There are many Old and New Testament prophecies and bible teachings which are presently clearly understood and agreed upon by an overwhelming number of Bible scholars and Christians in general. There are also those that are interpreted differently at this point in time, but I don't believe in preventing these differences being discussed or aired, unless they are fatally flawed with regards to the core beliefs required for one to be saved from God's wrath through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins.

Thus, some of the following programmes may contain opinions, statements or theories that prove to be incorrect. I defy anyone to be infallible on every subject and prophecy found in the Bible.
I also cannot examine everyone's views outside of what is presented here, so some of the persons below may promote somewhat dubious ideas that are less known about. That is why a degree of responsibility must be left to the listener to do their own investigation of the subjects, and of those putting forward their opinions here.

But I do think that as world events unfold, and as we get older and hopefully wiser, the more Bible knowledge we have, and the more ideas we have been exposed to, the greater will be our ability to discern the truth of these matters if we have humble hearts. With that said, I hope you find these interviews, commentaries and messages helpful, enlightening and instructive, and especially an inspiration to do your own research if interested ..... Keygar!

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Muslim debates a Christian
Shabir Ally and Dave Hunt   ( 2hrs 40mins )
Beware of ambition
Chuck Smith
Eat what you're given
Mike Cooper
Evolution rocks
Kent Hovind
God 'n' gays
Jacob Denys
The last hour
Jacob Denys
Little Israel wins!
Roger Oakland
Obama is anti Christian
Bill Keller
One second after you die
Billy Crone
Happy marriage secrets
Chuck Smith
Apostate evangelicals
Roger Oakland
Tim LaHaye on end times
Tim LaHaye
Ex Jehovah's Witness story
Grace Gough
Answering a Jehovah's Witness
Paul Washer
Hate speech or Love talk
Jeff Lyle
Errors of Jehova's Witnesses
Ian Goligher
Errors of Mormonism
Fran Sankey
Interview with ex-Mormon
Dennis Higley
New world order update
Movie Sound Track
Thinking prophecy
Billy Crone
Living a Christian life
Mark Reid
Nightfall in America
Jan Markell
Abandon Israel at your peril
Hal Lindsey
True or False conversion
Ray Comfort
Evangelising the Jews
Todd Baker
Isolating Israel prophetic
Scott A. Johnson
The bondage breaker
Will Fowler
Failure is not final
Joe Tamel
Allah is not Christian's god
Dave Hunt
A woman rides the beast
Dave Hunt
Reliability of the Bible
Dave Hunt
Anti Jewishness
Dave Hunt
Is the bible flawed, eucharist etc
Dave Hunt
Israel and Middle East
Evolution vs Creationism
Ken Hovind
Evolution vs creationism pt2
Ken Hovind
What is God's name?
Anthony Tamel
End times intrigue
David Hocking & Jacob Prasch
Future possibilities?
Bill Salus
So long free speech?
Brad O'leary
The tribulation
Art Sadlier
Getting close to God
Richard Sowell
From Killer to Christ
Tony Anthony
Your own worst enemy
Richard Sowell
End time thoughts
Salus and Marzulli
Does God really exist?
various scholars
Peace and Safety?
Zola Levit
Obama's paranoia
Hal Lindsey
In perilous times
Richard Sowell
Coming strong delusion
Salus and Marzulli
2012, new age, ufo's
Salus and Marzulli
Dealing with temptation
Richard Sowell
Satan's UFO games
Singing in the dark
Richard Sowell
Eternal security part 1
Richard Sowell
Eternal security part 2
Richard Sowell
Mahdi madness
Joel Rosenberg
Mental wellbeing
Richard Sowell
Jewish awakening
Jonathen Bernis
End time observations 1
Jack Kinsella
Islam Rising
Caryl Matrisciana
End time observations 2
Jack Kinsella
Deception NOW!
Jan Markell
End time kingdoms
Chuck Smith
The coming of the Lord
David Wilkerson
3 views of our origins
Roger Oakland
A Spiritual Checkup
Richard Sowell
Faith or Feelings?
Roger Oakland
Israel's near future
Bill Salus
Islamic Tsunami
About bible prophecy pt1
Bill Salus
About bible prophecy pt2
Bill Salus
Antichrist, Israel and ufo's
Bill Salus
God's plan for your life
Richard Sowell
The nature of Joseph Smith
author unknown
Book of Mormon vs Bible
author unknown
Why believe the bible?
Voddie Baucham
What's your mission?
Richard Sowell
Islamisation Injustice
Pat Condell
Self proclaimed prophets
Bill Randles
Israel prophetic analysis
Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum
Missler Musings
Chuck Missler
After the rapture
Replacement theology error
Roger Oakland
What to expect from church
Richard Sowell
Devilish conspiracies
Chuck Baldwin
Israeli insights
Various Guests
Don't go to hell
Billy Crone
Middle East tipping point
General Paul Vallely
Cowardly Hamas terrorists
Author unknown
More signs of the times
Richard Sowell
Fading free speech
Matt Barber
Dead flies
Richard Sowell
Israel's defence needs
Bubble and Trouble
Hal Lindsey
Why praise God?
Richard Sowell
Geology vs Evolution
Roger Oakland
Duped Americans
Pamela Geller
Environmentalist's Lies
Dr. Cal Beisner
Middle East knife edge
Jim Tetlow & Bill Salus


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