contrived event, a test run as it were, associated with plans for a one world government?

Is this economic warfare?

Is it not interesting that Bill Gates ran a simulation of the effects of this virus some months before the outbreak?

Is it not interesting that this is a manufactured virus, patent pending?

Is it a coincidence that Bill Gates and other self appointed globalist elites have a goal of reducing the world's population to around 500 million persons?

Is this a plot to introduce forced vaccinations, which will contain who knows what?

Why do these outbreaks usually occur in China?

Does the rolling out of 5G in the area where the Coronavirus outbreak occurred have any relevance to the infections and deaths?

One thing we do know for sure. This is a preview if nothing else, of what is coming soon upon the entire planet.

Luke 21:11 ... "There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven." 

..... Keygar 


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Trying to make sense of this life is at times a bit like wandering around a home with just a candle after a power blackout.

Often, I can't figure why fellow Christians are being murdered on one side of the planet, while I'm on the other side eating a slab of cheesecake with a cup of coffee. It doesn't seem fair. I feel guilty.

Why was I born into a Christian family while others are born to child molesting drug addicts? How come I head the Gospel when I was about three years old while others never hear it all?

I was born healthy and fat, but others are born with missing limbs and intellectually backward.

Why were millions of healthy vibrant young men mowed down in wars whilst I've never even been in a fist fight? Earthquakes destroy cities in 60 seconds. Tsunamis have claimed the lives and homes of millions while all I've had to contend with is high tides.

In my own community, beggars sit all day awaiting a few coins for a bread roll, while I can wander into pretty much any store and purchase anything I want and go back to my air conditioned home.

In families, why do some children sail through life, successful and happy, whilst their siblings get addicted to drugs or crime, and their lives becomes a living hell of blurred reality and missed opportunities. Some can break from destructive lifestyles, but most can't. How come?

Why this? Why that? Life is so uneven. A few with too much. Most with not enough.

The good dying young, and the monstrous living till a hundred. Why are so many babies murdered before even getting a chance to experience anything, except rejection and pain? What becomes of them?

God has given us only that candle mentioned before with which to find the answers, and the fact is, we'll just never find them in this life. His ways are so beyond ours, His methods so foreign to our thinking, His knowledge so superior to ours, His long term plans so hidden from us that our attempts to answer such questions only lead to frustration and more confusion.

All I can do while scratching my bald spot in one of these moods, is to thank God for my un-deserved blessings, and believe that one day He will make clear to us the sense of it all.

.... Keygar


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UPDATE:     "This world is NUTS!!!"   (Just as the Bible said it would become at the end)


A person who burnt a LGBTQ flag was imprisoned for 15 years. Burn an Israeli flag and you'll be given highly paid speaking tours.

If you say men are men and women are women, you are likely to be fired from your job.

Women who criticised men for competing in women's sporting events were fired from their jobs and banned from social media.

Children are given books in primary schools in Australia, teaching them they are not boys or girls, but anything they want to be. Parents are encouraged to give these children Puberty Blockers if they desire to do so.

A woman who spoke at at a public event was cheered and applauded when she told how having an abortion made her feel like a god.



The one man on the planet who could do something about censorship, Mr Trump, continues to sit on his hands. President Trump seems to have failed on many issues. Time alone will tell.

Calls for legalising sex with animals are now coming from some in America. TRUE!

The homeless are now being "chipped" to receive benefits and food.

Women in particular, cheer and shout down those who protest, when Transvestites visit their schools to indoctrinate their children. Many of these Transvestites have been discovered to have Police records for Paedophilia.

The English Royal Family has been caught out in the Epstein child sex scandal and have put up the shutters on the issue.

Facebook is banning pro-life comments and information on the ill effects of some vaccines.

Free speech is nearly dead, if not controlled extensively.

Even Pope Francis the Fake genuflected into the descending madness by calling Christian fundamentalists a "scourge" ...  (no doubt because they have his number).

Satan has taken his gloves off, readying himself to take on God. Those on the Devil's side are now out in the open.

If you are reading this, and you haven't noticed these trends, one really has to wonder whose side you're on. Just remember, the day is coming when Jesus Christ will brush Satan away just as you or I would brush a crumb off our shirt.




RaptureNotes is being strangled to death by censorship, courtesy of Google in particular. But this site is not alone in this. Many conservative and/or Christian sites are being silenced by the Anti-Christian Search Algorithms put in place by Google.

Some such sites have had to greatly increase their advertising to attract new visitors to their pages. However, RaptureNotes is self funded and self operated, namely by me, so I do not have the means to advertise and expand.

So, what I have long anticipated is now happening. That is, traffic to this site is in decline.

But, as long as I have only ONE visitor to these pages per day, I shall fund its hosting and its operation for as long as I can.

If people were awake to the evils of Google, Facebook and Twitter etc, and used alternatives like the search engine DUCKDUCKGO and browsers like BRAVE or VIVALDI, the life span of Christian and conservative sites would be much greater.

However, that is not going to happen, not in the foreseeable future anyway.

Just as RaptureNotes is in decline, so sadly is America. This site has been predicting this since 2001, and now we are right in the middle of America's developing impotency manufactured from within. But, that is what most astute eschatologists have been predicting for years, and it seems to align with Bible Prophecy.

Israel is virtually without a working government currently, and that too, seems to align with Bible Prophecy. It is vulnerable, and now virtually isolated as America, its only long term ally, seems less and less interested in involving itself in middle-east affairs, including helping Israel.

Everything is lining up. Over a period of twenty years now, I have seen the jigsaw coming together, and it is almost complete. On one hand, I am sad for the world, especially the children. What is coming fills me with dread for them. On the other hand, I am eagerly expectant of the Lord's return. I am so fatigued by the evil in this world, and angered by the increasingly obvious tantrums being thrown by Satan, more and more out in the open, manifested through a deluded populace and crooked politicians who have been given over to reprobate hearts.

So with the finish line in sight, we push ourselves onwards, helped forward by your prayers and kind comments.

God bless you and keep you ... Keygar.


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Some observations:

The inexorable march towards the end of this age continues, seemingly slowly at times, yet alarmingly quickly at others.

The fabrication of man made climate change continues to be fed to our school children, and propagated by fools such as Prince Charles (what an embarrassment to the UK). This despite recent studies, one of many, by the Finnish Government which expose it as a giant fraud.

The UK has become a land of crooked politicians, a crooked Judiciary and lying media, as demonstrated by the recent jailing of Tony Robinson for exposing Islamic paedophile and rape gangs.

Iran has stepped up its efforts to start a conflict in the Middle East in line with its distorted religious view of end time events and its hatred of Israel.

The left in the west become more insane with calls to commit violence against those who question their madness, and are applauded in the media for doing so.

President Trump seems pre-occupied with economic issues whilst being inactive on nation destroying matters such as border protection, censorship, sharia encroachment and sexual deviancy gone mad. I believe Trump was put into power by the Almighty for Israel's benefit, and to prepare the way for prophecies to be fulfilled, but not to steer America away from eventual judgement.

Christians are still arguing over interpretations of Bible prophecies instead of uniting and concentrating on evangelising and topics they agree on.

Political correctness continues to sweep across the west like a forest fire destroying past moral platforms and basic commonsense.

Acid attacks, knife attacks, rape, paedophilia, sexual identity madness, Islamic terror strikes, murder of Christians, shutting up of conservatives, and treasonous behaviour by Google, Facebook and Twitter are all increasing without any apparent restraint or pushback.

Satanism is now out in the open, abortion after birth is now legal in some states, women boast at the number of babies they have murdered on national TV, churches are burnt down every day in Europe by Islamists while their prayers blare out across the streets in once Christian English and American cities.

So, we try and go about our daily business as usual, while the world embraces evil, and lurches towards insanity and judgement. As Christians, it's not easy to do if you are switched on, even to a small degree, as to what is happening.

But we must keep going, believing, hoping, evangelising, supporting those who are, being patient and keeping before our eyes the hope and assurance that Jesus Christ sees all of what is happening, and is preparing to return soon and take over, avenge the righteous, and punish the evildoers.

It cannot happen too soon.


This blog is by Terry James of www.raptureready.com ..... 

Events in and around the Straits of Hormuz rivet the attention of the international community powers that be. Even more, the goings-on there draw intense interest from those who observe end-times prophetic signs.

The diplomatic elite fear escalation of hostilities that might bring about all-out warfare in the Middle East. Bible prophecy students wonder exactly what the sudden eruption might mean with regard to the denouement of the Church Age.

The Strait of Hormuz is a passage through the Persian Gulf area that is most heavily traversed. One-fifth of the world’s oil moves on tankers through the strait. If the channel was blocked, the world’s supply of oil–particularly that of Europe–would be severely affected.

It has long been feared that a diabolist regime such as that of present-day Iran might precipitate a conflict in the region that would draw all nations into the resultant conflagration.

The United States no longer has to worry about its own oil supplies. According to even anti-Trump experts, America is now totally petroleum self-sufficient because of the executive action Trump has taken since becoming president. He was instrumental in opening up much of the production of petroleum in counteracting restrictions placed on U.S. drilling and production by the Obama administration.

Even so, America is the one national agent with naval power strong enough to successfully intervene in the attempts of Iran to control the Strait–thus to help protect supplies needed by allies. Iran is in close proximity and claims much of the body of water in the region as its own territorial waters.

Iran is accused of sabotaging four tankers in the strait last month. The current actions are seen by the Trump administration as deliberate attempts to put pressure on the U.S. to lift the extremely heavy sanctions the president placed on the Iranian regime. Iran is said to be suffering greatly because of the sanctions in their business within the international community. The mullahs’ power to maintain control over the Iranian people, thus, it is thought, might be part of the reason for Iran’s stepped-up assaults.

Japanese oil tankers were interfered with, and in the latest blow-up–as of this writing–the Iranians shot down a U.S. $100-plus-million spy drone charged with keeping watch over Iran’s activities in the region. An attack in retaliation was planned by America’s military, but the president stopped it at the last moment because, according to Mr. Trump, the attack would likely kill 150 people or more and was not “proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone.”

Where this will end is a matter of much conjecture. I’ve read many postulations on what this might all mean, prophetically speaking. None of us know, of course, but I, too, have a bit of cogitation on the matter running through the neuron-to-neuron synapses.

Could it be there’s another reason the Trump administration–the president–did not go through with a retaliatory strike, at least not as of the time of this writing? Might the thinking be centred around a much more profound purpose? Could the strike be delayed because he wants to give the ayatollahs enough rope to hang themselves? That is, might the thinking be that by allowing Iran to show its unbridled hostility, a case might be soon made–and accepted by a to-this-point reluctant international community–that action must be taken to avoid a much greater conflict? One that would be nuclear?

The real object of concern in all this is Iran’s determination to get nuclear weapons. They have broken most all agreements and have gone ahead with their developments of their nuclear program. This was true even before Trump withdrew America from the “nuclear deal” made by American Secretary of State Jon Kerry during the Obama administration.

Trump said it was a disastrous deal and he has repeatedly declared that Iran will not get nuclear weapons. I’m just wondering out loud whether his patience in not retaliating at this time is because there are plans of much more significance. I’m thinking of the complete destruction of Iran’s nuclear program that is supposedly harboured within that nation’s mountainous areas. If so, the whole thing could have prophetic possibilities–considering the Elam prophecies, etc.

Even if there is interim military action against Iran’s aggressiveness–a real possibility–it seems that the Elam prophesies might loom in the near future. I was listening to my friend Phillip Goodman recently.

He points out in his lecture that God called Persian leader and King Cyrus by name a couple of centuries before that king came to Israel’s rescue and freed it from Babylonian captivity. God actually named Cyrus! Here is the Scripture. Keep in mind that God is speaking to Israel, then to Cyrus, whom He names more than a century before Cyrus was born!

Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself; That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish; That confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers; that saith to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built, and I will raise up the decayed places thereof: That saith to the deep, Be dry, and I will dry up thy rivers: That saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid.

Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut; I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. (Isaiah 44:24-45:6)

God tells this godless king that there is no other God but the God of Israel. Again, He announces this to Cyrus, by name, more than a century before the Persian leader was born.

Israel was permitted then, through Nehemiah, to later rebuild the Temple and restore Jerusalem, just as this prophecy foretells. What a Mighty God!

The people of modern-day Israel who hold to Jewish traditions and are considered religious Jews have embraced Donald J. Trump as a modern-day Cyrus. They have even minted a coin to that effect. Certainly, this president being brought into prominence on the world stage, considering all stage-setting we see for prophetic fulfilment, must be more than coincidence. Big things are afoot at this late hour!


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This months blog is by Terry James of www.raptureready.com:

The late Robert H. Bork saw it coming. His book, Slouching Toward Gomorrah, examined America’s (Australia's ... Keygar) decline in morality and movement into cultural decay. He gave the title to his book in terms reflecting on the poet Yeats’ 1919 poem, ”Slouching Toward Bethlehem.”

The United States was not, in Bork’s view, moving toward salvation of any sort, but toward depravity not unlike that which brought the wrath of the Almighty upon the infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Bork was arguably the most distinguished, conservative legal scholar of his era. He served as a Yale Law School professor, solicitor general, acting attorney general, and a judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. President Ronald Reagan nominated him for the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987. Many readers will remember the upheaval created by Senator Edward M. Kennedy and the Democrat Party over the nomination at the time. Bork was ultimately rejected by the Senate.

The proceedings in the “Borking” of the distinguished legal scholar (as Kennedy scoffingly called the travesty he caused against Bork and later Clarence Thomas) was itself indicative of the decline in morality and culture of which Bork forewarned. The salacious accusations–none of which were proven–were but a foretaste of what we’ve since seen take place against another innocent person, President Donald J. Trump.

That we have surpassed the good judge’s prediction that the nation was slouching toward Gomorrah could not, in my estimation, be clearer. The title of this commentary is, therefore, altogether fitting and appropriate, I think.

An emailer a week or two ago set me to thinking seriously on just how far down that slimy slide into the immorality America has moved. The emailer was reporting firsthand what went on in the very streets in front of her shop.

Here is a considerable portion of her report. My thanks to her for permitting me to share it with you........

This past weekend our city put on what they referred to as an arts festival. When I opened the blind on my shop I thought of that old television show, The Twilight Zone, only married to The Walking Dead.

An old friend, who is a police officer, actually kind of sheltered in place in my store for most of the day. He is not a believer but he is very distressed at what he sees and told me of the masses of police officers that are retiring early or committing suicide.

No matter the age, biological sex, race or nationality, full-on weirdness was the order of the day. Two “married” women carrying a small child walking a large dog wearing a huge purple tutu, men holding hands, women with half their heads shaved and the rest dyed in every colour you could imagine.

They made a point of making direct and pretty hostile eye contact, almost like a dare.

I told my dad that I thought the aggressiveness of this “pride” movement reminded me of the people of Sodom, hanging around the town square and trying to push into Lot’s home. I see a parallel in behaviours. Homosexuals have been with us for a long time, but, it’s this new aggressive, in-your-face mob that makes me think time is about up.

I kept my door locked the entire day and closed at 4 pm. I sensed a great deal of hostility…not the America of just over a decade ago, Charlie Brown Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life…

We have crossed some threshold and I don’t see us going back. I saw an awful lot of rainbow-coloured rosaries, the nearest Catholic church having a homosexual priest. Tarot card readings, magical crystals, and pet consultations with the local witch being another attraction.

The emailer expressed, then, the thought of many who anticipate Titus 2:13:

“I would be so sad if I did not know we are all going AWAY very soon to the most wonderful place anyone can imagine.”

Hourly news reports validate our emailer’s concerns. The movement toward cultures and societies becoming more like that of Sodom and Gomorrah is worldwide–and intensifying in its evil. It is becoming increasingly dangerous, for example, for anyone to oppose that evil.

A majority in Brazil’s Supreme Court has voted in favor of making homophobia and transphobia crimes.

Six out of 11 judges voted to consider discrimination against gays and transgender people equivalent to racism…

“Homophobic crimes are as alarming as physical violence,” Supreme Court Vice-President Luiz Fux said on his vote, citing “epidemic levels of homophobic violence”.

For almost 20 years there have been efforts to make homophobia a crime in Brazil, but legislation on the matter has faced resistance among conservative and religious groups in Congress, the BBC’s Julia Carneiro in Rio reports.

The decision at the Supreme Court means that offences are to be punished under the country’s racism law until Congress approves specific legislation to protect LGBT people, our correspondent adds.

The remaining judges will vote in a session scheduled for 5 June. (“Majority in Brazil’s top court to make homophobia and transphobia crimes, BBC, 24 May, 2019)

It is wrong for any people to be mistreated in any way whatsoever. Those caught up in the LGBT and other such anti-God activities are not to be mistreated, but prayed for and given the gospel light so that they might turn to Jesus Christ. However, Satan is turning up the pressure, it is obvious, to prompt the world of rebels to force the rest of us to condone their depravity as acceptable.

That old serpent is, thereby, indeed causing many to slither with him toward Sodom.

Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. (Luke 17:28-30)


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A few observations: (updated 13.5.2019)

In Australia now, top sportsmen and public figures are being vilified in the media and by sporting governing bodies, in particular the ARLC and the AFL, for simply quoting Bible verses. Political correctness and Satanic influence is beginning to eat into the once very tolerant Australian society, and surprise surprise, the main and seemingly only targets of this bigotry and hypocrisy are Christians and Jews. The Devil is so predictable, and likewise unfortunately, increasingly so are Australian sporting, Government and Media organisations.

It was very sad to see the death of so many Muslims in New Zealand in one shooting spree perpetrated by an idiot.

But it was pathetic to see moronic hypocritical New Zealand Police and Politicians wearing hijabs  to show their sympathy for Muslims.

The day before, twenty Christians were killed by Muslims in Africa. Indeed, Christians are killed every day somewhere by Muslims. In fact, for every Muslim killed by a non Muslim, there's a thousand plus non Muslims killed by Muslims.

Do we see spineless idiotic politicians wearing crosses and carrying bibles in sympathy with Christians when they are murdered by Muslims?

Not likely. They're too scared, stupid, immoral, and lying trash to do that. And so are the mindless morons who swallow their nonsense by the mouthfull whilst sitting in front of their TV's being spoon fed by the presstitutes.

Next, I'm sick of the idiots who tell me there are many genders and very young children should be subject to their warped ideas on gender variations. If you want to know your gender, look inside your pants. It's as simple as that. Quit confusing children with your sick perversions.

Can you believe that in America now, you have transvestites teaching innocent children about their perverted lifestyle in primary schools? Can you believe that in England, if parents don't agree to let their young children have hormone treatments to stall their puberty, the state will remove these children from the parents? Can you believe that in the USA, very young boys dance in gay bars, and Police will do nothing about it?

Sick sick child abuse by sick sick liberal twisted pieces of trash in human form.

Also, I'm tired of idiots with orange and purple hair and rings through their dribbling noses stalking the streets claiming that climate change is caused by man and that we have ten years left before the world ends, unless we fork across our hard earned money to a few globalists to spend on their power grab.

What a joke, especially considering that the greatest polluters of them all like China and India are given a pass on reducing their "carbon footprint".

And never mind that the more carbon dioxide in the air, the healthier the planet, as that is what plants feed on, and its the plants that produce the oxygen these fools seem short on.

The brainwashed outnumber the thinkers everywhere.

And now censorship has gone ballistic. The thought police via facebook, twitter, youtube etc have lost all reason in their attempts to squash any opinion different to theirs. Christians are a particular target, Why, because the people who run these organisations and the politicians who fund them indirectly through the back door are Luciferians.

On a side note, while I think of it, I'm really sick to the stomach with looking at revolting people covered in grotesque tattoos. Vomitous. They're everywhere. Ugly, dumb, stupid sheeple who are enough to put me off my dinner simply by coming into view. If you are one such person reading this, and are offended  ....  now we're even.

But I digress.

We have pensioners in England being arrested for saying on twitter that they disagree with the influx of muslims ruining their lifestyle. Yet in that same country, if you report a burglary, the Police will not attend.


Europe is gone apart from a few countries. America is fighting off oblivion, the outcome as yet unknown. Africa is gone. And now remote areas like New Zealand and Australia are starting to go down the same rabbit hole. In America, fifty percent of young people want a socialist government. Globalists with the aid of muslim invasion/immigration have achieved these wonderful results. Wonderful to the Devil that is. Why? Because this sets up everything in readiness for his attempt to rule the planet and subvert the return of Jesus Christ.

I could go on and on and on and on, but fortunately for you readers, I have to go and help some BOYS and GIRLS with their reading skills at a local school.

And guess what, things are going to get a LOT crazier. The time of Jacob's Trouble lies just over the hill. The 1960's film, "it's a mad mad mad mad world", was really funny. But the mad mad mad mad world already here and yet to reach its peak, is going to be HORRIBLE. Scary, bewildering, painful, deadly, evil, inescapable and final.

AVOID it at all costs.

How? ... see here


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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This blog is by Terry James of www.raptureready.com :

"Once again I come to the point in my pontificating that I admit to being sorely vexed. I understand more and more the KJV’s description of Mr. Lot’s sense of hyper frustration. Like Lot just before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone from Heaven, I am indeed sorely vexed.

I’ll bet you are, too.

It seems as if the world has been turned upside-down in many ways. It seems that way because it is, in fact, being done so on a daily, even an hourly, basis.

Just as there is a globalists-elite, all-out assault to invoke change in world order from sovereign nation-states configuration to borderless, one-world status, there is effort to change you and me from freedom-loving people to slaves under their control. Even as the previous presidential administration’s hope and change promises proved to be part of the globalist agenda, the ongoing effort to turn everything upside-down continues–despite what I am convinced is God’s Holy Spirit restraint against what looks to be developing the most evil time in human history.

Bible prophecy stage-setting for the consummation of the Church Age (Age of Grace) is on the horizon in every direction the discerning senses turn. This upside-down assault by the most evil creature of history is no exception. In that regard, we look at the Scripture that forewarns of exactly where we stand as a generation on God’s end-times timeline.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

This warning might easily be seen as pointing at those who today are directly assaulting everything God has deemed “good.” He did so when He created that perfect or “good” sphere to be ruled or governed by His creature called man. The Fall in the Garden of Eden, of course, caused Adam to lose the title deed to Planet Earth to Lucifer, the leader of the angelic rebellion in Heaven. Everything became corrupted by sin. The Lord was thus caused to destroy all life on earth that breathed air–with the exception of Noah, his family, and select animal life that would replenish the planet.

Now, at this late hour in human history, everything is in a rapidly degenerating state due once again to sin-corruptive forces. No force is more corruptive than that being used by the chief corrupter, Satan. Lucifer the fallen one is upside-downing all that God considers “good” and right in the world.

We could go through example after example of how this is taking place. Like the matter I’ve mentioned many times–wanting to preserve “Mother Earth” by doing things like saving the egg of the spotted owl or the tiny snail darter’s habitat, while at the same time murdering human babies in their mothers’ wombs by the millions. (More than 60 million in America since Roe v Wade in 1973.) I received a web link that reports 1.72 billion babies have been aborted worldwide in the past forty years.

On the religious level, the current Catholic pontiff says the Bible is wrong–that there are many ways to achieve eternal life in Heaven, that is, redemption. Jesus Christ is not the only Way, as Jesus said (John 14:6). This is calling “good” “evil” in the most egregious terms possible. It is upside-downing, in the most blatant way possible, the absolute necessity to believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ–the prescription God has, in His perfection, determined to be the only cure for sin sickness and the way to salvation for fallen mankind.

This blatancy can be witnessed in the most easily discerned way by considering the way the corruptive force is dealing directly with God’s creature called mankind.

God, as recorded in Genesis, made man and woman–male and female. There were none other human types that He made. The corruptive force tells us daily that we must accept that there are a number of types. There is the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. There are likely a number of other such designations, but this is as far as my vexation allows me to investigate…

I will wrap up with the upside-downing this force has managed to perpetrate upon the most foundational relationship God created for us. This corruption was made intensely manifest with this news item.

Calling family “family” has sparked a meltdown among workers at Google, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation, including one who lashed out at company officials for their “disrespectful way to speak.”…

The revolt began when a company official was talking to employees about features of Google’s Unicorn product that continually use the word “family” as a synonym for “household with children.”

“That employee posted an extended rant, which was well-received by his colleagues, on why linking families to children is ‘offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong,’” the Daily Caller said.

The worker’s scolding included: “This is a diminishing and disrespectful way to speak. If you mean ‘children’, say ‘children’; we have a perfectly good word for it. ‘Family friendly’ used as a synonym for ‘kid friendly’ means, to me, ‘you and yours don’t count as a family unless you have children’…

… Use the word ‘family’ to mean a loving assemblage of people who may or may not live together and may or may not include people of any particular age. STOP using it to mean ‘children.’ It’s offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.”

Dozens of other workers joined in, including Google Vice President Pavni Diwanji.

“Hi everyone, I realize what we said might have caused concerns in the way we talked about families. There are families without kids too, and also we needed to be more conscientious about the fact that there is a diverse makeup of parents and families, Dwiwanji wrote.

“Please help us get to a better state. Teach us how to talk about it in inclusive way, if you feel like we are not doing it well…’

One worker lashed out at conservatives, writing: “Using the word ‘family’ in this sense bothers me too. It smacks of the ‘family values’ agenda by the right wing, which is absolutely homophobic by its very definition.” (“Calling Family ‘Family’ Sparks Meltdown for Google Workers,” WorldNetDaily, Jan. 18, 2019)

Satan’s insane rage has at its heart a hatred for mankind. This is why he has waged a campaign to corrupt, thus with the desire to destroy, God’s creation called man. That’s why the corruptive force has managed to convince the elected (and unelected Supreme Court) governing authorities in America to allow the slaughter of more than 660 million babies in their mothers’ wombs since 1973. That is why Satan has created the rage within the corrupted human mind that LGBTQ is a loving alternative to one man and one woman for life as the way to procreate. Lucifer the fallen one has convinced that to not procreate is preferable–and when there is procreation, the child is unimportant and needs to be eliminated.

The corruption even goes on to put in the fallen minds of the vilest of human beings that children can be used in the most anti-God ways imaginable in satiating their lusts and perversions.

All of that constitutes a major reason this dispensation is quickly reaching its end and that God’s judgment and full-blown wrath loom. He will soon end the upside-downing and put everything right-side up again."


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Recently, I began doing some work at a local Primary School. This involves being assigned to a Teacher and their Class, and helping out under the direction of that Teacher, doing a variety of tasks from assisting children improve their reading skills, to supervising those with injuries during sporting activities, as well as just about everything else imaginable in between.

The class I'm in has children who are nine and ten years of age, and what an utter joy it has been to be involved with them. They are at an age where they are eager to learn, full of hope and ambitions, and finding life in general a series of pleasant and joyful surprises.

How immeasurably sad it is to think that many similar children could have filled this classroom had it not been for the abomination of abortion, that practice justified under the lying name of Family Planning, and the result of the abandonment of Godly guidelines and the embracing of unbridled lust and promiscuity.

Those unrepentant murderers who kill babies for the sake of convenience and gain, will one day sweat blood when staring into the knowing eyes of Almighty God.

Children are very special to Jesus Christ, and were very special to Him when he came to this earth the first time. He promised severe punishment to those that led them astray, and described how we adults must become like trusting receptive children in order to understand Him and accept Him.

Getting to know these little bundles of potential and observe their individual personalities and quirks, has been the highlight of my year by a large margin. Tell me what can beat the unexpected hug from a child, who for whatever reason, just wants to give you one.

This is why I believe extra effort should be directed towards evangelising children over adults. Children's hearts and minds are like soil that has not yet produced a crop. It is fertile, fresh, and more than ready to have good seed planted into it.

Adults on the other hand, are often like soil that has been sown with corrupted seed many times over, and has lost its goodness and nutrients. It is much harder to restore such soil to a condition where it can accept good seed and produce a bountiful harvest.

It can and should be done of course, but I believe we should spend more time, energy and dare I say it, money, focussing on the pristine ready to go and grow soil of a child's spirit.

So, lets be aware that the greatest gift we can give a child, is to teach them about Jesus Christ and to plant into them a faith in God. To educate them about God's love, His guidelines for fruitful living, sin, forgiveness, salvation, why they are here and how Jesus died for them because He loves them so much.

The Bible is the inspired word of God Himself, and does it not say, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." [Proverbs  22:6]

It's an awesome responsibility we have as citizens, parents and especially as Christians, to reach out to children. The rewards of doing so are monumental.

I discovered that this year.


... Keygar


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This Blog Comes From Don Koenig www.thepropheticyears.com


"Mankind thinks it is becoming enlightened but over the last couple of centuries the human race has replaced real science with fanciful notions that they cannot prove. When academia finds out they were wrong, as they continually do, they just add on more fantasy to their delusion. The fantasy that academia believes spans from cosmology to astrophysics, from evolution to geology, from anthropology to religion.

I have news for Academia. There is no macro evolution. Uniformitarianism is a myth. Scientists cannot determine the age of rocks. The universe is not billions of years old. There was no big bang. There are no black holes or worm holes. Outer space is not mostly an empty vacuum, it is full of plasma (charged particles). Stars and planets do not form over millions of years through gravitational forces. If they are being formed now at all, they are being formed much faster by electrical and magnetic forces. There are only three dimensions in the material universe. There is no speed of light, it is instantaneous. The so called speed of light is the measurement of the time for light to bounce off by energetically interacting with matter. Time is not a dimension, it is the sequence of events.

Theories of fantasy are invented by theoretical mystics that dream up mathematical equations to try prove an old universe but they can prove nothing that they say. And why do scientists come up with fanciful theories that oppose what God said? Because the academic mafia that pays them and that awards them PhD’s insists that they perpetuate their myths. You don’t get a PhD or an employment position by departing from the fantasy that everything in the universe was created by time and chance.

Scientists did not want to believe what God said in Genesis, so a couple of centuries ago they started dreaming things up. After the theory of evolution was dreamed up scientists needed more time to make the fairy tale of evolution sound plausible. So they created billions of years by coming up with the junk science of Uniformitarianism and gravity driven cosmology.

Geology now uses uniformitarianism to falsely date things on earth. The problem is that the earth has not changed gradually. The geological and archaeological record indicates that there were cataclysmic changes only a few thousand years age. The Bible and other ancient writings record a cataclysmic history. The universe was not created by a big bang and gravity over billions of years. Gravity is far too weak a force to ever make cosmic dust to combine into anything.

In the 1950’s Immanuel Velikovsky tried to set science back on a path that could agree with the earth’s actual record. In Worlds in Collision, he claimed that the planets interacted with the earth and brought about catastrophic changes on earth that gave us the present geological and archeological record. The believers in the godless time and chance nonsense tried to get his book banned, but it got published anyway. Then they banned his theories in academia. Velikovsky was not right about everything, but he did not get cataclysm on the earth all wrong. The truth is that the surface of the earth that we can access today, only exists since the time of the biblical flood. The great flood makes all dating based on uniformitarianism wrong.

Velikovsky with his cataclysmic changes and electric universe was not correct about everything, but he was on the right track about some things. Some scientists on the fringes of academia have been refining the electric universe model. As probes are sent into space the theories of mainstream science continue to fail while theories coming from the electric universe proponents that actually use scientific experimentation and observation are found to be correct. For example, there are electrical currents everywhere in space and comets are not dirty ice balls coming from some theoretical ort cloud. Comets are rocky out gassing asteroids. They probably were created by electrical discharges between planets not very long ago.

The electric universe model allows for a young earth and it only takes common sense to believe it. Yet, I do not buy into everything in the electric universe model either. Although I believe this model is closer to the truth most involved in the electric universe project are also trying to explain the universe without acknowledging a supernatural creation and Creator.

Velikovsky also made the mistake of denying the supernatural. For example, he claimed the plagues on Egypt recorded in Exodus were the result of a great comet. That might naturally explain how God chose to deliver some of the plagues on Egypt but some of the details of Exodus can only be explained by direct supernatural intervention. The problem Velikovsky and these electrical universe scientists have is that think the Bible is just another mythology based on what happen globally instead of the absolute truth about the exodus of Israel.

There is plenty of evidence for the electrical universe model. The surface of all rocky planets, comets and asteroids show that they were almost totally shaped by electrical discharges. Electrical discharges do not need billions of years to shape a surface. The cratering, sculpting, ridges etc, seen on surface of the Moon, Mars and all other rocky bodies in space have been duplicated at small-scale in laboratories using nothing but electrical discharges.

Ancient people identified the planets as gods for good reason. It certainly was not because they looked like distant stars. Ancient mythology from all areas of the world mentions the interaction of these so-called gods (planets). The electric universe model explains what the ancients were seeing in the heavens. In early days after creation, the planets had interactions with each other and they also had interactions with the earth. These interactions brought about catastrophic changes on earth so people tried to placate the gods. The planets have since settled down into stable orbits but there probably is a surprise or two still lurking in our future (Nibiru?).

The moon and the planets had huge roles in ancient mythology and the thunderbolt was the weapon claimed in mythology as being the weapon of war used between the gods (between the planets). Imagine electrical discharges between planets much nearer to the earth and what that would have looked like to those living on the earth. The electrical interaction between the planets is why we have the so-called mythology.

Bible prophecy tells us that cataclysm will happen again at the end of the age. Revelation says people will craw in holes in the ground to protect themselves from what they see coming from the heavens. The book of Revelation specifically mentions Wormwood interacting with the Earth. Revelation also says there will be earthquakes greater than ever happened on earth before. It tells us that all islands will be moved out of their place and the earth will stagger and reel like a drunkard. Some Exodus like plagues that could have been caused by interaction with a large body will happen again. However, at the end of this age it will impact first a third of the world in the Trumpet Judgments and then the whole world in the Bowl Judgments.

Scientists are going to look awful foolish with all their fantastical theories that added nothing to technology or human knowledge. Mankind has wasted 100 years by going down the rabbit trail of theoretical fantasy just to prove the universe was created by time and chance. Had academia built on the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, Nikola Tesla and other experimental geniuses that used the scientific method and actual experimentation rather than mathematical theories trying to prove lies, we might have anti gravity machines and limitless energy by now. Had so-called science believed the Bible, they would not still be spinning the truth in the name of science.

One direction all this suppression of truth might take in the near future is that right after some so-called alien disclosure the scientists will claim to have received new knowledge from the “aliens” about the nature of the universe. It could be that secret black government programs knew about the electric universe for a long time and have developed technology that will aid in this great deception. The truths revealed will help make their message seem believable to the world. Nonetheless, had mainstream academia not gone down the rabbit trail to wonderland in the first place, the mad hatters coming out of the abyss might not have seemed so sane."


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This month's blog is by Terry James of www.raptureready.com :

Theological academicians–primarily seminarians–sometimes accuse those who look at issues and events of the hour in light of Bible prophecy of engaging in newspaper exegesis. By this, I presume they mean that such practice is improper because one cannot discern Bible prophecy unfolding based upon such examination.

While it is prudent to proceed with caution in such examination, it is commanded by the greatest of all prophets to understand the prophetic times. Jesus’ words to those who failed to discern the prophetic times are as follows:

He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? (Matthew 16:2-3)

I would much prefer being accused by those with the theological doctorates of engaging in newspaper exegesis than to stand one day before my Lord and know that I failed to understand these times. And, these are indeed prophetic times!

Looking at the wide view of the times in which we live under the microscope of God’s prophetic Word, it is a staggering vista to be sure.

Evil men and seducers are becoming worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. I just did a presentation on this massive assault on Truth during the Prophecy Watchers conference in Norman, Oklahoma. Paul’s warning about evil men and seducers growing worse and worse can be seen dramatically affecting religion, society and culture, politics and government and the news and entertainment media.

Continuing to look at the times in a wide view of prophetic stage-setting for the wind-up of the age, the Middle East is most revealing.

The Gog-Magog coalition, as we have examined many times, is forming to Israel’s north. This is precisely as the prophet Ezekiel foretold.

Russia–ancient Rosh–is at the centre of this forming agglomeration of hostile forces. Iran–ancient Persia–has of late made profound linkages to Rosh, out of which will come the Gog–indwelt leader who will have an evil thought. That thought, of course, will be to invade to the south–over what God calls “the mountains of Israel.”

Turkey–ancient Togarmah—is in the process of leaving NATO and is drawing closer to Russia and Iran (more about this a bit later).

Israel continues to be assaulted at its borders on a daily basis. The UN takes the side of Israel’s Islamist enemies in most every issue addressed within that corrupt, international body.

The Jewish state is under constant pressure to give up its already precious little land to the so-called Palestinians. Even the United States is complicit in trying to force a peace that includes a two-state solution.

Israel, we can see in our broad view of prophetic development, is rapidly becoming the cup of trembling and burdensome stone of Zechariah 12:1-3.

Many, many other prophetic developments are front and centre each and every hour of every news cycle. So, through a broad, sweeping examination of developments in considering today’s issues and events, discernment should be forthcoming. Any Christian, each of whom is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, should be able to understand these times so near the dénouement of the Church Age (Age of Grace).

Now, back to the matter of Turkey–ancient Togarmah, as presented by Ezekiel the prophet in Ezekiel, chapter 38. As I wrote above, Turkey is in the process of leaving NATO, the Western alliance that has long been a policing force against the bad actors, particularly the aggressive sorts among those of the Eastern hemisphere.

This is where the microscope of Bible prophecy can be used to focus more sharply, looking closely at the issues and events of our time. I like to call it prophetic fine-tuning.

We are all familiar by now with the assassinated journalist who was somewhat involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. He worked for the Washington Post and was, it is alleged by most pundits, murdered by forces from Saudi, Arabia. The murder occurred within the Saudi consulate in Turkey. The ramifications have been profound.

The bottom line of the matter, for my purposes here, is to express my contention that the mainstream news media and the Democrat Party–and much of the Washington, D.C. establishment–have tried to use the murder to destroy President Trump’s relationship with the Saud royal family. That relationship is one that was negotiated because the Saudis need American military equipment and support to fend off a growing threat from Iran.

Difference in the Islamic sects, one Sunni and the other Shiite, is at the heart of the hatred between Saudi and Iran. It is a schism that has driven the royal family to ally with the west in many ways. Now that alliance is threatened because of the journalist’s murder. Trump is expected to severely sanction the Saudis, thus threatening to destroy the relationship. Many billions of dollars in sales to Saudi and more than 6,000 jobs are at stake.

In fine-tuning the prophetic picture because of being able to discern the times, I’m confident in predicting that, ultimately, the relationship between the Saudis and the Western alliance won’t be destroyed.

Why? Because of Ezekiel the prophet’s foretelling:

Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil? (Ezekiel 38:13)

Many scholars hold that Sheba and Dedan here are in reference to the Arab areas that today constitute the Saudi Kingdom. If this is the case, the Saudis will be aligned with the Western alliance–which those scholars believe are referenced in the rest of Ezekiel 38: 13–at the time of the Gog-Magog assault.

This is prophetic fine tuning. Such examination of issues and events through the prism of Bible prophecy can help the spiritually attuned Christian discern the times–as the Lord obviously expects of those who are His.


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Due to time constraints, this is a repeat of a blog I wrote some time ago, around the time of Trump being elected. I believe it is still relevant ... Keygar:


With the election of Donald Trump, will America indeed become great again as many are suggesting?

Can a nation that continues to promote and condone abortion, homosexuality, the world's largest pornography industry, gay marriage and men going into little girl's bathrooms truly ever be great in God's eyes?

Can a nation that recently betrayed Israel at the United Nations in a most bitter and harmful way avoid a whirlwind of indignation from God's throne?

Good luck to the countries who together engineered the betrayal. As for "O-barmy", I believe his luck ran out a long time ago and he's just ripening nicely on the vine before being devoured.

America may briefly recover economically, but that has nothing to do with real greatness.

An economic reboot may in fact lead lead to Luke 17:27 like conditions, and hence hasten, rather than delay the completion of this age.

Recently I saw on YouTube, a "prophecy" that Donald Trump would lead America to greatness again over the next eight years amid a national and worldwide spiritual revival.

Will this "prophecy" come true?

Well, 99% of "prophecies" I've heard given in churches and on the internet have failed, BUT, I suppose this one could be amongst the 1% of contemporary prophecies that does prove to be correct.

I hope it is, but I personally doubt it.

At the very most, I believe the election of Trump may have bought Christians just a little more time to evangelise, a little more space in which to breathe, and his election may in fact be the impetus that will set in motion more quickly a series of end time prophetic fulfilments by siding with Israel against those bent on the final solution, that is, the destruction of Israel once and for all.

All the current prophetic action is really occurring in the Middle East and Europe, NOT in America.

I certainly felt relief at the election results in America, but that in no way overshadows what is ramping up in the spiritual realm and the prophecy realm.

America just doesn't seem to be that prominent in the upcoming unfolding of stupendous events that will shake the world and culminate in the return of Jesus Christ to rule the planet, BUT, time alone will prove that for sure.

Long term, we are NOT headed into a period of freedom, prosperity and liberty. We are headed into the most horrifying period of enslavement and deception in human history, seven years known commonly as "the tribulation".

The only nation that will truly be great in the future is Israel, under the rulership of Jesus Christ Himself.

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I think it is time to clear the air on a couple of matters.

In nearly twenty years, I think I have had just a handful of authors of articles on RaptureNotes complain to me about my putting them on my site, even though credit was clearly given to them.

Their complaint was that more people were seeing there articles on my site than on their own.

I asked these people what was more important? Their glory, or the message they were trying to get across. I never heard from them again.

Recently, another prophecy site author berated me for having articles on my site written by people other than myself.


Why do people write Christian articles if they don't want anyone to read them?

Shouldn't they be pleased that they are reaching a wider audience by having people like myself share their material, especially considering that they are always given credit anyway?

The word "Pride" springs to mind.

I am no great musician, but some people are blessed by my gospel songs, and I share them from this site freely and without ever promoting them. I have never made a dollar from them, although I have made money from my music in the secular world.

I have never received any glory or one cent from running RaptureNotes. I seek neither. I am motivated purely by a desire not to be embarrassed when I face Jesus Christ in Glory by having nothing to offer Him in the way of evidence that I have tried to serve Him in some way.

I do not even use my true name on this site.

In case you are one of those judgemental high and mighty folk who raise your eyebrows at this, the reason is that when I started this site a LONG time ago now, it was the done thing to employ a made up username when starting a blog or website, and 'Keygar' just stuck. So I have maintained it.


And to the person who wouldn't link to my site recently because I featured other people's sermons and articles on my site, let it be known, that almost one hundred per cent of those people have encouraged me to do so, which in itself, is heartening.

Those 'Christian' writers and site owners who judge me or criticise me may continue to do so. In fact, some of them I still feature on RaptureNotes. I regard their attitude as their problem, not mine. Honestly, my conscience is clear.

Any future criticism from such people will be placed in the bin where it belongs.

Well, there you have it. Not a pleasant blog, but I felt led to clear the air on a few issues.

Despite encroaching censorship, the number of visitors to this web site from virtually every country on the planet, is continuing to increase. I give credit and thanks for this to those of you who contact me to say you are praying for RaptureNotes and myself. You are special people.

....... Keygar 


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This blog comes from Terry James of raptureready.com :


No scriptural proof-text in God’s Word more clearly points to the first of the two phases of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming than does the following: “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night” (1 Thessalonians 5:2). We who hold to the pre-Trib Rapture viewpoint are often accused of being deceivers. We are condemned by our detractors as leading astray Christians alive now–if they live to see it–who will be required to endure the tribulation, thus to wash their robes clean in preparation for inheriting God’s Kingdom.

We are castigated for foisting upon innocent, gullible believers a “secret rapture” that will somehow lead these Christians to take the mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18).

I’m not precisely sure of their “reasoning,” but I think they claim this because they are convinced that the ones who fall for the Rapture viewpoint won’t be able to recognize Antichrist when he comes to power. We who teach the pre-Trib rapture, so the accusation goes, would have falsely led these people to think the Church would not be here when Antichrist is on the world scene.

Almost all who are antagonistic to the pre-Trib Rapture doctrine teach that the “elect” will have to endure part or all of the seven-year tribulation era. Those who hold to a post-Tribulation Rapture, or a no-Rapture position, believe that Christ will come back at the end of the Tribulation, at Armageddon. They hold to the notion that that is His only return in the Second Coming. Other views have Christ returning when the earth is perfected and made ready, but we won’t go there in this essay.

Let us look at only the pre-Trib Rapture and the post-Trib Rapture positions for the purpose of exploring what is meant by the “thief in the night” references in 1 Thessalonians 5:2 and 2 Peter 3:10.

These two viewpoints–the pre-Trib, and the post-Trib–offer the greatest contrast to examine in consideration of the second advent of Jesus Christ, within the overall belief that Rapture will, according to Bible prophecy, happen before Christ’s foot actually touches down on Planet Earth.

The pre-Trib view of Rapture says that Christ’s Second Coming is in two phases, separated by at least seven years. The post-Trib rapture view says that the Rapture and Christ’s coming back to the Mount of Olives will occur almost simultaneously–certainly with no more than a matter of days separating the two events. The post-Trib position says there is no “secret” Rapture. Christ’s coming again will be fully seen in the heavens by all, including Christians who will be watching for Him to break through the darkness of that hour.

We agree that the Rapture of the Church (all born-again believers in Jesus Christ for salvation since the Church Age began at Pentecost) will be anything but a “secret.” The world will instantly go into cataclysmic chaos at the moment that stunning event takes place. The imagination is hard-pressed to fathom the ramifications of what will happen when millions suddenly vanish. Every child below the age of accountability will be gone in that mind-boggling instant of time. I am convinced that all babies (including those in the wombs of their mothers) will be instantly in the presence of Christ in the clouds of glory.

Every corpse of every dead Christian will be raised to join with his or her soul to meet Christ in the air in that atomos of time. The Rapture will be mystifying, and to some an inexplicable phenomenon, but it will not be a secret. It will happen before the eyes of a stupefied planet of left-behind earth-dwellers. This declaration that Jesus will call His Church to be with Him seems audacious to many. But, it didn’t seem so to the Apostle Paul. He was quite confident–even adamant—in his prophecy concerning the “mystery” he had been given by the Holy Spirit to instruct all believers down through the Age of Grace (Church Age).

Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51-52)

He explains what will take place next, in that stupendous fraction of a second:

For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17)

Jesus Himself told of this “mystery” Paul refers to in 1 Corinthians 15:51. The Lord explains what happens after believers–both the bodies of the dead and those who are living–are caught up in the air to be with Him:

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (John 14:1-3)

So, the Rapture will take place. Believers and the bodies of those who died during the Church Age will be “caught up” in one single moment of time. “ALL,” not “some,” will go instantly to be with Jesus, who will then take them into heaven, where He has been preparing their dwelling places since He ascended from the Mount of Olives.

Again, the pre-Trib position on this joyous event is that it is imminent (could happen at any moment), and will happen before the Tribulation Period begins. The post-Trib position says that it happens at the end of the most terrible time in human history, just as Jesus Christ is returning from heaven at Armageddon.

The pre-Trib view holds that it will occur at an unknown time. It will be a stunning, sudden, and unannounced-to-the-world-at-large break-in upon business as usual on Planet Earth. The post-Trib proclaims that it will occur following all of the horrors of the judgments outlined in Revelation. The pre-Trib view says that the world at large (left-behind earth-dwellers) won’t see it coming. The Rapture will cause all left on earth to wonder what
has happened. The post-Trib view says that all eyes will behold Christ’s coming again to a hellish planet, and the living and dead saints will then be gathered to Christ.

The defining thing to consider in thinking on the two diametrically different views of the Rapture and Second Coming is wrapped up in the term “thief in the night.” The Apostle Peter again uses this mysterious term, first used by Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:2:

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. (2 Peters 3:10)

Peter is saying here that the day of the Lord–that time when God and His Christ, His Son, takes over this fallen planet—will begin like a thief in the night. It will be a sudden, catastrophic break-in upon a world doing business as usual. (Read Luke 17:26-29 to understand how things will be going along as usual when Christ comes back.)

This description hardly fits the post-Trib view, or any other view that says Christ will Rapture His Church during a time of unprecedented trouble (Jeremiah 30:7; Matthew 24:21). This indicates that it will be a total surprise, because a thief in the night doesn’t announce his coming with great, cataclysmic fanfare. The break-in is swift, stealthy–a totally unexpected event.

Peter foretells in these passages that the “day of the Lord” will then run its course, until the remaking of the heavens and the earth. The Rapture will begin this “day of the Lord,” which will then run at least 1,007 years.

This is the first phase of Christ’s Second Coming. The Rapture occurs like a “thief in the night.” The second advent, when Jesus’ foot touches down on the Mount of Olives, is the second phase.

There are those who say with vehemence that it is blasphemous to equate Christ’s coming again as being like the break-in of a thief in the night. How dare we liken their Lord to a “thief”!

Really? Here’s what Jesus, the Creator of all things, said about this matter:

But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. (Matthew 24:43-44)

Looks like a pretty good case for the Lord’s sudden intervention into the nefarious affairs of this increasingly wicked world, does it not? That thief-in-the-night moment could happen, literally, at any moment. Certainly, signals of the Tribulation are beginning to come to pass.

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21:28)


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This blog comes from Don Koenig of  www.thepropheticyears.com


"I believe we are now living in the final decade before the seven-year tribulation. If I am correct, it will be the last decade of the Church Age. Sometime during this period those born of the Spirit will be taken to be with the Lord and those left behind will have to go through the great trial on earth that will determine their eternal fate (Rev 3:10). During that trial people will have to get off the fence. They will either call on God so that their soul will be saved or they will follow the Satanic Antichrist.

The Kingdom of God cannot come on earth until all the enemies of Jesus are removed through these tribulation judgements. Those choosing God during the tribulation most likely will be killed. Even so, those that remain faithful will take part in the first resurrection and rule and reign with Jesus in His Kingdom. Those that choose to worship Satan’s Antichrist will be destroyed through the judgments and they will also lose their soul.

If the tribulation starts before the late 2020’s like I surmise, Christians should be seeing the signs. Indeed, some do, but most calling themselves Christians are not even looking for signs of the Lord’s soon return. Institutional Christianity for the most part has departed from sound doctrine and is dead to these things. Blind leaders are leading the blind into trying to reform the satanic world system. They are trying to make Babylon into the Kingdom of God.

That is why such leaders accommodate every sort of worldly evil. They even deny what should be obvious. How can any person in Christ deny that abortion of babies is evil or that marriage is anything but a union between a male and female? How can you ever have a kingdom of God on earth where such evil is accommodated? The New Testament told us this would happen in the last days (2 Tim 3: 1-9, Rom 1). These accommodating Christian leaders are one of the chief signs that we have arrived. These religious leaders are not building the Kingdom of God on earth, they are building the Babylonian Harlot of Revelation 17.

Most churches today hire spiritually immature or spiritually dead people right out of cemetery and reverend them. Beyond all reason, they then call these novice hirelings pastors and elders. Many western churches even make their hirelings into idols. Such idols often get big numbers because the world loves rock stars.

Institutional Christianity in the West is largely led by satanic plants rooted in the world. The weeds are choking out the wheat in many places. Other than the minority rooted in Christ, Christendom has become religious Babylon. Christians need to come out of Babylon. They should not be members of or support religious organizations not firmly rooted in sound biblical doctrine.

Soon the Rapture of true Christians will happen and religious Babylon will applaud. They will rejoice because Bible believers were hindering the building of their false kingdom. With those that hinder them gone, they can have unity based on tolerance for every kind of evil and call it love.

Israel is another sign that the tribulation will start before long. Against all odds, Israel has now occupied the land for 70 years. It is time for Jews to seek to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. For that to happen there first will have to be a peace deal. President Trump wrote The Art of the Deal. I don’t think having the author of The Art of the Deal in position to make a deal is any coincidence. If anyone can make a Middle East deal happen anytime soon, it will be Trump. Trump likely was put in power to get these peace deals made so that prophecy can be fulfilled. A North Korean deal could be a great warmup for a Middle East peace deal.

I think shortly after the deal is made, America will be taken out of the picture for some reason and world governance will shift to Europe. Satan knows scripture and the significance of Israel. He knows when the Jews accept God’s Messiah it would be over for him. He seeks to kill all the Jews to prevent that from happening. If God allows Satan to bring America down, Israel’s protector is gone and all the world Jews end up in one small location. Satan will see that as his opportunity to kill all the Jews. He will find a way to lead all nations against Israel.

What could bring down America within a decade? Civil war becomes a certainty after the Rapture of the Church. A nuclear strike by China or Russia or any grid down scenario would also do the job. Actually, all three become likely after the Rapture.

Another observation that indicates that we are in the final decade before the tribulation is the rise of authoritarianism all over the world. Leftist globalists believe that government needs to control everyone. They are working toward that end using modern technology and using mind control techniques. Just about all high-tech is run by leftist controlled corporations. The talking heads on the major media networks are well paid deep state propaganda agents. They are not journalists. Each day the talking heads read from the same progressive propaganda scripts. They exist to tell people what to think.

The globalists have had a setback with nationalism rising in America and in parts of Europe. Even so, they still control almost all positions of power in the world and they have the means to shut down opposition. They are going tyrannical and they have no qualms about destroying people to achieve their end. Trumped up charges will be used to justify legal actions and the deaths of high-profile people will be made to look like accidents or suicide.

These satanic globalists are in a war against the Christian culture and they have largely already won the war. Any truth from God is under attack. Now comes the ostracizing and the persecution of biblical believers. Christians that express any kind of biblical position will find it increasingly difficult to make a living. There are signs that inquisitions against those not going along with the leftist cultural revolution are already starting even in some Christian institutions and churches.

The date for world governance is still set for 2030. The globalist control freaks are actively working to get major parts of the UN plan in place right now. Only a world revolution against the elitist oligarchy and the deep state that they control could stop them. That revolution is not likely to take place because they already control almost all means of resistance. How many people could go without their smart phone and social medias for even a week? Yet, it tracks everything that people do and feeds them most of their information. We are already living in Orwell’s1984, if you get the drift.

To understand the difficulty of trying to overthrow the globalist tyrants think about how difficult it would be for people in China or North Korea to overthrow the tyrants ruling over them today. Modern weapons and surveillance techniques insure that firmly established tyrannies can only be overthrown through outside military intervention or an act of God. With the rising authoritarianism, government surveillance, control of money, production, food and minds, globalist control is only a couple of years from the point of no return.

Make no mistake, Trump was asked to run and was supported by Christians and constitutionalists opposing the antichrist globalist plan. That is why the leftists hate everything Trump does. If Trump fails or is removed, only a massive bloody worldwide revolution might change what the progressive socialists plan for us.

The soon coming tribulation will clean up the mess on earth that Satan and his followers made. After that, Jesus returns to set up the Kingdom that God had in mind for humans who believe in Him. From all appearances I think we are in the final decade before God’s great clean up begins."


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In England, Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA, to name a few, the politicians, lawmakers and law enforcers have in the main, sold out to Islam, via cowardice, and under orders from the Globalists.

So has most of the mainline media in these countries.

Censorship, particularly in Europe and Britain has reached Nazi Germany and Communist China like levels. Speak ill of Islam, homosexuality, immigration or any other leftist agenda like the LGBT crowd, and one actually goes to prison now in those countries.

Unheard of just a few years ago.

Now, in England, one cannot even speak against court rulings handed down in favour of paedophile / child trafficking rings or Islamist rapist gangs. Madness has taken over. Freedoms have gone. Journalists are imprisoned. No comment is allowed on such cases.

Globalists and Islamicists have combined to have almost succeeded in the destruction of the Judeo Christian basis of Western countries.

But there is beginning to occur some push back to these trends. Many people are beginning to tire of seeing their cultures smothered, their laws subjugated to Sharia, gangs of immigrants looting, stealing and molesting women and children, and being given a pass by the corrupt and manipulated legal systems.

The only resistance up till now to these evil trends has come from true evangelical Christians and a few non-conformist leaders like President Trump. Hence the vile, vicious, increasing and dare I say it, demonic attacks on such people.

One cannot know the future in detail, but one can speculate as to what the outcome might be.

One possibility, and I stress, possibility, is that a major war in the middle east could see the humbling of Islam, rendering it impotent. Bible prophecy seems to indicate this is a strong probability. One world government proponents would then lose a critical ally in their push for global control.

Consequently, the removal of the fear of reprisals from Muslims may encourage the hereto spineless Governments of western countries to back away from Globalists and Islamicists, and push back at the destruction of their cultures at the urging of their constituents, who appear to be already increasingly fed up with leftists and radical Muslims.

All that these governments and the people would need, is the emergence of a dynamic character to outline how that pushback would occur, and begin to implement it. He would be considered the greatest deliverer and peacemaker of all time.

Step up to the microphone ...THE ANTICHRIST!

But, after a period of peace and calm, he turns out to be infinitely worse than Islam or Leftist Globalists, when, carried away by his own ego and driven by Satan himself, he actually declares that ... HE IS GOD!

Sound absurd? Well according to the Bible, that's exactly what he does.

Where are we now in my hypothetical timeline?

We are waiting for that huge middle east war, involving Israel, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Sudan and Libya. Does it actually appear that such a war is shaping up?

Are you kidding me?


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I recently watched a documentary on the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan a few years back now. I hadn't fully realised the devastation and loss of life that occurred then. The earthquake lasted an incredible five minutes. And then soon after, the tsunami hit.

One particular town and ten thousand lives were wiped out in minutes. A wave of debris containing cars, boats, buildings and the already dead engulfed everything and everyone.

It was horrific. Here and there, limp arms and hands reached out from beneath the covering mud as if desperately trying to grasp something to save them, but nothing had been there.

A few survivors wandered dreamily through the deadly landscape. They looked lifeless, as it dawned that the thread between them and loved ones had broken. It reminded me of a scene I had seen in a movie in my teens of walking corpses that could not die, yet they were already dead.

I thought of how fragile our lives are, of how we can be but a memory in a moment.

Sometime after watching this programme, I went to the huge new shopping centre that has recently been completed near where I reside. There were people everywhere, parking, shopping, rushing, eating, drinking, talking, waving, phoning and pushing.

They looked very much alive, yet, it struck me that most of these people were walking dead also. It reminded me of when Jesus Christ told a man to accompany Him, but the man replied that he had to first go and bury his father. Jesus replied,

"Let the dead bury their own dead."

What a tragic reply Jesus gave, but how true of most people. If only they would take the time to think on things that really matter, to ponder where they and creation came from, and where they are going to eternally.

If only they would question generations of lies they have been told, and examine the scriptures and their hearts for the truth of these matters. But no, they stumble dreamily on, to their doom.

The only thing that seems to occasionally wake these people from their trance ... is TRAGEDY!

Soon, similar to those tsunami victims, their pleading hands will protrude from a whirlpool of mud that has sucked them down to damnation. How utterly tragic and unnecessary.

And now, as I survey this world's state, the unbelievable moral rot that has engulfed the planet, the lies upon lies, the constant and blatant deception, the wars and rumours of wars, the threats of various countries to annihilate others, the constant acts of terrorism from the "religion of peace", the numbingly rapid decay of Europe and Western Civilisation and the now open persecution of Christianity and Jews, I find myself at times wandering dreamily wondering what happened.

Happily though, the ending for me will be different, for some time ago, having quickly called out to God on my way down, and struggling to push my hand up through the mud, someone took my arm, lifted me up and rescued me.

It turns out ... the one who saved me ... was JESUS CHRIST.

Before it's too late, if He hasn't already, it is my sincerest and deepest prayer ...

that He sees your muddied hand also.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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( Don appears to be on a spiritual wavelength similar to my own ... Keygar )


"How can a nation be great when half the people in it are given over to a reprobate mind (Romans One people) and half the others are following them into their follies? It seems to me that braggadocio about America (and other western countries like Australia etc ... Keygar) returning to greatness will just turn out to be her last hurrah.

Over fifty years ago Americans started replacing Christian teaching with the lies of satanic evolutionary humanists. These satanic inspired humanists taught doctrines of demons. The demons happen to be disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who brought judgment on their own heads in the days of Noah. These evil spirits are now deceiving those given over to a reprobate mind. Embracing the same evils will bring judgment just like it did before. America sealed her fate when she not only believed doctrines of demons, she exported them.

Today children in America are no longer brought up by parents in the way they should go. Half the children in America are now brought up without a father figure to instruct them or to be an example to emulate. When these misguided children then do not fit the norms set by the Marxist indoctrination centres called schools, they are put on mind altering drugs. All this child abuse through godless social engineering Marxists produces a society of miscreants. The reprobates then attack all God-given truth. That is what we see happen in America today.

Cultural Marxists are destroying America through their godless social engineering programs.

Healthy marriage based heterosexuality is being replaced with unhealthy promiscuous fornication and homosexuality. The leftist substitute for traditional marriage is shacking up.

Mothers have been replaced with pre-school.

Johnny can’t read because socialist indoctrination is a large part of his education.

Social justice became the buzz word to get people to believe in covetousness.

Divine creation has now been replaced with the fairytale of godless evolution.

Human rationalism now trumps God-given truths.

Doing what is right in your own eyes has replaced trying to follow the ten commandments from God.

Leftists that believe in population control instructed mothers to abort their babies. They now say illegal immigrants are needed to increase the population.

Individualism and critical thinking has been replaced with collectivism and group think.

Church gatherings to worship, fellowship and hear God’s word have been replaced with community entertainment centres.

When the foundations of a nation have been destroyed how can that nation become great again? Will America become great again through a tax cut and a slogan? I think not. We are just seeing the last hurrah.

Even if by God’s mercy America escapes direct judgment by God, we bring judgment on ourselves. Just one example is that our debt is going to do us in. Government spending even under this Republican administration is totally out of control. The national debt is projected by the budget office to be $30 trillion in a decade (if there is no recession). We always have recessions so the national debt will be at least $40 trillion by 2028.

The national debt doubled from $10 trillion to $20 trillion under the Obama administration so believing that it will double again over the next ten years is probably what will happen. President Trump cut taxes and plans to expand spending on the military and infrastructure so the deficits will only increase under big spending Trump.

We must borrow to recycle that debt. America can only borrow if someone is willing to finance our debt. Right now that is not a big problem but interest rates are rising. The average interest rate historically has been 5 to 6 percent. With our increasing debt it is likely to get even higher than that. Even 6% x $40 trillion is $2.4 trillion in interest each year. That means by 2028 about half the taxes taken in will be going out just to pay the interest on our national debt. And I am not even getting into entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. Of course it won’t work out that way because before 2028 the debt will either cause an inflation spiral or a depression. Both will bring disaster on this nation.

It seems to me that our last hurrah will not last long. Inflation or a depression will end any irrational exuberance within a few years. When the economy crashes who do you think will be blamed? Then who will be elected in 2021 or 2025? Seeing that Marxists already control the Democratic Party and looking at trends toward socialism in our nation. I would bet on a hard-core Marxist being elected President.

Electing another Marxist to run America would result in a civil war. Nobody would win that war. Our cities would be in ruins and more than half the people in America would be dead.

America could repent and become great again but let’s be realistic. Half of this nation is already given over to a reprobate mind and they are likely to soon becomes the majority. There are demonic people in high places in America promoting hate and division. Little is being done to stop them. These radicals teach people of colour to hate whites. They brainwash the poor to hate the rich. They lead women to rebel against men. These satanic people hate Bible believing Christians. Those fostering all this hate and division really are warring against Christian rooted western culture.

The hard core leftists want Chinese styled authoritarianism where a godless government tells everyone how to live and think. The only truth these postmodern people believe in is their own truth. They are promoting the destruction of our society and all the people have no mind to stop them.

Even some Christian conservatives in America are now drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid of the demonic Left. For example, CPAC caters to Log Cabin Republican homosexuals but shuns a pro-family Christian organization because they oppose homosexuality. I have news, you cannot be a conservative in America if you do not hold to the foundational principles established on Christianity. Even many Republicans are not true conservatives. They are part of the problem.

Many of the large churches in America are increasingly kowtowing to leftist deviants. These churches are downplaying sins that prove to be destruction to any society. Americans have allowed leftists to destroy the very foundations that made this country great.

Will America (Australia etc ... Keygar) really become great again? I say enjoy the last hurrah because it will soon come crashing down."


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I used to watch with amazement and curiosity TV shows about civilisations such as the Mayan, Inca, Aztec, Roman and Greek, to name some, that were great and powerful, but had suddenly and strangely disappeared.

Historians struggled over why and how this could have happened, yet constantly come up empty handed.

It intrigued me greatly, this disappearance of powerful empires and caused me to ponder on such phenomena often.

However, what is startling, is that now, I am MYSELF, watching the disappearance of a civilisation. Which civilisation is that you ask, bemused?


It is simply an amazing thing that we are alive during such a time.

Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland etc. are all dying, and the causes are moral decay and spiritual wickedness. An absolute frontal assault on all of God's moral guide lines is in full swing, and as always happens when a civilisation makes such an assault, its demise is inevitable.

During the millennium, people will look back at this time, and marvel how such advanced and blessed countries fell into ruin from such great heights and achievements. It will be obvious to all. They turned their back on God.

Plain and simple.

No matter how prosperous a civilisation may appear to be, it's standing with God is not measured by its wealth. Just look at conditions in Noah's day, and in Sodom and Gomorrah before catastrophe struck. The people were fat and ripe.

This is why the afore mentioned nations are falling apart, even though they still miraculously survive economically and some even appear to be experiencing boom times.

It means nothing. The rot is in. Repentance is virtually non-existant. The people of the Western Civilisation are dumbed down and preoccupied with self, no longer lovers of God.

I recently read of a man who was hit by a train while photographing himself. Western Civilisation is currently smilingly and self-absorbedly taking a 'selfie', whilst walking headlong into a nightmare.

Yes, it's an amazing time to be alive, and very exciting for those who have been regenerated by the Spirit of Almighty God and can see over the top of the accumulating ruins, but sadly.....

not so for those who don't know Jesus and can't see.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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THIS MONTH I FEATURE A BLOG BY DON KOENIG OF ... www.thepropheticyears.com ... He makes some good points I think, and some others which are debatable.



"I will make only one prediction for 2018 and that is that most predictions about 2018 will turn out to be wrong. There are too many variables to forecast the future with any accuracy. Even trend forecasting has a record no better than long-range weather forecasting.

In 2018 there are things that we do need to keep an eye on. The agenda to globalize will continue. The globalists are luciferians. They have a global agenda and they have the power of the devil behind them. They can only be hindered where God’s people resist.

An information war is raging for control of America. The postmodern godless socialists have gained control of most American institutions and city people. However, traditional God-fearing Americans still prevail in the countryside. The leftists are feeding their propaganda on major media networks and the right is using alternative media to get out the truth.

The left is countering conservatives with censorship of the Internet media. Let’s hope that lawsuits, court decisions, government regulations and market forces can stop the leftist censoring because conservative Americans will not tolerate leftist tyranny for very long.

The world is an uncertain place. There are flashpoints and tipping points that could change geopolitical perspectives overnight.

I do not think America will allow North Korea to keep developing nuclear weapons for even another year so a radical change must happen in 2018. Either N. Korea is convinced to make changes or there will be a war. And the outcome of that war is equally unpredictable.

Another unpredictable flash point is Iran. They have their own nuke program and they fund Hezbollah. Israel and Saudi Arabia understand the Iranian threat and they will be countering it. Civil unrest is now rapidly increasing in Iran so there could be a revolution brewing there. How would an overthrow of the Iranian government change Middle East perspectives? Does anyone really know?

The future of most nations in North Africa and the Middle East remain uncertain. There are civil wars brewing just about everywhere. Basically you have a war of factions. There are Islamic factions and tribal factions. The only solution is for some great power to come in and take over the whole region like did the Roman Empire. I suspect Rome will arise again but first there will be great turmoil in Europe.

The E.U. will have increasing troubles in 2018. Germany is taking over Europe by economics. There are powerful people in Europe that want a United States of Europe. I think the importing of Middle Eastern and North African people into Europe is actually part of the plan to reform the Roman Empire.

Wherever terrorism and conflict occurs the people demand more security from the government. The end result is police state powers. Later at some point Europe will have to invade the Middle East to deal with the root of the Islamic problem. That invasion probably will not happen for a decade but we are already seeing police state powers rising in some nations of Europe. They are also forming an European army. In 2018 we are sure to see more radicalization and violence.

Who knows what Russia will do in 2018? There is always the possibility of war in East Europe. In spite of all the hype from some Bible prophecy watchmen, I do not think Russia will be invading the Middle East for several years. I think for the next decade Russian influence will expand into Eastern Europe either through war or persuasion. It seems to me that a large part of the Gog army will already be positioned in Eastern Europe before it is turned around and comes down against Israel.

China is not going to want to rock the boat in 2018. They have dreams of being the greatest power in the world by the 2030’s. Of course North Korea is a wildcard but I do not see China risking it all over North Korea.

There are other areas to keep an eye on in 2018. Many nations in Africa and a couple in the Americas are unstable. Pakistan is also a nation to watch. They have become a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists.

Economically the world should do fine in 2018. Everyone is still in the process of pushing the debt down the road. I do not think there will be a world economic crises in 2018 but who really knows? The stock market cannot go up forever and neither will housing. How long will the Trump effect on the economy last? Who knows? Let’s see how the mid-term elections turn out. If the democrats take the House or Senate, the expansion could stop before 2019. Internal turmoil in the U.S. or a foreign war could also bring the economy down unexpectedly .

In 2018 Christianity will see gains in Muslim nations and the Far East and see further declines in the Western world. Deep Africa will mostly just continue to merge native paganism with Word of Faith presumptions. South and Central America will continue to see more conversions of Catholics to evangelical Pentecostal faiths. One thing is certain. Persecutions of Christians will continue to increase in the world.

Some Bible prophecy teachers will suggest that Gog is coming down in 2018 or tell you the Rapture is likely to happen on the Feast of Trumpets in 2018. They will continue to be wrong.

I do not know why Christians still follow prognosticators like Cahn, Haggie, Horn, Bliz and ilk. None of their past claims ever came about but people still think their latest book gives inside knowledge about the future. They have the same Bible as you. They are not getting their stuff from scripture taken in proper context. Those that learn pagan beliefs or natural cycles and then search the scriptures to find private interpretations find just what they want. The Gnostic’s made the same error.

I am amazed that so many other Bible prophecy teachers promote such people on their own platforms. Where is their discernment? I am not saying these teachers are not Christians but most of what they are teaching is of little use to Christians. They build on the house of God with mud. They spew a big splat but then it just falls off after a few years.

I suppose Pope Francis will continue to be an oxymoron in 2018. Why did the Roman Church elect this moron anyway? I can’t see this Pope becoming the False Prophet of Revelation. He is a false prophet of course, because all claiming what popes claim are false prophets. Even so, this false prophet is not going to convince anyone to worship the Antichrist. The Catholic Church will probably eventually decide that he was elected illegally because the previous Pope is still alive. There are many Catholics already making the claim that Francis is a false Pope. After they dispose of Francis they may elect someone more worthy to take on the title of False Prophet.

I am sure there will be many surprises in 2018. Maybe Hillary and many in the Obama administration will go to jail for all the crimes that they committed? Maybe pigs will learn how to fly?

Most people think humans are progressing as a species but we really are progressing toward Armageddon. People are expecting global warming but they will probably get global cooling. People hope for honest politicians but they continually elect people more crooked than themselves. We cannot even figure out if we should buy crypto currencies in 2018. You get the picture. We do not have a clue about our future. The only things we know for sure about the future is what the Bible tells us."


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Recently, I had some time away in several country towns just to escape the madness one confronts on a daily basis when researching for a site like this.

It was wonderful. At the end of it I almost felt normal again.

I read no newspapers nor did I watch any mainstream TV stations spewing out brainwashing to the living dead.

There was no computer and no internet. My mobile phone lasted almost the whole time I was away without needing a charge.

People I met were warm, friendly and strangely normal. What a change.

There were no gender neutral toilets, no same sex couples walking around cuddling each other, no burkas and no protestors. Just ordinary looking people, all happy and getting along together.

I visited several remote beaches and just walked them in awe of their beauty and pristine condition. Another day I climbed a high mountainous lookout and after many stops and near death experiences, I was buoyed by the 360 degree panoramic view at the peak.

Every day was warm and sunny. I would rise to a simple breakfast and then head off to a nearby town to investigate, or to a nearby forested area to walk through narrow picturesque trails to waterfalls and creeks.

Everyone I met had a cheery "Hello" to offer and sometimes we engaged in long friendly conversations.

I felt as though I was back in my childhood years where innocence seemed to prevail, and you trusted almost everyone to the point of even leaving houses and cars unlocked.

It struck me that the millennial kingdom ruled over by Yeshua would be something like this, only even better. It also struck me how years of monitoring world events and conditions to provide material for Rapture Notes had taken its toll on my mental well being.

As you can see, I am back at the computer, but my new year resolution is to distance myself a little more from all the bad news that is engulfing this decaying society and look forward more to the soon return of Yeshua (Jesus), and His coming kingdom.

This should guarantee my staying sane till that wonderful event occurs.

Anyway, I just thought some of you may be interested in what I've been up to.

I certainly have been.

... Keygar


[ comments here ]

Well nothing changes much really does it?

America continues to unravel, under the supervision of its shadow government.

Other western countries, like Australia and Canada, are fast tracking a similar descent into spiritual and moral oblivion.

( The people of Australia have just voted to embrace same sex marriage. Hence the 'lucky country' has invited in the same chaos and judgement that is occurring in America )

Europe is a basket case where Satan is having a ball blinding the eyes of most as to the true intent of Islam and Leftists.

Attacks by Islamic terrorists are continuing, although these are not really terrorists. They are simply Muslims following to the letter the teachings of their demonic prophet, Mohammed.

England was gone decades ago.

Iran and Russia are poised in Syria to fulfil Ezekiel 38-39.

Immorality is on steroids, as is censorship of anything true and wholesome.

Indeed, 'Rapture Notes' days are numbered.

Sooner or later, particularly in Europe, the people will tire of Islam's insanity and cry out for a leader who will reel it in. And up will step ... the antichrist.

It's all so clear really isn't it, to a very few it seems.

Currently, I have a virus of some sort, and it is making me a tad miserable. But I know it will pass, and soon I will feel back on top of the world again.

Similarly, I know the sickness in this world will soon pass, and I'll not only be back on top of the world .....



[ comments here ]

Recently, I watched one extremely well known prophecy "expert" interview a gentleman who claimed that two or three times when he had been speaking at different churches, GOLD DUST had begun falling on him from some invisible source, to the point where he could no longer read his bible. Yes, real physical gold dust. He then quoted some bible verse to explain and validate the miracle and continued relating other experiences he had had.

So where I thought, are the photographs of this event. A church full of people witnessing this "amazing" miracle and not one cell phone to record the event?

Perhaps photos were taken but deleted after it was discovered the gold was nothing but coloured plastic glitter.

He then claimed that at one church so much gold dust had miraculously fallen that the Pastor there was able to use it to pay the mortgage off their building. I wonder how he explained to the bank manager the source of their sudden new found wealth, and why couldn't we see a copy of the discharged mortgaged papers?

And in the comments section, Christians were saying things like, "Wow, I wish I was a great man of God like this gentleman," and "Oh, to be so anointed as to have flakes of gold fall on me."

It's amazing how gullible Christians are. And shame on the well known prophecy teacher interviewer who sat there lapping all this up like a stray cat that had just wandered into the room and found a saucer of milk.

Then I watched another two "prophecy experts" explain on which Jewish feast day the rapture would occur. The trouble was, each believed it would occur on a different feast day. Of course, to fully understand their deductions, one would need to buy another book, from each of them. Twenty dollars times two, to get the possible day and month of the rapture, but unfortunately, not the year.

Something made me decide my money might be better spent elsewhere.

Following this, I watched a YouTube presentation on how in September, using astrological signs as a guide, one can possibly predict the date of the rapture or how far off the beginning of the tribulation is. Quite a few have been drawn into this and begun packing their bags ... again!

Never mind that the Bible teaches that astrology is the “interpretation” of an assumed influence the stars (and planets) exert on human destiny and is a false belief. (Isaiah 47: 13-14).

Never mind that no-one knows the day or the hour of the return of Jesus, (Matthew 24:36), the speculation around September 23rd continues.

Next up, we have a very well know eschatology author on a very well known Christian TV site re-arranging the order of events surrounding the rapture and the opening of the seals in revelation. Of course, once again, one must buy the book to really grasp the truths of this new discovery. It's a simple setup really, the author makes more sales from the publicity and the station promoting the author gets their cut as well.

Such "setups" are not all bad, and are indeed necessary to a point, but one gets the impression that a few of these "Christian product promoters" are feeling the pinch and peddling some very suspect material. 

There is no harm in a little speculation about the meaning of certain unclear Bible prophecies and passages, but we live in an age of false prophets gaining fame and fortune from such speculation, many of whom are VERY well known, and who are turning out more books and DVD's than you can fill your shopping trolley with. All discounted of course for a truly great deal. All explaining in detail, hitherto unknown secrets and mysteries.

The only mystery is how they get away with it.

TREAD CAREFULLY FOLKS and instead of buying every new prophecy book or DVD that comes down the conveyer belt, consider sending that money to some struggling missionary overseas who is living way below our material standard and facing physical danger, just to win souls to Jesus Christ.

What would you rather do? Lay up for yourself treasure in heaven......

or feed the wolves?


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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A retired gentleman related a life experience of his to me recently. I thought it may be of interest and benefit to some if I repeated it here in my own words ...........:


As we grow old, there can come a sense of no longer being useful, or of not having anything further to look forward to in terms of worthwhile achievements.

Failed past relationships from decades ago can still pre-occupy the mind. It becomes obvious that there will no more be that wonderful feeling of falling in love, or experience of that divinely gifted mysterious pleasure that occurs during physical intimacy, or the optimism of seeing a youthful and energetic countenance when looking in the mirror.

Then there's the remembering of a wasted youth, spent seeking thrills and spills, only to reap the resulting regrets of what might have been. 

As a result, a type of depression can set in. A sense of having hit a brick wall. One can find oneself staring out of a window being blanketed by an overwhelming sadness that the joys and opportunities of the past are just that ... passed!

Just part of the human condition you say? Yes, to a degree that's probably correct. Indeed, it is a part of the fallen human condition, experienced by much if not all of humanity at some time or another, but nevertheless, painful and debilitating when it strikes.

The average person at this time probably seeks the services of a counsellor or psychologist. Tragically, some even end their own life.

But this is when a Christian, waiting on the Lord can experience the advantage of having the Holy Spirit as an ever present counsellor and comforter.

He whispers into the believer's ear, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."  (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Such a person is as a result much encouraged to know that their future will be much more fulfilling than their past. Now there is something to look forward to.

But wait, there's more.

The Holy Spirit goes on to whisper, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:19-21)

Now this same person has ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION to move on. A new lease on life as it were.

So to sum up, don't keep looking in the rear view mirror of life. Look forwards. What awaits is immeasurably better. Occupy and keep busy being productive for God's kingdom in whatever small way presents itself.

And be grateful for the Holy Spirit who God sent, to direct and comfort us till Jesus returns.  (John 14:26)



( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Those self proclaimed prophets who said America was about to enter a new era of greatness and spiritual revival must be moving around mainly after dark these days.

It was obvious from the start they were putting their egos and naive hope before solid Bible teaching.

President Trump has failed to restore any noticeable semblance of righteousness to America, and appears to be caving in as most Presidents before him to the goals and ambitions of Satan through the pushers of a new world order.

As soon as he placed his family in high positions in his administration, I sensed he was not going to be the saviour many had been waiting for. His lack of wisdom became evident in that move, and manifests itself more and more every day.

Trump has already reversed his position on many campaign promises as he apparently falls more and more under the control of the 'shadow government'.

He has certainly done some good things economically, and in particular, rebuilt support for Israel, but one wonders how long it will be before that leash is pulled in. Also, on several occasions, he has been blocked by certain judges from instigating other positive changes he sought to implement.

He was elected President wasn't he? Just how much power does he actually have? Or is anarchy now officially condoned in the U.S.A.?

The EVIL that is resident in Washington is disturbingly palpable, and most Western Governments appear to be going along with it.

This does not bode well for America and its allies.

The Bible teaches that in these end of the end days, the 'new world order' proponents and islam would morph into rule by the antichrist during a period of time known as the 'tribulation'.

As predicted in the Bible for these times, all clear thinking and commonsense, particularly in Western Countries, seems to have flown out the window, which is why I think we are pushing up hard against the end of this age.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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The poor old new world order pushers, Soros, Rockefeller, Gaites, the Pope etc etc are having a tough time becoming the rulers of the world, which they had been planning to be for decades. They don't realise that they, together with the proponents of Islam, have been manipulated by Satan himself, who has no intention of allowing them or Islam to rule the world, because HE ALONE intends to rule the world and be worshipped as God.

Ever heard of the Antichrist?

These poor deluded billionaires and liberals have been set up and used, and they have no idea. One could feel sorry for them if they weren't such God hating, self absorbed downright evil egotists.

No wonder God laughs at these globalists, because He sees them being ripened for the picking, and knew of it eons ago.

He knows Satan is using these people to eventually double cross them, and He also knows that Satan in turn, is going to be check mated by God Himself, at the end of this rapidly concluding age.

In the meantime, God appears to be allowing many of these globalists and their demonically controlled followers to be exposed as the evil people they are, before he allows Satan to have his turn at trying to rule the world.

All of this I find extremely intriguing to watch. What a momentous time to be alive. It's all so obvious and clear when viewed through Bible Prophecy. Each day, more and more liberals and media outlets can be seen to be putting a noose around their own necks, while smugly mocking all that is good and lying about anything if it furthers the delusional cause of their masters.

This world is on a raft swept along by a rapidly flowing river leading faster and faster to a steep waterfall, at the bottom of which is seven years of hell on earth, known commonly as "the tribulation". Only one person can get you off this raft.

Jesus Christ.

For goodness sake, don't be fooled by those others on the raft partying around you, oblivious to the danger ahead. Ignore their mocking and ridicule. Wake up.

Admit to God that you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus died and rose again to pay the penalty you owe God for that sinfulness. Confess that you believe Jesus to be Lord.

If you have done that sincerely, you are now no longer on the raft. You will soon be swept up to be with Jesus Christ forever. The mockers will be swept down to their doom.

Welcome home! 


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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"This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. From such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. " [2 Timothy 3:1-7]

  I just don't know what's worth adding to this month's blog.

The above description now fits most people in most nations.

  So, are we in the last days and perilous times?

( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I believe the recent American elections were just a hiccup in the plans of those illuminated elitists buried deep below the obvious and visible workings of worldwide governments.

Sinister secret societies and ungodly men have manipulated America from its foundation in my opinion despite opinions to the contrary. The sulphur smell of freemasonry has wafted through the halls of power since America's inception, occasionally blown away by genuine Holy Spirit led spiritual awakenings.

That is why nothing ever really changes for the good permanently, and I don't believe it will now. Those looking for decades of America again powerfully leading the world, spreading justice and prosperity are I think mixing hope with the wrong kind of mushrooms.

There are a few very well known non-mainstream media commentators who are hailing the electoral defeat of the leftist loonies as a defeat of the 'one-worlders' and the illuminati itself, but nothing could be further from the truth. Behind these elitist groups is Satan himself and he fully intends to use them to set himself up as God and he will. The Bible promises it.

Satan's reign however will be painfully short lived and abruptly brought to an end. Not by Trump, or by a worldwide uprising against globalism, but by Yeshua HaMashiach alone. I doubt even "the Donald" has any idea of the dark, deep and unseen forces that he is up against let alone any idea as to how to defeat them.

The aforementioned independent commentators and bloggers appear genuine and freely use the name of Jesus, and requests for prayer on their programmes, but they appear to have no knowledge of bible prophecy at all, convinced that their efforts and the votes of a conservative portion of the population means victory. A tragic mix of ignorance, pride and delusion exists even amongst the seemingly "good guys".

Shortly, a series of end time prophecies will be fulfilled in quick succession and the horrors of the tribulation will commence. Why? Because the Bible predicts it, and it hasn't been wrong yet.

The big picture is that there are just too many hate filled Christ rejecting people in the world, deceived and yet to be deceived, and too much anti-Semitism for God to stay His hand much longer. The evil currents are now too deep and too strong to be stopped by man.

Don't pin your hopes on a political figure to right all the wrongs. Rather, look up in expectancy for Christ to return and bring about the new beginning we're all longing for. (Acts 1:11)



NOTE : ( Recently I believe God has blessed Australia for distancing itself from UN attacks on Israel by miraculously thwarting several planned islamic terrorist attacks in Eastern Australia. I pray Australian leaders will continue to invoke God's blessing and protection according to Genesis 12:3 and Joel 3:2)

( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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With the election of Donald Trump, will America indeed become great again as many are suggesting?

Can a nation that continues to promote and condone abortion, homosexuality, the world's largest pornography industry, gay marriage and men going into little girl's bathrooms truly ever be great in God's eyes?

Can a nation that just a few days ago did (thanks to "O-barmy"), betray Israel at the United Nations in a most bitter and harmful way, can such a nation avoid a whirlwind of indignation from God's throne?

Good luck America and good luck New Zealand who together engineered the betrayal. As for "O-barmy", I believe his luck ran out a long time ago and he's just ripening nicely on the vine before being devoured.

America may briefly recover economically, but that has nothing to do with real greatness.

An economic reboot may in fact lead lead to Luke 17:27 like conditions, and hence hasten rather than delay the completion of the end of this age. 

Recently I saw on YouTube, a "prophecy" that Donald Trump would lead America to greatness again over the next eight years amid a national and worldwide spiritual revival.

Will this "prophecy" come true?

Well, 99% of "prophecies" I've heard given in churches and on the internet have failed, BUT, I suppose this one could be amongst the 1% of contemporary prophecies that does prove to be correct.

I hope it is, but I personally doubt it.

At the very most, I believe the election of Trump may have bought Christians just a little more time to evangelise, a little more space in which to breathe, and be the impetus that will actually set in motion more quickly a series of end time prophetic fulfilments by siding with Israel against those bent on the final solution, that is, the destruction of Israel once and for all.

All the current prophetic action is really occurring in the Middle East and Europe, NOT in America.

I certainly felt relief at the election results in America, but that in no way overshadows what is ramping up in the spiritual realm and the prophecy realm.

America just doesn't seem to be that prominent in the upcoming unfolding of stupendous events that will shake the world and culminate in the return of Jesus Christ to rule the planet, BUT, time alone will prove that for sure.

Ultimately, we are NOT headed into a period of freedom, prosperity and liberty. We are headed into the most horrifying period of enslavement and deception in human history, seven years known commonly as "the tribulation".

The only nation that will truly be great in the future is Israel, under the rulership of Jesus Christ Himself.

( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Recently, I came across a YouTube show featuring a very well known American commentator on bible prophecy and end times. I decided to listen, even though it went for over two hours.

Most of what this gentleman said seemed spot on, even though he was hard to listen to. He had an unfortunate way of talking non-stop in a very forceful and raspy manner. Still, I listened on. His manner became quite brusque at times, and then he started sharing revelationary dreams Jesus had given him.

Alarm bell number one went off!

Still, he continued to speak many things I agreed with. But suddenly, from out of nowhere, he blamed America's currently increasing spiritual apostasy on Christians who believe in the rapture. Whoa!

Alarm bell number two went off!

What an absurd, ignorant and arrogant remark to make.

"A bit like like Hillary Clinton's backfiring remark that Donald Trump's supporters were deplorable", I thought to myself.

By now, I could take no more of this "expert", and decided to check out his website.

Alarm bell number three went off!

The puzzle pieces fell into place. For sale on his website were precious metals as insurance against the coming economic meltdown he has apparently been constantly predicting for some time, together with survivalist goods to see one through the tribulation.

There was obviously a buck to be made here by calling belief in the rapture heresy!

As they say, just follow the money trail to find the villains. This unfortunately applies to many so called Christian Eschatology teachers as well.

Now, I don't know or judge this man's salvation status or anointing status, but I think this experience shows us the need to be EXTRA DILIGENT about who we pay heed to in these end times.........

and who we choose to be our spiritual mentors.

( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Not being an American, it is with some trepidation that I briefly comment on the U.S. elections. I do follow them closely because Australia, sadly, has a long history of naively and unthinkingly following the whims and directions/requests emanating from the Whitehouse.

Firstly, I am unimpressed with the calibre of the two candidates, particularly Hillary Clinton.

Secondly, in 2012, I was astounded at the dim-wittedness of Americans who gave Obama a second term, if it wasn't rigged that is, as the current election may well be.

Now in 2016, I am even more mystified at how so many dumbed-down Americans can still be giving the ailing despot Clinton a chance at the Presidency.

Thirdly, the defilement and criminality of the mainstream media and government in America often leads me to literally thank God that I am far removed from that country.

Mind you, in Australia, manipulation of the media and government from offshore sources is increasingly evident, no doubt from the same sources that are driving America to its knees.

If you're an American Christian, so called, and you refuse to vote for the significantly lesser of two evils in this election, you are no longer being the salt and light of the earth, but rather an ineffectual malingerer.

Finally, no matter who wins the election, God is in control and no American President is going to change the fact that the closing of this age is in full swing.


I am in the process of reading Terry James' new book "Rapture Ready...or Not?"

I highly recommend it.

I don't of course agree with all of Terry's ideas, but certainly do with most of them.

Terry, together with Todd Strandberg, founded the website that inspired this one. That site is "raptureready.com"

I highly recommend that site as well.

Terry is one of those diminishing number of writers on bible prophecy who exhibit insight and knowledge, whilst leaving his ego at the door.

In the book, he takes umbrage with the many writers today who sell books as a result of pushing fear and anxiety. He explains the validity of the rapture and why it offers hope, as opposed to the fear that many others exude on any media outlet they can find.

He also elaborates on how the plethora of UFO sightings may play into the end times delusion that the scriptures indicate is coming upon the whole world, a position that I have adhered to since a child.

Like Terry, I often get emails from people berating me for believing in the Rapture and featuring articles on it. Their arguments nearly always contain an air of bitterness and anger about them which I find illuminating.

I cannot help but think that somewhere along their journey, these people took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

The Rapture is a source of great hope and encouragement, as it was always intended to be as laid out in the writings of Paul the apostle and evidenced elsewhere in the scriptures.

Don't let ill informed anxiety merchants and joyless tribulation preppers take that hope and comfort from you in their pursuit of gain and/or fame.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Every now and then I find I must step away from studying end time prophetic events.

Even more often, I find I must step away from "prophecy celebrities" peddling their latest book or DVD.

As I've said before, the study of "end times" has become, unfortunately, largely an industry in itself and one must tread very carefully through the minefield of mostly self proclaimed experts, to get to the genuine God ordained interpreters.

It does well to remember that prophecy is mainly intended to prove the veracity of God's word and the truthfulness of his revelation to us in the bible AFTER it has proven to be true, NOT to simply tell the future.

Just this week I have read three or four completely different assertions of what and who Ezekiel 38 and 39 refer to, and the timing of events contained therein, all by very well known "experts" who appear ad nauseum on programmes designed to sell their latest promulgations.

A large number of these "oracles" appear on TV and Radio Shows hosted by previously proven "shysters" and "heresy pushers." Their rationale for doing so is that the "truth" must be put out there no matter what.

Whose truth? Theirs of course. In their minds, the end justifies the means, the end being to get their products sold and also procure a further round of guest appearances.

Sorry, but I don't buy their rationale.

If the truths these modern day "enlightened ones" have discovered is so sound and God given, then why do they charge for it and promote it through questionable channels?

Most of these celebrities use SPECULATION and HYPE as the means whereby they tickle the ears of those who are hungry for titillation, and a new hero to worship.

One can't help but be sceptical of this peculiarly American phenomenon.

Yes, I have my own opinion as to what certain prophecies might mean, but I am more than prepared to probably be proven wrong, and I certainly don't appear on national programmes to push my revelations and make a buck.

I just don't think a correct interpretation of an "obscure" prophecy is critically important. When and if a prophecy does become desperately salient to His children, God will raise up another Daniel to do the analysis, not some motor mouthed, cash register toting snake oil salesman.

Fortunately, there are still a handful of Christian authors and expositors who combine a LARGE amount of biblical teaching with a MINIMAL portion of current events and imagination to produce sound analysis of prophecy whilst adopting a humble and teachable attitude.

Humility becomes far more discernable in the midst of boiling egos. Sadly, the egoists currently outnumber the humble.

John 14:29 says "And now I have told you before it comes to pass, so that when it does come to pass, you might believe."

There is the ultimate purpose of prophecy. To prove God is faithful to his word and thereby encourage us to believe what he says about ALL things.

I am not against conjecture as to how a rather difficult passage of scripture might be interpreted, but I take offence at "experts" asserting their revelations as the truth while lining their coffers as well.

This only brings ridicule to Christendom and Bible Prophecy in general.

So, more and more, I am stepping back from Christian TV shows, Prophecy YouTube channels and End Times Radio Shows.

The benefits are even now noticeable. Already, I am less confused, and much more settled on the Word of God ALONE.


I have considerably more money to spend on better things....

like evangelism and loved ones.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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This month, my much loved Aunt died. She had no children of her own, and thus she treated her nieces and nephews, myself included, as her own offspring. That is why she was so embraced by us.

She was a Christian who loved the Lord and the Bible, and enjoyed talking about Bible prophecy to anyone who shared a similar interest. 

The funeral was, as many truly Christian funerals are, a joyous occasion as the majority of people there were in fact Christians just like my Aunt, and knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we would see her soon, a fact to us, and not just a fanciful hope.

During her life, my Aunt had tried to share her faith with one particular nephew, who was consistent in his rejection of the Gospel message. Her mentioning anything spiritual irritated him, but every now and then, she would try and provoke him to think about such matters and eternity, but right up until her death, her efforts met with an abrupt dismissal of such 'nonsense' from this nephew.

I was one of the few who knew of her frustration at trying to get him to consider his spiritual state, and of his hostility to the Gospel.

The funeral service, was conducted by my brother who is a Pastor. He of course mentioned my Aunt's Christian faith and expounded upon it at some length. I myself gave a eulogy, and highlighted the fact that her Christian values paralleled my own, and were the basis of a special bond between us.

The Gospel was shared at this service in no uncertain manner.

The nephew in question, was intended to be a pallbearer at the conclusion of the service. However, though being present up till then, he was now nowhere to be found. We were all somewhat disappointed and saddened at his sudden departure.

But then it dawned on me as to  perhaps  why he had left.

He had always loved his Aunt, but hated her mentioning the Gospel, or questioning him about his eternal destiny. He would dismiss her and then change the subject.

Ironically, as a result of her passing, he had just had to sit through about an hour of the Gospel. It must have quite distressed him I think, to have had to face the death of his Aunt, be reminded of her devotion to Jesus Christ, witnessed the Christian faith of those around him, and to again have indirectly had the question of his own eternal destination put to him.

I just think he wanted to be out of there as quickly as possible.

It's uncomfortable to be around willing and joyful submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, when you are harbouring rebellion towards that same Person.

Truth and lies are painfully incompatible.

That, I believe ......

is probably why we were one pallbearer short. 


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Well, in some respects, things haven't changed much. But the pace at which small events within larger events are happening is astonishing.

The 'Cosmic Chess Match' as others have coined it, goes on as usual with Satan trying to thwart God's plans at every opportunity, but the pieces on the board are flying around everywhere at ever increasing speed as the players near the check mate move.

God of course wins, which takes a lot of stress out of watching the game for true believers in Christ. But for the non believers and scoffers, the tension is beginning to take its toll I believe.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have followed a certain football team, prompted by my elder brother's promise to relieve me of my teeth if I didn't.

I find listening to their games or watching them on television somewhat nerve jangling. My feet fly out at imaginary kicks, my neck swings involuntarily to avoid high tackles, I twitch, jump and lean, and frequently visit the bathroom.

When my team wins, there is of course a great sense of relief in being able to put the sedatives away from prying eyes and open the amenities to the rest of the family. When we lose, a period of mourning is initiated as I try to convince myself that it doesn't really matter.

It's got to the point where if it is a really important game or a final, I simply won't watch it or listen to it, but only check the result when it's over. I am indeed made of stern stuff.

I do of course record important games in case we win, and if by chance we do, what pleasure there is in sitting down to watch it, enjoying the highlights, applauding my favourite players and joining in the celebrations at the end. All without the stress of wondering if we lose or not, and all whilst calmly consuming copious amounts of munchies and coffee.

The GREAT thing about being a Christian, is that we can watch all the ghastly and terrible and unfair things in the world increasing day by day, and whilst being concerned about them, not stress and fear as the world does. Why?

Because we know our team wins, led by our magnificent Captain, Jesus Christ. It's so much easier on the nerves being a believer and having a knowledge of the Bible and Prophecy.

Yes, the world lurches from one level of madness to a higher one, almost hourly, but our peace remains rock solid. We await the end of the game, when we will surely join in the greatest victory celebrations ever.

Throw out the sedatives, open the bathroom to one and all. For all true Christians everywhere......

the festivities are soon to begin!! 


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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The other day, I opened Google to search for a particular subject and was greeted by a large Google sponsored colourful banner promoting and pushing the gay and lesbian and anything goes sexually agenda. Besides being offended by their ignorant brainwashing of their mainly younger users, who are ripe for social engineering, I thought to myself...

"Just a sign of the times."

I recently watched an episode of a TV series where a couple of detectives investigate murders, and track down the perpetrators. In this episode, Christianity was clearly ridiculed, and homosexuality was presented as normal and those who practice it as downtrodden and misunderstood. The programme was clearly being used to push agendas as well as entertain. I thought to my self...

"Just a sign of the times."

Watching the news, I noticed another mass shooting by a muslim described simply as the act of a deranged individual who was possibly under the influence of prescription drugs of some sort. One deluded, overpaid, senseless and unfortunately increasingly typical commentator, even blamed Christians for the attack. Never mind that the attacker shouted, "Allah Akbar!" at the scene. I thought to myself...

"Just a sign of the times."

I saw American officials admit that they had misled the public over the Iran nuclear deal. Iran's leaders continue to predict their annihilation of Israel. The UN maintains its anti Semitic stance. I see Europe becoming a quagmire of multicultural mayhem. Countries like Sweden are under siege from political correctness, as laws were passed criminalising anyone criticising immigration. Hence the mayhem caused by the influx of muslims.( see https://www.youtube.com/embed/a-hPCnel0qc ) I think to myself...

"Just a sign of the times."

During this year of political campaigns, I saw politicians being openly rude and crude in public. I saw then lying with straight unflinching faces. I saw them unabashedly saying anything at anytime that might deceive the gullible listeners and win them over, just to maintain or get power. I saw truth being torn apart by agendas. I thought to myself...

"Just a sign of times."

I saw the British people vote to exit the European Union. It was interesting that the majority in mainly Muslim areas of England voted to remain, while the more traditionally English regions voted to leave. I believe the decision by the majority to abandon the EU was more based on a fear of being overrun by fanatical islam than for economic concerns. I thought to myself...

"Just a sign of the times."

I saw a video clip of an American air force veteran being physically removed from a flag-folding ceremony because he was going to mention the word "God." I'm still reeling from that one. As the saying goes in the rest of the world with regards to 'over the top' and nonsensical occurrences, "It could only happen in America." I thought to myself...

"Just a sign of the times."

And just what times are these things a sign of......?

The END TIMES my friends..........., the END TIMES!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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This world is getting crazier by the day.

American President, Barack Obama, has just implied that because Jesus Christ said, "Love your neighbour as yourself", then God would condone men going into women's toilets and change rooms, and vice versa.

Romans 1:28 says that a time comes when God allows men to be overcome by their reprobate minds. Look no further than the White House to see the proof of this truth.

Then there are those who are praying and saying, that America will become great again. I'm sorry, but I don't see that scenario playing out. America is, I perceive, half way down the road to oblivion already. I can't see any nation becoming great again this side of the Lord's return.

Geopolitically and morally, planet Earth has never been more aligned than now with Bible prophecies concerning the judgement of God and the return of Jesus Christ.

If America were to become great again, it would put the return of Christ back many decades. The USA is not even mentioned in end time prophecy. At best it is only alluded to in a few insignificant passages. It would only have to begin the process of decline all over again.

The window of opportunity for America to repent and delay the return of Jesus Christ has passed.

The world's current geopolitical and moral status cannot last forever and the chances of that status dissolving or reversing, then occurring again decades into the future, are miniscule to none.

Significantly also, Israel is being pummelled from all sides like never before, to give up land or do whatever is necessary to achieve peace with its Arab neighbours, even if that involves actions detrimental to its very survival. A covenant or treaty must occur soon, fulfilling Daniel 9:27.

It's time to cease being proud of ones country or ones self, of ones country's achievements or of ones own possessions. Now is the hour to lay up treasures in Heaven. Treasures that don't decay or deteriorate over time. Treasures that aren't stolen by individuals or governments.

How is that done?

By serving God in whatever capacity He puts before you, even if it's just praying for someone, and by loving God more than the pleasures offered by this world.

"Lord, you who made the sun come shining through my window in the morning, lighting up my room and warming my face, please come back soon."

 listen here


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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When I first started this site, many years ago now, it was fairly clear that we were approaching the end of this age. Slowly but surely, culture and politics were progressing in a direction that seemingly aligned itself with bible prophecy.

Every few weeks, sometimes only every few months, events would occur that would fortify my belief that, rather than making moral progress, this world was slipping into self delusion and a position where in fact, it was inviting God's anger to reach a tipping point.

It's quite remarkable how instead of this 'slipping further' into the time of God's judgement slowing down, or even stopping, or reversing as some predicted, this slide towards the period described in the Bible as "Jacob's trouble", commonly known as the "seven year tribulation", has exponentially sped up to the point where already, long before I had anticipated, it appears we are right at the doorway to that time period.

In just the last year or two, we have had.....

The legalising of same sex marriage in country after country

The rise of ISIS

The maniacal persecution of Christians world wide

The Islamisation of Europe

The moral and military decay of America

The rebirth of Russia as a world influence with greedy eyes on the middle east, and in particular the recent oil and gas discoveries by Israel

The meteoric increase in anti-Semitism

The alignment of nearly every nation on the planet against Israel

The tampering with the DNA of animals and humans, not to mention the mixing of the two

The explosion of Godless liberalism in western countries

The completely insane and evil indoctrination of children with the nonsense that they are neither male or female, or they can choose their gender for themselves

The disproportionate rise in moderate to severe earthquakes.....

and the mind blowing list just goes on and on.

Meanwhile the average narcissistic westerner nonchalantly lines up for his or her new iPhone.

To any fair minded and reasonable intellect, there can simply be no doubt as to the veracity of end times Bible prophecy and how that it is quickly coming to pass in this generation.

Satan and his earthly and non-earthly accomplices have finalised their plans for the ultimate takeover of planet earth, and believe it or not, their hoped for defeat of God Himself.

It's laughably but tragically true.

It is time to reflect on how truly great and powerful God is.

Psalm 2:4 tells us that God is in fact no more than amused by Satan's and man's plottings against Him, and against Israel, the apple of His eye. We sometimes think of Jesus very thinly. As a sad figure unjustly murdered and nailed to a cross. A divine man full of love, but who was unfortunately betrayed and killed.

In fact, Jesus spoke the UNIVERSE into existence. Every knee will eventually shakingly bow before Him. His enemies will be thrown, not gently asked to go there, but thrown into hell to be punished, not for a time till parole is granted, but FOREVER.

Jesus is God.

His plans are never thwarted. He is coming back just as HE said HE would. He will not rule by consensus, but with a Rod of Iron. (Revelation 2:27)

Nations will pay Him His dues and toe the line, or suffer the consequences. Judgement against evil will be swift and final. Who is man or Satan compared to Him who created the still expanding UNIVERSE.

If you have never taken Jesus Christ and His claims seriously, it's time to do so.

We should all quake in our boots, both Christians and non Christians, at the prospect of a soon returning Jesus Christ. It's time to clean house, push back at sin in our lives, meditate on the Word of God and look up......

because our redemption, or our judgement, draws close.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Australia has for a long time now followed the perverse and idiotic cultural trends of America. The Americanisation of 'the land down under' has been tragic to say the least, and the subservience of Australian politicians to American leadership has long been sickening.

Australia, the "lucky country", finally ran out of luck and corrupted itself when we became disillusioned with Mother England during World War Two and got into bed with Uncle Sam.

America of course, is not solely to blame for Australia's decline. Aussies have abandoned God in favour of pleasure and perverseness of their own accord, but usually at the leading of big brother America, a type of modern Babylon.

Here's why I say this. The following is an article from the Australian Broadcasting Commission's news programme 'AM' ...


The Australian Christian Lobby has condemned a move by a Sydney high school to allow male students to wear female uniforms, and to let students freely express what gender they identify with.

Students at Newtown Performing Arts High School have been told anyone can wear a skirt to school, and refer to themselves as either male or female.

They have also been told that anyone identifying as a girl can use the female toilets.

But while parents have welcomed the change to the school's uniform rules, the Australian Christian Lobby claims it is a step too far and that it effectively encourages children to make radical choices with their lives

The school, in Sydney's inner-west, prides itself on its progressive values.

In recent years the school has approved special requests, allowing students transitioning from one gender to the other to wear the uniform of their choosing, and to use alternate toilets.

The difference now is that these students do not have to seek formal permission.

Maya Saric who is a parent with two children at the school enrolled in grades eight and 10 said ...

"We've been told, through the children, that they're allowed to choose from either of the gender uniforms. If children are really struggling with that issue, then they shouldn't be forced into pigeonholes by the school. They're facing enough turmoil and change and crisis of their own. It's not really relevant what colour trousers they're wearing and whether they're wearing a skirt or shorts", she said.

Tony Ryan, another parent with two children at the school, enrolled in grades eight and 10 says....

"Change to the uniform policy means that kids who feel that they don't fit into a particular category feel safe. And they've been told that the school has dropped gender-typing. The child can decide for themselves how they perceive their gender."

But not everyone agrees with the school's decision.

"This whole questioning of what it means to be male or female and the idea that gender doesn't matter anymore, I think is radical gender theory, and it's finding its way into our schools," said Mr Lyle Shelton from the Australia Christian Lobby.

"I think people are wondering if this is where rainbow ideology and rainbow politics is taking us.

"Maybe we better take a second look at the whole agenda that is behind things like the same-sex marriage debate, etcetera."

Mr Shelton said he was also worried boys wearing skirts could be bullied.

"I think the thing to remember is that no-one should be bullied at school," he said.

"We have very good anti-bullying programs. No-one should be bullied for any reason at all. But these gender theory ideas go way beyond anti-bullying to almost proselytising and trying to encourage and instruct young people in radical practices.

A lot of parents are starting to ask questions about where on earth this rainbow ideology is taking us."


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Recently, I decided to visit my three granddaughters. They live some distance away, so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like to.

I fuelled up the car, grabbed a rare can of cola to keep me alert, a few treats for the girls and headed off.

When I arrived quite some time later, the girls were waiting for me on their front doorstep. I was excitedly informed that this was the last day of their two week swimming course, and soon Mum (my daughter), the Flowers (my granddaughters as I call them) and myself were headed off to the Aquatic centre.

Before long I was seated in a cloud of steam and chlorine, peering through a maze of thrashing little bodies trying to spot the girls. It seemed like mayhem, but somewhere out there the Flowers were receiving their final lesson and being assessed.

After what seemed like an eternity, my daughter suggested I go get a coffee from the cafe. What she didn't tell me was that I'd find a queue of babbling mothers a mile long all with the same idea, so I returned coffee-less to my seat.

It wasn't long however before the three Flowers stood before me proudly showing of their certificates of achievement having passed their individual stages, and we headed off to the park for a barbeque with my daughter's in-laws who we were to meet there.

A stomach full of sausages and salad later, we headed home. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. So did the in-law's Labrador dog, who after sternly visually interrogating us, received her share as well.

That evening after dinner, the Flowers and I got into a discussion about heaven and what it would be like.

The eldest Flower was concerned. She didn't want to go to heaven. She wanted to grow up and be a ballet dancer, and have children of her own. She liked her house and didn't want to leave it. You know, many Christians feel the same way, having unfulfilled ambitions and liking their lives the way they are and being relatively problem free. They don't want to talk about Heaven much or the nearness of Christ's return. It's understandable to a point, but very short-sighted never the less.

The youngest Flower was simply scared of the whole idea of going to Heaven. The fear of the unknown and the security of her present surroundings made her wary of leaving earth for what seemed to her a far off destination. Once again, many Christians harbour similar thoughts.

The middle Flower however instantly bonded with my enthusiasm about Heaven. She couldn't wait to go. It was all I could do to stop her heading off to her bedroom to start packing. The thought of no more pain or hurt, a perfect body, lots of friends, seeing Jesus, and of course, being with "Poppy" forever was too much. She wanted 'there' right now!

Sadly, it's a minority of Christians that seem to share her and my enthusiasm. How sad for them. Most seem so firmly anchored to this world's vain offerings and fleeting pleasures, that they shy away from thinking about life after death and Bible prophecies indicating the nearness of the end of this age. Personally, I just don't understand them.

But wait, there's more! Not only is there much comfort, joy and excitement in wanting to go to heaven and be with Jesus right now, there comes with this desire a bonus. No, it's not a steak knife ..........

it's a CROWN! (2 Timothy 4:8)


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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There's an awful lot of hype currently in Christian prophecy circles concerning the month of September, 2015 and what may happen then.

Speculation abounds from "the rapture will occur" to "there will a total world wide economic collapse" and pretty much anything else catastrophic in between that you can think of.

And YouTube seems to have been taken over at gun point by every crazy with a knowledge of at least one apocalyptic Bible verse and a bag of crack. What is really scary are the people talking up their personal dreams and visions of coming calamities. These folk are in the main "nutters" seeking their minute of fame in the sun, or those who have already spent too much time there.

Sure, something extraordinary may occur in September, and it may rain here on Friday as predicted, but I have no plans to buy an umbrella based on the accuracy of recent forecasts.

I'm not getting carried away with all the hype. If something "big" happens, I'll deal with it then. If the rapture happens, I won't be exactly disappointed.  If nothing happens, life will go on.

Of course we are in the very end times as laid out in the Bible, so obviously momentous events lie ahead, but any statements as to when that is, are only educated guesses.

Rather, knowing that we are nearing the end of the Church Age, let's make a concerted effort to clean up our lives, letting go of those sins that we have indulged in for years thinking no one knew about them.

BUT GOD KNEW ALL ALONG, and is not impressed. Deliberately sinning, knowing it's wrong, time after time after time, even if confessing it each time, is simply asking for disaster.

God will sooner or later withdraw His blessing and hedge, and it will be a horrible time while He delivers you up to be purged till the slate is clean. Why, it almost sounds as if I speak from experience doesn't it?

Do you want to burst into Heaven, chest proudly out breaking the finishing tape, or do you want to slink in, head down, embarrassed as your works and deeds are evaluated, and miss out on a degree of eternal respect and reward.

Possibly, the real catastrophe that may occur in September is us not sweeping out our internal Temple in which the Spirit resides, and ridding it of every impurity that is a stench in God's nostrils, and casting out from it every sin and hindrance to our serving Jesus Christ in some capacity in the little time remaining before He returns.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I don't know about you, but the last nine months or so have been an uphill slog for me.

It started with neighbourhood issues, followed by family discord and peaked with health issues.

Then there's the constant stream of blatant lies and liars, anti-Semitism, Government ineptness, horrific acts of violence everywhere and in general, a sense that the world is becoming a very unfriendly if not downright dangerous place, especially for Christians and those who question the poison and deception fed to them from all directions every day.

It seems like evil wins every time, eating away at all things noble till they be no more. The United States Supreme Court for example has just ruled that perverse same sex marriage is now constitutionally valid.

There are prophets of doom to get you down, and prophets of a brave new world and spiritual revival to get you up again, till you can't stand any more speculation from either side.

I've found myself grumbling to God as I drive my car one day, calling out for His help the next, and questioning His nature a day later.

But it is all to no avail. The fact is, we are caught up in the final days of a battle between a Creator and a being He created, and bigger things are at stake here than my feeling miserable and sorry for myself, and being angry at God. That's why He ignores my tantrums.

The time for nibbling at candy is over. Now is ripe for biting down hard on the leather till the pain of this age passes and healing sets in. There's still work to be done, blessings to be thankful for and a God worth believing in.

We can't win this battle with evil. We cannot even slow it down much any more. We can only hold firm, help others around us who may be falling behind, and call out to Yeshua that we are needing and wanting His return.

He alone can and will, put an end to Satan and his human grovelling accomplices who seek only to destroy and enslave.

Forgive my moaning and grumbling Father. By your Spirit make me strong enough to endure and overcome. I ask this in Jesus name.

..........."AMEN" anyone?


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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As you can imagine, I get some fairly angry emails at times via the "comments" section.

A member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) just wrote me that the article www.rapturenotes.com/adventists.html, which is NOT an attack on the SDA church, contained serious errors and misinformation.

End of message. What errors were anybody's guess, so I replied asking for enlightenment so that I could amend the article if indeed it was misleading.

I was then presented by email, a full page of accusations that I had made mistakes in the article, but I could find no actual explanation of what the exact mistakes were. It was in effect nothing more than an exultation of the SDA church as the purest one true church remaining on earth.

I quote in part from the email:

"What Seventh-Day Adventist do believe is that there is no other church on earth today teaching the Bible and the Bible only as their sole rule of faith. What is more, Seventh-Day Adventist believe that the day is coming when every person living will be required to make a choice for or against God. They teach that the Seventh-Day Sabbath will be made the central issues that divides all who will accept the Law of God, and those who choose to deny him by trying to implement their own man made day of worship."

So now, the seventh day Sabbath is the central issue, not faith in Christ. This is not what I read in the Word, (Ephesians 2:8-9, Colossians 2:16-23)

As far as the Law goes, Romans 3:20 says "Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God's sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law, we become conscious of our sin."

I quote again:

"Sin and Sinners will be consumed in the lake of fire.  But they will not be tormented for all eternity just because the smoke of their torment ascends for ever and ever."

So what does Revelation 14:11 mean? Does not "And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name," ... mean just that ...

FOREVER. ( If the smoke is from their torment, but their torment stops, why doesn't the smoke stop I wonder? )

Revelation 20:10 says "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever."


Matthew 25:46 says "And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”


Me thinks the SDA, the "last true church", should give reading lessons to their members and a copy of a reputable Bible.

I quote again:

"Some Adventist decided to make their own Bible. That is a mistake and should not be viewed as any sort of denominational effort to make a Seventh-Day Adventist Bible."

Not very reassuring. Who's reading what bible then, amongst SDA members?

Again quoting: "Seventh-Day Adventists believe Ellen G. White was given visions from God and that they are verifiable."

Please explain how a private vision is verifiable. It's like trying to verify a persons near death experience. It can't be done. Any denomination building foundations on someone's personal dreams and visions is anything but the last true church, (mormonism and islam come to mind). I have read some of Ellen G. White's visions and they are rambling vague affairs at best that could never be proven or made much sense of.  

To quote again: "The overwhelming majority of mainline Christians can’t name more than 3 of the Ten Commandments, and they have no explanation for why they keep the first day instead of the seventh-day as the Sabbath. They do not know their right hand from their left when it comes to the Bible."

I think we have covered the SDA Sabbath keeping flaw already, but what this conveys to me is pride. Pride in a denomination. It would appear this person bases their salvation in a denomination as much as a Person.

There is only one true church folks. It is made up of ALL those who have accepted that the God-Man Jesus Christ died for THEIR sins and rose again, is now seated in the heavens, and will soon return for His Church, following which HE will shortly thereafter reign over all the earth and abolish man made religions. And the people comprising this church come from all over the world, from many denominations and from no denominations, going back two thousand years.

That's the LAST REMAINING TRUE CHURCH folks and if not already one ...

I urge and implore you to become a member, because as I see Bible prophecy unfolding in front of us and society imploding daily, the " join by date " will have passed very soon.  


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Recently, I heard a very well known American Bible Teacher recently say, " If you are not prepared to tell everyone you come across of their need for salvation, then you are a coward. "

If that is what your Pastor says to you, get another one. There are many Christian Ministers who equate a big mouth with being a good witness.  Well folks, it just isn't necessarily so. There are many ways to communicate and demonstrate the love of Christ to people, and just as many ways to turn people off Christianity for good.

How easily and flippantly Christian Pastors bring so many people under condemnation on a daily basis astounds me. So often their mouths outrun what little sense they have, and they exhibit an amazing lack of wisdom.

Ministers of the Gospel who crush the spirit of the members of their churches through thoughtless, unscriptural, self serving, ignorant and ego dripping pronouncements are as numerous as the psychologists they drive their members to.

How can a Church Leader know the background, trauma, abuse, trials, heartaches, emotional disposition, strengths and weaknesses of each member of the unfortunate church they head up? Does the bible teach that everyone is a natural evangelist? Do all members of the Body of Christ have the same function? Do all have the same strengths, talents, boldness, opportunities and gifts?

There are so many WOLVES masquerading as Christian Pastors out there that I don't even attend a church anymore. I guess there must be a few churches true to God's word out there, headed up by Spirit led Leaders, but unfortunately, none near where I live.

It's my opinion that most non-Laodicean churches are in non-western countries these days.

I was once told by a counsellor that most of the patients he saw were Christians suffering from guilt laid on them by Pastors and fellow Christians.

GUILT ... I think this is these wolves number one weapon.

Guilt trip one ... if you don't give the church a percentage of your money, LOOK OUT!!!

Guilt trip two ... if you don't witness to your neighbours, milkman, paper boy, gardener and whoever else is unfortunate enough to cross your path, then you are unworthy of Jesus Christ.

Guilt trip three ... if you glance at an attractive woman or guy, you've gone feral. Say one hundred "Hail Marys", and take a one hour cold shower. (One insecure Bible teacher recently wrote that if you see an attractive member of the opposite sex, you should immediately look away. Living near a popular summer seaside resort as I do, with multiple café strips, this would involve a lot of walking into street signs.)

Guilt trip four ... don't miss coming to a church service, unless you're dead. Otherwise, you are being unfaithful and a poor witness.

Guilt trip five ... don't have that glass of wine on your wedding anniversary, or you'll invite demon possession.

Guilt trip six ... don't just give us a tenth of your income, give more. The tenth is just the very basic requirement. The tenth part doesn't guarantee blessing, but the extra certainly will.

Guilt trip seven ... if you have a sinful thought, bang yourself over the head about it for whatever length of time you feel it takes to cleanse yourself.

Guilt trip eight ... do not question our interpretation of the Bible. Do so, and you will open yourself up to error, and the Devil will make play dough out of you.

Guilt trip nine ... when we ask for volunteers to paint the church, if you say no, don't expect the Lord to bless you or answer your prayers.

Guilt trip ten ... be perfect. Do not sin. Think no evil thought. Witness to all your workmates and your boss as well. Bring as least one new person to church each month. Throw out all your sixties music. Any thing less indicates you are back slidden.

On and on the list goes .........

Greater and greater the guilt grows .........

Meanwhile, we as laypersons, find ourselves gutted, feeling worthless, filthy and sinful. Our nerves are shot. Our confidence has gone. Fear reigns. God looms as an angry displeased countenance from the heavens scowling at us. Depression invades our thoughts and lifestyle. We become emotionally impotent. We just want to lock the door and sleep in a dark corner. Worse, we might even contemplate a permanent end to our unworthiness.

Combined with the guilt trips laid on us by the self righteous, we may also be carrying the burdens of misguided parental and peer ordinances.

Don't stare ... I still feel guilty if someone sees me looking at them.

Keep quiet ... I still think twice before offering an opinion on anything.

Don't show off ... I still get guilty or embarrassed if someone applauds an effort of mine.

Don't be proud ... If you perform a task well, don't acknowledge it or even believe it, lest pride lead you to a downfall. In effect, fear success.

On and on the list still grows .........

On and on the guilt still grows ........




His name is Yeshua (Jesus). He simply says, paraphrasing, ...

"Child, forget all these people, I love you just the way you are. I died for you just the way you are, knowing what you can become in me. I'll do any restoration work needed in you. You don't have to do anything except love me back. If I want you to perform a particular task for me, I'll equip you to do so." 

So oppressed ones, come out of your dark refuges, feel the warmth of the Son on you face, rebuke the wolves, dig a deep hole and bury your guilt, raise your hands and praise Yeshua, feel loved, know your worth, run along the beach with bare feet in the cool wet sand, and ...

laugh at the wind blowing against your face!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Firstly.... I am sick of the sight of human bodies smothered in grotesque, silly, inane, ugly, unsightly and messy tattoos.

I believe it is a symptom of increasing general rebelliousness, the inability to resist mindless societal pressure and a sad desire to mimic sad celebrities.

If I have hereby offended multiple tattoo recipients of multiple tattoos ..... oh dear, how sad, never mind.

I saw a husband and wife recently, both covered in them, and the sight of it nearly made me nauseous. The woman especially had left no body part un-scribbled on it seemed.

I thought to my self, "When that poor bloke is intimate with his wife, it must be like making love to a newspaper!"

( Ref .... Leviticus 19:28 )


Secondly.... For some months now I have been suffering a medical condition called "Cervical Dystonia". It's cause is unknown, there is no cure, and treatment provides only temporary relief, if any.

It greatly hinders my ability to produce and maintain this website, and diminishes ones quality of life in general.

If I haven't upset you too much, and you feel so inclined, I would therefore much appreciate your prayers.

Bye for now.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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"Are we there yet?"

When my children were very young, I would occasionally on impulse decide to treat them, and my parents, by driving them to Grandma's house. The trouble was, it was a long, long way and involved a good amount of preparation and planning to keep the kids occupied.

This was in the days before in vehicle DVD players and games consoles. Colouring-in sheets and story books were the main distractions available, together with an aching hope that the young ones would sleep during the gruelling trip. That hope was usually relegated to the disappointment basket a short way into the journey.

Half an hour or so after leaving home for Grandma's house, those terrifying words from the rear would start their insidious crawl into my ears....."Are we there yet? Are we there yet?".

"Just read another book kids, or, why don't you count the on-coming cars, and the first to count to a thousand gets a treat."

Moans of disgust at my brilliant solutions to their impatience filled the already heated air.

"Look kids, over on the right, see all those funny coloured cows. And wow, see that really old car coming towards us. Isn't that interesting?"

On and on I would prattle, till glancing in the rear view mirror, I could see they had taken the only way out. They had gone to sleep.

I would put the nerve pills back in the glove box, settle back, and continue on down the long, long road to Grandma's, trying to keep my own eyes open by winding my window down a little.

Another half hour or so would pass before a terrifying chill would run down my spine again.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

There they were again. Scary voices from the other side, of the seat that is.

"Here kids, have some sweets", I would say passing them backwards whilst trying to avoid a head on collision with the oncoming road train carrying what surely must have been half the country's cattle in its trailers.

After some bargaining, swapping and fighting over who had more, ten minutes later would see me glancing hopefully into the rear vision mirror to see them both asleep again. It's the little things that bring most joy I've found.

Hours would pass, these episodes repeating many times, like bad re-runs on late night television.

Eventually, with my nether regions numb, eyes staring wide open like a barn owl, fingers welded to the steering wheel, and a frozen mask like appearance, I would pull into Grandma's street.

As if woken by an Angel with a suspect sense of humour, the kids would suddenly rouse from their current state with ear piercing......

"Are we there yet, please Dad, are we there YET????"

"We have just turned into Grandma's street", I'd quietly inform them.

Actual violence would then erupt in the vehicle as two young excited children began grappling with colouring papers, books, candy wrappings, rubbish and finally, door handles as they were virtually flung from the car into Grandma's driveway, already running to see their Grandparents. The resulting joy, smiles and hugs well and truly made up for the long tortuous journey.

All that, to say this to my fellow Bible believing Christians who may be a little weary from the long journey we began at the Cross at Calvary.

Take heart.

I believe, prophetically speaking.................

we are just turning into Grandma's street!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Islamists today murdered twelve people in a French magazine's office after objecting to material they had published.


Greg Smith, resident cartoonist at The Sunday Times, Australia


( says it all....Keygar )

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Two innocent Australians are dead following a 16 hour siege in Sydney where hostages were held captive by a Muslim true to the Koran.

True Muslims are all terrorists and are commanded to kill infidels, Jews and Christians, but of course the media worms and trembling politicians won't tell you that.

And the cowering "peaceful" pretend Muslims won't speak up, or protest en masse against this true manifestation of islam either, because they themselves are afraid of those who fully follow their Koran's teachings (Qur'an Sura 2:191-193, 4:91, 5:51, 9:5 etc).

Who is responsible for this atrocity on Australian soil?

Well, why not for starters, Obama? He indirectly bought into existence ISIS.

And why not Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott? He cowered to Obama once again, demonstrating testicular absentia, and involved Australia in the up till now pretend war against ISIS, which Obama stumblingly orchestrated into existence in the first place, as previously stated.

And why not the Australian media, which like the media worldwide, labels any person who exposes the true nature of islam as islamophobic, because they're too intellectually challenged and indolent to do their homework on this religion of hate and violence?

And what about the Australian people themselves, who are better at recognizing beer brands than the con of peaceful islam being perpetrated on them?

I am so very grieved for my fallen fellow Australians and their families, and believe it or not, even a tiny bit sorry for the deluded dead islamic fool who murdered them in the name of an evil religion, then discovered allah wasn't there to welcome him, and now........

is experiencing what true terror is!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Every now and then it is breath takingly enlightening to cease looking at bible prophecy sites and reading about the latest signs of the approaching end, and take a long step back.

You know, in America, Bible prophecy is to a degree, an industry in itself, and discernment is necessary. We humans have a tendency to think any individual, author or church with a large following must be successful and on the right track, but referring back to Bible based teaching on what success truly is, usually reveals that they are in fact on the WRONG track.

This may seem like a strange thing for a person like myself, who runs a site about prophecy amongst other things, to say, but here's why I do so.

Sensationalism, speculation and the associated promotion of same will always attract a vast number of excitable people out there. The pure and simple word of God as found in the Bible however attracts very few readers. It's a bit like the trashy newspapers featuring page three scantily clad girls, far outselling the journalistically sound publications.

There is a seemingly endless flow of sensational speculation emanating from many prophecy scholars of renown, particularly American ones it seems.

It is so easy to get emotionally caught up in a whirl of expectation when so many supposed new proofs that we are indeed at the end of this age are thrown around. But the fact is, most of these proofs in books and DVDs are really speculation and no more, made to sound a certainty by many, sometimes well meaning but often irresponsible public figures in the Bible prophecy community.

The hype created by these theories in often best selling books is astounding. Even I am caught up in it at times.

It is inevitable however that some of these speculations WILL prove to be correct, through the law of averages alone, if not the occasional correct diagnosis of Bible passages and current events. Let's look at a few.


     The Blood Moons.

Supposedly the current series of lunar eclipses portend the imminent return of Christ. This is SPECULATION.

The Torah Codes.

The contention that the Torah (first five books of the Bible) contains intentional words or phrases appearing as letters with equal spacing between those letters. This is SPECULATION.

Nephilim Armies. 

The idea that Antichrist's troops will be made up of hybrid beings, which may even now, be walking amongst us. This is SPECULATION.

    Strange sounds in the atmosphere.

Reports of unusual trumpet like sounds in the atmosphere are angelic beings activities slipping through into our dimension. This is SPECULATION.

A muslim antichrist.

The idea that the antichrist will be a muslim, based on islamic eschatology that predicts their coming Mahdi to rule the world. This is SPECULATION.

    Prophecy of the Popes.

Based on an old catholic writing, which states that the current Pope is the last Pope, and possibly the false prophet. This is SPECULATION.

     America is Babylon.

The assertion that Mystery Babylon referred to in Revelation is in fact modern America. Whilst America certainly fits the bill in most ways, this is SPECULATION.

    Prophecy of Elam.

An idea that Iran's current nuclear ambitions fulfil the prophecy of Jeremiah 49. This is SPECULATION.

    ISIS is the precursor to Psalm 83 being fulfilled.

Based on the idea that the ISIS phenomena will usher in the supposedly future war described in Psalm 83. This is speculation.

Psalm 83 war and Israeli expansion.

The reasoning and assertion that Psalm 83 speaks of a prophesied future war which Israel will win and as a result, hugely increase its size, wealth and world influence.  Whilst certainly possible, this is SPECULATION.

The Rapture will coincide with a Jewish Feast Day.

A position that the rapture will occur on a particular Jewish feast day. This is SPECULATION.

Near death experiences.

Whilst not directly related to prophecy, although some of these claim to reveal the future, more and more of these near death experiences are being written about. But the conclusions drawn from these profitable books are SPECULATION.

The Harbinger.

The idea is that America's future from 9/11 was foretold in Isaiah 9:10-11. It certainly appeals to the ingrained American pre-occupation with itself, but is it not SPECULATION?

The fig tree generation.

Based on Matthew 24:32-35, is the idea that those born around 1948 constitute the LAST generation, be it forty, seventy, eighty or one hundred and twenty years, and it will be the one that sees the second coming of Christ. This is SPECULATION.

The Shemitah.

This links the Jewish Shemitah with economic or some other form of judgement on, you guessed it, America. This is SPECULATION.

The Jubilee year.

The approaching 70th Jewish Jubilee year, which is the year at the end of seven cycles of shmita (Sabbatical years), somehow points to the nearness of the end. This is SPECULATION.


Quite honestly, I could continue for pages in this vein. Lets remember that speculation is not proven fact, but is does attract large audiences and make for highly saleable products.

The point I am making is that while there is certainly nothing wrong in mulling over these ideas, as even I myself do, and while some of them may well prove to have merit or be correct, unless one of them is particularly intriguing to you, think twice before supporting the prophecy industry by forking out your hard earned money on every book and DVD that comes out with a NEW revelation.

That money would be far better spent on supporting those who preach the basic message of salvation through Jesus Christ, particularly in under evangelised countries like Asia, China and Africa.

All one really has to do to realise that the return of Christ is nearing is step back, refocus on the big picture, and see that:


Israel is back as a nation after 2000 years, as foretold in the Bible.

The Ezekiel 38 and 39 alliances are coming together.

Isaiah 17 prophecy is well and truly in the mix of current events.

Homosexuality has become acceptable and legal.

Morality on all levels, particularly sexual, has plummeted.

A New World Order is openly being promoted.

Israel has become isolated and abandoned by her former allies.

Anti-Semitism is increasing again, exponentially.

America has long been finished as the world's moral superpower.

Jerusalem's status is an ongoing source of disputes, as per bible prophecy.

The world today has the ability to destroy itself, as prophesied.

Apostasy is the norm in most churches and Christendom in general.


There you have it. No new revelations or SPECULATIONS needed, so let's not get pre-occupied with them. End of story, and indeed, the story of man's rebellion against God is almost ended. And that's no new idea.............

that's a fact.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Question: Keygar, what is hypergrace?

Hypergrace is mainly just a lot of verbal hyper-twaddle.

Hypergrace maintains that all sins are forgiven so there's no need to  confess any new ones. It concludes that when God looks at us, He sees us as purely holy and righteous. Thus, we are not bound by Jesus’ teaching, as we are not under the Law. We believers are no longer responsible for our sin, and anyone who says otherwise is a legalist.

In short, Hypergrace adherents abuse the gracious and kind nature of our God in order to continue on their merry way while thumbing their noses at God's laws and unchangeable values.

[ Closely related is Antinomianism which is more herbal than verbal, and thus often sought by those who won't take the genuine medicine found in God's word to treat any guilt they might feel.]

Hypergrace is another recent (to this generation anyway) fad designed to make half baked Christians buy more half baked books written by half witted opportunists to make a half a buck and a name for themselves.

Forget Jesus said "go and sin no more." (John 8:11)

Of course, no one will ever be perfect, but every Christian should be forever changed to some degree, and forever changing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, at varying rates.

Forget that faith without fruits is dead. (James 2:14-26)

Why bother becoming a new creature, (2 Corinthians 5:17) when you can be saved and remain like the old one.

Hypergrace proponents claim the Holy Spirit won't convict Christians of their sin. True Christians will recognize this fallacy right away.

Every true follower of Christ should have at one time or another felt overwhelming guilt when they have sinned.

If you're married, forget it if the missus sleeps around. She said she loves you ok. Sure, she's been unfaithful twenty or so times now, but  nobody's perfect, just forgiven eh? You must still believe her marriage vows were sincere don't you?

Be fair, just because she married you, surely she doesn't have to stop being a harlot does she? After all, she's obviously good at it, and a great cook as well they tell me.

Don't be conned into believing Jesus, when he said all sorts of evil people won't get to heaven. If He forgave them once and for all time, then the place will be full of them. You'll be right at ease, why, it'll just be like home, or rather hell, sorry.

Hypergrace forms when hyper dribble falls from the mouths of hyper dopes onto weed seeds below, which then grow into lush hyper grass which is eaten by hyper quasi spiritual mammoths who are destined for a repeated hyper shock, that is, extinction.

If you are a new creature transformed into such by the Holy Spirit, you'd better show some evidence of it, other wise you're going to seriously hyper-ventilate when Jesus says to you, "So long, I never knew you."

If I have offended anyone here, and you still believe in, or teach Hypergrace ........ 

Hyper Luck!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I have long believed 'Google' would eventually have to jump into bed with those who 'control' what information is allowed to be disseminated to the unknowing public, as well as what information is unknowingly gathered from them.

Well, it appears 'Google' has now discovered Rapture Notes. Hundreds of previously 'indexed' Rapture Notes pages that people found when doing relevant searches using 'Google' have been removed. Even search results using Google's own Rapture Notes site specific search bar now show up no results on most topics. Hence, I am now using my own site search bar at the top of the main page.

'Google' is apparently now even prepared to forgo advertising revenue claiming they cannot accept payment to promote articles containing terms such as 'Ebola', 'ISIS', 'Beheadings' or 'Pandemic' because doing so could 'cause people alarm'. So, folks, welcome to the birth of Censorship Western Style.

I personally recommend readers use the understated but seriously good search engine 'BING', to find important factual information, at least until the creaking whore's bed which is quickly filling up with cowering, morally devoid, spineless internet controllers together with the encircling lamestream media dung beetles, finally collapses completely.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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To believe that Jesus Christ existed won't get anyone to heaven. To just believe He was a great teacher won't get anyone on God's side. To casually say a prayer of salvation in response to an invitation from a Pastor or church leader won't get anyone a pardon from hell. Going to church, being baptised, confessing your sins to a priest, knowing the Bible back to front, living a good life and giving to charity, NONE of these things will bring about an eternal life changing destination in anyone's life.

No, to truly be 'born again' by the Holy Spirit, to truly be forgiven and made a new creature, to truly produce evidence of a change in ones life, one must believe IN, that is... IN, Jesus Christ. One must love Him in your heart for how He suffered for your very own sins and wrongdoings. There needs to be a genuine intellectual acceptance of the reality and mission of Jesus Christ coupled with an emotional and humble response of gratitude to Him, with a determination to follow Jesus and please Him.

An earthly marriage based on the promises, wealth or fame of a prospective spouse, or the simple selfish realisation of the need for a companion is an ugly, shallow, counterfeit copy of the real joining of a man and a woman in love, respect, admiration and selflessness.

The principle is the same when deciding to join Christ in a spiritual union.

I know a man who professes to be a Christian, but his life is one of complete unproductiveness as a follower of Jesus Christ, and has been for a long time. He says all the 'right things' that a Christian would say, but there is no evidence of his faith producing any good fruit or works, either of a temporal or eternal kind.

His life is a self absorbed trail of one type of addiction after another, lazily living off the taxes paid by those who work hard for a living while criticising anyone who might suggest there appears to be some inconsistencies between his affirmations of being a follower of Christ, and the actual life he is living.

Is he truly a Christian? God alone knows, but I personally have some doubts. I hope I am wrong.

Yes, I fear many are deluded, and think they have a relationship with Christ, but the reality is....

They don't.

Likewise, I fear many believe they are on their way to heaven, but sadly, so very sadly....

They are not!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I get very frustrated and despondent when I learn of fellow Christians being brutally murdered by godless muslims in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq at the moment. I feel helpless. I pray for them, but they continue to be murdered, simply for believing in Jesus Christ as I do.

I feel ashamed that I live so free and they must surrender their lives. It seems so unfair. I am even guilty of becoming angry at God about the goings on currently occurring in the middle east.

I also simply cannot understand the anti-Semitism everywhere, and why Israel continues to try and placate the United States, which seems to be as much their enemy these days as most islamic nations are.

WHERE is Jehovah in all this? Will He ever take revenge for the evils perpetrated on His children? Will those who have callously butchered His own, pay for what they have done, and will they know they have been punished by Him directly, and what have they have been punished for?

You'd better believe it!

God is no soft hearted, soft headed pushover. Just read the old testament if you think He is. Remember the flood? Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

More relevant to these times and the near future, remember what occurs in Revelation 6:10. Here, countless millions of people who have been slaughtered during the last seven years of current world history for choosing Christ, cry out to God.... "How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?"

Does God now tell them to turn the other cheek? Does HE now say they must forgive their enemies? Does He now inform them He'll pardon their slayers, because they didn't know what they were doing?

No. Not this time!

Chillingly for their murderers, these souls are told to wait just a little longer. That is, it is clearly implied that God has no intentions of letting these thugs get away with killing His children. It's just a matter of time till He takes them to task, thoroughly and to the last one.

Similarly, my brothers and sisters in Christ who are being murdered all over the world as I write this, will be avenged by the Most High God of Israel. Their killers will fearfully face God and their eternally honoured victims, as they are sentenced and their eternal punishment is carried out.

It still grieves me to know what is happening to my fellow Christians, but I gain great comfort from knowing that.....

JUSTICE will be done.....and by the grace of Jesus Christ.....

I will be there to witness it!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Regular readers of this blog will know I'm partial to taking in a coffee at various cafes where I live. It affords me with a great opportunity to talk, listen, watch and ponder. I'd like to share some recent caffeine inspired thoughts.

Walking towards me while I was sipping a flat white was a huge man accompanied by his female partner. I did a double take as I noticed a steel bolt protruding from each of his nostrils. This was in artistic union with the grotesque tattoos adorning his hairy limbs. His girlfriend was missing the bolts, but wore such a short pair of pants, it was beyond cheeky. They exposed bulging parts of her that in all fair judgement, should not be seen by anyone drinking coffee or trying to enjoy a meal.

Following the odd couple, was a young man wearing a t-shirt with an explicit picture of a nude female adorning it. The young man looked at peace with the world. A sort of peaceful look that accompanies the recent use of some sort of narcotic.

Next appeared an older man, blissfully walking his dog, which was trying at every opportunity to savage passers by, apparently with his full approval as he seemed not to care in the slightest.

Next appeared an unkempt woman who appeared to have fallen over in a recently used cow paddock. She was pushing a pram containing an equally unkempt screaming toddler who was attempting to break the record for perforating bystanders eardrums within a set distance. To her credit, Mum stopped and tried to quieten the child, using as many four letter expletives as I've ever heard ushered in just one breath.

Next, I read on my mobile phone an article by a learned journalist who must have printed out his own diploma, about how evil the Israelis were to have attacked Hamas terrorists after Hamas broke a ceasefire which they themselves had called for, and then launched half a dozen rockets into Israel.

As I sipped on my remaining coffee, I remembered how God said that in the end times, people would become delusional, thinking good was bad, bad was good, right was wrong, and being unable to grasp even basic truths or reason things through properly.

It was just as well I had taken another caffeine hit, because next came two women holding hands and hugging each other, enjoying the thrill of their sexual aberration and flaunting it in a way even a heterosexual couple would not have done. I see many lesbian couples lately, considerably more than gay couples for whatever reason.

Call me chauvinistic if you like, but is it my imagination, or are the majority of lesbians in fact seriously unattractive? I don't know for sure if there is a link there or not.

I could go on and on, about the thousands being killed as I write this in the name of that peaceful religion, Islam, or about how Putin and Iran are buddying up in accordance with bible prophecy etc, or about the spectacularly absurd insanities coming from the American White House, but I'm out of coffee, and steam.

I remember as a teenager hearing a preacher talk about how shortly before Christ came again, conditions and people in the world would be very similar to what they were in Noah's time, that is, senseless, ugly, violent, loveless, abnormal and lacking true and wholesome love.

I used to say to myself, "Man, I'm glad I won't be alive to see a return to Noah-like days."

But guess what?

    We're there!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I first saw it as a dark shadow out the corner of my eye. I could not make out exactly what it was, but it was certainly not there before today. It was amongst the lower dark branches of the trees and shrubs that surrounded it. It was difficult to keep steering my vehicle in the right direction as I tried to figure out just what was that dark shape to the front and the left of me by the side of the road.

My questions were soon answered. A blinding flash held the answer.


Oh no I thought. Money down the drain. How unfair to put a speed camera there. I was exceeding the speed limit yes, but not by much. Why should I be singled out by that black hooded piece of evil technology. Revenue raising, that's what it is. How unjust. Surely if I take this to court, the judge will let me off because I am really a good citizen for the most part.

Was I speeding? Well yes. It's true I was. Were there speed limit signs in the vicinity? Yes, ok, there were a few around. Should I receive special treatment over and above the rest of the community, and let off for this accidental infringement? No, I guess not. And was it an accident that I was speeding? No, not really I had to admit. So summing everything up, was I guilty?


Thinking about it, if the law enforcement agencies decided to, as an act of goodwill, do away with speed cameras all together, do we really think we as drivers, would do the right thing in response, and drive more safely and courteously?

Give me a break.

If we do away with God's word as the ultimate guide in how we should treat each other and live together, do we honestly think people would be kind, considerate, loving and selfless?

Give me another break! Look around you.

One day, all those who haven't accepted forgiveness from the nail scarred hands of Jesus Christ will face a court room presided over by God himself. No defence will be adequate. God will say His laws were available for all to sense in their spirits, read about or observe in the world around them. Ignorance will be no excuse.

The indictment will be for wilfully ignoring Him.

The price for rejecting Jesus Christ will be considerably more than it is for ignoring speed limits.

It will be eternal regret, sorrow and misery.

Accept Jesus Christ right now as the forgiver of all your sins, past, present and future because.....

it's the ONLY WAY you'll get off the charge!

( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Recently over a cup of coffee, someone told me that they had no time for Christianity because of a couple of bad experiences they had with so called Christians. One incident concerned a salvation army officer who told them they had to play a tambourine on a street corner one night, and the other concerned a home visit by a catholic priest who apparently was none too diplomatic. Thus Christianity was written off by this person.

Their reaction could be understood up to a certain point, but also, it could have simply been a convenient response, or at the very least, an unwise one. Millions upon millions of people have used the excuse of bad experiences with the church or Christians to justify taking no interest in spiritual matters or their need for forgiveness.

Imagine if there was only one restaurant in town, and you and your partner wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate a special occasion. You had never eaten at this restaurant before so you asked all your friends what they thought of it. They all provided glowing reports about the great food and service there. No one had a bad word to say about it, so off you both went one night to enjoy a fabulous meal.

Unfortunately, unknown to you, that very night, the regular chef went down ill, and the owner had to do the cooking, and you found yourself on the end of a very ordinary meal. You swore you'd never go back there and indeed, you never did, even though there was no where else to dine out. Whilst your initial reaction would have been understandable, your premature judgement based on not looking into all the facts, would have cost you possibly years of pleasant culinary outings with your partner.

From a slightly different perspective, imagine this time that you really wanted a home of your own and to be financially secure. You had an interest in prospecting, and one day in the middle of nowhere, you came across an old map pinpointing a rich vein of gold. You had the map examined and everything pointed to it being authentic.

Now if you were the type of person above who had the bad restaurant experience, you may just say that yes, it might be a genuine map, but you had also heard of so called genuine maps turning out to be fake, so no, you weren't going to bother following it up.

But if you were truly a seeker, looking for that elusive pot of gold, nothing would stop you from following that map no matter how difficult it was, till you came upon the reward you deserved for your effort and tenacity.

If a person is truly looking for God, the truth, and some answers to the big questions in life, then a few bad experiences should not stop them.

Going back to the restaurant scenario, the people who had recommended it were indeed correct and honest in doing so. Judging it adversely on one bad experience was very unwise.

Down through the centuries, possibly billions of people have recommended Jesus Christ as the answer to all that really matters. Indeed, countless millions have chosen to be murdered rather than abandon that opinion. There must be something to Christianity and Jesus Christ.

In fact, to decide otherwise based on a few unpleasant experiences is just........



( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I get asked many questions from visitors to this site.

Please understand that I am not an authority on prophecy or the Bible. That is why I present on this site, a collection of articles and radio shows by people.......who are!

Rapture Notes is, if you like, a storeroom of knowledge and opinions by learned men and women, and I am simply the storeman who keeps it stocked and open, so you can look through it if you so desire.

If you want detailed answers to questions related to prophecy or the Bible, I suggest you search the articles and audio presentations on Rapture Notes, similar sites, or simply 'Google' the topic or query you have in mind, and do your own research.

With that in mind, the following is a question I received this week, and my answer to it:



Hi Keygar. I just want to ask about the new heaven and new earth.

1. Will the people who have been saved go to a new heaven or new earth?
2. Will the 144,000 live on earth or in heaven during the millennium?
3. Are paradise and the new heaven the same place?
4. What can you say about the passages in Matthew 27:52-53? Was it the first rapture? Was it a partial rapture?


Megan (...not real name)



Thanks for your interest Megan. I could give you my opinions on these matters, but it would be somewhat pointless.

Many things about the Bible, prophecy, and the future are unclear and widely debated. Personally, I don't know for absolute sure the answers to your questions. One can 'Google' the topics you mention and find many compelling arguments for many different interpretations. Personally I am no longer fussed about such matters.

Interested? Yes.

Fussed? No.

Being forgiven and saved, contributing something to God's kingdom, remaining obedient to His guidelines and staying spiritually ready to meet Jesus Christ are the matters that primarily occupy my thoughts nowadays.

I have given you an honest, if not helpful, answer.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I know a man named William who has two brothers. They are somewhat older than him. Each of these two brothers are fine men in their own right, and William tells me he considers himself fortunate to have such fine fellows related to him.

But oddly enough, he tells me he doesn't really feel as though he truly knows them, and conversely, he thinks they don't fully know or understand him either. He puts this down to the fact that when he was born, his brothers were already young boys, and thus he really had little to do with them, either then or down through the following years.

Oh they all get on well together when they occasionally meet up, William tells me, but it's somewhat superficial he feels and the lack of a deep and meaningful exchange frustrates him.

William blames no-one for this, seeing it as just the way things are, being the result of circumstances beyond everyone's control. But it does sadden him a little on occasion.

He would love to have a heart connect with his two brothers, but has resigned himself to the fact that it will never be.

I can imagine Jesus feeling a little like William at times. He knows of many people who believe He exists, talk about Him, sing to Him, and even seem to work for Him. These folk go to church, take their children to Sunday School, and some are even famous and preach about Him on television networks across the world.

But sadly, Jesus has no heart connection to them. You see, these men and women have never wanted to get close to Jesus. They haven't really desired to get into the heart and mind of Jesus to bond deeply with Him.

In short, they have never really known Him.

We Christians should ask ourselves who Jesus really is to us. Just how important is He to us? If He were to appear in front of us, would we fall before Him crying with joy hugging his legs, like a lost child re-united with its parent? Do we ache with Christ when we see depictions of Him suffering on the cross because of us? Have we truly met Him and interacted with Him in our souls and spirits?

Oh, the audible disappointment that will infuse the voice of Yeshua when at a future time, He has to say to so many who vehemently claim that they love Him......

"Depart from me, I never knew you." (Matthew 7:21-23)


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I awoke about 8 a.m., half fell out of bed and staggered to the window. Peering through the blinds revealed a grey day and drizzling rain.

"There'll be no boat trip today", I thought.

For some weeks I had been looking forward to an excursion on the river organised by myself and a group of fellow musicians. I enjoyed getting together with them, having a few laughs and discussing whatever crossed our minds.

The trip was scheduled for twelve noon, and surprisingly, by about 11 a.m., the rain had stopped, the wind had dropped and there were patches of blue struggling through. It had turned into a perfect day for a trip down the river, so I made myself look human and headed down to the departure point.

The water was like glass, thoughtlessly reflecting my face when I peered into it. Soon, the others started to arrive, and before long, we were all seated aboard the large two storey boat. We did a head count, and discovered that there was still one person yet to board. The skipper began to get a little restless as we asked him to wait a few minutes more before setting out.

Frantic phone calls followed and it was discovered the person concerned was on their way, having got their instructions wrong. To the skippers relief, they soon arrived, and before long, we were cruising up the mirror like river.

It wasn't but a quarter of an hour or so before we found ourselves in the middle of a frolicking pod of Bottlenose dolphins. They seemed to be everywhere, and of course, the cameras were soon out all over the place as a bunch of mad musicians enjoyed the happy spectacle. I decided to go upstairs and get a better view. Soon I was looking at one of the most heart-warming sights I have ever seen.

There, only metres in front of me, was a mum dolphin cruising along with a little baby grey missile right by her side. Every move they made was in perfect union. Surfacing, diving, veering left, swinging right, surfing the bow waves, no matter what, it was all done together with perfect timing as if they were one. It truly looked as though the baby dolphin was actually glued to its mother.

Soon, more dolphins came around to join the party, and other boats cruised in to observe the performance. Mum and baby were surrounded, but nothing could break that bond that held them together in every way. Neither was concerned by the commotion around them and each seemed so contented. It was truly a moving experience.

Having a mind that wanders off, unsupervised, on a regular basis, I remembered the bible verse that says Jesus will never leave us or abandon us, (Hebrews 13:5). Mum and baby dolphin reminded me of my relationship with Jesus Christ. If I just stick close to Him, no matter what storms might threaten, He will be there for me. For all eternity, nothing will separate us.

Now that's better than even a perfect boating trip, is it not?


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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When I was growing up, my church which was an excellent church, encouraged us as Christians to be separate from the world, but to an extreme extent I think, looking back.

We were kind of expected to live our lives not associating in any way where possible, with the dreaded "non-believers." If we had to work with them, well that was alright, after all, we had to put food on the table. But to socialise with them was frowned upon for we may have become tainted by their wicked lifestyles and the things of the world.

It was a fearful thing to be seen at the beach on a Sunday, or having a glass of wine at a restaurant, or observed listening to a folk singer, or wearing your hair long if you were a male. Listening to jazz music was almost an irreversible crossing of the decency line. Actually playing in such a band was liable to send the church hierarchy into convulsions. 

The only time you could hold your girlfriend's hand in church and get away with it was at a film evening, when the lights were off. Ah yes, the memory of those forbidden stolen moments touching fingers still excites. Considering all of the above, I personally may well have been responsible for the premature death of some of our church elders. 

Don't misunderstand me. I wouldn't have preferred being brought up in any other church than the one I was in, but they did go a little overboard on the separation from the world thing.

After all, we are supposed to be light and salt to the world. How can that be if we keep our salt in the pantry and our light under the bed. If our beliefs and commitment to Christ can't stand the company of unbelievers without crumbling, it obviously needs a lot of work done on it.

Man was created a sociable being, needing interaction with other people, and being needed by other people in return. That interaction and exposure should not be limited just to Christians for believers. We should be interacting with everyone, Christian and non-Christian. Otherwise how can we ever show people the light and love the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to them through us.

Most of my leisure time is spent with non-Christians, simply because they vastly outnumber Christians. The great majority of non-Christians are not hell bent on leading me into sin or corrupting me. They are simply folk like myself, living, loving, battling, hurting and laughing. I need not fear them and vice versa. I can easily enjoy their company and befriend them without compromising my Christian faith.

We can learn a lot from believers, and from non-believers. And by interacting with all sorts of people from all walks of life, somewhere along the way we should be able to point someone to the truth of Jesus Christ.

Let us as Christians embrace everyone. Strike up conversations with any one who is receptive. Respond to anyone who looks like they'd enjoy talking to you. Offer an ear to those who want to share a problem or air a grievance. And when the opportunity arises, give an explanation for the hope and faith that keeps you optimistic and cheerful.

So, take the salt from the pantry........

and come out from under the bed. 


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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This week it was my birthday. I had a look in the mirror and was not impressed.

My buttocks had inched closer to the floor. My chin had now met its perfect double. There were more lines on my face than on a writing pad. My hair was beginning to lose its sense of direction and had veered off into my ears.

The bags under my eyes had morphed into suitcases. When I raised my arms, my biceps no longer stood up, but seem intent on meeting up for coffee with the afore mentioned buttocks. A few million head hairs had decided to quit while the growing was not good, and there was an unseasonal amount of snow on the roof.

You can't fight it. Everything degenerates in this world, and few things degenerate more noticeably than the human body.

Cars rust. Wood rots. Material fades. Buildings deteriorate. Roads crack. Paint peels. TV's grow dim. Money loses value. Mobile phones die and become obsolete. Hollywood stars melt into obscurity. Plastic buckles. Wallpaper falls off. Carpets lose their colour. Train lines buckle. Crops get eaten by locusts. Politicians become corrupt. Everything gets dirty.

You get my drift?

There's no escaping any of this. There's no way out. There's no stopping oneself from getting old.

All MUST DIE. It's the ultimate and saddest degeneration. What's the cause of all this misery? Simple.


But even sadder is the fact that the misery doesn't end even with death. There's more. It gets grimmer.

After death, if you have not asked Jesus Christ to save and forgive you, there's the Devil waiting to welcome you to the real hell. Don't believe it?

Then that's proof that your spirit and mind are already degenerate, as are we all, from the moment we are conceived.




( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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There is a popular heresy circulating in churches today, which claims that speaking in tongues is a necessary proof of salvation. Of course, no such teaching is taught anywhere in the Word of God.

I am truly tired of being accosted in shopping malls by "Christians" telling me I'm not saved unless I speak in tongues. They remind me of a group of people Jesus spoke about, saying.........

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'"

The Bible does not teach that speaking in tongues is the evidence that someone is saved. Rather, it teaches that it is one of very many evidences of someone possessing the Holy Spirit.

Paul states rhetorically in 1 Cor.12:29....

"Are all prophets, are all apostles and teachers?"

The answer is NO!

"Do all have gifts of healings? Do all speak in tongues?"

Again the answer is NO!

Was the thief on the cross who expressed a belief in Jesus Christ, saved when Jesus told him that he and Jesus would be together that day after they had both died? How more saved can you get than to be with Jesus Christ after you die? Did this thief on the cross speak in tongues? No!

Did Moses and Elijah speak in tongues? No! Were they saved? Well, they appeared with Jesus at the transfiguration. Would they have been there if they weren't saved? No!

Romans 10, verses 9 and 10 say...."If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved."

No mention of tongues there, or of it necessarily occurring later, or of it being an accompaniment to salvation, or of it being proof one is saved.

Please don't twist God's simple truth to support an erroneous dogma.

These people who demand all should speak in tongues to be saved should ask themselves who and what they really love and worship. Is the object of their affection and devotion the person of Jesus Christ, or is it signs and wonders?

They are dangerously close to preaching another Gospel, if not actually doing so. They are in fact telling a lie. And who is the father of lies?

If you are one of these people, read ALL the bible for yourself, pray in humility for enlightenment as to the truth of this matter, confess your sin of bringing people unnecessarily under condemnation, and PLEASE.....

keep out of my shopping malls!!!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Today I went shopping. There were people everywhere as school children are on holidays at the moment. I bought some vitamins from the health shop in the hope they might give me some more energy. Then I looked at some cases for my glasses but couldn't find anything suitable.

I then sought out a coffee shop and finally sat down for a bit of a rest, a flat white and a chocolate slice. So much for the diet.

I felt like a chat so I phoned my aging Aunty who is a source of great company and inspiration in this nephew's life. As always, we had a lot of laughs and encouraged each other with the prospect of the soon return of King Yeshua.

Soon I was on my feet again, searching the shops for a smart new shirt to counteract this ugly old man's appearance. I found one, and quickly purchased it before some other ugly old man grabbed it.

The jewellery shops and ladies clothes shops were full of mums and daughters scouring the shelves for a glittering bargain. The department stores were overflowing, manned by sweaty and exhausted looking staff. Kids with faces full of ice scream were yelling for another one. Mothers were impatient. Fathers were in shock.

It suddenly struck me that nearly all of these people have no idea what is coming. If these are what the Bible describes as the "last days", then well over half these people may well perish in a dozen different ways soon. Not a happy thought to have so soon after buying a cool new shirt.

I saw the flurry of money changing hands in various shops and remembered the words of Jesus, "As in the days of Noah, people will be buying and selling, oblivious to the coming horrors".

That was it, the edge had definitely been taken off my day out. Most people of course, would label me as a "wacko" for thinking such things. But this thinking didn't originate with me. It was Jesus who said that just before He returned, people would be buying, selling, marrying, eating and drinking and so on, unawares of their soon demise. So if I'm a "wacko", so is Jesus. I call that being in good company.

I believe time is running out. If you are a Christian reading this, act now. If you have unsaved family members or neighbours, tell them what's coming and how to prepare spiritually. If you can't talk to them, post them a gospel leaflet, anonymously if necessary.

Next time you use a public convenience, leave something good in there for a change, like a gospel tract. After you have a coffee at a cafe, leave a pamphlet on the seat. Do a letter drop in your street, AT MIDNIGHT, if you're embarrassed. ( Tract HERE ). If you still can't bring yourself to do any of the above, at least give some money and support to someone who will.


If you are reading this and you think myself and other Christians are "wacko", do yourself a favour and at least read some of the New Testament in the Bible, or a few of the articles on this website, and see if that changes your mind. If it doesn't, then so be it. But don't complain when life becomes a nightmare. You have been warned.

By the way, I have tried wearing my new shirt, and..........

it doesn't help.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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FIRSTLY, to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Rapture Notes in 2013, who have downloaded many terabytes of articles, interviews, videos and music, thankyou, and thankyou again. You make the many dollars and hours of work required to keep this site running worthwhile, and you're encouraging comments and emails are so very much needed, and appreciated.

Now............on with the blog.............


If you're one of those people who believe that humans are basically good and decent creatures, you obviously haven't visited any online forums lately, including so called Christian online forums. They are not places for the thin skinned. They are not places for the easily offended. Certainly children should be kept away from them. I wouldn't even let my dog look at some of them, unless I was training her to attack.

These forum "discussions" usually start out with a facade of civility, but soon the true nature of man, woman, and child cannot help but surface and express itself in a torrent of insults, rudeness, crudeness and anger. Most often this exhibition of basic human behaviour is triggered by a simple disagreement of some inane subject.

The funniest brawls can be seen on forums where people fight over which current mobile phone is the best. This is where you can really get a sad sort of laugh from the millions it appears of intellectually and socially challenged life forms who lurk behind unhinged doors in suburbia.

Sadly, after these individuals have spat their poison at opposing camps in the technological arena, it appears they then move on to Christian chat forums.

Here, they usually begin with a pious "God bless you all" followed by a "Jesus loves you", and then the obligatory bible verse, after which everyone welcomes them to the chat room.

Then up come the subjects like "Who is the Antichrist", or "Is Psalm 83 a prophecy", or "Are we the last generation before Christ returns", or "Is America mystery Babylon", or "Is there really a Rapture?" A dozen or more other examples of topics could be given, but the end result is nearly always the same.

Name calling, dogmatism, belittling, ridiculing and insults all begin and multiply at an alarming rate like bacteria on a stinking hot day, as each person gives their illuminated knowledge on the subject under consideration.

Some people's opinions are of course indisputable, because they had a dream about it, or because Jesus himself took time out and sat next to them in their car and explained all about the end times to them. Some were even lucky enough to have a vision in which the Antichrist's identity was revealed to them. My goodness. What can happen when you eat a bit of green beef eh?

Quite honestly, if most of these "Christians" do get to share eternity with me, I hope they choose to live on a different planet, just as they seem to do now.

Moving on to 2014, I make no predictions prophetically speaking. Ask me this time next year, and I'll gladly tell you what happened. It's very dangerous and irresponsible to stick ones neck out dogmatically and predict what will happen next on God's timeline.

Most prophecies to do with the very end of these last days, will I believe, only be correctly understood by those living in the last seven or so years before Jesus returns, or after they have actually been fulfilled. To quarrel over their interpretation now is both unfruitful and un-Christian.

It's no wonder so few in the western world are turning to Christ when they see the way we Christians carry on. It's no wonder I often prefer the company of non-Christians. It's no wonder so many are uninterested in Bible prophecies when we who are, bicker and fight over our interpretations of them.

The most important message for a Christian to get across to the world is the pure and simple good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Let's REMEMBER THAT, and............

FORGET the forums!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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   Am I crazy or what? Are the politicians who just signed a deal with Iran all mad as hatters?


Imagine you're a Police Officer arriving at a domestic dispute. The husband's name is Ruhollah and his wife's name is Hadasah. Ruhollah has a gun pointed at his wife's head, and is yelling.....


"Don't come any closer. I'm going to shoot her. She is a dog. She doesn't deserve to live, and never has. No matter what you say or do copper, she will die, either now or later."

The perplexed police officer urgently calls his boss, Commissioner Jack Carey. Carey, under orders from District Attorney Barack Hussein, soon arrives on the scene amidst wailing sirens and screeching tyres, and bursting into the house says with a quivering voice.....

"Sir, please, let's work out a deal here. Ok, you say this woman is a pig who deserves to die, and in fact will die sooner or later, but look, just give me the bullets out of your gun right now, then promise me you won't buy any more, and after that we'll forget any of this ever happened eh? Maybe we can talk to you and your wife about your problems again in, say, another six months time. Alright?"

The woman is furious and beside herself. She screams.....

"Are you completely crazy Commissioner? Didn't you just hear what my husband said? He wants to kill me, and will do so sooner or later. Lock him up now. Please! He's a dangerous maniac. Do something. Take him away. Just get him out of here", she yells, shaking and almost collapsing through fear with the pistol barrel still pressed hard up against her temple.

"Let's not be hasty Hadasah", says Commissioner Carey. "My boss assures me all will be well. He's convinced Ruhollah is just misunderstood and really means you no harm. Although he has threatened to kill you repeatedly, we are convinced he doesn't mean it."

The Commissioner turns again to the husband.....

"Sir, if we give you a very large sum of money, and see to it that your threats against your wife are not officially recorded, will you give us the bullets from your gun, right now?"

The husband smiles menacingly.

"Why, Commissioner, that sounds fair to me", he sneers, slowly lowering his pistol while glancing menacingly at the woman.

"But are you sure I'll get the money, and no conviction will be recorded against me?"

"Of course, of course. No question about it. I have the authority to do anything I want to please you", says Carey, his dark heart warming at the thought of the praise he will receive from the Attorney General for defusing the situation.

The woman protests, screaming that her very life will soon end. But she is ignored and pushed to one side as the two men finalise their agreement.

Commissioner Carey turns and leaves through the door, patting the back of the husband who still can't believe his good fortune.

"I'll be dead in six months", the woman screams at the departing Carey while trying to break free of her husband's iron like grip on her arm, "You see if I'm not!"

But the Commissioner slinks away into the darkness.

"What a stupid noisy woman. Oh how my master Barack Hussein will praise me", he thinks to himself. "Master understands, he knows what is precious and what is not."

His eyes narrow into tight slits, eerily reflecting the yellow light from the few dim street lamps ahead. The woman's sobbing and screams for help fade into the night.

Carey smiles, unaware of the unearthly plot that is at that very moment being formed against him and his boss.

Jehovah smiles.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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It doesn't really matter right now whether America, Iraq, Rome, Jerusalem or good old mother England is Mystery Babylon. It may as well be Kathmandu.

Right now, it's unimportant as to where the antichrist comes from. It may be Europe, Turkey, America, Britain, or the middle east somewhere. Maybe he comes from Nuuk.

I don't really care right now if Gog is Putin, Satan, Obama, the antichrist or Prince Charles. He, or if it were a she, may as well be Lady Gaga, whatever she may be?

I don't lose sleep right now wondering if Psalm 83 is a prophecy or a prayer, or whether or not Nephilim hybrids are already amongst us, or if the rapture occurs before the tribulation or at the end of it, or if America stays as a world power or dissipates.

I don't know right now who the false prophet is, whether it's the Pope, the Prince of Wales or a demonic being. He may as well be Sun Myung Moon.

I'm unsure right now who the antichrist will be. Will he be the Shiite Muslim's Mahdi, Satan himself, a Satan possessed individual, the American president, some dude from Europe in a tweed suit or a despot who comes from out of nowhere? He may as well be a newly discovered Lou Costello.

Who right now really knows for sure whether or not we western Christians will face severe persecution, even death, like our brothers and sisters in hostile countries already do, or who knows unequivocally that we Christians won't suffer famine, disease, financial ruin, imprisonment or the loss of everything before we go to be with Jesus Christ? If there's a phone nearby, perhaps "dial a prayer" may help.

Who right now really understands which generation Matthew chapter 24 refers to? Is it the generation since 1948 when Israel was re-established? Is it the generation that exists after the tribulation begins? Is a generation 40, 70, 80, 100, or a hundred and twenty years in length? Or does the word generation refer only to a race of people? It may as well simply refer to some means of producing electricity.

If the rapture of the church occurred right now, would it produce world wide mayhem or hardly a ripple? Would UFO's suddenly appear overhead taking credit for "the disappearance"? Would one hundred million Americans disappear, or would it be more like only ten million or so who were really "born again"? It may as well be only eight people, as with Noah and his family when they were taken out of harm's way.

Right now, is it even critical if there is a rapture or not? If there is, is it critical as to whether it happens before the tribulation, in the middle of it, or at the end of it? Does it really matter if the war of Ezekiel 38 is before the tribulation, just after the tribulation starts, in the middle of the tribulation or even if it and the battle of Armageddon are actually the same war? Perhaps we should ask a journalist. They  would surely tell the truth, wouldn't they?

Is Israel on the verge of signing a peace treaty with the Arabs right now? Or is that still some way off in the future? Is Iran going to go nuclear, or will Israel stop that from happening? Will America continue to betray Israel and try to force it to relinquish more land for peace? If it does, will another judgement befall America, such as perhaps an earthquake of hitherto unknown proportions? Then again, maybe Obama really does have Israel's back as he says, where he can easily put a knife in it.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill President John Kennedy or was it a planned assassination by those in power whose interests Kennedy threatened? Was he really killed by a bullet that emerged in pristine condition after doing so much damage and does it matter right now that Oswald was most likely set up to take the blame? If it was Oswald, he was a better shot than Annie Oakley ever dreamed of being, and he deserves credit for being able to be in several places at one time.

Was 9/11 perpetrated solely by Muslim fanatics, or was it an inside job as claimed by hundreds of experts in the fields of aviation, construction, fire, explosions and demolitions? Could it have been simply a ruse to strip away personal freedoms, move power to the elite and fight a war against an ethereal enemy for the financial gain of a few? Does it matter right now? At least we have now learnt that undamaged high rise buildings can freefall perfectly at any moment into their own footprint. Be careful walking through the city.

Are UFO's from other galaxies, demonic manifestations, or craft designed and built right here on earth that the public and enemies must not know about, yet? How can they travel so fast and turn right now so quickly?


Whilst all of these things are interesting and beneficial to ponder, and it's alright to have a view on them, are they really important RIGHT NOW?

Actually, all that matters is where you will spend eternity and whether or not you have made peace with Jesus Christ regarding your sins and how you are living your life.

That's what you really need to worry about..........



( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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There are those who are involved in so called discernment ministries, who fashion themselves after the Bereans, searching the scriptures daily, ascertaining its meaning and finding truths therein. They often do a good job, and alert us to where the church and possibly ourselves, are getting a little off track, or misinterpreting a verse or two. I am thankful for them. But is there not an element of curiosity in what drives them to do so? I would have thought so, otherwise why bother to even study the scriptures to see what they say. Is their curiosity wrong? No. It is commendable.

Why then do these same people, often criticise others, perhaps like myself, who are curious as to who the Nephilim were mentioned in Genesis? Why do they criticise those who ponder what the great end times deception might be, or how it might be played out? Why are we lampooned because we think about who might be behind the indisputable and countless UFO sightings, or intricate crop circles viewable only from the air which appear in hours, or manifestations of independently moving objects in "haunted" houses? Why are we wrong to be interested in the book of Enoch actually referred to in the New Testament?

Is curiosity wrong, or is it a valuable God given attribute of the human mind? Or is its use permissible to an elect few only, but not to all?

If we don't stray from the fundamental principles of the Gospel and the basic agreed upon requirements for salvation as clearly laid out in God's word, is it wrong to wonder about where heaven is, what constitutes time, what beings may be controlling UFO's, how come there were giants on the earth in Noah's time and what were their origins, how the Papacy may be involved in the end times, which prophesied latter days wars might occur next and in what order, or how new age teachings and Islamic eschatology might relate to Biblical prophecy?

Does God forbid us to use the imagination and curiosity He built into us? If so, what a dull, boring, colourless, staid, legalistic and disappointing life awaits us. Indeed, without curiosity, how many people would actually look for the truth, read the Bible, ask questions and discover the way to salvation, and by God's grace, inherit a place in His kingdom?

Those involved in the "discernment" ministry are an invaluable part of Christendom, but please, to those who are, don't label us curious folk as apostate or cranks. If we stray from the fundamental truths of the bible, then certainly point our errors out to us, otherwise..........just leave us alone............

and concentrate on what you're good at.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Today's blog is for all those folk who may be just a little down, or in need of a lift in their spirits........

I am currently reading a book by Mark Hitchcock called "The End". It gives a good overview of bible prophecy and thus would be ideal for someone new to the subject and interested in what may lie ahead, and how we got to where we are on the timeline of world events as they relate to the bible.

In one chapter, Hitchcock describes what eternity will be like for those redeemed by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. In part, he quotes what another writer, Steven Lawson, had to say on the matter. I found it encouraging and comforting to say the least, so I thought I'd share it with you here:


"There will be no funeral homes, no hospitals, no abortion clinics, no divorce courts, no brothels, no bankruptcy courts, no psychiatric wards, and no treatment centres.

There will be no pornography, no teen suicides, no AIDS, no cancer, no rape, no missing children, no drug problems, no drive by shootings, no racial tension and no prejudice.

There will be no misunderstandings, no injustice, no depression, no hurtful words, no gossip, no hurt feelings, no worry, no emptiness and no child abuse.

There will be no wars, no financial worries, no emotional heartaches, no physical pain, no relational divisions and no murders.

There'll be no tears, no suffering, no separations, no starvation, no arguments, no accidents, no emergency departments, no doctors, no nurses, no heart monitors, no rust, no perplexing questions, no false teachers, no financial shortages, no hurricanes, no bad habits, no decay and no locks.

We will never need to confess sin. Never need to apologise again. Never need to straighten out a strained relationship. Never have to resist Satan again. Never have to resist temptation again. NEVER!"


Now.............. you should feel better after that!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Recently, we had a general federal election here in Australia. A new Prime Minister was elected. A couple of days later it was reported he had received a call from President Barack Obama.

I must admit (apologies to American readers if offended), I felt a little dismayed at this, because although America has had a long history of convenient "friendship" with Australia, I personally find no comfort in the thought of our new Prime Minister continuing the tradition of hanging onto America's coat-tails.

I no longer trust America's leaders, and I truly believe Obama is driven by an evil agenda. It's my hope our Prime Minister can see through Obama, and steer us away from him and his policies.

In the past few weeks, I believe America has passed the baton of world leadership to the despots and terrorists of the world, and I believe it has been passed on, deliberately and knowingly by the American leadership.

Obama is going out of his way to support the Muslim Brotherhood at every opportunity. This Muslim organisation is actively murdering and harassing Christians, Jews and non-Muslims all the way from the Middle East to Indonesia.

This cannot be simple stupidity. It must be deliberate. There is I believe evil afoot in the White House.

America is now perceived to be stuttering and impotent. This perception is justified I believe, especially following Obama's recent Middle East oscillations and procrastinations, and deliberate backing of terrorists in Syria and Egypt.

America's mask of morality has slipped, and it has slipped off just far enough that we now are getting a glimpse of unexpected evil and treachery. If you look hard enough, the face of a wolf can just be seen through the woollen overlay.

It saddens me to write this blog, but then I always knew America had to decline to make way for the end times Antichrist. I just never thought that it would go down so quickly, with so much of its demise seemingly orchestrated by its own President, and going perhaps even deeper, by those who control him.

Prime Minister, if President Obama calls you again on the phone, please tell him, "Mr President.........

don't call us, we'll call you".


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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If one day you visit this site and it says "this site is currently unavailable", or "due to overwhelming traffic demand, this site is temporarily down", it probably means I've either died or the RAPTURE has come and gone, and me with it.

If you unfortunately have been left behind, but believe this site is worth "keeping on the air" under such circumstances, please contact

"HOST GATOR" at https://www.hostgator.com

and / or ....

"Web City" at https://hosting.webcity.com.au for the mirror site..,

and arrange to pay the bills etc. on my behalf. Who knows, this may be just what God wants you to do at such a time.

Me, I'll be with Jesus by His grace, and no longer much interested in "Rapture Notes" as such, but it would be nice to know it was still being a source of encouragement and information to some. 

I believe there will come a day when the information on Rapture Notes will be eagerly if not desperately sought after. This site, barring intervention by some generous enlightened soul, will then probably go off the air as a result of the sheer volume of traffic to it.

If you would like to do something constructive as a Christian before the above scenarios, for the NOW and for the FUTURE, please consider either mirroring this site, or downloading it onto a disc for distribution now or later to family, friends and neighbours.

You could just download individual files manually and save them, or alternatively, free software such as "wget" or "httrack" can be used to quickly copy this website in its entirety. Just Google these programmes and you can soon have the whole Rapture Notes website on disc to share with others.

If you do decide to do any of the suggested above, I've no doubt you will get a big hug of thanks from me one day, and infinitely more importantly, a warm...

"Well done"........

from Jesus Christ Himself.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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A sporting team, be it baseball, football, basketball or whatever, is made up of players who have varying degrees of talent and ability, and varying degrees of maturity as people outside of sport. There are those players who have to work and train extremely hard to obtain a place in the team and be effective, and there are those who seem to require very little preparation to still be able to put in match winning performances.

Some players play in positions on the field where they are relatively unnoticed, but the tasks they are set to do really determine whether or not the team wins on the day. They are unsung heroes. The speedy players who run through the centre, attacking and scoring goals usually get the media's and the public's acclaim. But a discerning coach understands who really made the scoring possible, and is quick to reward and praise more realistically and fairly.

There is always one player in the team who is by everybody's measure, a real champion. They are usually simply natural athletes, gifted in most aspects of the game, who can in a few moments turn a contest on its ear in spectacular fashion, and bring victory within grasp. Such players seem to be able to attempt the impossible, and bring it off. Naturally, these become the members of the team the media and public fall over themselves to praise and worship.

Sadly, very often, this unnatural amount of attention and deifying, has a detrimental effect on these superstar players. They begin to believe they are infallible and indispensible. In their own eyes, they become bigger than the team. This situation is a coach's worst nightmare. The superstar now begins to make decisions on field that are designed to bring even more attention to themselves, but are in fact detrimental to the coach's plan.

The team suffers, and if the superstar remains unchecked in this attitude, then there remains no option but to drop them from the team, in the hope that the player concerned learns some humility and becomes of use once again.

The Body of Christ is made up of many members (Romans 12:3-5). We as Christians are those members. We are parts of the Body of Christ. We all have important functions to perform. Some of us are highly visible and easily recognised. Others are hidden away, performing vital tasks, but rarely noticed.

Then there are the superstar members, that appear on television, radio shows and at book signings. These parts are fawned over and envied. Sometimes these parts begin to think that they are bigger than the Body they belong to. Disaster for them follows, as the Body eventually has to shake them off as they begin to do more harm than good.

Satan himself is a prime example of one who was made so beautiful and powerful, that he thought himself greater than the One he was made by. God shook him off.

In a sports team, NO ONE is bigger than the team.

In the true church, made up of all those who have accepted the resurrected Jesus Christ as the forgiver of their sins, NO ONE............

is bigger than the Body.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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The middle east seems such a long way away from where I am. Here the sun warms my skin as I walk along the picturesque foreshore watching smiling faces and cavorting children while listening to laughter and endless cheerful chatter from inside the many busy cafes and waterfront restaurants. It's all somewhat surreal.

For on the other side of the world, events are occurring that threaten to imminently change our comfortable lives dramatically and for the worse.

America once again is coercing Israel to give up land and murderers for the sake of its own agenda. Egypt is ablaze with citizens killing each other, when they are not united in killing Christians and burning down churches. Iran continues to threaten America and Israel with annihilation. Thousands of innocent people in Syria die horribly as a result of chemical weapons being used against them.

But who committed this horrendous act, forces loyal to the Syrian government or those fighting Assad's regime? No one knows for sure, except a few who claim they do, such as America's leaders. But, does anyone really believe America's leaders anymore?

Should the west even support the rebels in Syria, after all, the rebels appear to be as evil and degenerate as the government they are opposing. Who's really pulling the strings here? How long can all this go on? Why is Russia poking its nose in so strongly? And is it not alarming yet amazing how all that is happening in that part of the world appears to be in line with clear and indisputable bible prophecy?

Do we really think the bubbling pot which is the middle east at the moment, can continue much longer without eventually boiling over and scalding a lot of people, including us in the west?

If we do, I think we are living in the land of delusion, our heads firmly inserted in our own nether regions. It's most probable that the allotted time span for normalcy has about reached its end. Soon, things will never be the same again. For a time, following the bursting of the middle east boil, life may appear to return to something almost resembling normal, but it will be vapour like and short lived.

Then will come a period of unprecedented horrors and disasters in which most of the world's people will die, and in most unpleasant ways. How do I know this? God told me, and you. The difference, perhaps, is that I have read what He told us and believe it, and you haven't. Why do I believe God? Because everything He said would happen up to date, has happened, and so I find it logical to conclude that everything He says is yet to happen, will also come to pass.

What lies ahead is not pleasant. A cosmic battle is about to reach its conclusion. God and Satan, head to head.


Just in case you don't know, I'll tell you. Satan is roundly defeated, and so are all those who are on his side. And God's word makes it quite evident that if you're not clearly on His side, you are automatically presumed to be on Satan's. Will you end up amongst those suffering or dead from wars, disease, hunger, natural calamities and civil unrest?

Or will you acknowledge now Jesus Christ as God, who became a man, to die for you, so you might live forever with Him?

( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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QUESTION: Keygar, I have been praying, but have been having real problems sleeping after. Why is this? Is having a relationship with God only through prayer? Your site says church membership is not needed but don't you have to worship with other people? What about being a lukewarm Christian?

ANSWER: I don't believe church membership is ESSENTIAL, but I do say it can be very beneficial. It can also be very dangerous if you are a member of an ever increasing number of apostate churches.

Certainly for encouragement and growth, one needs to interact with other Christians at SOME level, which is exactly what you and I are doing here.

A lukewarm Christian is I think, one who has their feet a little too firmly planted into this world and its associated cares, but is still a Christian, albeit a likely ineffective one.

As to your own particular problems, not knowing you, it would of course be irresponsible for me to offer an opinion. It would be best if you spoke to a Pastor, or other Christians who know you well. God WILL answer prayer, but sometimes it takes a long time to work through our issues before we see the correct path ahead and follow it to the answers.

It's been my OWN experience that prayer, faith and PATIENCE, enable God to perform miracles and bring victory.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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There are few things more beautiful and awe inspiring than to see time lapse photography of a larva evolving into a butterfly. It's powerful and inexplicable, but it is fact. It makes one believe anything is possible. It's uplifting and exhilarating.

Even more breathtaking, but intensely sadder, is to see a magnificent proud butterfly, devolve into a grub. I have seen it once in my lifetime, and I never want to see it again, such is the feeling of emptiness it birthed inside me.

That grub, sad to say......is America.

Once the champion of liberty and the downtrodden, America has morphed into an all too familiar evil entity, that injects its accumulated toxins into others it snares through camouflaged chicanery.

Now, the grotesque grub, urged on by smiling despots in white washed houses, and the vast majority of its humanistic supporters, slithers not towards a bright future as a magnificent butterfly, but into a pile of decaying leafy litter, to be eventually trodden upon by a wandering nobody.

A dusty grand piano gone out of tune, a painting masterpiece faded and peeling, a beaming child's face, twisted by indulgence, lust and pride into an aged contorted mask, a guiding lighted beacon fallen from atop the cliff into the black seas below.

Such has become America.

How on earth did that butterfly of indescribable beauty and markings get plucked from its free uplifting flight and end up under foot............?

It simply let go of the One who made it beautiful.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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One of the benefits of operating a web site like this one, is that you get exposed to a very wide number of bible experts and prophecy teachers, their areas of expertise, and their ideas and thoughts on a variety of matters. There is however an ever present danger of following one of these experts too far down their trails of thought into areas that are quite foggy, or irrelevant.

There is also the ever present danger of too quickly dismissing an author or teacher as too far "out there" or simply put, a kook.

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of research done into the Nephilim, as pertaining to the giants spoken of in the bible. Many books have written on the subject, leading readers down a variety of scientific and occult roads to seemingly logical or alternatively speculative conclusions.

Another subject to receive much attention is that of UFO's. Many explanations have been forthcoming. They are all natural occurrences, even if unexplainable at this time. Or they are actually craft manned by hybrid beings already created and ready to join Antichrist's army given the command. Or, they are manifestations of a demonic presence with the ultimate design of deceiving mankind into believing they are benevolent beings from "out there", come to rescue us from ourselves.

Then there are the authors and teachers who pooh pooh all of the above, explaining that this is all pure conjecture, and all we need to do is read the bible and nothing else. They leave no room for speculation or analysis of what might be or could have been. They hold all such ponderings as foolishness and even ungodliness.

To my way of thinking, there are errors in both camps. The latter group come across as small minded folk who seem to think that if roast lamb, baked potatoes and peas aren't mentioned somewhere in the scriptures, then it's off the menu. They seem to discount anything miraculous that might occur in these times as evil or simply coincidence. They are quick to criticise, all in the name of biblical correctness and discerning the scriptures. They suffocate lateral thinking and normal curiosity while piously holding up their bibles.

This irritates me.

Then there is the former group. They draw on new age teachers for evidence to support their theories. They quote the legends of pagan people to substantiate their claims and ideas. They hold endless conferences to promote their books and videos. They form a clique of like minded individuals, and their conferences often seem to evolve into "love ins" or purely merchandising opportunities. They try to lead us down many suspect paths to back up the startling revelations to be found in their latest book.

This irritates me.

But in all honesty, both camps do have something to offer us all, if only they weren't so over the top. When skippering a boat up the river where I live, I try to maintain a safe position in the channel between the port and starboard markers, while still observing and noting things of interest in the slightly more obscure waters either side of them. I believe as Christians in these times we should do the same, that is, observe and note everything, but......



( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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I've mentioned before that I belong to a musician's "Keyboard" club where members get together regularly and exchange information on technology, songs and the like. It's a great opportunity to meet people and have a lot of laughs along the way. Occasionally, we also have a concert where each of us perform a few songs. Everyone is welcome, and people even walk in off the street.

Recently, at one such concert, I was not scheduled to play, but at the end of the evening, the organiser asked me if I could play a couple of tunes on the piano to finish up with. I didn't like to say no, but I really had nothing prepared at all. Anyway, succumbing to their somewhat considerable powers of persuasion, I agreed.

With trepidation, my brain racing to think of something to play, I climbed the stairs to the stage, and sat down at the piano.

"I'll just play some distinctly Australian tunes, run them all together and try to do a fancy ending", I thought to myself.

I made the mistake of looking at the audience. Their eager faces made me a little nervous as I hoped I wouldn't disappoint them. I launched into a medley.

Half way through, my thought processes hit the wall and I just stopped. I mean I just could not think of what to play next. I came to a merciless halt, hands poised above the keys. An eerie silence fell upon the room. I'm sure they must have thought I'd had a seizure or similar.

Anyway, one of the audience must have decided that I'd in fact finished and kindly began to clap enthusiastically, with a few others now joining in.

Unfortunately, at exactly that same instant, I had an inspiration, and burst forth into the remainder of my medley, this time leaving the applauders with their own hands suspended in mid air.

Finally, I finished, with the big ending I had planned.

"Oh my goodness," I thought to myself, "What a disaster. That's the last time I'll be asked to play."

However, the people burst into applause as I numbingly stepped down from the stage.

"These folk are either very kind, or plain crazy", I thought to myself as I sat down in the wrong chair.

But since that night, some time ago now, people still tell me how much they enjoyed that performance and ask when will I play for them again. I've come to the conclusion that even though I believed my contribution was awful, it really must have been enjoyed by the majority of people there, so now I just humbly accept their thanks and appreciation.

This underestimating of our influence and ability applies, I believe, to all areas of our life, including and especially, our Christian journey.

Many times we miss the opportunity to really impact someone because of a lack of confidence, or by undermining ourselves. We may feel insignificant or lacking in abilities compared to others. But the truth is, we're all designed and qualified to be able to impact others. We all need each other. We can all benefit from the next person.

So from now on, when you think you might have something useful to say to someone, or that you may be able to help somebody in one of a thousand ways, take my advice and just go for it. You will, in fact, probably very pleasantly surprise them...........

and yourself!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Regular visitors to Rapture Notes may have noticed a decrease in activity here in recent months. The following are some excuses I offer for your consideration.

Recently we moved house, and upon moving in, discovered many defects that needed rectification, some cleverly hidden I suspect by the previous owner, although I can't be one hundred percent sure of that.

For example, to name a few, the first day, the hot water system decided to literally shower us in pretty orange water and then retire, obviously none too pleased with its new owners for whatever reason.

The second day, the world fell in upon us in the form of the dining room ceiling, a none too encouraging turn of events.

The third day, during a heavy rain downpour, we discovered the gutters had been cleverly designed to overflow and wash the patio area to a depth of several inches, and all done automatically.

Another cunning built in safety feature was that the doors jammed shut upon closing, thereby not allowing small children, and weight lifters, to open them.

I would go on, but the bouts of uncontrolled weeping have not stopped yet.

Also, I have now targeted Rapture Notes at the world, via Google, rather than just Australia. I feel this country has had ample opportunities to embrace Christ, and so now, I would like Rapture Notes to be more readily available to people in other areas. This has resulted in a slight drop in traffic to this site, but more visits from people in non-western countries.

To top it off, I am feeling just a little weary. I'm tired of the evil and stupidity in high and low places, and tired of the filthy and unprincipled mainstream media. And dare I say it, I am even tired of running Rapture Notes, on occasions.

But probably most of all, I am tired of myself and my many imperfections. One of the greatest reasons for my longing to arrive in my eternal home, is that there, I shall be freed from the weight of my shortcomings.

If you, like me, are fed up with wanting what others have got, worrying about what others think of you, carnal desires, scheming ways to make a dollar or save a dollar, and putting yourself first when you know you should be putting others first, etcetera, won't you PLEASE join me in a LOUD.........

JESUS..............GET US OUT OF HERE!!!


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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The Bible says...."There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited."

I have just returned from a holiday in Thailand.

At breakfast, we tourists all descended upon the main restaurant for a variety of morning treats. There I was amazed to see children disciplining their parents, a complete reversal of the family hierarchy arrangement that I was brought up in.

Children telling their mums and dads what they would eat, and how, and throwing insults and complaints if their wishes weren't meant. Amazingly, these mums and dads were ceding to their children. No discipline or correction whatsoever. These days, kids think nothing of barging into conversations, demanding to be listened to and manoeuvring till they get what they want. I cringe when I think of what sort of people these "never told NO" children will be in adulthood.

Travelling into Patong, we were confronted with lady boys, bars, prostitutes and older men lined up looking for gratification, with plenty of women there to provide it, in a sleazy atmosphere of pretend happiness and laughter.

Tourists and market owners argued over prices for anything from shirts to massages, one party wanting to save a buck with the other party wanting to make a buck.

Back at the hotel, white skinned bodies from cold European countries drifted through the swimming pools, eagerly consuming cans of alcoholic drinks, at 10am in the morning.

Some older children, unsupervised by disinterested parents off elsewhere indulging themselves, ignored the large signs laying out the rules for pool use, jumping and bombing noisily into the waters, screaming and shouting with unrestrained belligerence.

In the lobby, an overweight, sloppily dressed woman pressed up against the reception desk and berated the quiet humble Thai girls there, about her children's fish and fries dinner not being served hot enough. On and on she went about it, till the manager had to be called. When I left, she was still complaining.

In the room next to us, nearly every day, three couples from the UK drank wine from sun up till bed time, while chatting and laughing loudly with no concern for anyone else.

At breakfast one morning, we initiated a conversation with an Austrian gentleman and his wife. They seemed reasonably responsive, but spent the rest of their stay looking away from us every time they saw us, apparently aggrieved by something we had innocently said, or perhaps feeling we weren't up to their social standard as he was high up in Government circles I recall.

I noticed that the latest fad when posing for a photo, appears to be to strike a crude, arrogant or aggressive posture. There's no more embarrassment or coyness. That was very telling I thought. It's all about me, showing off and brazenness.

We went into a fine clothing materials shop run by a very polite Indian gentleman. He told us how a lady had just burst into his shop asking for cigarettes. He explained that he didn't sell cigarettes, but calmly offered her one of his own. She sneered at him, accusing him of probably wanting money for it, and stormed out.

I could go on and on with such stories, but I'd risk boring you. So, referring back to the very beginning of this blog.......

do you get the point?


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Same sex marriage has recently been given the green light in New Zealand and France. Many countries have now legalised it.

Enormous pressure from the media is being applied to the Australian Government to legalise it, and it is just a matter of time before our own weak willed and morally bankrupt politicians capitulate.

Satan has indeed done his homework on infiltrating this abomination into society, particularly into the minds of younger adults. What a rotten influence the media is in the hands of God's arch enemy.

I think the legalisation of same sex marriage is a definite signpost that we're on the road to an imminent showdown with the God of Israel. It is I believe one of the very final signs that a civilisation is near implosion point. The rapid suicidal march of this world to a final judgement is so clear and predictable, it is almost comical, in a sad way.

Watching this world at the moment is almost like observing someone on a talent contest who firmly believes they have a wonderful singing voice, but it is clearly apparent to the judge, that the singer is in fact, a non-starter.

The majority of this world's people, manipulated by agenda driven homosexuals, TV networks and Hollywood, think they are so progressive and enlightened, yet God sees them as non-starters, stumbling to their judgement.

Yes, it's only a matter of time before same sex marriage becomes legal in Australia.

It's only a matter of time.........

till God hangs us out to dry.


( my two cents worth....Keygar )

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Home is where the heart is, and mine's with the Lord

This old world does nothing for me

The one I want to see is already there

so heaven's the place I really want to be

I'm tired of those who misunderstand

I'm tired of the friendships built on sand

I've had enough of hypocrites and critics

Who counsel you with blood on their hands

I'm visiting but don't want to live here

I'm passing through but don't want to stay

I want to be with Jesus just as soon as I can

Even tho He has a purpose for each day



Rest is where your trust is and mine's in the Lord

This old world gives no peace of mind

The voice I want to hear is so far away

That's why I want to leave this world behind

I've had enough of man's vain ideas

I've seen enough of liar's empty tears

I'm tired of the love that's manufactured

And those who take but don't want to give

I'm visiting but don't want to live here

I'm passing through but don't want to stay

I want to be with Jesus just as soon as I can

Even tho He has a purpose for each day.....



( my two cents worth....Keygar © )

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This week I was truly humbled. "About time", I hear you say? Let me elaborate.

Some time ago, I joined a keyboard player's club. It consists of a group of musicians who specialise in playing keyboard based instruments, and who share songs, musical ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm. A great time is had by all.

While speaking to a fellow member by the name of John recently, I mentioned that I had always wanted to learn how to paint. That is, to paint pictures on a canvas, not paint wooden fences. John said that he himself was an artist and held painting classes at his church once a week, and asked me if I'd like to come along and take some lessons from him. I jumped at the opportunity and have now been attending for about eight weeks. I must say that so far, most of my paintings seem to look better when viewed upside down, and preferably from another room.

This week, when I arrived at the church for a painting lesson, John said that he would not be available for an hour or so because he had to go to a nursing home to visit some elderly folk. I asked him why he was going. He explained that once a month, he and several of his fellow church members went to the nursing home, and led those who wanted to attend, in singing some hymns. They would then share a brief word and celebrate the Lord's Supper with those who desired to. I immediately asked if I could join them, even though they were part of a particular protestant denomination that I was not all that impressed with. They welcomed my wanting to attend with them, and soon we set off.

It was a dreadful hot and humid day and by the time we arrived at the nursing home, we were all dripping with sweat. We entered the premises and went down a long passage way to a room where in one corner was an ancient electric organ surrounded by a few chairs scattered here and there.

"There's no-one coming", I thought, but soon, about twenty very old and frail people were wheeled into the room in wheelchairs and beds by the staff. Soon under the guidance of one of the church members, these dear old folk were singing hymns and smiling happily. I found it quite moving. John was playing the old organ, another gentleman from the church was leading the singing, and another member said a few words and organised the communion service. My contribution was limited to singing as loudly as I could to support the person leading the singing.

At the end of the meeting, everyone thanked us and went their way. I was hugely struck by the humility and service to Christ of these few humble folk from a denomination that I had not held in high regard. It dawned on me that God was more impressed with these humble servants of His who in such a simple way sought to care for and encourage those elderly folk who loved and worshipped Him, than He was with most well known and publicly honoured Christians to whom much in the way of talent, resources and charisma has been given.

I understood why it says in the Bible that many who are considered great in earthly terms, will be considered least in eternal terms.

We can all serve God, either in a way that is great in the eyes of man............

or in a way that is great in the eyes of God.


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Well, the Pope has resigned. No great loss in my opinion, especially to the many people who sought some justice following years of endemic child abuse within the Catholic Church, which the current Pope took no positive action on.

Then there is of course the "prophecy of the Popes" [ listen here ], which predicts that the next Pope to be elected, that is, the 112th Pope, will in fact be the last Pope. It must be remembered that Satan is a great counterfeiter. That is the basis upon which psychics work and are able to predict the future with limited success. However, if the "prophecy of the Popes" again proves to be somewhat accurate, as it has done in the past, it will certainly provide food for thought as to what may soon transpire on planet Earth.

It remains a truth however, that the only faithful source of accurate prophecies concerning the future, is the Bible.

It could be that the Vatican, the U.N, the Illuminati (Freemasonry), and those who pull the strings in America have almost finished sitting on Satan's egg, and what's about to hatch out will bring forth the HUGE deception mentioned in the bible that will utterly fool most of the world's population into believing a lie about the origins of mankind, and its future.

Throw in a concocted alien visitation, a story about how humans were seeded here eons ago, a few inexplicable miracles here and there broadcast world wide, together with a charismatic character or two, and the world's people, ignorant of the truths and warnings littered throughout the Bible, will be led like steers to the abattoir.

Yes, turbulent times lie just ahead. Unless you know the Bible, its warnings and its truths, and act upon its directions to escape the worst of what's up ahead.......

you're a gonner!


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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This week, it was service my car time again. An annual event, it involves changing the oil filter, flushing the radiator, checking brakes, power steering, fluids, changing the oil etc. I do it myself because one, it saves money, two, I know it's been done properly, and three, I've been ripped off in the past by dodgy mechanics.

However, I should have chosen a day when I was more awake as you will discover. After spending an hour flushing the cooling system and adding new coolant, I began topping up the fluids that were down a bit. I first topped up the power steering fluid, than the brake fluid. Problem was, I topped up the brake fluid reservoir with the power steering fluid. Bright boy no? I only picked it up because there were now two different coloured fluids in the brake master cylinder, a lovely green colour, followed by a bright red layer floating on top.

"Oh no", I panicked, "what have I done?".

I pondered for several minutes, the option of just letting it be, but a nagging worry led me to the internet and a forum site. I explained what I had done. Shock and horror was the response.

"Get it out of there, NOW", these mechanical gurus screamed. They explained that as power steering fluid was lighter than brake fluid, it should be floating on top, which indeed it was, and I would be able to suck it out with a tube of some sort and then flush the reservoir, then repeat the process a few times. Legs crossed, all should then be ok. Apparently, if I left the power steering fluid in the brake fluid, I could kiss my bottom goodbye in a braking emergency.

I have to tell you, brake fluid is not something I'd order at a restaurant. It tastes horrible. Back to the forum.

"What do I do if I swallow brake fluid?"

"Drink plenty of water and then have your head examined", was the cute reply.

Anyway, about an hour later, I had the job done, and the red peril was gone from the brake fluid. All was green again.

As Christians, it's easy while not thinking, to let our spiritual fluids get contaminated with something deadly if we aren't concentrating on what Beelzebub is up to, or what our own lusts are hatching in the background. Once we discover the mistake, to prevent possible irreparable damage, we must get rid of the contaminants, no matter how distasteful the process. Prayer, confession and allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us is what is required.

Well, so far, the car is running ok, with no braking problems. The only unpleasant side effect from the whole experience, is that now, after swallowing all that brake fluid, I can no longer enjoy the long walks that I used to take...........

I keep suddenly stopping!


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Recently, my wife has been waiting for a special parcel to arrive. It's way overdue, and as she was returning home from walking the dog the other day, she saw from a distance, a FedEx van pulling out of our driveway. Her heart leapt, as she looked forward to seeing her parcel by the front door when she got there. Alas, there was no parcel. She decided to wait a few more days.

Then came an email. It was from FedEx, saying they had tried to deliver it, but without success as no-one was home.

"Please click on the link for instructions on how to pick up your parcel", it said. This had to be genuine she thought, after all, she was expecting a parcel and she did see that FedEx van. However, being a bit suspicious of emails and attachments, she forwarded the email to me, believing that I would know exactly what to do with it.


I opened the email, and there was the link to click. I followed the link, and it downloaded a file onto my computer, which awaited a further and final click.

"This must be genuine," I thought, considering all of the above. It was too much of a coincidence, and the virus checker was saying it posed no threat, and virus checkers are infallible right? My wife so much wanted this parcel, I had to do my bit in helping her to get it. So, being overcome by a wave of sentimental lunacy, I CLICKED AGAIN! Suddenly, up popped a dialogue box.

"That's weird," I thought. What was more weird was that I couldn't close it. I tried to open a browser.

"The browser you are attempting to open is corrupt," the message on the screen mockingly hissed at me. The penny dropped. My defences had been breached. No restore option, no fix, just utter pandemonium inside the circuitry of my seriously ill laptop.

Two days later, I am writing this, having wiped my computer clean, calm and order having been restored through blood, sweat and tears. Well, sweat and tears anyway. Actually, certainly through sweat, ok? The point is, one little innocent looking path led to a shutdown.

How similar is our Christian walk and example. We can be sailing along just fine. We feel close to God, our loved ones and just about anyone who crosses our path. We sense we are following God's GPS device correctly and are still on that path that is pleasing to Him. Then it happens.


It may be pornography, bitterness, lust, anger, jealousy, drugs, booze or a host of other things. Suddenly, as Christians, like a broken down laptop, we just don't work anymore. Our peace is gone. God feels a million miles away. We can't look anyone in the face. Our example is worthless. It's happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to you as well. Our spiritual virus checker fails, over ridden by a most sinister virus indeed, the human heart.

There is only one course of action to follow when this happens. Wipe our hearts clean and start again. How? By confessing what we've done to God, receiving forgiveness, and being determined not to let it, in again.

( For those curious folk out there, no, the parcel never did arrive )



(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Well, another Christmas has come and gone. The year 2012 didn't see the end of the world, as any student of bible prophecy already knew.

What does 2013 have in store for us? The answer........you tell me!

Around this time each year, quite a few bible prophecy experts make the mistake of predicting with an air of apparent inspiration what will transpire shortly. It seldom, if ever, does.

I'm certainly making no specific predictions. I have NO IDEA what the next major event prophetically speaking will be. The only certainties that I see ahead are those laid out in the bible.

Increasing will be violence, lawlessness, immorality, perverseness, disrespect, apostasy, greed, theft, promiscuity, uncertainty, fear, stupidity and disillusionment.

Decreasing will be personal freedoms, tolerance of true Christians, adherence to past moral guidelines, liberty, personal safety and trust.

Israel is the place to watch to get your prophetic bearings. Not America. Not Australia. Not the United Nations Organisation. Not Russia, and not Europe. No, the Middle East is where end time events unfold and give some possible clue as to what might happen next, and when.

It all culminates of course with the return of Jesus Christ. Then all the guessing will cease. When will that happen? Who knows? But the one prediction I will make is this........

it will happen!


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Another miserable, gut wrenching, evil day in America has occurred where dozens of innocent little children have been murdered by a gunman motivated by who knows what.

What I'm about to say will rock some people's boats, but hey, if you suffer from sea sickness, take a pill.

As a non-American looking in, I continue to observe from afar with bewilderment these happenings, seemingly peculiar to mainly America. I don't understand American's obsession with guns, but I do understand that there are now so many guns privately owned in America, it would be impracticable if not impossible to get them all back and start again.

I comprehend the completely different and unique cultural background the USA has, and I don't claim to be infallible on this subject, but it's always baffled me how easy it is for anyone in America to just walk into a store, and walk out again a potential killing machine.

The assertion that if two people each have a gun, then neither will use it against the other is mind numbingly absurd. Yet I've heard that argument put time after time in commentaries from the land of the free and home of the brave.

One commentator claims that if you are going to control guns, then you must also control knives, baseball bats and anything else that can kill, even Doctors whose misdiagnosis may have contributed to a patient's death. Really?

How many people could a lone individual atop a building overlooking a school yard kill in five minutes, using a knife or a brick? Now give that same individual a couple of guns and a bullet proof vest. Is there really a sane comparison there?

How many Doctors that you know of, have deliberately set out to murder their patients, especially twenty or thirty of them?

In Australia, one can certainly own a gun, but the requirements needed to be met to obtain one, are many, strict, and rigorously enforced.

Some years back, when living on a rural property, I decided to apply for a gun licence to control the snakes there, but after almost completing all the necessary legal and practical tests and obligations, I simply ran out of puff, and gave up on the idea. The snakes were more afraid of me anyway. The point is, I certainly could have gotten my gun, but not without meeting some sensible and responsible requirements first.

It is comforting to know that although there are as many loonies in Australia as in America on a per capita basis, at least they won't be coming after me with easily available weapons of all sorts.

My heart weeps at this one more violent mass murder of innocents in the USA.

Can some American citizen please explain to me why they want to be able to freely purchase killing machines with the ease that they do? In particular, why do American Christians want to be armed to the hilt? Where did I miss in the bible the part where it says that as a follower of Christ, I must live behind a rifle? Did Jesus send the disciples out, two by two, bearing semi automatics in case they were attacked or otherwise threatened?

Am I missing something here? I definitely do not advocate banning guns, but what is actually wrong with some form of fair and effectively applied gun control?


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Imagine for a moment that you are a Medical Doctor.  A young man comes in to see you one day. He is tall, good looking, athletic and yet he has a problem. He can't quit smoking and has developed a slight irritating cough.

After a series of tests, you advise him that he must give up smoking because there is no doubt that in time, it will be the cause of his death. He assures you that he feels fine, and thanks you for your trouble, but walks out of your office telling you he has no intention of giving up cigarettes. His friends all smoke, and apart from the little cough, he feels great. His father smoked for seventy years, and it never affected him at all he explains, as he waves goodbye.

In the following years and decades, you see him often for various ailments, and each time you remind him that he should quit smoking or he will surely die prematurely. And each time, he smiles broadly, and reassures you that he will live to be an old man. As his Doctor, you are continually frustrated by this young likeable fellow. You have tried every way and every thing you can think of, to alter his self destructive path, but all to no avail. You know he can save himself, even now, but he won't.

Some days you wish you had chosen another profession. You find yourself becoming emotionally involved with your patients and it wears you down. But you keep going, in the hope of at least some of your patients heeding your advice and accepting your help, and as a result, leading happy lives and reaching a fruitful end.

One day an acquaintance of the young man walks into your surgery. You enquire after his smiling friend. He lowers his head and informs you that the young man died recently. Cancer had invaded his lungs just as you had predicted and quickly stolen his life away. His chance had come, and now gone, forever. You try and absorb the news professionally. You express your condolences, but inside, you begin a long weep.

You're tired, and the time comes when retiring is the only way of escaping the burden of responsibilities. So you do, and eventually, peace does preside.

Well............ now you might have some idea of how the biblical "watchmen on the wall" felt. It was their job to pronounce to the people God's coming judgements. No one listened. No one took the warnings seriously. Things were going along just as always. Everyone felt invincible. Why should they listen to these watchmen. They were just cranks. But, judgement did eventually come, and the people were lost. The watchmen were right after all.

Today, there are still many watchmen working for God, trying to warn people about the coming judgements on a rebellious world. These watchmen, and watchwomen, spend decade after frustrating decade, shouting a lonely message, becoming more and more saddened and isolated by the indifferent and even mocking response to their words.

Compounding their trials, is the fact that in comparison to Doctors, who are generally highly regarded and respected in the community, watchmen are almost totally spurned by the world at large, ignored by most Christians, and regularly avoided by embarrassed and scornful family members and in-laws. Only when God retires them, do they at last find peace.

So, occasionally, when you are praying to the God of Israel concerning the burdens upon your heart, please ...................

remember the watchmen!


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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In the past month or so, we have had new neighbours move in. Young teenage girls who work shift work at restaurants etc. and who are barely adults. They have no regard for the neighbours who live close by, and entertain friends, girls and boys, at all hours of the night wilfully ignoring morals and responsibilities. Their activities prompted us to put our house on the market.

We received an offer almost immediately, which went slightly haywire when it was discovered the agent handling the sale of our property had neglected several important legal issues through negligence and general haphazardness. Never the less, the offer was supposedly sound and it was just a matter of time we thought before the sale of our house went through, and we would be able to purchase a property that we in turn had put an offer on, and live happily ever after.

Then, soon after, when my wife was out driving, a fellow went through a red light and smashed into my wife's car. Thanks to God, my wife was unhurt, but her car was written off. At the accident scene, the other driver admitted his error, and it seemed we would at least not have to pay the excess on our insurance policy, though my wife would have to part with her beloved car.

Next, my wife was admitted to hospital with another issue, which was of course worrying and stressful. Fortunately, things went well, and so far so good on that front.

Now, back to the house. You guessed it. The offer on our house fell through, so here we are, still, with our delightful teenage tenant neighbours.

Then we were informed by our insurance company, that the driver who hit my wife's car, obviously to avoid being charged with a serious offence, had changed his story and was now claiming it was my wife who had in fact driven through a red light and caused the accident.

Is all of this becoming a bit unbelievable? Well, these are just some of the traumas of the last month or so. The enemy is seeking to have a field day, but he is doomed, no?

To the writer of that well known hit song of a few years back which was called, "What a wonderful world"...........

you've GOT to be kidding, right?


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Well, Obama is back for another four years. The American people have spoken. More importantly, I believe God has spoken. Prophetically speaking, Obama is the man for the times. He appears to be the instrument whereby God is judging America and bringing Middle East prophecies to pass. I'm excited. It means that the return of Jesus Christ must be closer than I thought.

I must say that once again, from an Australian's point of view, I am staggered how a professing Christian nation can vote a President in who is demonstrably so non-Christian. I have wondered for decades how estimates of the number of true Christians in America being fifty percent or more of the population could possibly be true, when they vote to power such people as they do. Who's kidding who?

Of course, it's no better in Australia, but at least it's obvious to all here, that Australia is not a Christian country, and no one really claims that half the population are Christians.

Elected leaders in a democracy like America and Australia are a reflection of the people's values. In Australia we have an atheist and until recently, a homosexual leading the nation. In America the choice was between a Mormon and in my opinion, a quasi Muslim.

God help both countries and the people who elected these leaders. Hold on to your hats. Prophetically speaking, we have just bought another ticket for the increasingly dangerous roller coaster ride to the time of Jacob's troubles.

God bless America and Australia??

I don't think so.   ....Keygar


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Not all of us are gifted with great oratory powers. In fact, when I start to speak, even the dog yawns lazily and wanders off. We don't all have the smarts to study the original Hebrew and Greek of the bible and write exhaustive dissertations on bible subjects for the edification and conversion of mankind.

There are few of us who, like Moses, are hand picked by God to lead our nations out of bondage into a promised land. The last time I led someone, it was across the street.

Few are given the wealth to build huge churches, fill them with television cameras and audio equipment, and then broadcast the gospel around the world. Not many are set apart by God to be a Billy Graham and win millions to the Lord and have the ear of world leaders. The only ears I have are increasingly hair laden and have tinnitus.

This could of course become a bit discouraging, but such need NOT be the case. There is one thing we as Christians can all do, even if we are deaf, blind or even mute. We can ALL PRAY!

And what a mighty powerful thing it is to be able to do. God says that the prayers of a righteous person achieve a great deal. But we are not righteous you say. That's true. But having been born again, a Christian is justified by the righteousness of Jesus Christ, not ours, so all Christians have this effective tool of prayer at their finger tips, just waiting to be used.

God hears every prayer we utter. Every syllable, every nuance, every emotion, every motive is noted by God and acted upon one way or another, sooner or later. Let me give just one quick example.

Years ago, when I worked for a Telephone Company, a young man named Peter joined our team. On the face of it, he was quite an objectionable sort of person. His language was crude and loud and his many jokes were suggestive and lewd. Yet for some reason I liked him. Yes, I'm odd like that.

Also working alongside me was another man, of Indian descent, named Ron, who was a born again Christian, with whom I had enjoyed a few good conversations. Some few weeks after his joining us, I learned that Peter was in fact dying of cancer, a particularly virulent type. Working shift hours, I didn't have the opportunity, or, I must admit, the courage, to tell Peter about his need for forgiveness and to get his life right before God. I felt guilty about this and decided I could at the very least pray for Peter. I did so, asking God to not let him pass into eternity lost forever.

I did this several times feeling more and more guilty for not at least going to see him in hospital and talking to him. Some days later, I returned to work to be advised that Peter had passed away. I was devastated and depressed by guilt.

"Why hadn't I at least tried to lead him to Jesus Christ", I kept thinking, to the point of distraction. Then, in the main office of the building, I came across Ron, my Indian friend. I explained to him how bad I was feeling about not having spoken to Peter before he died. Ron's face slowly lit up into a broad, shiny black smile, his teeth standing out like headlights on a moonless night.

"Don't worry mate", he beamed,  "Peter's with the Lord. The night before he died, I felt really pushed to go and see him, and incredibly, I was able to talk to him about spiritual matters, and lead him to the Lord there and then".

I gave Ron a hug, managed a smile almost as outstanding as his, and wandered off, dazed and amazed at God's grace and answer to prayer. So next time you feel helpless, useless, powerless or just plain inadequate, at least........



(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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No doubt I am about to offend. Too bad. You have been warned so if you don't like being offended, look away....NOW.

To those remaining I say this. Amongst non-Christians there are those I would class as reasonable, intelligent and likeable people. There are also those I would class as dopes. Well, I have found, the same goes for Christians.

Man, that was close. That rock just missed me. I told you to look away didn't I?

I get emails from Christians telling me that believing in a Rapture and a literal thousand year reign on earth by Jesus Christ makes me stupid. Others tell me I must pray for God's blessing upon crooked and perverse leaders who rule this country. I must not offend a homosexual with the truth of what God says about their lifestyle. Where is my Christian love if I tell someone that they will go to hell if they aren't forgiven for their sins?

I must tolerate islam according to many church goers as Muslims worship the same God as we do you know. Apparently, the church has replaced Israel as the apple of Gods eye as well, I'm frequently told. And forget about prophecies in the bible, they're unimportant and confusing.

I am spreading hate and intolerance if I stick to the bible as the final authority in any given matter. It's out of date now. I must become enlightened and love everyone no matter what.

Well, because I don't rely on the support, financial or otherwise, of any person or organisation, and because I have had a gutful, I say this....if you are a "Christian", and you have said, or would like to say any of the above to me, you may indeed be on your way to heaven, but you're still.......

a dope!


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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When I was a kid at school, and I seem to remember dinosaurs roaming the earth at the time, often our teacher would give us some quiet study to do, enabling her to gaze out of the window and enjoy the peace. But inevitably, teacher would leave the room for a cigarette. That was our cue. Out would come the paper planes and chewing gum, following which objects of various shapes and sizes would start flying around the room. Study had officially ended. Eventually upon re-entering the room, teacher would scream for order and silence and then say, "Come on now, heads down". Study would then resume, amidst the aroma of stale tobacco.

It is easy to become a little too pre-occupied with what is occurring in the world today, as it relates to bible prophecy. A strange statement to come from someone seemingly over concerned with bible prophecies some would say. But, I do believe we can at times, become too obsessed with current world events and how they might indicate the soon return of Jesus Christ, just as we so often become overly obsessed with a myriad other things during our sojourn on planet earth. We can so to speak, spend too much time on the mountain top gazing longingly up into the sky .

Several well known prophecy teachers often end their articles and programmes with something like, "Keep looking up folks, for Jesus is coming soon". Whilst I whole heartedly agree with the sentiment expressed, just looking up all the time can produce nothing more that a stiff neck.

Just as our school teacher occasionally had to bring an end to our un-productiveness with a few choice words, perhaps it would do us Christians some good, to occasionally be told......

"Come on now people, heads down, there's work to be done."


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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Recently my mobile phone died on me. It was the third time it had "passed away" since I purchased it. The quality testing on many modern gadgets must be non existent I think. Such is the competition between manufacturers these days that products are, I think, released onto the market way too quickly and we the consumers are the ones to suffer. But that doesn't bother the big corporations much, because they know our addiction to the latest and greatest guarantees them their ongoing profits.

I am not immune to a passion for electronic gadgets. In fact, I'm a sucker for them. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when my phone threw a fit shortly after I purchased it. I am a bit of a perfectionist, although as I age, scepticism and reality are eroding that trait of mine.

In an era past, I used to pamper my motor vehicles like a new born baby. Any scratch or scuff mark sent waves of twitching horror through me. An intermittent squeak from the interior, or a knock from the motor had me tossing all night wondering what it was. I rested not till it was rectified, and made sure no one else did either. Even now, I become very restless if my computer is behaving slightly oddly, or the source of a warning pop up message is unknown. All these imperfections amongst innumerable others take the shine off an otherwise near blissful existence.

However, the greatest imperfection that dilutes my enjoyment of life and my feeling of all is well, exists deep down inside my very being. It is an imperfection inherited from the beginning of time itself as we currently measure it. That imperfection is sin.

No matter where I am, what I am doing, who I am talking to, who is talking to me, what I am planning or even if I am sitting in church, I am aware of it. The wickedness and double standards that exist in my heart are forever before me. I will never be truly happy till, like my mobile phone and like my motor vehicle, I am fixed permanently.

According to God's user manual for human beings, I will not be perfected till I see Christ. At that time apparently, I will become like Him, that is, perfect. That is why I often find myself muttering out loud as I walk along in the warming sun..........

"Come soon Lord Jesus".


(my two cents worth....Keygar)

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QUESTION: Keygar, I have been sending this question to several of the websites I frequent recently, because its something that's really troubling me lately. It has to do with all of the "Prepping" of which I am a participant of. I assume that the majority of people who come here are born-again, waiting for Jesus to call us home at any moment believers who also believe that its prudent to keep a supply of essentials on hand for the sure to come hard times staring us in the face. My question is this(and I am asking it to myself, by the way)....although Jesus told us to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, cloth the naked, etc., at what point, when the supplies run VERY LOW (if we are still here for that) do we say no? At what point do we refuse believers and non-believers alike ANYTHING if it means it would danger our survival or the survival of our loved ones? At what point are we ready (albeit the sale of firearms are up and I am a believer in ownership of same) to literally kill to insure our temporary existence, even though we all claim to want to be with Jesus so badly? I am not trying to start a fire or a fight here with these questions...I sincerely am looking for an answer. Even so, Come quickly Lord Jesus!

ANSWER: Thank you for your input. I believe it is always wise to prepare for trouble if you see it coming. But there is only so much one can do. And different people are able to prepare to differing degrees. I'm sure God who is our loving Father is aware of our individual circumstances. It strikes me that some Christians are TOO concerned with keeping their earthly treasures, whilst others drift TOO sleepily along unawares. As with most issues, I think there is a balance to be sought. Ultimately the main preparation for the future is to accept Christ as ones Saviour, and then trust Him to look after us, which He has promised to do. I have been through very hard times before, and the Lord has always brought me out of them. HE alone is my main hedge, not gold, silver, guns or bunkers.


This week I was told about a flaw that I had. I didn't like it. My first reaction was one of embarrassment. Then my little self-centred part went on to register hurt. How could someone say such a bad thing about me. Anger followed, as I tried to think of some hurtful things to retaliate with. I'd show them. Trouble was, I couldn't think of anything to say.

Finally resignation set in. This was the hardest stage. I gritted my teeth and admitted that they were probably correct. Slinking off, I had to admit to myself that I needed to do something about the problem. I had to take corrective action. There was no alternative if I was to progress.

Since then, I have embarked on a programme to correct this disgusting defect in myself, and with the help of those who know more on the subject than myself, I believe I am making progress.

God is not backwards either, in pointing out our faults to us. One way or another, as we walk with Him, he brings one thing after another to our attention. Not only that, He deals with our issues. More often than not, this is done with us kicking and screaming, but it gets done, and we are the ones to benefit in the long run, not God.

As I look back over my life, I can clearly see the dealings of God with me. I kicked and bucked at his correction, with much pain to myself and others, but in the end, He won, and the victory was actually mine. But oh how hard I constantly made it for myself. If only I had said, "You're right Lord, please sort me out as soon as possible". Literally years of rebellion and the consequent misery would have been avoided.

Now, you're probably curious as to what I was told was wrong with me earlier on. Well it is with boldness, and a surety that I have corrected the problem that......well....all I will say is.....to prove to myself that all is now well, I am about to go out and...........

breathe on somebody!

(....my two cents worth, Keygar)

NO, I didn't watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony. I've seen too many such ceremonies for the fascination to grip me anymore. Actually the whole idea of the Games bores me to tears these days. I mean, what's point in being able to run a hundred metres one thousandth of a second faster than anyone else anyway? Personally, I can't think of a less memorable achievement. Yes, I know, I'm just a stick in the mud.

I can jump higher than you. I can swim faster than you. I can throw further than you. I can I can. I can. It seems to be a circular thing these athletes are involved in. Firstly, their god becomes the sport they choose. They worship at the alter of the running shoes. They spend hours attending to the appearance and needs of the javelin before hurling it into the dirt. Horses are groomed and fawned over like gods before being put through their paces before the adoring onlookers. All in the hope of WINNING GOLD.

And then the circle is complete, as they themselves are worshipped as gods by the media, the public, and more importantly, the lined up sponsors with shaving cream, shoes and underwear at the ready. Oh, I am a kill joy aren't I?

Never mind, that as these athletes stand on the podium with tears of joy and monetary gain running down their cheeks, billions in the world face hunger, disease, unemployment and imminent death. Who care that the middle east is ready to boil over and muslim terrorists are still blowing up busloads of people, mainly Israelis. OUR COUNTRY WON GOLD AGAIN!!! That's all that matters.

Oh dear, that swimmer who won the four hundred metres freestyle has been tested positive for drugs. Oh no, I thought we eradicated that problem of cheating. Oh well, it's only one. Hang on, there's another news story about a disqualification. But hey, wasn't that opening ceremony something else.

What's that you say? Lay up treasure in heaven? How about giving some nurse a gold medal? The old lady across the street is lonely and would like some company?

Stop whining and turn the Olympics back on. Where's the remote?

Wow, look at that rower go. He must be on something. Oh, to be able to row that fast. And to win my own Gold Medal. And to show it to all my friends. And to be on television. And to show the other dying people photos of me winning at the Olympics when I'm old and in the nursing home. What an achievement that would be.

To all you athletes out there, I apologise for this rant. Really. The truth is, I can't wait to watch the Olympics on TV......

particularly the CLOSING ceremony!

(....my two cents worth, Keygar)

Isn't planet earth a lovely place? We have a despot in Syria happily murdering his fellow countrymen, just to stay in power. We have bombers blowing up bus passengers in Bulgaria. Then there's the politicians blaming all the wrong people, just to maintain their agenda at any cost. In America, the killing sprees continue with gunmen shooting down innocent people in movie cinemas.

I look at America with utter amazement at how it has degenerated over the decades. As a kid growing up in Australia, I used to literally dream of America as akin to paradise. Now, I wouldn't live there if you paid me a billion dollars. Recently, I watched some American TV shows someone lent me. I was utterly shocked and appalled to see how filthy and downright twisted they were. These were prime time TV shows Americans watch every night. Things are bad in Australia, but we've got nothing on the inane perversity that Yanks apparently find amusing and acceptable.

As if that wasn't enough, recently we have the developing phenomena of American Christian eschatologists throwing insults at each other over disagreements on non essential issues. The place seems to be coming apart on all fronts.

Most of the sermons, radio shows, music and articles that are downloaded from Rapture Notes are downloaded to Christians in China and Russia, and to a lesser degree, Islamic countries. A HUGE amount is downloaded in fact, considering how small this site is in comparison to American prophecy sites.

It is possible that there will one day be more TRUE BORN AGAIN Christians in China than any other country in the world unless the rapture, or the tribulation period occurs soon. There seems to be a real move of God in China, giving birth to Christians with more courage and backbone in their fingertips than we westerners have in our whole beings. My guess is the burgeoning number of Christians in China don't argue about the rubbish we spoilt and indulgent Christians living in free countries do.

In Australia, we don't even have any notable Christian leaders or spokesmen, let alone widely renowned eschatologists. The people here just aren't interested in God, PERIOD! Hopefully, that will change, when the status quo gets rocked to it's foundations in the future. But I'm still grateful to God, that I live here rather than any other country.

So, there we are. Three major types of people.....

Those who have embraced evil, ungodliness and delusion

Those that are supposedly Christian but fight amongst themselves out of ego and smallness of mind, and who are lukewarm and ineffectual, and finally......

those who are wantonly oblivious to God, his requirements for repentance, and His sacrifice at Calvary to spare mankind the horrors of eternal separation from Him.

I had a thought the other day and it was this. If someone burst into my house and said, "If you don't become like the rest of us, I'll shoot you", then with God's grace, I would reply without hesitation....

"If I had to be like you, I'd rather be dead every day of the week. Pull the trigger!"

(....my two cents worth, Keygar)

(Contributed by Bob, a regular visitor to Rapture Notes)

I am always wondering, "why?" So many seemingly good people, have so many different opinions on what I would call straight forward statements in the Word of God.

I believe God says what He means, and means what He says.

If we believe that one God inspired 40 writers to write down what they did, then If we do not understand something, what instructions did He give us, to do about it?

Jesus said it was necessary for Him to go, so that the Comforter would come in His Name.

The Comforter, who is the Holy Spirit, would teach us all things, and bring to our memory those teachings when necessary.

If I do not quite understand something, I ask Him. "Ask and you shall receive." Quite a liberating promise in my opinion. God knows it all, so why not ask Him?

Why is it He said, "... except we become like little children, we shall not enter into the Kingdom?" Children are totally dependent on their parents. God wants us to approach Him with our questions in childlike innocence and trust.

We need to remember however, that we will not be judged by Christ according to what we know or have learned, but rather by what we have done with what He has given us.

When we sing ..."I surrender all", let us really do that.

Bless you all in Jesus' name.

I watched a programme recently about a British brain surgeon who went at his own expense to Ukraine to operate on patients there with brain tumours. These were people who couldn't afford treatment overseas and who didn't have local surgeons with the expertise to perform the delicate operations required to restore them to health. It was a very moving presentation.

One young girl he operated on, had a large tumour that was benign but distorting her face terribly. He removed the tumour but as a result of the surgery, she died soon after. The surgeon was visibly upset and stated that he would carry the memory of that child to his grave. He was haunted by the possibility that he had hastened her death, and now wished he hadn't operated on her.

Another young man had to be operated on while he was fully conscious. He smiled weakly at the camera as they drilled and cut through his skull to his brain. He breathed in the fumes from his tumour as they burnt it away. He wondered with each passing second, if at any moment, the surgeon may remove too much, and he would be suddenly and irreversibly paralysed. The cameras were right there and the tension was extreme. I could not get over this young man's bravery and the surgeon's skill. Thank God, the procedure was a success.

Another young attractive Ukrainian girl came to his rooms concerning a tumour that had been discovered on her brain. She had hope and optimism all over her lovely face as she awaited his diagnosis of her condition and appraisal of her chances of recovery.

The viewer got to know what she wasn't told. That was, there was no chance of recovery for this vivacious young woman. She would be dead within three years, after going blind first. It was excruciatingly sad to watch. I went to bed that evening thinking about all these sick and suffering people. My heart bled for them. I asked God,

"Lord, why do you allow these people to suffer so? Why Father, do you not just take their lives in an instant now?"

An answer popped into my spirit almost immediately..........

"Son, I love these people too and hate to see their suffering. But I don't and won't hasten their deaths, because I wait and long for them to turn to me. For I know how much MORE they will suffer AFTER they die..........if they do not know me."

( ... Keygar )

Recently my wife bought herself some new prescription sun glasses. Her reports of their benefits were glowing. Envy immediately reared its head. I simply could not tolerate her having something better than me, so I booked myself in for an eye examination.

While sitting in the waiting room, I noticed a young Asian lad, and thought to myself that it was a pity one so young had to get glasses. Some time later, one of the attending ladies ushered me into the optometrist's room. I near fell off the chair when in walked the young Asian lad. HE WAS the optometrist.

After the adrenalin had dissipated, I settled into the examination. The young man was courteous, efficient and seemed to know his stuff. He recommended what they call multifocal glasses, where there is a variety of strengths in the lenses, eliminating the need to constantly change glasses between driving, computer work and reading. I agreed. Sounded good to me. Being a walking definition of laziness, I could see the benefits. However, there was one snag he explained. The field of focus was narrow in these sort of lenses, and it took some getting used to.

"No problem to me", I explained. After all, I am an Aussie male, and our motto is, "she'll be right mate".

Two weeks later, I went in to pick up my new prescription sunnies, and to make sure they fitted me alright. My first reaction upon trying them out, was to look for the nearest bin. It was like looking through a bottle of water.

"There is a sweet spot where the focus is perfect for each object you are looking at", they explained. I just had to adjust myself to finding it.

"She'll be right", I said, wandering out of the store, veering into oncoming shoppers, who looked to see if there was a tavern nearby.

Now, some time later, I am slowly getting used to these modern technological pieces of workmanship. One simply has to concentrate and learn how to use them. Keep looking straight ahead and directly at whatever it is you are trying to see, and everything is indeed marvellous. Veer away from this principle, and you're likely to find yourself in the river.

Spiritually speaking, we need to do a similar thing.

Philippians 3:12-14 says... "Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

1 Corinthians 9:24-25 says.... "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever."

So, as I sit here with a headache from having walked into a street sign earlier today, till next time..............

stay focussed!

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

I used to like watching old western movies. Still do actually. The old church building used to always have a tower from which the bells would ring out across the dusty plains whenever something important was occurring or about to occur, and all the townsfolk would rush to the building.

The happiest use of the bells was usually in celebration of a wedding in the town, signifying a happy and joyous occasion when the groom finally got to take his new bride home.

In the seaside town where I currently live, early each Sunday morning, I lie warm and cosy in my bed and wait for the local church bells to start ringing. If the wind is in the right direction, they can be heard in the distance, calling people to come. It's a comforting sound, a reassuring sound.

As I lie there somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, I imagine that the Groom is in heaven, ringing the bells in some heavenly temple, calling His Bride to come. All is in readiness. The feast and tables are prepared. The angels are restless. The anticipation is building. Murmuring heads are turning towards earth and the clouds. Trumpets are being raised to lips.

Am I imagining it, or are the bells getting louder now, louder,

...........and louder?

( .... Keygar )

I was taught as a child, that there is a danger in trying to read too much into bible verses. The clear upfront meaning of each verse should be obvious, and if it isn't, then perhaps some extra investigation is warranted, but apart from that, leave well enough alone.

These days, I am particularly wary of those who make a living from publishing articles and writing books for the consumption of mainly Christians. Such people have a pressure on them, acknowledged or not, to constantly produce new articles and books to maintain their prominence in Christian circles.

Many rely on their name being near the top of the memories of those that matter, in order to maintain a steady income from the sale of their articles and books. There is a huge danger in all of this.

For example, this week I read a Christian writer's explanation of Matthew 22:11-14...."But when the king came in to look at the guests, he saw there a man who had no wedding garment; and he said to him, `Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding garment?' And he was speechless. Then the king said to the attendants, `Bind him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.' For many are called, but few are chosen."

The writer explained with some authority that the man without the wedding garment was obviously a tribulation saint who had lost his salvation by not holding onto it strongly enough. Talk about drawing a long bow.

I read another commentary by a different Christian writer on this same parable, and he implied that this section about the man without a garment, meant that it was possible that some people may make it in the rapture, or to the marriage supper of the Lamb, by accident. So now, God's accounting software is apparently suspect. Talk about nit picking to the point of being a danger to Christendom.

We need to be VERY CAREFUL about what we read and believe, specially from those who write books and articles for a living or recognition.

Referring back to the afore-mentioned parable, another simple insignificant, unschooled soul like myself, on a chat forum of all places, said he thought the point about the man without the wedding garment simply emphasises the fact that only those washed in the blood of the Lamb will make it to the marriage feast. Unspectacular his explanation is I agree, but it makes the most sense to me.

Christian bookstores are about eighty percent filled with rubbish in my opinion.

Perhaps I'm just becoming a grumpy, sceptical old man.......

Ohhhhhh, I do hope so!

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

Over the last few years, I have been astounded at the increase in the number of people having tattoos inserted on their bodies. Prior to that, I was astounded at the number of people having piercings done to themselves. I'm not talking here about an earring or two, or a sailor's tattoo on the forearm. I'm talking about the extreme becoming the norm.

I see near where I live one young man for example who must have twenty or thirty clips, rings and studs or whatever they are, hanging out of his ears, lips, eyebrows and wherever else he can fit one. I'm sure he feels terrific about them, but one thing is for sure, he definitely looks ridiculous and revolting, in my humble opinion.

It's becoming the fashion for couples getting married, not to exchange wedding rings, but rather, to exchange tattoos before the ceremony. Young, attractive females and good looking males are not just getting one or two tattoos, they are literally covering entire limbs with meaningless patterns, symbols and grotesque images to the point where they simply appear as a mobile mess coming down the street. Each to his own, I grant you, but is there more to all this than meets the long suffering eye of those gazing at this ugliness?

The fad seems, as it often does, to have started with sports celebrities in particular. One can't watch a game of football without seeing a steady flash of blurred multi-coloured limbs parading before one's eyes to the point where it becomes nauseating. I'm old fashioned you say. You bet I am. I'd rather be old fashioned than sheep fashioned like the steady stream of people lined up waiting to be disfigured by the tattooist's inane scribbling.

My theory is that it is just another sign that we are in the end times. How do I draw that conclusion? Well, the bible says that our bodies are meant to be the sacred temple of God, the dwelling place of God's spirit in us. As men, and in this case, young women as well, join society's relentless push to get God out of the way, naturally, sooner or later, respect for anything related to God, or His temple, goes out the window. This materialises in the form of sins against the body.

Drunkenness, drug addiction, sexual permissiveness, homosexuality, assisted suicides, murder, abortion, and now piercings and visual disfigurement, all evidence in my opinion, a steadily increasing rebellion against God and His holiness.

It's a joy to occasionally see a healthy young person with no piercings, no tattoos, a clear skin, nicely dressed and possessing a respect for themselves and their bodies.

As this age draws to a close, it's becoming a rare joy indeed.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

Often, around five o'clock in the morning, I wake up. Not before time some would say. It's then that often my mind goes wandering off without my permission. I don't have much say in it, it just goes, in search of something to say in Keygar's Korner that is different, and has a point to it. It's usually as a result of too much peanut butter on my supper biscuits I think. Anyway, this is what my mind came back with one morning this week.

When I was a kid, air-conditioning was a luxury afforded by few. Most were lucky if they had a battered fan working in the mid-day heat. Where we lived, most houses were small and made of asbestos. The summer day temperatures often climbed to the 40's (centigrade), and didn't drop much during the night. It was near impossible to sleep. After such an evening, bleary eyed workers would often comment on their way to work, "What was your house like last night?", to which the reply was usually......

"Mate, it was HELL in there!".

When I was a teenager, I worked in a Television Studio in the State where I lived. At the time, we produced the most watched news and current affairs programme, going to air live in prime time. On one occasion I was informed that I was to be one of the cameraman for that night's show. Well, as the countdown for going out over the airwaves progressed, it was pandemonium. Camera cables, microphone cables, and lights were strewn everywhere. People were running around any and every where, barking commands. The floor manager was trying to maintain an air of calm, hoping it would rub off on the others. The news reader was rehearsing his script in my left ear, and the producer was yelling instructions to me as to where to position my camera in my right ear. I was so nervous, I literally shook the headphones off my head. After it was all over, some seasoned veterans of this nightly mayhem asked me what I thought of my first night on camera in the studio. I replied......

"Mate, it was a MAD-HOUSE in there!".

Some years later, abortion became legal in Australia. These days it is widely practiced and considered normal and acceptable by most of the population. If you were to stroll past an abortion clinic, you might happen upon a staff member of that clinic standing out the front, having a cigarette break under the trees. Out of curiosity, one may ask, pointing at the pretty white building with the red creeping roses gracefully adorning the front wall, "Excuse me, but what's it really like inside one of those places"?

If the staff member was really honest and you caught them in a moment of thoughtful contemplation as they dragged on their cigarette, they would reply..........

"Mate, it's MURDER in there!"

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

When I was a kid, there was a playground area at our school. It was full of all sorts of structures designed to encouraged kiddies to break one limb or another. Monkey bars, swings, seesaws, you name it, it had it.

Standing off to one side was the bully of the playground, a giant grey steel slide, as frighteningly high as it was long. It just gleamed in our hot sun, daring any fool of a kid to climb it, and plunge themselves downward toward the half grass, half sand landing area. If you were game enough to conquer THE SLIDE, you had arrived, and immediately commanded the respect and awe of your fellow ankle biters.

Many was the time a suicidal youngster, urged on by their blood lusting peers, was driven to the top of the slide, where they would just almost sit, with their nether ends swaying back and forth, making last minute calculations in their head as to the probable outcome of thrusting themselves forwards and downwards. Would it be death or serious injury, or the worship of one's fellow playground inhabitants?

After much delay, the nerve would finally come, and down they would plunge.

For days after, I would follow these brave souls, marvelling at their knees and ankles swathed in bandages, and admiring the way they so quickly mastered walking with crutches.

Around the sixties, America climbed a slide of sorts, and has sat at the top for decades, thinking should it take the plunge down the slippery slope of Godlessness into who cares what, as long as the trip feels good, or should it hang back, and stay true to God's principles and guidelines.

I believe it's highly probable that a few years back, America closed its eyes, and eager to feel the thrill of unbridled Godlessness, threw itself down.....THE SLIDE. The landing will be hard and possibly terminal.

And guess who, as always, is blissfully singing Waltzing Matilda and waving a green and gold flag, whilst hanging onto big brother's coattails as he speeds down to oblivion..........

yep....... got it in one!

There are differences of opinion as to the when the Gog Magog battle occurs. There are differences as to whether there is a rapture or not. Disagreement abounds as to Psalm 83. Is it actually a prophecy of a soon to occur war, or simply a prayer?

Is the antichrist a Muslim? Recently, more and more bible scholars seem to think so, but there is still solid evidence to the contrary. Does the antichrist's rule extend worldwide, or is his sphere of influence limited and challenged? Is he a Jew or a Roman? Is he homosexual? Arguments exist to refute, and prove, such assertions. Will Damascus be destroyed in a day, or has that prophecy already been fulfilled in the past as some reputable scholars assert?

If there is a rapture, does it occur before the tribulation, in the middle of the tribulation or at the end of the tribulation? Supporters of each view vie for followers, and some even denigrate opposers to their positions on the subject. Are we even in the end days? Some contend that the events of Revelation have already occurred.

Will there be a literal one thousand year reign of Christ on the earth or is this kingdom simply to be spiritualised? Can Islam really choke the entire planet? Are there really such beings as aliens and such craft as UFO's? Is Mystery Babylon related to Rome and Catholicism, or is it a literal rebuilt city in Iraq? The questions related to the details in bible prophecy are many and debatable.

Treading one's way through all these ideas and interpretations can be difficult, exhilarating, or even depressing. Just what is true? We need to be able to hang our hats on some things that are irrefutable while the details take care of themselves. Some of the undeniable truths I personally cling to are as follows:

1/ Bible prophecy is true and reliable. The proof of this is simple. ISRAEL. It exists when it should not.

2/ These ARE the end times. Once again the proof is primarily ISRAEL reborn. Numerous other proofs exist from moral decline to the abandonment of God.

3/ Islam will not take over the world. Jesus will decimate it at His coming if not before.

4/ God will rescue His children from the worst of the tribulation coming upon the earth. He has promised it, and set a precedent for same in the past.

5/ The Gog Magog war will eventuate sometime between now and the return of Christ. It's prophesied, hasn't happened yet, and it's fulfilment can be seen in it's preparation stages right now.

6/ The antichrist is a real person or being, and will appear on the scene to establish a peace treaty with Israel. All seem to agree on this point.

7/ There IS a seven year period of terror, enslavement and horror that is going to pass before Christ returns to earth. It is commonly referred to as the tribulation. The ONLY POSSIBLE way to escape it, is to accept the forgiveness of our sins through the death and resurrection of Christ, and do it quick.

8/ UFO's and aliens do exist, but they are not from other planets. They are manifestations of and through fallen angels, and will probably play a part in the prophesied end times deception which will delude millions if not billions of earth's inhabitants.

9/ Jesus WILL return. He promised to. He's never been proved a liar. He's never been proved a lunatic. He is who He claimed to be, and no one has ever, or will ever, prove otherwise.

10/ If I have accepted Jesus as the forgiver of my sins, and if I believe He is Lord of all, and if I thus believe He is risen and returning soon, no matter what trials and persecution I have to endure between now and my death, or between now and my being caught away to Him, my future is GLORIOUS, ASSURED and ETERNAL.

When one buys a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces are inside the box, but the finished picture of what it will look like is on the lid. Likewise, the pieces of the prophetic puzzle are currently being put into place by God alone, and we don't know exactly what piece He's going to fit next, but we can see the finished picture described in the bible.

If, and only if, one is saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ.........

that picture is truly a masterpiece to be marvelled at, and its unveiling eagerly anticipated.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

Recently, on the sundeck of a boat, in the middle of nowhere, I found myself opposite what I thought was a rather strange looking couple. She was round faced with a slightly superior air about her. Her eyes peered out from beneath a bland fringe, and were staring straight at me. He was short, going grey, and appeared a little highly strung. She spoke to me. "Do you know why I can't read a book?", she enquired.

"That confirms it", I thought. "He's nervous because his wife is mad".

"What do you mean exactly", I very gently asked, backing away slightly. She went on to explain that she couldn't get the reception she needed to download a book onto the grey device she held in her hand.

Such was my introduction to the KINDLE. A marvellous gadget that lets you download and store thousands of books that you can take and read anywhere to help you pass the time and get through the day.

It led me to thinking that our minds are a little like a Kindle, or rather a Kindle is a little like our minds, only a lot more limited compared to our Creator's masterpiece. In order to get us through the day, a tough time, or downright spiritual warfare, we can at anytime simply recall from our inbuilt Kindle, verses from the bible that relate to the situation we're in, and in faith, act upon them.

The power of God's words are far greater than any found in a novel on a Kindle, but before we can use them, God's words must be entered into our internal Kindle. How? By reading and meditating on the bible, that is, on God's words to us. Or, in techno speak, by downloading God's word into our internal Kindle. Dare I call it our "iKindle"? No, I thought not.

I have now actually purchased my own Kindle, and it has re-kindled (sorry!) my enjoyment of book reading. I have just finished Joel Rosenberg's "The Tehran Initiative", a ripping good yarn based on bible prophecy and current middle east events.

So, if you happen to see a round faced lady staring at you from under a bland fringe, accompanied by a somewhat tense man, fear not........

they're quite harmless really.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

On a regular basis, I receive email from people informing me that I am a blight on Christendom because I support the doctrine of the Rapture. I am accused of generating complacency amongst Christians by lulling them into a false sense of security.

Apparently, to them, believing in the Rapture is escapism. Well, if that it is true, then believing in Jesus Christ for salvation is just as much escapism is it not? Because one of the benefits of believing in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of one's sins, is to escape eternal punishment and separation from God, so where's the difference? And believing in the Rapture doesn't mean you escape trials and tribulations. I don't know about you, but I've been experiencing trials and tribulation since the day I was born.

There may well be very severe persecution of Christians before the Rapture. There already is in many countries. But these people who email me seem to believe that without getting our heads cut off, we haven't really arrived as true believers in Jesus Christ. Perhaps theirs is a salvation by works, that is, by impressing Jesus with their head on a platter. Personally, I think God would prefer his children not to have to suffer such crimes against them where possible.

You know the most alarming thing? These emails are mostly from so called Christians. They seem to spend a great deal of their time trolling "Rapture" websites, purely with the aim of telling their owners how wrong they are and how they should abandon their "Rapture" beliefs and close down their websites.

I have to ask myself, "who are these Christians really working for?" I have never once gone out of my way to denigrate anyone, Christian or non-Christian, simply because they do not believe in the Rapture. Everyone in my opinion, can make up their own mind about it. Where does this spirit come from that exists in those that constantly criticise us who do believe in a Rapture?

I have my opinion on that.

So if you're reading this, and you have in mind to send me an email criticising this website, myself or anyone else who holds to a Rapture, pre-millennial and pre-tribulation theology, don't bother. Your message will end up in the trash.

If you are chafing at the bit to sow negative information on the Rapture, or disseminate disparaging remarks about my views or the views of other Rapture believing Christians then....

get your own website, and while you're at it, get a life!

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

As always, a recent holiday my wife and I had cruising up a river in a paddle boat, produced a plethora of experiences and thoughts.

Firstly I had never had a bedroom underneath a kitchen before, and the thumping of busy footsteps running back and fro at all hours of the night was a new and frustrating experience. But that was soon fixed by a set of ear plugs purchased at the first town we docked at.

We met many and varied people, and had a lot of laughs as well as food for thought. Many folk were travelling alone, looking for friendship, and perhaps even a companion. Some were wealthy old men with young wives out to impress them. Others were simple hard working folk just looking for a break from health or family worries and career stresses.

Talking with different people at various tables during myriad meals served up, it became clear many travellers roam the globe because they want to experience as much as they can, because they don't expect anything after they pass away, or at least, they are unsure of eternal matters.

For others, it is simply a matter of the old "keeping up with the Joneses". A desire to impress or show off prompts many, un-encouraged, to rattle off ad nauseam the names of places they have visited. After sitting through the avalanche of their achievements, one is relieved at the thought that one can finally exit their presence politely, only to have that hope dashed, as they then commence to tell you, in minute detail, about all they places they are planning to go to next. Oh for thumping feet in a kitchen above on such occasions.

I was surprised at the number of individuals who appeared to have embarked on the trip simply to find a different place to imbibe alcohol on an almost continuous basis. I wondered why a few just didn't have the barman insert a Scotch drip into their arms. It was amusing to see their surprised and a little angry expressions when they finally received their drinks bill. Alcohol is certainly an anaesthetic for lots of folk, used to speed them away from harsh realities.

I must admit I myself did try the "cocktail of the day" one time. It was called a "White Cockatoo". Consuming the first half was quite pleasurable. However, by the time I finished it I was feeling decidedly queasy, and remember feeling sorry for the real Cockatoo I decided they must have used in it.

All in all, it was a very relaxing trip for us both. I am just so grateful, that wherever I am, be it in my humble earthly abode, or on a holiday somewhere, I am basically content and at peace. That peace comes from on high, and there is simply no substitute for it.

Wherever I am, I'm always at home. Why?........

Because home is where the heart is, and my heart is with Christ in heavenly places.


   ( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

Have you ever asked someone for something and they've replied, "Of course, why didn't you say something earlier?" Have you ever had one of your children ask you for something they don't really need and you've replied, "No you can't have that, be satisfied with what you've got", only to later upon reflection, think, "Oh, let them have it, they've been good lately, I'll give them a treat", and off you go to fetch it with a light heart, eager to see the light turn on in their smile when they receive it.

Some teach that Christians shouldn't ask God for anything, because that is coveting. Then there's the 'name it and claim it' crowd. The 'blab it and grab it' mob. I'm sure God turns His back on such presumptuousness. 

Certainly the bible warns against coveting and greed, and in general, we should be more driven to give than to receive, but does it teach we should be afraid to ask our Heavenly Father for something we desire? Mine doesn't. It says things like, "Ask and you shall receive", and "You have not because you ask not". God knows whether we can handle a blessing or not. He knows if we deserve a blessing or not. He knows if we can receive something graciously or not. He knows our heart and our motives, so DON'T BE AFRAID TO AT LEAST ASK.

Once, I drove into a garage, and there was a gleaming white Ford Falcon Station Wagon, parked awaiting a service I presume. I said out loud, "Lord, please help me to get a car just like that, one day, please Lord."

I already had a car, but it was a bit of a wreck. I had very little money at the time, but I knew God was generous, and I thought, well, the worst He can say is NO. A week or so later I was driving down a road and there in a car yard to one side, was the exact same type of vehicle up on a high stand. You couldn't miss it, and I certainly didn't. I went in to speak to the salesman. After much debate about my financial position, it was concluded that I just didn't meet the requirements for a loan. Crestfallen, I crossed the road back to my old car, thinking, "Oh well, wasn't meant to be".

I was just about to drive off when a different salesman came running out. Turned out he had a friend in the loan business who could help me out. Half an hour later, I drove out of that yard feeling like a king, in my gleaming, fully automatic, huge, Ford station wagon. It was even white, like I had wanted. I was able to pay it off ahead of schedule, and it served me well for about ten years until I purchased another automobile.


Another example? Once I was driving through the country. Most people there lived on acreage. The hills rolled out in front of me, green and cool and lush. The views were spectacular. The peace was audible. Kangaroos hopped alongside the car as we drove along. Birds of prey soared above us. Once again, at the time, I was financially stretched. It would be impossible, surely, but I said, "Lord, forgive me for being covetous if I am, but if it be possible, I would like to live in this place before I die, just to experience it. Thankyou you Father, I leave it with you".

In less than a year, after a series of financial near impossibles being made possible, we moved into our country home, high on the top of a hill, looking out over an expansive green valley while kangaroos munched peacefully on our back lawn.


I could go on, but I'll spare you. So next time you wonder why God hasn't blessed you or given you that little treat you really wanted, or met that need you have, go back over your check list and see.........

did you ever ask?


( .... Keygar )

No matter where I go, or what I am doing, there's always someone telling me how to live a full and satisfying life. Lately there has been a series of advertisements telling me that if I buy a house in a new estate, I will be full of happiness with schools and shops nearby, lots of parks and playgrounds within walking distance, and lovely views to the ocean thrown in just to make my blissful experience complete.

They don't mention however that the brand new schools will contribute towards producing many lawless brats who will deface anything in their way each day. They don't talk about the shops overcharging and falsely advertising their wares, failing to honour guarantees and causing traffic chaos in their vicinity. Nor do they point out that on weekends, youths will gather in the beautiful parks and start fires, have drinking parties and attack anyone who challenges them.

The views of the ocean are indeed wonderful, but one is not informed by the advertisers of the storm fronts that whip in from the ocean and take the roofs off your house, or the rust that spreads like a cancer round your house, fuelled by the salty onshore winds.

The downside that is glossed over by the advertisers and social engineers applies to almost everything their world promotes. Go to a party and as soon as you are enjoying yourself, some drunk ruins it for everyone. Go to a football game, and some idiot starts a brawl at half time, and sours the whole experience. Buy a new car, and within weeks, it's back at the dealers having repairs done. Go out for dinner, and the waitress looks like she just swallowed a lemon, and the regular cook has taken the night off as a result of a hangover.

I could go on and on and on, in fact, I have been doing just that. The point is, the promised secrets to a fulfilling and enjoyable life thrown up at us, are a scam. Yes, I will have moments of joy and satisfaction. But despite what the smooth talking peddlers are waving under my nose on an hourly basis, I understand and have come to terms with the fact that I will not have a completely full, enjoyable and rewarding life......

till I leave this one.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

This week, I had my bottom anti-fouled. No, it's not related to the BOIL I spoke of last week. "Then what are you talking about", I hear you enquire. Well, till a month or so ago, I didn't know what anti-fouling was either. I would have thought it was perhaps something to do with animal rights, or perhaps a misdemeanour during a team game.

But no, tis a nautical term referring to the practice of painting the bottom of a boat with special paint that slows down the build up of barnacles and weeds on the hull that reduce the boat's speed through the water and generally cause it to be sluggish and perform badly. It is particularly a problem with boats that are kept in the water at one place for long periods of time without being used a lot.

Strikes me that a lot of us Christians need our spiritual bottoms anti-fouled regularly. Why? Because we reach a certain growth point in our Christian walk, and then we begin to lose our enthusiasm for one reason or another. We stagnate, and we begin to collect barnacles on ourselves. Barnacles of envy, covetousness, surfeiting, ingratitude, worry, love of money and ambition, just to mention a few. Our Christian walk slows to a crawl. Serving God becomes a real chore. Our performance as a disciple of Jesus suffers and we find ourselves almost becalmed.

We should learn to recognise the symptoms, learn to discern our spiritual walk and be aware of our effectiveness as followers of our Lord and Saviour.

We should in fact, regularly, and in private of course.......

look to our bottoms.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

During the last few weeks I have been afflicted with a hitherto unexperienced ailment, a BOIL. After some research, I discovered that it is in fact just like a GIANT pimple. I think the word giant here is a good one as it reached the size of a golf ball at its peak. As a matter of fact, it did almost feel like walking around a golf course with a spare golf ball in my back pocket because you see, this boil out of a wicked sense of humour, decided to locate itself right on my "sit upon", a most inconvenient location no? Unfortunately, matters still haven't come to a head so to speak, and the unwanted experience continues.

The Doctor I saw was about as much help as the boil itself, refusing to treat it with anything but a harsh look and a disinterested mutter. Instead, he hurt me further by slapping me with an invoice.

My somewhat peculiar thought processes led me to think of how this boil was a lot like the situation we have in the middle east at the moment. Over there, we have anti-Semitism slowly rising and infecting the nations around Israel. The doctor's, the U.S.A., Russia, the U.N. and the European Union, have no cure for it. They just wait, hoping it will heal itself, with a few inept treatments of their own thrown in. It's apparent now that the doctors have become infected themselves, and have become part of the problem. There is no reversing the affliction. One must just wait.

Sooner or later a boil will burst, and what comes out is not pleasant. But then, healing comes.

The analogy is complete.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar )

Sometimes, one just really doesn't have much to say. That's me this week. I was woken up early today by my neighbour sawing up wood. I admit I was a bit tired and grumpy. Still am. I went next door wanting to take over, and then use him as a log, but came away mellowed by his gentle nature and winning ways. I told myself I needed to start getting up earlier anyway.

But in reality, he could have waited another hour or so before terminating my dreams. It's a fact that the number one complaint police around here receive is about noisy neighbours. Loud family parties, happy couples fighting, adorable dogs barking all night, wonderful audio technology being shown off through boom boxes, proudly maintained automobiles being revved to valve bounce, it's all there. Not to mention chainsaw happy neighbours.

Then there's community newspapers blowing every which way down the street, thrown there by glazed eyed drivers tearing up and down the roads eager to get home and yell at the kids. Street signs bent over by bored youths to impress young girls whose parents are at home mesmerised by TV's up full blast. Motorbikes ridden by inadequate males who compensate by making as much noise as they can in order to frighten off other males who may slap them, or attract females possessing a warped perception of manliness.

If one gets bored, you can always wander up to the main road, and marvel at the artistry of tomorrows leaders armed only with a lack of respect and a can of spray paint. Other people's walls, cars and buildings, it doesn't matter to them, they all make a wonderful and challenging canvas.

What a much quieter and more pleasant world it would be if we treated others the same way we want them to treat us. Didn't someone suggest that centuries ago. I'm sure they did. Whoever it was, man, what a world changing idea. No one seems to have taken Him seriously though.

Looking around this world, there really isn't much to say.

Jesus said it all.

( My two cents worth.... Keygar )

This week I sat for my "Skippers Ticket". What's that you ask? Well, where I live, if you wish to operate a powered boat, you need to pass a written examination, and then go out on the water with an assessor, and successfully demonstrate your ability to perform nine or so procedures. You are given two practice runs for each procedure, and then you are assessed. Any verbal or practical errors on each procedure, and it's game over aaaaaand back to the boat shed.

It was a nerve wracking encounter. Plus, I had to have eyes in the back of my head, as there were boats everywhere this particular day. This was ok, because most of the time I'm sure the assessor thought I was speaking out the back of my head as well. I had never actually driven a boat proper before, so it was a very steep learning and testing curve on the day.

Anyway, after three and a half hours of jangling my nerves and terrifying sea animals and other innocent boaters, I PASSED. With my heart rate slowly returning to normal, and my assessor well pleased with himself for managing to go the distance with an idiot in the boat, we headed back to the marina. More relaxed now, we began talking.

He explained that he was sending his children to a Christian school. So, I asked him if he was a Christian. His answer was that he believed he was a Christian (which was open to debate) but many Christian fundamentalists at the school where he took his children didn't regard him as a Christian, AND SO REFUSED to talk to him. I was appalled.

But you know, this is all too common. In fact, most of my adult life, many so called Christians have refused to have much to do with me. Why? Because I have played in bands professionally, been involved with non Christian musicians who had a very worldly lifestyle, had homosexual friends, liked a beer or glass of wine, enjoyed loud music and going to a pub to hear good musicians, never have gone to church every week, and often befriended those others considered oddballs or weirdos. I was even thought of as possibly being a homosexual myself, or a carousing, womanising friend of dubious characters. Still am in fact, by some.

The truth is, most of my best friends have been non Christians. The best times I have had, have been with non Christians. The biggest laughs I have had, have been with non Christians. The most loyal friends I have had, have been non Christians. Most of the more simple, giving and nice people I have known, have been non Christians. I'm not advocating reverse snobbery here, just telling you MY experiences.

Don't get me wrong. I am eternally grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for saving me and I look forward to spending eternity with Him. I am forever glad I am a Christian and I don't advocate lifestyles contrary to God's guidelines, but I have spent hours praying to the Lord to save my non Christian friends, selfishly motivated by the desire to spend eternity with them, rather than the many self righteous Christians I know. The truth is, I am no better than any other Christian, and no better than any other non Christian. Neither are you.

So, to all those perfectly precious pious people out there, next time you go waltzing down the street thinking how superior and holy you are because you are a Christian, pitying those sinners you are secretly glad to have on the other side of the road, ....don't.

You're the ones to be pitied.



Once upon a time....When I was beaten by all of my foes

When I was weeping with demons around

As I gave up and cried in despair

I noticed a figure standing there

Slowly but slowly He lifted me up

And gave me refreshment from out of His cup

And break of His body for me to eat

And set me back on my feet

It was Jesus my saviour, He was there all along

He washed me and fed me and gave me a song

When I was hurting from all of their blows

When I was aching from their cruel demands

As I began to let go of my soul

I noticed a pair of nail scarred hands

Slowly but slowly He lifted me up

And gave me refreshment from out of His cup

And break of His body for me to eat

And set me back on my feet

It was Jesus my saviour, He was there all along

He washed me and fed me and gave me a song

While I was fighting those thoughts of despair

While I was pushing those devils away

When I came close to ending it all

I heard a kind voice from somewhere

Slowly but slowly He lifted me up

And gave me refreshment from out of His cup

And break of His body for me to eat

And set me back on my feet

It was Jesus my saviour, He was there all along

He washed me and fed me and gave me a song

As I had finished the race I had run

As I lay fighting for life as I knew

While I did glimpse a blinding white light

I noticed a person clothed in white

Slowly but slowly He lifted me up

And gave me refreshment from out of His cup

And break of His body for me to eat

And set me back on my feet

It was Jesus my saviour, He was there all along

He washed me and fed me and gave me a song

( Thanks again Yeshua.... Keygar )

One of the major benefits of being a bible believing, prophecy studying Christian is.....knowing.

Ask most people in the street where they think humans came from and they'll sort of shrug and say "I dunno, I guess we came from monkeys didn't we, some big explosion, I'm not sure. Who cares anyway".

Ask the average person if they believe in life after death, and they'll look a bit uncomfortable and say, "I dunno for sure, yeah, I guess there might be, but anyway, I'll be with my friends below heh heh, and we'll all drink together and have a laugh. Maybe we just die and that's it."

Ask the average bloke down the road what they think is on the political or economic horizon and they'll say, "Oh, who knows, you can't trust those politicians you know, but perhaps the economy will pick up. I'm sure the middle east will sort itself out, I hope, and things might get back to normal in time."

Ask someone if they think there'll be another world war and they'll say, "Well, I certainly hope not, but who knows. It only takes one trigger happy politician and boom eh? I guess time will tell."

Be glad and grateful you are a Christian if you are one. Next time someone asks sarcastically, "So you are a Christian eh? What makes you better off than me?", you can put your hand up and say.......

"I know."

( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

Where I live, school children are currently on holidays. They are everywhere, like grains of sand swirling around in a strong wind. And like grains of sand, they seem to get anywhere and everywhere, and the discomfort they can cause is also similar to grains of sand, as any beach goer will know.

Recently I have witnessed several amusing episodes of children throwing fits in shopping centres because they can't have what they are screaming for, while their poor bedraggled mothers stare upwards red faced and embarrassed seeking either divine help or hoping to turn invisible. Of course, the inept social engineers have now made it a crime to smack or even scold, so the parents of such monsters have to resort to bribery, trickery, hapless smiles or simply just resign themselves to a migraine.

The miniature perpetrators of course fear none of this, and scream even louder till in order to avoid eviction, the parents usually give in with a mutually agreed upon slight reduction in the child's demands, just to retain a transparent veil of authority over their loud lunged offspring.

As Christians however, we find God has not been got at by the fools the world puts forward as smart, and He not only does not bow to our demands, but also takes the rod of correction to us as well. We can demand healing, prosperity, spiritual gifts, signs and wonders and whatever, till we tear all the relevant verses out of the bible, but God will take no heed.

He will instead, if our hearts are actually in the right place to begin with, discipline, shape, purge, bend and twist us till we are no longer like the miniature loud lunged perpetrators of shopping centre mayhem, but instead, we are selfless, humble, quiet, faith filled givers of ourselves and our resources to others. So next time we get through demanding this and that from God, we may as well assume the position and bend over because........

correction is afoot!


( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

I used to play in a country and western band at one of the leading entertainment hotels in the state where I live. It was great fun. The interaction between us musicians and the crowd was very satisfying and I do on occasions miss those days, especially the camaraderie and being part of a team presenting a product that the people wanted and enjoyed.

Every time we played at this venue, there was a lady off to one side of the dance floor in a wheel chair, accompanied by a friend and helper. This lady was a gifted maker of quality leather products and had permission to sell them from her wheel chair when ever bands were playing and the crowds were there.

One evening between brackets, I wandered down to see if she had some nice leather wallets for sale. I was delighted to find an exquisitely embossed and extremely strongly stitched wallet and purchased it. It went on to last me years and I was always happy to take it out of my pocket and just look at it and feel its quality. But oddly enough, very few people bought these wonderful leather goods from this lady. I believe because she was in a wheelchair, many people were for one reason or another loathe to approach her. It must have frustrated her enormously knowing she had a quality product to sell at a very reasonable price, but no customers.

Eventually I noticed she no longer would show up at the venue and it saddened me. There were we, selling our music that lasted only an evening, receiving praise and warmth from the crowd, and there was she, having tried to sell products that lasted a lifetime which nobody would buy, and finding it no longer even worth while trying.

Years later, I find myself in the same frustrating predicament as that lovely lady in the wheel chair. I look around and see that millions are visiting and buying from websites selling songs and memorabilia associated with today's stars of music and entertainment, while comparatively, almost none are coming to my internet store where I am not selling, but giving away information on how to obtain eternal life and peace and joy, products that last forever, but which so few want.

Often, I feel like just not showing up like that talented lady, like taking my product and just locking it up in my shed and forgetting about it. But something keeps me going. Is it a noble thing like the prompting of the Holy Spirit, or is just stubbornness on my part and a proud refusal to admit defeat? Or is it a determination to fight the good fight and finish the race as the apostle Paul admonished us to do? To be quite honest, I just don't know. My motives are questionable at the best of times. As I look at my store ledger, I see there have been very few sales lately, and even fewer enquiries. Oh well, must press on.

There's always next week.

( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

In this new year, will we see the middle east erupt into nuclear war? Will Syria carry out it's threats to wipe out Tel Aviv? Will Iran procure a nuclear weapon if it hasn't already? Will the rapture of the church occur plunging the world into chaos setting it up for the appearance of the antichrist? Will the U.S. president keep dancing to the tunes piped by the world's financial elite? Will Israel go it alone and take out Iran's nuclear development sites? Will anti-Semitism continue to rear it's ugly head from the media all the way up to the united nations? Answer.....who knows?

Here in Australia, will the general "duh" population wake up to the fairytale of the carbon tax? Will it become obvious that this country is being led by a "green" homosexual with same sex marriage one of his main aims, whilst a gullible prime minister follows him for the sake of power? Will a politician with some real understanding of the games the U.N and U.S.A. are playing with them, emerge? Will the gods of Australia continue to be money, sport, sex and booze, or will a genuine spiritual awakening occur? Will Aussie television get any sillier, boring, ruder, cruder and uninforming? Answer.....who knows?

Will the euro fly out the door like a burst balloon? Will the American dollar finally fall through the trapdoor prepared for it? Will there be more bank runs and share market collapses or will there emerge a way out of the financial glue pot? Will gold continue its bull run or will those holding large amounts see it melt through their fingers? Will property values continue to fall as many homeowners now see their assets running behind their debts trying to catch up? Will a new world wide economic order emerge, or even a new world currency? Answer.....who knows?

Will we finally make contact with "extra terrestrials" and will people get sucked into the subsequent deception? Will earthquakes and freakish weather continue to increase? Will lawlessness and violence increase? Closer to home, will we find a way to stop roaming packs of youths whose main utterances are "can you give me some money" or "huh", from vandalising everything in sight? Will old people continue to get beaten and murdered in their own homes? Answer.....who knows?

So, in summary, considering all of the above questions and scenarios, who DOES know all the answers?.........

God only knows.

( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

Most people have at one time or another heard about Jesus Christ, or heard the name at least. But the majority just assume He was a historical character who had fanciful stories made up about Him, and that He isn't really much more important than the bloke down the street these days. They certainly don't read the bible to try and learn more. It would interfere with their internet surfing time or their TV watching.

Besides, evolution and even the vatican's acceptance of extraterrestrial life have pretty much proved that the bible is just full of imaginative stories with a few cool ideas about being nice to each other. So it really doesn't matter that Jesus actually claimed to be God, or that He talked about a place of horrible punishment for those that ignore Him, because they are just myths. Besides, the ones who talk about Jesus and all that on TV are crooks. Some have even gone to jail. Religion and Jesus stuff is just a scam to rip you off.

As for sin, what a joke. If it isn't hurting anyone else, just do what you like. What's the big deal. Sin is just a scary old concept made up to frighten people and control them. Forget it. That's all in the past. We can put men on the moon now. We have computers, iPhones, iPads, laptops, 3d TV's, and cars that talk to you. All that Jesus and sin stuff is way behind us. We've moved on.

And so the world in general has rejected Jesus Christ and what He said in the bible. That's ok, you can do that. Jesus won't stop you. But there's something in particular that Jesus said that may be of interest. Look it up for yourself if you want. Of course if He's dead, it doesn't matter what He said. But Jesus told those who went looking for his body after He was killed that He was no longer dead, and that He was in fact returning to heaven where He came from.

So let's just assume for a moment that He is alive right now and look at this one other thing that He said. It's in Matthew chapter 10, verse 33. To sum it up, He said this, "If you reject me, I'll eventually reject you". Now if this is true..........

guess who comes off second best?

( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

In this age of rebellion, perversion, apathy, dumbing down, lawlessness and lunacy, the latest truth to be called a lie by the intellectually challenged who feed and instruct the other mentally miniaturised hordes, is the bible testimony that Jesus Christ was born to a virgin. There are two types of people in the world. Those who take the bible seriously and those, including many deluded folk who mistakenly think they are Christians, who don't.

In the book of Luke, it's made abundantly clear that an angel appeared to Mary, A VIRGIN, and told her she was going to have a baby. Tough to understand I know, but there you have it. Yet most teachers and students in seminaries don't believe it. God help us, and more urgently, them.

One theory put forward by apostate teachers about the virgin birth is that Mary was raped, and then suppressed the memory. My theory is that such ideas come from people whose intellect has been raped and their minds have subsequently suppressed reason. Others quote verses out of context to prove their argument that Mary was not a virgin, a common and now almost boring practice by the faithless these days.

Others say that the original Hebrew word "almah" can mean virgin or young maiden, so it MUST mean young maiden here. Right, that's logical. So if a cow can be black or brown, then it must be brown. That's real good teaching. Let's ignore the fact that the word used here has been translated "virgin" since the third century before Christ was born.

With the abandonment of scholastic excellence in seminaries and schools these days, it's no wonder most students can't spell or put a sentence together. But they do have marvellous piercings.

The best defence against those who discredit the bible and it's message, is to study it for one's self and see what liars and deceivers they really are.

Nothing changes the facts that God came to earth from heaven, was miraculously born to a virgin named Mary, and that He came to save a lost world, including the spiritually barren who teach and believe otherwise. In rejecting the plain truths about Jesus staring them in the face, they have rejected Jesus Himself.

What will you do?

( A HAPPY and HOLY Christmas to you all..... Keygar )

Sharing our faith with others, commonly known as "witnessing", is a crucial component and activity of our belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. Christians can "witness" in many ways. From handing out welcome newsletters to visitors as they come through the church doors, to preaching on television to an audience of millions, it's all of value to the Lord, and equal in his sight. Some regard the TV preacher as more important, but that simply is not the case. Much is expected from those to whom much has been given, but I believe the blessing for service is the same, be it significant or unnoticed in the world's eyes.

But just how we witness is crucial. It can even be detrimental to the recipient. If we hand out a leaflet written in Japanese to English speaking people, what's the point? So, all that to ask this....

Why did the lady who approached me in the mall the other day "witness" to me by saying enthusiastically, "Hello, please come to our church. There you will miraculously be able to speak in another language, possibly even Swahili, and if you're sick, you'll definitely get better. Here's our address. You'll have a great time."

Without getting into the subjects of "tongues" and "healing" which are covered elsewhere on this website, what's the point of saying such things to a non church going sinner? One, they'll either think your antenna is not picking up all channels, or Two, they will come to your church, but for all the wrong reasons.

Shouldn't the message to a lost world be, "Did you know God came to earth as Jesus Christ, and was killed in our place as a result of our sin, because he truly loves each one of us? Then He rose from the dead and is now alive, and if you have faith in Him and what He did you for, and if you follow Him and His teachings and turn away from wrongdoing, you will be spared from your deserved punishment, and share eternal life with Him in glory." Surely that's the information non Christians really need to be given, isn't it?

Next time you hear someone speaking in Swahili, ask them if they are doing so because they are truly saved by Jesus Christ, or is it because........

they're having a great time?

( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

When I worked for the Police Department, even though I was not a front line officer, I was quite often privy to situations where altercations broke out between gangs of young men, usually racially or economically triggered. Often the two or sometimes three groups would meet in a hotel car park at night, armed with knives, pickets, machetes and anything else they could get their hands on. Always at first, it was just an insult slinging match with neither group really wanting a fight. But unless officers arrived quickly, inevitably, one or two protagonists would lose it, and push the limits to breaking point and an all out brawl would result, sometimes with tragic consequences.

After it was all over, and the interviewing began, most of the youths would say they never really wanted it to end in violence, but it just all went crazy before they could stop it.

Over in the Middle East at the moment, we have multiple groups of not youths, but leaders of countries, exchanging insults and threats with each other. Syria to Israel. Iran to Israel. Israel to Syria. Turkey to Syria. Egypt to Israel. Jordan to Syria. Russia to America and on and on. Instead of waving sticks and knives around, these leaders are waving warships and nuclear weapons at each other. And there are no policemen to step in at present.

No one country is strong enough, smart enough or willing enough to stop this bickering, not even the good (or bad) old USA. So tell me, where do you think this will end? Well, it will I fear, end up as in the car park. Sooner or later one of these leaders will lose it. There are too many egos and too much hate for it to end peacefully now, unless of course, this is the antichrist's time to appear, which I don't think it is just yet.

The Middle East will erupt, probably with nuclear weapons involved this time. Then, the rest of the world may turn away from their TV sets for a time, and realise that this age is winding up. The bible says men will literally have heart attacks through fear alone, as they see horrendous events unfolding on the earth. It's going to get real ugly down here.

My advice is one, keep out of the car park, and two, make yourself known to the one policeman who will eventually show up to restore order by force, so that when He arrives He knows you're on His side, because this super cop isn't going to take any prisoners.

His name is Yeshua.

( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

Sometimes we Christians of considerable years and experience, tend to think that we have come a long way on our spiritual journey, and have passed several important heavenly examinations. We remember the apostle Paul's words about baby Christians moving on to become adult Christians, and feel a sense of satisfaction that, yes indeed, we have progressed substantially along the enlightened road. That is when God usually gives us a wake up call. I got one this week.

Late one afternoon, my wife came to me and said "Love, I need to get to hospital". It was a situation we had been through several times before and my reaction was not Christ like at all. At this news, I thought silently, "Oh no, not again, it's a long drive, how can I get around this?"

I knew my concerned wife wanted me with her, and I was well aware from past experience that this could get quite serious, but I began to think of other ways I might get her there without me having to take her myself. I even rang a taxi company, but the price they quoted for the trip would have had me looking for another job the next day just to pay for it.

Covering my reluctance with an insincere willingness, I gathered my wife and her necessities, and thus drove her to the hospital, silently steering up the now dark, endless freeway while wondering just what sort of a Christian I really was, to be so selfish towards my own wife, who I love dearly, and who has helped steer me through my own darkest hours.

The truth dawned that I had in fact not travelled very far along my spiritual road at all, and that indeed, sadly, I remained one of Paul's "baby Christians". So much for pride.

So, next time you feel you have arrived as a Christian, and that you might actually be someone others can look up to, just keep your spiritual phone nearby because.........

you'll be getting a call soon.

( ..... Keygar )

The following was sent to me by a regular visitor to Rapture Notes. I don't know who the author is, so I can't give that person credit here unfortunately, but I hope this piece touches you, like it did me.

There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind.

She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I would marry you.'

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend.

He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he too was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him.

Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying, 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear one, for before they were yours, they were mine.'

This is how the human heart often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side in the most painful situations.

Today before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to God for a companion.

Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven.

Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they can't have any.

Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance on their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.

And before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us is without sin and we will all answer to one MAKER.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on your face and thank God you're still alive.

( Thanks Bob..... Keygar )

This week I began servicing our two motor vehicles. It's an annual event in our household. I always perform this task before the really hot weather comes and when my bones have loosened up after the winter months. I prefer to service them myself because I don't trust acne faced youths with earphones on to do a decent job, and because I'm reluctant to give the moths in my wallet their freedom.

Now don't think I know everything about cars, because I don't. But I do know how to service the basic items and change the oil and water etc. How do I know even this much, or little? Simple, I read the vehicle manuals and follow the instructions. I figure the people who made the car know more than me so I do as they say. As a result, I get the job done.

I can't remember how many times I found my dear old Dad before he went to glory, with a new gadget in one hand, the instruction book flapping un-opened in the other, topped off with a wide eyed murderous look on his feverish face, partially hidden by steamed up glasses. I would say, "Dad, did you read the instructions?", to which he would through flared nostrils and gritted teeth mumble, "No need to son, should be easy enough".

Many Christians get completely flummoxed when asked a question about their beliefs, even with a bible in their hands. They get bewildered when faced with problems or trials and usually end up getting bad advice from young Pastors with acne, wearing earphones.

Even more sad is the fact that many Christians have no idea what is happening in the real world from a prophetic point of view, but they do know who won "dancing with the stars" or "which celebrity is going out with who". A lot of church goers don't even know what stance they should take on abortion or same sex marriage. It's lamentable.

So, whether you are servicing your car, or struggling as a Christian, I say.......


( my two cents worth..... Keygar )

When my children were just kids, they loved to play a computer game called "Tetris". They played it so long and often that they were being treated for repetitive strain injury and I was on sedatives.

The noise was incessant. Pops, squeaks, tinny music, clunks and thumps accompanied the rattle of joystick levers in a never ending cacophony of motion and noise. The object was to control the descent rate and orientation of falling objects to produce a perfect, neatly filled container with no gaps or spaces between the pieces, and thus pass the test of skill.

L.A. Marzulli recently wrote a book called the "The Cosmic Chess Match" in which he likens the past few thousand years to a game of chess, that is, move and counter move between God and Satan. If I were to write a book, which undoubtedly would be out of print within a week, I would call it "The Cosmic Tetris Game".

God has been allowing the pieces of His overall plan and prophetic puzzle to spin and fall under His timing and control accompanied by I'm sure, much activity in the heavenlies. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, often spinning in many different directions, the falling pieces have now almost perfectly filled the divine chalice, and soon the trumpet of God will sound and a non-computerised voice will boom through celestial speakers saying........


I know a couple of people who like a good laugh. They must do. They have spent most of their life going around seeking out church folk and Pastors who they can offload their troubles and burdens to. Pouring out their woes to others and getting a pat on the back with a "there...there" seems to satisfy them for a time.

Especially gratifying to them are people who agree with them that all their woes are due to someone else, or an unpleasant incident that occurred in their life, or because someone has wronged them and not apologised.

These people are gross under achievers because they are preoccupied with themselves and their need to be positively stroked. BUT, heaven help anyone who tells them a few home truths about themselves. Whoa, hang on. These people who like a good laugh then really get their backs up and indeed start to say to themselves and any other fool who will listen, "well, what do they know anyway, they are hopeless, they don't understand how hard I've had it".

These folk are not much good to themselves or anyone else, and the condition is often life long. They usually have few friends, and often lose the ones they have. Their life just goes around in never ending circles of utter unproductiveness. But they do like a good laugh. They must do. After all, their main activity seems to be going about getting.......

their ears tickled.

(my two cents worth..... Keygar)

This week, my mother broke through the thin, fragile membrane separating this world from the next and went to be with Jesus. She was the rock upon which my earthly family was built, and Jesus was the rock on which she built her own life.

Her faith was the glue that held our family together and she imparted that faith in Christ to her husband and sons as a true hand maiden of the Lord does. But that is not the essence of this message.

God's mercy, kindness and attentiveness to His children is what I would like to focus on today. He loves to hear our prayers. If we could only grasp the reality and enormity of His love for us, what assurance and peace we would have. Three days before my mother was promoted, I earnestly and fervently prayed to God to either restore my mother's quality of life, or take her to Himself very quickly so she wouldn't have to endure prolonged ill health.

I sensed a great peace at the end of my supplications. A sure knowledge that God had heard me and would grant me my request, rested upon me and an unearthly peace ensued. Three days later, He suddenly scooped her up into His arms, to be with Him forever.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can see no way out, or your loved ones are suffering and you can't find or anticipate a solution, or you have reached a point of exasperation where your despair overwhelms you, it may just be that you haven't a prayer, and that is exactly...........

the problem!

(See you soon Mum..... Keygar)

Along with bible prophecy, one of the least preached about subjects in churches today is, DEMONS! Apparently Jesus cast them off the earth when He returned to heaven. Would be nice, but it didn't happen. Perhaps they just sit around hell playing pool. Nice way to pass a day but I don't think so.

The "good book" says we fight against unclean spirits more than flesh and blood. Perhaps it was a typo. No, I don't think so. If the Bible's full of errors, we may as well hang up now. Nothing in the Bible indicates that demonic activity ceased at any time since Jesus left. On the contrary, after He left, the disciples still went around casting demons out of people. They were either overly theatrical, stupid, or simply knew their enemy and did something about it. All the evidence points to the latter.

But it's not only the Bible that makes me believe in the activity of demons, it's personal experience. I have seen people behaving in such a manner that cannot be explained by any professor, PLUS, I have seen the same behaviour stop, simply at the mention of the name of Jesus. No pills, counselling, surgery, psychology, psychiatry, herbs, naturopathy or whatever. Just the name of Jesus.

I have witnessed demonic manifestations in a house cease after the unclean spirit was sent packing by the name of Jesus. So, we must not underestimate the presence and activity of demons. If you come across someone whose behaviour defies all scientific and medical logic, at least consider there may be an unclean spirit behind it. If you witness objects trotting across a room under their own steam, at least consider there may be demons at work there. But never be afraid of demons, because under heavenly protocols, they must buzz off at the name of Jesus.

So next time you feel like sinning and really getting into the spirit of it, consider what spirit you are getting into.........

or rather, vice versa.

(my two cents worth..... Keygar)

Last week, I had a gripe session in Keygar's Korner. This week, I'll try and be a bit more positive.

I have just been for a l-o-n-g- walk around where I live. It's great to just wander along the river's edge, thinking about this and that, watching the kids playing, seeing dogs of all sizes and sorts taking their owners for an involuntary lunge. Seagulls perch on cafe tables timing their swoops to perfection and robbing people of their chips and cakes before flying off to the next eatery on their route.

I usually stop and have a coffee somewhere and often get into conversation with someone about anything. Sometimes the conversation is even sensible and actually leads somewhere, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Anyway, back to the point.

On my way home, I had to divert to post a letter, and then divert again to have my sore big toe x-rayed (true!). This took me a long way off the beaten track, and as I headed back home, I could just see the roof of my house in the far f-a-r distance.

My heart sank, or was it my stomach. I thought... "I'll never make it, specially with this big toe throbbing to a Latin beat". But, I started off, telling myself that with each step, I was getting closer to home, even tho that rooftop certainly seemed to take a step backwards each time I took a step forwards. On and on I trudged, over and over telling myself "one more step". I think I must have entered some sort of altered state because all of a sudden I looked around, and there I was, HOME! The relief as I threw my toe onto the bed was immeasurable.

HEAVEN is a bit like my rooftop. It seems so far away at times, as tho we'll never arrive. But one day soon, suddenly, we Christians will truly enter an altered state, look around, and find ourselves ........


(my two cents worth..... Keygar)

Today I feel like having a gripe. Why not, as long as I don't let the sun go down while I'm still angry eh?

I'm tired of internet sites that constantly make molehills into prophetic mountains. They are everywhere it seems. Almost everything that's happening is a sign to them that Jesus is returning tomorrow or that a comet will hit us on the way to work. Or a hidden planet has been captured on film (good trick) and is going to turn the earth upside down any minute, so we'd better nail the furniture down.

President Assad from Syria is the antichrist no doubt, you can tell by his eyes, no hang on, it just might be Netanyahu. It's definitely not Obama anymore, or then again?

The never ending websites that have a revelation about how the end times will play out, but you'll need to buy their book to get the real picture, only $19.99 if you get it from their website, today, may as well purchase it now while it's on special.

I wonder why these knowledgeable Christians with so much insight and conviction about what's going to happen soon, don't just offer their books for free download. Why does everything from a sermon to a booklet have a price tag. If it's because it's their only source of income, then why don't they get a real job PLUS share what they think they've discovered?

And I'm fed up with Christians telling me to donate to their ministry because by doing so, I'll get a good reward in heaven and possibly even get to rule a whole country for eternity. Wow. Where's my cheque book? Apparently, by sending them my dollars, it may even help me avoid feeling depressed in heaven when everyone else is collecting their winnings while I'm left alone with just Jesus.

Well, that's my colonic irrigation done for today. I feel much better now. Sorry about you. I'd better go and shift the car before the planets line up. Bye.

(..... Keygar)

One of the most visited pages on RAPTURE NOTES is "crowns". It seems many Christians are preoccupied with what rewards and crowns they might get in heaven. To me, it's an attitude of covetousness that borders on replicating the materialism that rules particularly western society here on earth. Jesus definitely says that we should concentrate on serving Him and thereby accumulate results and rewards of an eternal value, but He emphasises that the main reason for doing so is that heavenly treasures don't depreciate or get stolen as they do on earth.

But I fear many Christian's carnal nature kicks in (and yes, I include myself here), and we begin to lust after our possible eternal rewards and positions rather than serving Christ out of love and appreciation. We don't deserve redemption, let alone rewards.

When my children were little, sometimes they would come home with a picture or a drawing or something they had made for me in school, and eagerly they would give it to me, with their first attempts at writing across the top struggling to say "I love you daddy" in smudged crayon. I still have such pictures. Why, because those drawings were motivated by pure and simple love. Later, when teenagers, they would give me something or say something that was an obvious "con" job to get something out of me, money or a lift to a friend's house or whatever. I could see through them straight away and responded accordingly. Do we not think Jesus, who designed us, can see through us? You bet He can, and does, and will.

Let's not get obsessed about eternal rewards, crowns, and positions in God's kingdom we may attain. That's God's business and we couldn't begin to understand His thought processes in these areas as to who gets what and who does what in eternity. Learn from a couple of the disciples who asked Christ if they could sit next to Him in heaven. They were diplomatically told to "mind their own business".

Occasionally, let's just look into our hearts and reappraise our motives.

(my two cents worth..... Keygar)

Lately, I have been researching several Christian websites which deal primarily with the end times. Much valuable material I have gleaned from them, and much insight into areas of expertise beyond my sphere of knowledge. In the main, I am in agreement with their prognosis and predictions.

HOWEVER, I am disturbed somewhat by those Christians who are constantly encouraging me to buy ten acres of land in the bush and bunker down. And those that advise me to procure three years supply of dried non perishable food together with all the pharmaceutical needs I may require for a long long time. Build underground shelters they tell me and army myself with weapons and learn how to use them, to kill accurately and quickly I presume. Don't they realise ninety five percent of Christians are simply unable to, and cannot afford to, follow their advice even if they wanted to?

Why all the fear? Why all the panic? Yes, I know, they say it is using one's common sense to buy and learn how to use radio transmitters in case a world wide blackout occurs and the like, but come on, let's get real. How many Christians have the time, money or expertise to do all the things they recommend? Is Jesus only going to protect or respect the five percent of Christians who are able to follow their advice?

Didn't Jesus say, "don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough evil in it". Doesn't the bible say to "cast our cares on Him, because he knows about them and will take care of them?" Didn't Jesus say over and over "fear not"? Does so called common sense prevail over the words of Christ? Recall if you will, the utter evil, violence and filth that Lot lived amongst at Sodom. Did he bury himself underground? Consider Noah, did he crawl under a rock and shake like a jelly, or did he trust his God and bravely finish the work God had set before him? Did not God protect him and his family, and feed them and deliver them?

If you live in a bunker with heaps of food and water and guns, do you really think in a time of tribulation and chaos, nobody is going to come and take it all off you anyway? If someone knocks on your door asking for food, what are you going to do as a Christian, shoot them dead? I surely wonder sometimes who these fearful Christians ultimately trust in, their own intelligence and cleverness, or our Lord, Saviour, Rock and Strength,

........Jesus Christ.

( my two cents worth... Keygar! )

Where I live, there is a marina full of huge sailing and powered boats of all sorts, worth millions upon millions of dollars. Surprisingly, many of them appear to be seldom used. They're just bobbing up and down as a way of telling onlookers how wealthy their owners must be.

Almost all people walk about with movie cameras in their hands, filming everything that pops up in front of them, specially each other. High powered expensive cars roar along the riverside as their owners express their pride in their polished chariots by roaring their engines as loudly as they can.

When I finally sit down at a boardwalk cafe for a coffee after a long walk with my canine companion, the surrounding tables are usually overflowing with beautified ladies and tanned gentlemen, furiously trying to be overheard by the others as they recount stories of their last overseas trip, or babbling excitedly about their next holiday destination abroad.

Susequent conversation often then turns to what clothes they have just bought and how difficult it is to buy quality products these days. Or, perhaps it is that they are going to sell up, and move to a bigger house, or somewhere nearer the ocean or the golf course.

Inevitably, out comes the new mobile phone, and everyone giggles about how cute and shiny it is, and how they must get one just like it.

When night time comes, and people are alone in their house, and all is quiet, does anyone anywhere anymore ever ask themselves.......


( ... Keygar! )

The birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Christ are the "turning points" in world history. It is fitting, therefore, that Jesus Christ is the separation of "old" and "new." BC was "before Christ" and since His birth, AD (anno domini), we have been living "in the year of our Lord." Now the intellectually challenged have stepped in.

A spokesman for the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, responsible for developing the national curriculum from kindergarten to Year 12, said BCE and CE were to be introduced to replace BC and AD, because this was an increasingly common standard for the representation of dates.

This is of course simply another intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history.

Australians, particularly recent generations, are in general, a Godless and irreligious lot. They won't raise any objection to this most recent attack on our Judeo Christian heritage. As long as mostly overweight Aussies have a heavy duty couch to sit on, a beer in one hand, a flat screen TV, an iphone and a bunch of remote controls, then as far as they're concerned, the rest of the world can go to hell.

The problem they face is........

they're going along as well.

It deeply saddens me to see what is happening to America. As a young Australian boy, America was almost what I imagined heaven to be like. All these years later, what possessed the American people to put a Muslim (my opinion) in the WHITE HOUSE? What caused the USA to go from a nation under God to a nation under slavery to Satan. Strong words? Yes indeed, but that's as I see it. One answer springs to mind......PRIDE.

The guide book to life says "pride comes before a fall" and America under God's blessings seems to have deluded itself into thinking that it was God's chosen nation. But it isn't, never was and never will be. ISRAEL alone is the apple of God's eye, and America is now learning that the hard way. Oh, I don't say Australia is any better, after all, we are basically culturally, an offshoot of the USA, having long since severed our emotional ties to Great Britain. It's America we Aussies trust to save us in a war scenario, but I now truly doubt America has the moral will, inclination or even the ability to do so.

Can America, or Australia return to the good old days? Personally I don't believe so. The trains are too far off the tracks. The leaders and the people have ignored too many warnings. The tsunami of God's judgement is building, and as we have seen sadly over the last decade or so........


( my two cents worth... Keygar! )

Today we took our dog for a play down at the beach. I love going down there. The wind from the ocean tinged with salt and spray seems to blow away the cares and stresses of this tiresome world. Any sense of claustrophobia fades away as one surveys the endless horizon. The noise from the breaking waves blocks out traffic, sirens, radios and people. It's hypnotic.

The warm sun soaks into your bones and eases away aches and soreness. The squealing gulls make you look up into an empty blue forever, taking with it your problems and concerns.

Our dog took off in all directions, and ran and ran in joyous liberty, chasing real and imagined prey. She then laid beside us with satisfied exhaustion.

I think when I get to heaven by God's grace, I will go berserk for a few hundred years exploring and enjoying, then I'll curl up under the tree of life, content, while readying myself for the next adventure......


( my two cents worth... Keygar! )

Many seem surprised at the mindless and uninhibited violence in London over the last week or so. Sadly, I'm not. I mean seriously, it's all laid out in the GOOD BOOK isn't it. In the last days, LAWLESSNESS will become rampant. So where's the surprise to a Bible reading person with an egg cup of intelligence? There should be no surprise.

And if you think this is bad, wait till after God takes His church out of the way and the last seven years of this age begin. The violence and looting and killing and thieving we've seen in London will be THE NORM. But it will be like an afternoon tea with Skippy the bush kangaroo compared to what's ahead. Unless you've got a tank, nuclear armoury in your basement and food and water enough for several years, you'll be the target of the roaming thugs that will infest the streets.

During the last seven years, you'll have two enemies with supernatural abilities coming after you as well. One will be Satan, who is always looking to destroy you anyway, and the other will be the God of Israel who will be rolling up His sleeves and punishing the earth's people for rejecting His sacrifice for them.

I mean, hey, get smart, get a Bible, read it, act on it, and above all else during those last seven years.......


( my two cents worth... Keygar! )

My Bible tells me that during the Millennium, a thousand year period in the future, the earth will be in pristine condition. Genesis 8:22 also tells me "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease".

That's hard to reconcile with an Australian politician's view I heard recently. He stated that in just a few decades the planet would be uninhabitable as a result of man's overuse of the earth's energy resources. Thus, our ignorant and dishonest politicians have now slugged us all with an extra Carbon Tax, to reduce our comical Carbon Footprint.

Man may well be polluting the earth and harming the environment in specific areas and ways, and the Bible does clearly say that it will, at some time in the future be scorching hot, and the earth will be subject to massive climate upheavals and earthquakes, specially during the final seven years of this age we live in.

But it will not be mankind's Carbon Footprint that will bring calamity down upon itself. It will be man's utter and rebellious rejection of Jesus Christ's sacrifice at Calvary.

( my two cents worth... Keygar! )

I received an email this week from someone I respect as a Christian and a student of the bible. He included an article in which he argued that the biblical bride of Christ will exclude Christians who have achieved little or nothing for Christ's kingdom, even though they will be saved and have a home in Heaven. He presented some compelling arguments, but I finally had to disagree with his conclusion.

In my humble opinion, either all of the church, that is, all born again Christians are Christ's bride, or no one is, setting aside other arguments that Israel or Jerusalem is the bride of Christ.

A husband doesn't separate his bride into pieces, and reward some bits and not the others. He doesn't sit next to part of his bride at the wedding feast, and send another part of his bride outside on her own. He wouldn't want part of his bride to be filled with joy at their marriage, but another part of his loved one filled with tears because she didn't measure up in some way.

But, there will be different measures of rewards for Christians based on their commitment to Christ and service to Him. That I do believe, and many will be a bit embarrassed at their inability to show Christ evidence of any real effort they have made on earth on His behalf. So if you feel you haven't done much for Jesus out of appreciation of His sacrifice for you, DO SOMETHING NOW!

And if you do see a red faced individual in glory, looking happy but a little embarrassed, come up and introduce yourself.... I'd love to meet you :)

( ... Keygar! )

Just before American Harold Camping's predicted date of the rapture, which was May 21st 2011, traffic to this web site went through the roof. Christians and non Christians alike jumped on the band wagon and followed the story closely. For the first time I can remember, even the liberal media in Australia got hold of the story and threw up "end of the world" banners and "prepare to disappear in the rapture" headlines. I've never seen such interest, benevolent and malevolent, in the rapture and the predictions of the bible.

Of course, true students of Bible prophecy knew the prediction came from a false prophet, but that didn't bother the media or gullible Christians. They just picked up the ball and ran, straight into a brick wall. Now, we who knew Camping is a fruitcake are left to pick up the crumbs.

Since that debacle, traffic to this site has fallen sharply. True Bible prophecy has become much harder to sell. More than ever, if you believe in a rapture or the Bible or prophecy, one is considered a candidate for a rubber room. This whole scenario is of course further evidence of the fact that we are indeed in the end times. The Bible says that towards the close of this age, most would mock any claim that Jesus was going to return, and brand those that believed He would, as idiots. Well, we've arrived.

It's tempting to call it a day, throw in the towel, and leave the pearls to the swine. After all, it takes much time and money to keep a site like this going. But we're not quite licked yet. We're still on the winning side, and time grows even shorter. On a previous occasion, I stated that almost no one, including most supposed Christians, can be trusted these days. Mr Camping has demonstrated that fact to perfection.

Stand firm, be patient, trust Jesus, ignore the scoffers, and we'll soon hold the cup aloft.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar! )

I don't believe in extra terrestrial beings. I do however believe in extra dimensional beings, that is, demons, who perhaps in the future will indeed masquerade as spacemen and deceive many. But that's another story.

But if a little green man from another planet did appear to me and say, "g'day mate, I've moved here to earth to live and was wondering if you could give me one good piece of advice to help me succeed here," then my advice to him would be, "Green man, DON'T TRUST ANYONE!!!"

Why would I say that? Because there is not one good person on earth, specially me.

Truly born again Christians are probably the most moral people on earth, but even they can't be trusted totally. Non Christians are extremely untrustworthy, because they don't even follow the teachings on morality as provided by Jesus Christ. And leaders, in general, not only are non Christians, they are also corrupted further by power and money. No matter how nice a human being may appear, the simple truth is, they can't be trusted completely.

So, if you need real help, if you have a secret that must be shared, if you have a personal problem that has to be addressed, if you have hit rock bottom and your life hangs in the balance, the only person to turn to, who is totally trustworthy is...


( my two cents worth.... Keygar! )

You can only say so much about any subject. Even the Bible is limited in size. God told us all we need to know, and now leaves the rest to us. A recipe in a cook book can only be so detailed in how to make a certain dish, but if the cook won't read it, or follow the directions, then I'd hate to be the one eating the result. This website, Rapture Notes, cannot really add much more to what it already presents.

It seems the whole world has pretty much heard about Jesus and how to be saved, or at least has had the opportunity in this technological age, and it would appear that the world's people as a whole have rejected the message and directions.

The sermon of evolutionism, false gods and self, has also been preached around the globe, and it's apparent that nearly all have listened carefully and decided that's the philosophy for them. We have reached then somewhat of a stalemate between one set of directions for success, and another set of directions for the same result.

What we need now then, is some exceptional arbitrator to step up and provide or reiterate the true and correct directions we must follow for the wellness and future of mankind, and forcibly ensure those directions are carried out.

I can just about hear the footsteps of that Arbitrator now......

( .... Keygar! )

When you were a child shopping with your Mum, did you ever lose sight of her, and feel terrified? Have you seen children in a park screaming with pale, tear stained contorted faces, frantically looking left and right for their parents? Have you ever felt that sort of almost tangible panic?

One day when my daughter was a toddler, she refused to come when called as we were leaving to go home after a day at the beach. Finally, waving wistfully, I called to her, "well goodbye, we are going home now", and headed for the car. She stood her ground stubbornly for a time. As we became smaller while she gazed after us, the tears and screams suddenly bust forth in the distance as she realised she was losing her protection, her providers and those who loved her. Suddenly she bolted towards us and grasped our hands tightly with no intention of ever letting go again.

Have you as a parent ever received a knock on the door in the early hours of the morning, after laying awake wondering if your children were safe, and on opening the door, been filled with dread at the glimpse of a dimly lit eerie uniform?

If you have ever felt such stark and gut wrenching terror as described above, then you have experienced a tiny fleeting sense of what it will be like for someone to see Jesus turn and walk away, as they themselves are drawn into HELL.

( my two cents worth.... Keygar! )

I would abandon Christianity and my belief in Christ in a flash, if mankind could and would show me something better. I'd throw my Bible in the ocean if I read a book that better summed up our existence here with sensible reasons for the past, together with accurate predictions for the future.

If a leader appeared tomorrow who did away with pain, dishonesty, unfairness, and especially death, I'd bow before them and close down this web site. If I saw non Christians genuinely full of joy and peace and utter unselfishness, possessing provable and demonstrable answers to this world's ills, I'd change to their side quicker than a politician can break a promise.

It's a no brainer really isn't it? That's why you're reading this.

( .... Keygar! )

Last night I had a really frightening and disturbing dream. No, it wasn't a vision or anything supernatural, just a really nasty dream. In it, millions upon millions of people were suddenly plunged into darkness, circling confusedly and bewildered like a mammoth herd of wildebeest. There was an awesome sad depressing air of knowing that suddenly normalcy had ended.

Things as they had been would never be that way again. it wasn't that possibly a catastrophe had happened, it was a realisation that normal existence as previously known, had been terminated forever. The overwhelming atmosphere was dark and full of dread. I awoke drained, with a strange sadness that it wasn't just a dream, but in fact.......


( my two cents worth........ Keygar! )

When a coach recruits a new player for his team, he not only evaluates the player's ability and skills, but he also looks into the character of the person. How the player reacts to pressure in his personal life, and whether or not he has good morals. Is the new recruit of honest disposition or is he involved in questionable pastimes or have friends of dubious reputation? The coach must do this as it can determine the eventual success or failure of the player on the field, as well as off the field. The coach cannot afford to have a player bring shame and disrespect to the coach himself, the other players and the whole team in general.

As Christians, God cannot use us to full measure on His team if we have some character flaw that could bring shame upon His name or the name of His other children. That is why many of us have never achieved what God could have otherwise done through us. It's because of perhaps just that ONE flaw we have. The one flaw that perhaps no one else knows about except ourselves, and God. If we don't deal with that flaw, or sin, we will never reach the heights of service to God that we may have liked to. We must deal with that flaw, or the Coach will have no alternative but to overlook us, no matter what abilities we might have. If that happens, we can blame only.....


( my two cents worth........ Keygar! )

Yesterday I watched a western movie. An old prospector discovered gold in the hills and rode into town, where he took the nugget to the assayer's office to cash it in. He let slip to the assayer that he had drawn a map of where he found the nugget. The assayer paid the old prospector the nugget's worth, and smilingly offered to ride out with him to where he found the nugget and help him stake his claim.

The old prospector was delighted at the young man's enthusiastic offer of help, but we, the viewer, knew that the assayer had a dark motive. He planned to kill the old man, steal his map, and get the gold for himself. I found myself frustrated that the old man couldn't see through the younger man's grinning exterior.

Often I question why my prayers aren't answered. I tell God that if He blesses me, if He just gives me the winning lotto numbers, if He would just help my house go up in value, if He will only influence someone to leave me a bag of money in their will, then I promise I will use it for His glory and kingdom. I even quote God's own promises He's made to us, back to him. I claim my desires by faith. I clasp my hands together in a show of sincere willingness to help Him.

But all the time, God's watching the movie I'm in, and He sees my true crooked motives, and bemused, and unheard by me, He say's, "no thanks", and in the setting sun, He rides off back to His throne alone.

( my two cents worth........ Keygar! )

Obama has just abandoned Israel. Of course in doing so, he just abandoned America to an existence without Israel's God's protection. I would be much more afraid right now to be an American than I would to be an Israeli.

No, the rapture is not going to happen on MAY the 21st. There are lots of rapture jokes around at the moment because of that well known prediction. The biggest rapture joke of course is Harold Camping who made the forecast.

If this so called Christian is indeed a Christian, Jesus must be thinking "with followers like this, who needs more enemies". Perhaps Camping and Obama should form a comedy duo, if it were not for the tragic consequences of their act.

( .... Keygar! )

I used to spend a lot of time fearing for the future of my unsaved children, friends and relatives. I'd pray constantly for them, uneasily, hoping that they would be ok and that God would protect them. I never had much peace about it though, and would repeat the prayer on a daily basis believing that it was necessary to keep getting God's attention about the matter so He wouldn't forget to look out for my loved ones. It was quite stressful.

Now I have learned to worry much less, and I don't feel the need to pray so often. After all, am I going to fear for them all the time, or am I going to have faith that the Lord will save and protect those I love? Faith or Fear. Which one will it be? The two are in direct opposition to each other. More and more I am relaxing, and choosing....


( just a thought.... Keygar! )

Today I went fishing. When the fish heard I was heading their way, they didn't panic. Instead, they laughed their fins off as they know I'm the worst fisherman in Australia.

While putting another piece of prawn on the hook to feed the giggling gilled goaders, I remembered how the disciples were having trouble catching a feed once and Jesus told them to throw their net out on the other side of their boat. At the time they didn't know for sure it was Jesus as he had just been crucified, but they probably thought oh well, give it a try, so they did, and consequently caught a whole mess of fish.

As I stood there watching other obviously dishonest fishermen catch a bucket load, I had two more thoughts.

One, I wished Jesus would tell me where to cast out, but alas no voice came from the heavens. Two, I thought of how now and then we hear a still small voice whispering to us to do something, but we dismiss it as a figment of our imagination, or because the outcome seems impossible. It saddens me to think of the miracles I have probably thus missed seeing because of my unbelief.

( just a thought.... Keygar! )

Every day it seems this old world becomes more and more unlikeable as anti Christian sentiment becomes more and more pervasive. Wickedness, evil, immorality, greed, lies, compromise, deception, idiocy, apostasy and just plain dumbness pours in from myriad widening holes in the walls of decency, common sense and faith.

I wonder why as a result, I don't despair or panic, but rather, have this peace and solid joy in me that just seems unbreakable. Then I remember Philippians 4:7

( .... Keygar! )

Sometimes we need to change our message. If we wear a T shirt saying "repent or go to hell", even though the message is true, we will probably only get a few people asking us to elaborate.

If however we were to occasionally carry a sign saying "heaven's a fabulous place where you'll never feel bad again and you can have anything you want to make you happy, for ever. See me about how to get there", then we'd no doubt get a few more enquiries.

( just a thought ...... Keygar! )

Many times I have said things I should not have said. Often out of vanity I've lied and I've misled.

I've spoken as a wise man but acted like a fool. I've told others how to live, but broken the same rules.

Lord, please undo the damage that I've done and heal up the wounds I have caused. Please repair the hearts I have broken and lift up the ones I've let down.

( ...... Keygar! )

I'm led to believe that John Cleese, the famous English comedian, was once asked when it was that he realised life was NOT just one big comedy full of laughs. He apparently answered... "when I realised those in government and authority had no idea what they were doing".

It certainly is a wake up call when you find most people you trust are just flapping around like headless chooks in the dark.

I think of the Middle East and the mindless blindness and ineffective confusion being exhibited amongst western leaders such as Obama, Sarkozy, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the UN's Ban Ki-moon.

Here in Australia I think of the compromising Julia Gillard, the power driven Independents who gave her control, the moral-less and naive Greens Party, and the media barons who throw lies and inane junk entertainment at their consumers 24 hours a day because it makes them a buck. I certainly empathise with Cleese.

The worry is, Cleese's comedy TV shows were known to be just a deliberate temporary distraction from normalcy and reality. But the farcical show being put on by the afore-mentioned leaders is meant to be serious.

That is why their show is in fact not even a comedy. It's a tragedy.

( ...... Keygar! )

This week we took possession of our new puppy. Now everyone knows that puppies came from rain falling on rocks, at least, that's what evolutionists believe. Perhaps the water and the rocks were sourced from under the evolutionist's craniums.

Evolutionists run around in ever increasing circles trying to push God out of existence. All they do, is tire themselves out while God stays in the middle bemused by their actions.

Are you tiring yourself out? I suggest you stand on the one TRUE rock that produces life ..... Jesus Christ. 

...... Keygar!

With so much turmoil happening in the middle east, earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, tsunamis wreaking havoc and loss of life, record floods in Australia, Libya being invaded and on and on, my head is spinning.

The world is like an audience at an orchestral concert. The conductor has turned and seen that most of the audience has fallen asleep. So He has decided to up the volume and the pace of the finale, in an effort to get some attention.

But still, the audience sleeps. The conductor seems to be getting frustrated now, and just a touch angry.

If I wasn't a Christian, I'd be feeling a little uneasy.


It's essential that Pastors and Church Leaders keep both feet on the ground. Often, but not always of course, Pastors are held in high esteem by their church members, to the point of almost being worshipped themselves. They live in an illusionary mist of adoration, where the flock lives on their every word and where gifts and monies are given to them with no questions asked, or performance criteria met.

Frequently, overseas trips to conventions for the Pastor and often their partner, are paid for by the congregation in the name of "furthering Christ's work". The value of most of these conventions is at best, questionable. Words and actions directed at the Church leaders are filtered for anything offensive, before being delivered. The Pastors are in effect wrapped in cotton wool and spoilt to death.

All this, while their church members face ridicule for their faith, sweat all day to earn a dollar at one job or often two jobs, work overtime for a holiday where possible, and confront filth and immorality everyday and everywhere.

Pastors, like the Apostle Paul, should work, at least part time, to help support themselves and to always remember what it's like in the "real world" away from their pandering followers. This would be of great benefit I believe to the Pastors themselves, and the churches they lead.

.......my two cents worth, Keygar!

In the U.K. the High Court has prevented a Christian couple from adopting a child on the grounds that their beliefs may harm the child.


The court ruled that because the couple would not portray the perverse lifestyle of homosexuality as normal to the child, then the child would suffer.

Idiots, fools, devils and demons surely sit on the High Court bench in most countries around the world, but particularly so in Britain it would appear. What a moral cesspool of a country it has become.

A leader in the Western World indeed when it comes to lunacy and depravity is our mother country, England.

What a spiritual harlot mum's become.


Australia's Prime Minister is pushing through a carbon tax, being nudged by the intellectually and morally starved Greens Party. Australia's contribution to greenhouse gasses is about as noticeable as a fly's bum as it whistles past, but, we must pay more tax to help out. China, who comparatively is a swarm of flies, pays nothing.

Man caused global warming is a con anyway on top of everything else. But it's a really good theory to get people warm, fuzzy, scared and united about, so they'll conform with what the pollies want. Why do these idiot politicians get voted into power?

It's because people just don't do their homework before waving their pen around in the election booth. Most voters are too lazy, too easily mesmerised by a dishonest, ill informed media and too eager to just get back to their beer and football to really examine the issues and the people they are putting in control of their lives.

For exactly the same reasons, most people elect not to do their homework about eternity. They just eat, drink, laugh, believe lies, delude themselves that all will be ok, die, and wake up in hell.

Problem is, there are no more elections in hell.

... Keygar

I've heard it said that people are basically good. I beg to differ. After several decades on this earth, I believe people, myself included of course, are basically bad.

Why else do we need police, laws, rules, regulations, fines, penalties, surveillance cameras, courts, lawyers, prosecutors, armies, firemen, signs, paramedics, bouncers, body guards, gun control, and on and on and on?

Why just recently, a local where I live let a passerby pat their dog. They turned around, turned back, and the dog and the passer by were gone.

Basically good? Give me a break. Basically bad is the truth, with laws in place to make us behave more or less civilly. But our hearts always remain essentially bad, and don't let's kid ourselves of anything different.

... Keygar

Susan awoke after a short fitful sleep. She reached over to Dave, her husband. He wasn't there. She got out of bed and went downstairs. The house was silent. A sense of foreboding was beginning to descend on her. She rushed to her son's bedroom. Empty. Now foreboding was replaced by panic. In the distance she heard shouting and yelling as if coming from an out of control party. The TV was still on, as was the computer Dave had been sitting at when she sleepily retired for the night.

A stern faced news broadcaster was announcing a breaking story. Thousands, if not millions of people, had seemingly in the last hour or so, just gone. Susan looked upwards and screamed a grief stricken "GOD!". She looked at the web page open on Dave's computer. He had been looking at that crazy site again on bible prophecy and how the end of the world as we know it was coming. She fumbled with the mouse using shaking fingers as she skimmed through the pages glaring at her from the computer screen. A few ideas and explanations began to fall into place in her whirling mind. Cynicism began to evolve into a frightening realisation.

... Keygar ( that's why I have this web site.., for people like Susan )

I love dogs. Since our own dog died last year, I've really missed having a canine companion. Many well respected Christian scientific minds believe all current dog breeds originated from an original pair of wolves or similar. That makes sense to me because of dog interbreeding etc. However, evolutionists scoff at this and say we Christians must be loonies to believe that.

They insist that eons ago, dogs and all life resulted from rain falling on a rock.



I love old Western movies. Life seemed so simple. A horse, sheriff, baddy, goody, saloon, bank, a hold up, a good woman and possibly an Indian attack.

Very often, there was also a runaway stagecoach, hurtling through the desert surrounded by towering mountains.
I sometimes think of this world as that rocking and tossing stagecoach.

The coach is full of the world's people being thrown from side to side just hanging on. The driver is Satan. With a smirk on his face, he whips the horses into a frenzy as they pull their load faster and faster.

The horses are the politicians and the media who willingly obey their driver and are happy to sweat and lather on his behalf.
The people in the coach experience a mixture of fear and excitement as they race along, unaware of the huge canyon that lays just in front of them and the unswerving direction their driver and horses are headed in.

just a thought.......Keygar!

Do you ever feel out-numbered? I do. I'd say out of 50 people, you might find one or two genuine Christians. Most people are going to hell. I didn't say that, Jesus did. It's unnerving at times to be a minority. Christians are a bit like a football team that is really struggling to put a win on the board. There just seems to be more players on the other team and we seem to be swamped before we can even get rolling.

But if a bad football team has just one SUPERSTAR player, occasionally that star can cut loose and drag the rest of the under dog team over the line to victory. Folks, we out-numbered Christians have a SUPERSTAR on our team. He has a funny sounding name, YESHUA, but man can he play. The good news is, in the game of life and the earth's history, we have the sports results ahead of time. YESHUA went berserk in the dying seconds of the game, and led the Christians to victory. They're still singing his praises. I'll stick with the minority thanks. Can't wait for that winning moment........Keygar!

Recently I bought a new mobile phone. I love gadgets and this phone had lots of bells and whistles.  I was in paradise. Then it stopped working! How many times I have purchased the latest and the greatest only to have it break or fail in some way I can't remember, and everyone I speak to has a similar story. It's the story of life in general in some ways. So many things we look forward to as being "the thing" that will satisfy us, fail to measure up. Why is this so?

Well, it's because humanity is basically flawed, so anything that springs from it will be flawed in some way. Only God is not flawed, so we'd all be better off setting our efforts and ambitions towards eternity, where nothing will fail, everything will satisfy and all will be as we so often want it be here and now, but it never is. 

my two cents worth ... Keygar!

In the 1970s, I read a book by an American prophecy teacher who was and still is considered the GURU of bible prophecy. He implied very strongly the rapture would probably occur in the early 1980s. I was young and impressionable at the time, and made some seriously wrong life decisions based on a faith in the
infallibility of this person.

To this day, the same man continues to make predictions and prophetic announcements that turn out to be false. The internet is full of other experts who predict the time of the rapture, often with long and complicated arguments, which seem very convincing.

The fact is none of us knows the year or even the decade in which the rapture will occur, so folks, let's just get on with life, serving God as best we can, and planning for our own lives and our children's lives as we normally would. If the rapture occurs tomorrow, it's a bonus, but if it doesn't, at least we won't have wasted time sleepily looking up into the heavens whilst forgetting about out our earthly and heavenly chores.


I used to live on the top of a hill in the country, overlooking a vast valley to the horizon beyond. In the summer, the air was usually alive with the sound of birds, farm animals and the wind in the trees. Occasionally however, all would go eerily silent. From beyond the horizon, tar black clouds would roll in slowly eating up the sunshine and casting a soundless gloomy pall over the hill on which we dwelt.

We would just sit outside in the heat and wait. Suddenly all hell would break loose. Lightning, thunder, searing winds and hail, together with screeching parrots scattering.

Prophetically, we are now sitting out the back in the silence, waiting as the world gets darker. Again, there's a storm approaching. One like no other. This time the preparations we must take are spiritual. Have you heard the warnings? Have you taken appropriate measures?


This week I met an elderly Australian gentlemen with a much younger Thai wife. At first I was a little uneasy. Their union seemed a little unnatural to me at first and I pondered on how such a marriage could work. But it soon became obvious that she loved him and wanted only to please him. He in turn was very protective of her and told me he was delighted to have her as his wife and share his wealth and belongings with her.

I thought of how little God has in common with us, after all, He created us. Yet he delights in sharing Himself and His creation with us in return for our love and acceptance of Him.

Just a thought ..... Keygar!

Just who and what is a "liberal". A liberal is usually regarded as someone who is tolerant of all positions in a debate, someone who is accepting of change and adopts the attitude that each person can do what they want as long as it doesn't interfere with them or others. Thus being a liberal often means that a person condones and / or accepts abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage etc, which are all anti-Christian in principle.

In Australia, the definition is blurred somewhat because of the "Liberal" political party which is actually made up of mostly non-liberal or conservative thinking type politicians. But in general, a "liberal" is someone who is more likely to hold views that accept and tolerate non Christian ideals. Of course there are many who call themselves liberal Christians.

These people are a little spiritually naive perhaps, to put it kindly.

 .... Keygar

Truth is dismissed by those who are brainwashed by the media and their peers. Truth is subsequently violently opposed by those who are inwardly aware of their need, but unwillingness, to accept it.

However the truth just doesn't go away and it will win out, often after long and bitter confrontations. This can be at a personal level, a national level or at an international level.

Soon, this world will reel under God's judgements simply because truth was dismissed for so long. And once again, as always, truth as only God knows and reveals it, WILL PREVAIL !!

I'll stand by Israel because our Messiah is Jewish, the writers of our blessed book called the Bible were Jewish, and "salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22). The roots of Christianity are Jewish, thus the olive tree (Romans 9-10-11). Her critics are in the millions. Her friends are a tiny minority, scoffed at by the intellectuals and scolded by the religious Left and other liberals of all persuasion.

The cameras, lights, and action are turned precisely on the nations and issues God’s Word foretold will be at the centre of deteriorating world conditions as the time of Christ’s return approaches. Jesus told the disciples who are alive at the time these things come into view to be watchful (Mark 13:37). Certainly, there is much to watch in these troubling, though exciting days.

Today, the architects or manipulators of the government, society, and the economy are quite narrow minded in their goals. They want to control everything, and they will not turn from their goal. They have no thought for what is actually right according to the absolute truths of the Bible. Their eyes are fully on their goals, and God have mercy on those who get in their way.

We understand that Israel is surrounded by 22 Islamic nations (and 1.4 billion Muslim's worldwide) and occupies about one-sixth of 1 percent of the land that the Arabs say belongs to them. It seems to me that if the Palestinians want a place to live, they have plenty of places from which to choose without occupying Israel.

I have torn apart the Book of Ecclesiastes many times and have spent countless hours reading Solomon's summation of this life. In looking back over his life, having had all that anyone who lives in this world could ever want, the word that Solomon used over and over was "meaningless." As he looked back, he realized that in the end all of the temporal things of this world were exactly that, meaningless. It is, actually, a pretty negative book until you get to the next to last verse. As only the wisest man who ever lived could, in 6 words Solomon summed up what this life is all about, "Fear God and Keep His Commandments."

A principle of motivational compensation holds that when you give people something they haven’t earned and don’t deserve, you don’t gain their respect, you gain their resentment. Never before has God given the world so much more than we deserve, and never before has the world resented His presence more than today.

Isn't it interesting to say the very least, how absolutely outraged the mainstream media and all the "lefties" are, that an abortionist named George Tiller who killed thousands of babies, was himself murdered in cold blood recently?

Once government sells the idea that "hate" is a crime, it can start defining what "hate" is. Pretty soon, the "hater" won't have to commit a crime to be punished. The mere act of "hating" will become the crime.

There’s a well known quote, and I don’t know who said it but it certainly is a good one. It went something like this “The greatest victory Satan ever won was convincing the world he isn’t real.” Never were truer words spoken. If there’s no Satan then there’s no sin and you have no need of a saviour. It’s really rather simple.

Satan couldn’t care less if you don’t believe in him. In fact he prefers it that way. You become easier to manipulate because you never realize you are under attack. And that’s just the way he likes it. He knows that ultimately you’ll be sharing a long eternity together, so who cares if you believe in him?

The key problem with the whole atheist movement is that it's an empty shell. The atheists’ hatred of God is the only thing they have in common. If religion is the result of ignorance, atheists should be doing their best to educate people. The death blow to Christianity will only come from neglect. This is what killed off thousands of other gods; they died when people quit believing in them. If you want to remove a God-based religion from society, you need to replace it with a better system.

Michael Jackson, the so called “King of Pop” has passed away. One day, all of the mindless hoopla surrounding these flawed individuals will also pass away. But, the TRUE King, Jesus Christ, who alone merits praise, honour, and glory.....
He will never pass away!!!!!

With due respect for the family of the just-departed Michael Jackson, the frenetic, worldwide hoopla over the self-proclaimed "King of Pop," when considered against the infinitely more important news going on at the time, punctuates the insanity infecting this generation.

This morning 100 Christian houses and churches were set on fire by local Muslims in the city of Kasur South, east of Lahore, Pakistan. The riots were incited by broadcasts from local mosques. This incident is similar to a February 1997 attack when thousands of Christian houses and churches were burned and hundreds of Christians were injured.

Tolerance is a one-way street that flows away from Jesus.

We should rejoice in our salvation, pray about everything, be fearful of nothing, and give thanks for anything. This alone will give us peace.

Lying in the underbelly of this monstrous, ungodly and very pervasive homosexual agenda is something else, something even more sinister. The homosexual community, which is made up of many zealots, is prepared to fight all the way to the highest courts in every country and province where they will push their agenda of legitimacy to the extreme, all in the name of equal rights?

Like many diplomats and intellectuals, Solana appears to regard a Palestinian state - whose establishment under viable terms, it apparently needs stressing, Israelis support - as some kind of regional cure-all. Reading between the lines, it's as if he believes that the mullahs in Iran will stop grabbing for regional hegemony, stealing (rigged) elections, and pursuing nuclear weapons; that Arab autocrats will guide their polities toward tolerance and representative government; that Shi'ites and Sunnis will stop blowing each other up; that Kurds, Copts and Baha'is will gain equality.

The Taliban in Afghanistan will liberate women from their burqas; North Africa's Islamists will lay down their weapons; al-Qaida will disband. And millions of restive, alienated Muslims throughout Europe will find a sense of belonging, allowing tranquillity to prevail in the continent's inner cities... If only the Palestinians had a state.

Some days I wonder why I bother with this site I must be honest. Few people care about the bible or prophecy or anything that doesn't relate to their stomach or what's on TV it seems. Liars selling themselves or their products seem to be on every corner. As soon as you ignore your wallet, they ignore you. Life is so fragile, with friends and loved ones dying regularly, leaving nothing but a few vain meaningless achievements gotten with a lot of sweat. Oh well, I guess I'll keep the site up and running a little longer. You never know, someone may be reading it. It's all vanity anyway eh? Bye for now....Keygar!

To all those who have recently contacted me expressing appreciation for this site...THANKYOU! We all need encouragement at some time. We all need each other, especially in these times when genuine love for our fellow man has flown out the window and evil has flown in. We must brace ourselves, grit our teeth and look to the heavens for HIM, our Redeemer. Come quickly Lord Jesus. .....Keygar

Today's newspaper featured a beaming lesbian couple with their new baby. Their smiles were broad. Ignorance is indeed bliss. The journalist of course was overboard in praise of this breakthrough in a new moral code of acceptance and tolerance. Most journalists are of course on a bus to hell, and eager to play their part in filling up all the seats. Only the baby is innocent in this farce. My heart goes out to it. ...Keygar!

Where I live, violence is exploding, lawlessness is growing, young males and females are flaunting themselves grossly in the media with no shame, and our politicians lie and cheat with no apology or even a sense of guilt. The experts have no answers except those they manufacture in front of the TV cameras on the spur of the moment, answers that shift the blame from the guilty to those who can't answer back or to impersonal causes such as upbringing or environment. We are surrounded by stumbling fools. Be careful you don't trip over one. ....Keygar

Life is largely a lottery really isn't it? We can't control who our parents are, where we are born, our appearance, our inherited genetic defects or many of our personality traits. So much we'd like to change but just cannot. One thing we CAN choose is how we'll be in the next life, assuming you believe in one. Get that choice right because after that, ...... Keygar!

I saw a car today and the rear window was plastered with "THERE IS NO GOD", WHO IS GOD" and "ATHEISM RULES" stickers all over it. There were more anti God stickers on the bumper. I was amazed. I mean, if you believe there is no God, why bother putting anti God stickers everywhere. It implies you are anti nothing. To me it was almost a cry for help by this car owner. They certainly need some. ...Keygar

Genesis 8:22 tells me "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease". That's hard to reconcile with an Australian politician's view I heard recently. He stated that in a few decades the planet would be uninhabitable and we'd all be "fried chips ready to go" as a result of man's overuse of the earth's energy resources. Sorry, but I'll believe the Bible any day over an Aussie pollie. ...Keygar

After a couple of ambulance rides, uncountable injections, hovering staring faces attached to busy hands and the incessant beeping of heart monitors over the last few days, I have a slightly corrected outlook on life today. One, our time here is so fragile and could end so quickly and unexpectedly. Two, so many people are so much worse off than me. Three, we must be ready to meet our Maker before our last breath whispers goodbye to our mortal body. Four, there are still many caring and lovely people about. Five, "Rapture Notes" is not quite finished yet. ...Keygar

I think God has just about finished giving the world over to it's desire to self destruct through rebellion towards it's Maker. As usual in Australia, leading this rebellion are "The GREENS", a political party devoid of morals and spiritual awareness. They are strongly pushing for men to be able to marry men, supported by as usual, Satan's media. Yes, is that a trumpet I can hear? ...Keygar

Where I live, violence is rampant. Bus drivers are refusing to travel certain routes because of attacks on their colleagues, and because large rocks are being thrown through their bus windows on a daily basis. Children are attacking other children and videoing it on their mobile phones to share with their mates. Police officers are assaulted almost every other day and the courts treat the offenders as the victims. Car drivers are ramming each other and assaulting fellow motorists over trivial incidents.

School teachers are now so regularly attacked by students they have called in the Police to help with the situation. The Bible says that when it's getting close to the end of this age, lawlessness will increase markedly and beyond what is normal. Well, we're not close to the end of this age, I think we have in fact arrived!

There's an unbelievable apathy in Australia when it comes to spiritual matters. This country has been blessed for so long it's simply unconsciously taken for granted. Very few visitors to this site are Australian. Here, the rapture is more understood to be the feeling one has with a belly full of beer, and when one's football team has won. Christian simply means boring, or a do gooder, or a church building.

Yes, Australians are tolerant and generally fair minded, and usually not out to create trouble for people, but that's no excuse for ignoring God and His sacrifice at the cross. It's a kind of blissful ignorance that prevails here, but as we all know, reality eventually prevails. That reality will take most Aussies by complete surprise, sadly.

Regular visitors to this site will have noticed a slowing in the number of articles posted. This is because there is simply only so much one can say on any given subject. Even the Bible is limited in size. The Lord God has said all that needs to be said and can be said, for man to know the answers to his biggest questions. The truth is therefore out there available to all who seek it. The fact is...... few do.

Recently whilst in hospital, I had time to think on how wonderfully put together the human body is. It is inconceivable to me that it evolved from a mud pool, or came together as a result of an explosion. I mean, really, I think one would have to be a cretin to believe that. It's like concluding that your mobile phone came into existence as a result of an explosion in an electronics store. I'm sorry evolutionists, but your theory is just plain DUMB! I must go now, my phone is ringing on its own.

In the past few days, I have come up against people who have seemed to be going out of their way to make life unpleasant for me. Their attitudes, ideas and actions can not upon examination, be seen to be founded on reason, fact or truth. They have a blind determination it would seem to simply try and cause me distress. Upon reflection, I have concluded that as the Bible says, often we wrestle not against flesh and blood, that is, normal human beings, but against Satan and his agents, be they demonic or human.

On such occasions we need to come against these entities IN JESUS NAME and send them packing. We Christians will often come under attack from Satan and his deluded followers, but we same Christians WILL ULTIMATELY WIN, with JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF being our secret weapon of mass destruction.

If it became law tomorrow that everyone had to be homosexual, and the whole country turned "gay", and same sex marriage became compulsory, the feral homosexuals who strike fear into the heart of morally deformed politicians in Australia still would not be happy.
Because way down deep in their spiritual gut, gays know that how they're living and what they're doing, is and always has been.....

If Obama and Rudd are the best leaders that their countries can offer, and if what's on the news each day is the best the papers and TV stations can offer, and if what's going around in the way of entertainment is the best that industry can offer, and if the explanations of why man is here and where we are going by the worlds most so called illuminated minds are the best they can offer, then my heart's just not in this world.
Read the pages of this website for something immeasurably better!!

I have seen a world where children never die. I have seen a world where mothers never cry. I've seen all the soldiers burn their weapons and return to their own lands and I've seen streets that again were places filled with joyful happy sounds. I've seen peace and justice and safety throughout all the lands. I've seen this world after Jesus returns.

Sometimes when individuals or situations or problems get me down, or pre-occupy my mind to a point where I'm feeling up against it, I take a step back and remember how short and insignificant this life we have, really is. There is a huge plan unfolding for mankind, that God is in control of, and the most important thing is to contribute to that plan and be a part of it.
God's in control. I am His child. That's ALL that matters!

We've all had our own battles, some worse than others, some easier than others. We are all really helpless marbles in life's lottery. But in the end, God's handing out the prizes, and He'll make sure everyone is compensated the right amount and everything will be evened out. The last will be first and the first will be last. Can't wait.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants to forcibly filter our internet here in Australia. This is one of those sugar coated poisoned apples. It is meant to appeal on the outside, that is, he tells us it's to protect our children. The poison takes effect later, when the filter is used for the purposes of those in power, to stifle free speech, opposing views, and liberty. Throw this bad apple back to Canberra, where it belongs with the other ones!

Poor foolish Ahmadinejad. He is the one who is doomed. Fancy challenging Yahweh and His people. Unremarkably there is a growing number of intellectually challenged and spiritually dead people in the western world who agree with Ahmadinejad about the Holocaust the Jewish people suffered through. Satan is alive and well, and recruiting fools by the thousands daily. This bloke who "leads" Iran is amongst his brightest apprentices.......Keygar!

Yesterday, I went to our local zoo. The variety and beauty of so many animals and birds made me realise that our God is so many things. Yes, He is almighty, powerful, everywhere and all knowing. But He is also a wonderful artist. His designs are beautiful and wonderfully thought out. Yes, heaven will truly be a stunning and awesome place to behold. If you are an arts lover, be sure not to miss out on your ticket to the greatest show ever.

Remember, you can only get a pass from one Person.

U.S.A. President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Without wishing to offend any American visitors to this site, I can only describe this occurrence as...

Thankyou for travelling with us folks. We're almost there. We know the road has been a little long and bumpy, but we're sure that what we have in store for you now, will more than make up for it. You are about to have the greatest experience in the history of mankind, one that will change you forever and one that will fulfil all of your dreams. As you get off the bus please present your ticket to the attendant.

Remember, your ticket must have "PAID IN FULL" written on it, IN BLOOD, in order to enter, otherwise I'm afraid you will not be allowed to go in.
Now to all of you who have correct tickets ready, please show them to the attendant, go on in, and ....WELL DONE!

A religion of peace? I'm fed up with political correctness!!
Muslim terrorist wannabes are busted again and again. And we're told that Islam's a religion of peace. The world's and the media's non condemnation of Islam in response to the Ft. Hood attack mocks the memory of the dead.

I recently was in Hawaii. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to go there. It seemed like paradise in the TV shows set in Honolulu. Now, when I finally got there, it did indeed seem like the paradise I expected. Warm days and nights, gentle breezes, towering palm trees, the music from steel guitars wafting along Waikiki beach and much more.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to go to heaven too. It seemed like paradise from all the things I read in the Bible. It took a long time to get to Hawaii, but I got there. It's taking a long time to get to heaven, BUT I WILL GET THERE. It will be like a billion Hawaii's all rolled into one.
Each day it gets closer!!!

A few of my friends and relatives have recently died. Death always forces me to evaluate the worth of my life. NOTHING we accumulate through lust, greed, pride, envy, fame or reputation is worth a cow pat when we leave this earth. So why do we strive so hard for the wrong things, myself included. The answer of course is that our hearts are essentially wicked and selfish.

My resolution is to achieve more things of an eternal value. What's your resolution for next year?

As far as Christian websites go, Rapture Notes is insignificant. It's impact is in my estimation minimal and I have little evidence that it has been very effective at all. I believe that if it is going to be of any notable value, it will be AFTER the rapture, not before.

BUT...at least I'm having a go. I was inspired to start this site by Todd Strandberg of RAPTURE READY. In Heaven, Todd will certainly get a "well done". I'll hopefully get a "certificate for trying". What will you get?
I have a feeling that we are in the last few years of this age as we know it. If you are going to do anything for Christ, anything at all...
DO IT NOW! .... Keygar!

The mind is the Devil's playground. Nearly all actions originate with a thought. Certainly most sinful ones do. One can spend a life time trying to stop doing a particular shameful or wrong act with no success, simply because we fail to stop the originating thought for that action IN OUR MIND FIRST.

Is this easy? No, but I believe it can be done the more we read the Bible and gain knowledge of how to defeat Satan and our own lusts by closing our mind off to wrong incoming thoughts that lead to wrong actions.

2 Timothy 3:1-4 says....
"Make a note of this, there will be very difficult times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."
Sound familiar? Could these be the last days? Could the Bible be right?

These are stressful times to be sure. We need to comfort ourselves with the faith by which we were first saved by God's grace.
Look beyond the chaos in the world to a time when the lion and the lamb will lie together in peace. Ah yes, PEACE.
The "Prince of Peace" is poised to return.

If you're a Christian, and you express your opinion on abortion or homosexuality in Europe or Canada.....LOOK OUT! The left wing liberals and the crooked politically correct politicians who need a spine transplant, will come after you.

But if you're a Muslim in one of these countries, and you beat your wife or daughter for fraternising with a Christian, then just put your feet up.
No one will hunt YOU down!!

Often as Christians we feel a total failure. We feel as though we just let God down time and time again. How could God possibly forgive us "again"? We feel frustrated, unworthy and insecure.

Satan loves it when we beat ourselves around the head with our mistakes, because then we lose our joy and our effectiveness. Remember, that why Jesus came, because we are human. Our sins ARE forgiven. There's no need for the ongoing guilt trip.

As the song says, we need to just "pick ourselves up, dust our selves off, and start all over again", ....with a smile :)

Those of us who are accused of being narrow minded are simply believers who pursue the true Word of God. We like to hear about God and the Bible with no man derived nonsense added. We want to avoid the latest fads in the contemporary church that are feel good centres. We are not interested in the dollar or attendance numbers. As a result, we are called some pretty nasty names.
But I don't care, TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH!

Christians should assert that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and that Jerusalem shouldn’t be divided.
Christians should call on politicians to stop pressuring Israel to make unwise and dangerous concessions.
Christians should call into radio and TV talk shows in support of Israel and keeping Jerusalem united.
I fear for the future of America who under Obama has turned its back on Israel and God.

Patience is a hard thing to incorporate into our daily lives. We want everything NOW.
But NOW is but a drop in the ocean compared to forever.
The Bible teaches that becoming patient is part of the process of becoming perfect, so it must be pretty important. We certainly need patience at the moment. Come quickly Jesus.

See what I mean :)

It amazes me how America has turned on Israel. Has Obama completely abandoned morals in favour of oil, appeasement and globalism? At least here in Australia most favour the under dog, who here is seen as definitely Israel.
America is being seen here as the bully and deservedly so. Hooray to Israel and a big "boo" to America.

If Easter prompts a Christian to remember the death and resurrection of Christ and be grateful for it, that's a good thing eh? Who cares whether its the actual date of Christ's death or not. If non Christians wanna give eggs and whatever let em. But I think if we remember the core reasons of what Easter is about, that's all that matters. God sees each persons heart at Easter, not what date it is or whether chocolate sales go up.

All He cares about is the heart. I think Christians who criticize others for celebrating Easter and giving a chocolate egg to their kids are legalistic and narrow minded. They'd be better off doing something that in fact reminded people of the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter, that is, use Easter to be a witness rather than a critic.
My two cents worth......Keygar!

The Bible tells us that thousands of years ago God created the animals and then man, and it was very good! Evolutionists still search for the missing link and they must find one, because otherwise they must the God of the Bible and they don’t want to have to answer to Him. The Darwinist are trying to make a monkeys out of us, and I for one will not succumb to their ridiculous assertions!

When I was a little boy, we Australians used to think of America as a sort of imaginary wonderland. A place not far removed from Heaven itself. America carried off our imaginings on a whirlwind of wonder, amazement and even envy. It was a land far too good and wonderful for us to ever even hope to emulate or visit.

Now it is somehow shameful, soiled and uncovered. It's like discovering your sweetheart has been sleeping around. It's heartbreaking. It's a monumental loss.
Most of all, it's a warning to Australia.

The sceptic asks, where is the promise of Jesus's coming, for all things continue as they always have? As I see it, based on my world-view, we're seeing the birth pangs of the end. It appears, from where I'm sitting, that prophetic events are indeed accelerating. Only time will tell for sure, however I believe we are seeing signs warning us that what is coming upon the earth soon...

THE great fraud has been found out, and Australia saved - for now - from the biggest of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's follies. Following is the worst lie that Kevin Rudd, perhaps our most deceitful Prime Minister ever, once told about global warming and his Emissions Trading Scheme.....
"The biggest challenge the world faces in the decades ahead is climate change. It is the great moral and economic challenge of our time."

But now Rudd has decided "the greatest moral challenge" of our time, was after all a con job. It was just "a" challenge, he said.

And with public trust falling in his ETS "solution" - a great green tax on gases - he's quietly admitted to the hoax of man caused global warming.

Sometimes, I wonder if there really is a God. So much misery abounds. Everyone seems to lie and distort in in order to gain an advantage for themselves. At every turn, someone is trying to extract my last dollar from me. Personally, I am lied about, treated as unimportant, lied to, harassed and bullied.

Come to think about it, that's what swings me back to my faith in God. He simply has to be there. There has to be an explanation for mankind's miserable existence. There has to be something better. The BIBLE provides all the answers. Yes there is a God.

Occasional doubt is normal, but believing there is no God is folly.

"In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views."
The above is a quote from ALBERT EINSTEIN, who most atheists still triumphantly claim was also an atheist.

What a mess!! This world is crumbling. Honest leaders...where? Integrity...where? Love for fellow man...where?
Lawlessness...everywhere. Anti Semitism...everywhere. Anti Christian...everywhere. Immorality...everywhere.
Solution...Jesus. When...soon. Judgement...swift. You...?

When the rapture occurs, the information on this site will be eagerly sought after. If after, or before that time, you would like to do something constructive for the Lord, please consider either mirroring this site, or downloading it onto a DVD disc for distribution.

Free programmes such as "wget" or "httrack" can be used to copy this website in its entirety. Just Google those programmes and you can soon have the entire Rapture Notes website on disc for family and friends.

Pornography distorts a person’s natural affection for fellow human beings. It gradually reduces normal innocent affection to a darker and more selfish desire to use and control others. Cigarette packets come with a warning that smoking is harmful to your health. Pornography should come with a warning that exposure to it is harmful to a person's emotional, spiritual and sexual health.

You can lead a Christian to the bible, but you can't make them learn from it. Many Christians are saved and that's about as far as they get. They don't live much differently to the world. They don't achieve much for God's kingdom. They don't spread much "light" or "salt" around. They are pretty much selfish Christians. Why do I say that?

Because they are happy to take the free gift of salvation but too self centred to give anything back to God in return. Sure they are saved, but their eternal bank account will have little in it. How's your heavenly retirement looking?

In Australia, our Prime Minister has been dumped and we now have our first woman leader. The Opposition party has had about three different leaders in the last year or so. With each change of leadership comes new hope of things being put right, of integrity finally being unearthed, of morality being brought back into Public office, and of the best interests of the people being catered to for a change.
With each new leader comes eventual disappointment, disillusionment, failure, self serving ambition, and a further distancing from the time tested and true principles as found in the Bible. The cycle continues.

But soon a new leader will burst onto the scene. He'll stand no more nonsense, he'll champion the downtrodden, right the wrongs, give everyone a fair go, punish the wicked and reward the good. His name is Yeshua. Then the cycle will finally stop.

I receive lots of emails from so called Christians who are semi-literate, foul mouthed, bad mannered and just downright rude when they disagree with some opinions expressed on Rapture Notes. Be careful of such people, as they do much damage to Christendom as they tear down, discourage and contribute nothing to Christ's work on earth.

I don't believe they are even Christians usually, but put there by "the other side" to try and negate those who are genuinely trying to forward an understanding of God's word.

In my case, I hereby advise them ...... "YOU ARE FAILING".

In parts of Australia there are worries about the growth of the Muslim community, the pressure not to criticise the aggression sections of it displays, and the simultaneous onslaught upon Australian values by the likes of Muslim cleric, Sheik Hilaly. Voters are stating unequivocally that they have seen through all the spin about multiculturalism, all the false arguments about the alleged economic advantages of mass immigration, and all the bullying and name-calling about racism.

The silent majority of sensible people in Australia and Britain have had enough of the immigration based emotional blackmail foisted on them by politicians and senseless do-gooders, and if politicians want to retain power, they'd better listen to that silent majority, and NOW!!

We have just moved house. What a nightmare. We packed for three weeks and were totally exhausted. We had to give our dog away. The removal truck was late. It was pouring with rain while they were shifting the furniture. They ripped our leather sofa. When we got to our new place, the internet wasn't working. We had so much stuff it wouldn't all fit in the house which is smaller, so we had to give a lot of things away at a considerable loss. There were no power points where we needed them and no phone points where we needed them etc etc. Mind you, we love our new little house, don't get me wrong.

But it made me think of a wonderfully smooth move coming soon. A MOVE UPWARDS. There'll be no problems at all, just sheer pleasure and delight and joy. No complications, just .....WOW!!!

I recommend you move with us, you'll be so glad you did :)

Generosity produces prosperity. Not tithing. Not giving to a television evangelist out of cheap hope or fear. Not repeating certain verses from the bible. Not claiming so called promises and Not saying a particular prayer. Generosity is the key. Giving is proof we believe God has endless resources and we trust Him to help us according to our needs .

Meanness is a sign we don’t trust Him so we keep everything we get.

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. (2 Cor. 9:6,8)

Some may try to impress God with their holiness, but I just try to live temperately within God's guidelines, and be impressed with His holiness.

There are two supernatural forces pulling at the lives of every human being on planet earth. The first force is benevolent, the God of Israel, and the other is malevolent, Satan. They are directly opposed to each other and each person is caught between the two as the battle for their souls, talents, time and usefulness rages. If we could be more aware of this fact, more would become Christians, and those that are already Christians, would be far more effective.

Some Christians enjoy judging other Christians based on many criteria. Who they are seen with, where they are seen, if they drink alcoholic drinks, what music they listen to, what clothes they wear, how long their hair is, whether or not they buy lotto tickets, if they smoke cigarettes and on and on and on. Well if you're that kind of Christian, you are obviously superior and I dip my hat to you.

Personally, I just try to live modestly and temperately according to God's guidelines as set out in the Bible, and let Him be my assessor.

Well, the Australian people have voted and put control of it's ultimate legislation passing senate in the control of "The Greens" whose homosexual leader is Bob Brown. This means Australia is now in effect under the direction of a party that wants same sex marriage legalised and the homosexual agenda pushed like never before, not to mention a whole raft of other anti Christian policies that it's pushing. In effect, Australia today began taking a deliberate swing aimed squarely at God's face.

I am bracing myself for that moment when God catches Australia's hand just before it hits Him, and then lands His own finishing blow against us. Like the recipients of most "king hits", those Australians that brought this about will then say  "duh, where did that come from", presuming they can still speak that is.

Some times I feel God is such a long way away. The closeness and sense of the Holy Spirit seem to evaporate like a melting mist in the morning sun. I feel panicky, a little like a child lost in a shopping centre. Now I just dig in, and be patient during these times.

The reason is, I have learned from experience that often it is at these times that God is preparing a new course, or a new vision or a new door for me to go through. So if you're feeling a little lost at the moment, don't be afraid, rather get excited, because a fresh adventure may soon overtake you, that closeness will return, and your joy will be again be full.

Just a thought ...... Keygar!

If you say there should be a two state solution in the middle east, then you're against God. If you say Israel should give up land and allow a Palestinian state, you're against God. If you are pro Palestinian in attitude then you are anti Israel, which makes you against God.

If you are against God, you lose.

I always give the names of writers whose articles are featured on this web site where I know them. This week, I was contacted by the author of an article on RAPTURENOTES. He was annoyed that I hadn't given his name as the author and that people were finding his article on my site rather than his.

His attitude reminded me of the man in the bible (Matthew 6:5) who prayed loudly so everyone could hear him, and Jesus said that man had already received his reward and praise by bringing attention to himself.

Any thing we achieve for God with an attitude of pride and self glory, we have already received our reward for. Don't expect any more thanks in Heaven.

Now and then I get a bit depressed with the state of the world, specially when politicians get elected who I KNOW are bad for the people and their countries, which they so miserably lead. It is very frustrating when for decades you have seen the predictable results from ill conceived decisions happen without fail, yet those foolish decisions continue to be made.

That is when I must reassess and refresh, realising that "GOD IS in charge and His plans WILL be fulfilled and foolishness WILL eventually be done away with.

This week I have been quite ill. It began with a hacking cough all night, followed by a raging fever and a severe headache. Several days later my chest was very sore and then I developed an inflamed throat that made me feel as though I was eating broken glass each time I swallowed. All these symptoms were overseen by constantly aching limbs and chronic fatigue. Truly a fun week no?

In Heaven with Jesus there will never be a moments illness. Take the day you felt the very best here on earth and multiply it a thousand times and you get some idea of how we'll feel forever and ever. And no waiting hours in doctor's surgeries and taking out loans for the medications, (they actually have to do that in some countries you know).

Suddenly..........., I'm feeling much better!

You can blaspheme the name of Jesus every five minutes, burn Bibles, rubbish Christian opposition to homosexuality and abortion, remove Christian instruction from schools, ban praying in Jesus name in public, and generally attack Christianity from any angle and get applauded by the media or met with complete indifference.

But mention burning a Quran, or voice opposition to another mosque being built, or question Obama's origins, or quote Islamic beliefs that promote violence on non believers, or express concern at the power a minority of homosexual activists have, or disagree with same sex marriage, and everyone from the man in the street to the media either looks disdainfully at you or violently denounces you and even on occasion tries to have you put away.

It is so bizarre there seems to be no sense to it. But look deeper and the cause of this odd behaviour comes clearly into view......


Recently someone told me "But I don't feel saved, so how can I be sure I am?" Well, I guess if you had cancer and your doctor treated you for it, and then after several months the same doctor said to you "You are cured, there is no more cancer present, go and enjoy life", I doubt you would go and sit on the edge of your bed and refuse to go outside until you felt cured. More likely, you would shout with joy and go out and get your friends and really whoop it up.

The bible says, "If you declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that He rose from the dead, then you are saved". Would you believe God less than a doctor? So ......... are you looking for your bed, or are you ready to party?

I have recently been watching a television series on wars and famous battles this century. Now, in hindsight, it appears unexpected victory after unexpected victory eventually resulted in a political and social set of circumstances under which the nation of Israel was able to be reborn after 2000 years of extinction.

It could have so easily been so different, and no Israel would ever have existed again. God used every war and battle and general to bring about His purposes and fulfil the prophecies concerning Israel recorded in the bible..........


Why do people need "beads" to pray? If my own children only spoke to me whilst fingering beads and saying pre-determined repetitive phrases, I'd be hurt, confused and downright annoyed. "Come to the point!", I'd yell. Why would our heavenly Father want us to speak to Him using beads. It's nonsense in my opinion and an insult to God our Father.

There is no scriptural basis whatever for "the rosary" and using beads to say prayers. To me, it indicates an inability to think or express an original thought or idea.

Last week my uncle passed away. This week my father journeyed over into Glory. Both men believed in Jesus Christ for their salvation and passed that faith and belief on to their loved ones. Thus, both men were a blessing to this earth because they were salt and light to the world, (Matthew 5:13-16).

Time is so short for this life as we know it, that I am determined to follow their example and spread the word that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, anyone can be saved, and that they also can be carried by the angels into Heaven when their life here on earth draws to an end.

Are we salt or poison? Are we a light to others or a blanket of darkness. These are critical questions to ask ourselves.

Just a thought ..... Keygar!

This week a favourite Uncle of mine passed away. There was sadness in the hospital room of course as we awaited his leaving us, but also a tangible sense of his nearness to entering the presence of Jesus Christ whom he loved with a deep conviction for most of his life.

It was not a hope, or wishful thinking that pervaded the room, but a surety felt only when truly born again Christians gather together. I weep for those who will never experience it because of proud and hardened hearts.

See you soon Uncle!!