There are many Old and New Testament prophecies and bible teachings which are presently clearly understood and agreed upon by an overwhelming number of Bible scholars and Christians in general. There are also those that are interpreted differently at this point in time, but I don't believe in preventing these differences being discussed or aired, unless they are fatally flawed with regards to the core beliefs required for one to be saved from God's wrath through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins.

Thus, some of the following programmes may contain opinions, statements or theories that prove to be incorrect. I defy anyone to be infallible on every subject and prophecy found in the Bible.
I also cannot examine everyone's views outside of what is presented here, so some of the persons below may promote somewhat dubious ideas that are less known about. That is why a degree of responsibility must be left to the listener to do their own investigation of the subjects, and of those putting forward their opinions here.

But I do think that as world events unfold, and as we get older and hopefully wiser, the more Bible knowledge we have, and the more ideas we have been exposed to, the greater will be our ability to discern the truth of these matters if we have humble hearts. With that said, I hope you find these interviews, commentaries and messages helpful, enlightening and instructive, and especially an inspiration to do your own research if interested ..... Keygar!

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Signs of the end
Chuck Smith
ISIS and Obama the deceiver
J.D. Farag
Christians and sexual sin
J.D. Farag
Move over Muhammed
Abdu Murray
Temple site finally found?
Bob Comuke
More end time signs
Billy Crone
Global warming questions
Hal Lindsey
Torah / Bible codes
Chuck Missler
UFO conspiracy
Stan Deyo
Mockers, scoffers, gays and God
J.D. Farag
Prophecy unwinding
Amir Tsarfati
September Rumblings
Jan Markell
J Markell, J Hibbs and A Tsarfati
Middle East in prophecy
Jerry Shirley
Silent Majority Speaks
Islam snow job
J.D. Farag
The mystery of ISIS
Gary Stearman and Avi Lipkin
What will 2016 bring?
J.D. Farag
Security of believer (part 1)
John MacArthur
Security of believer (part 2)
John MacArthur
Security of believer (final)
John MacArthur
"Elijah, where are you?"
Gary Stearman & Bob Ulrich
How long until the end?
Chuck Smith
Interview with Lambert Dolphin
Lambert Dolphin
The NOW prophecies
Bill Salus
Is Noah's Ark found?
G.Stearman, A.Judkins & B.Hall
Converging insanity
Jan Markell & John Haller
Conspiracy theorists
David Icke
Honestly Hillary
Clinton Investigation
Concepts of God
Dave Hunt
Hell's best kept secret
Ray Comfort
Free internet officially over
Stefan Molyneux
The emerging church trap
Roger Oakland
Islam Christianity showdown
Dave Hunt
Who's Mystery, Babylon the Great?
Irvin Baxter (note)
Dealing with worry and anxiety
Saddam's Christian aide
General Georges Sada
The coming kingdom
Gary Stearman & Andy Woods
Palestinian fable
Pat Condell
Jesus is still coming
Richard Sowell
Gog Magog timing
Gary Stearman & Andy Woods
Palestinian fabrication
Danny Ayalon
Trump and new world order
Gary Stearman & Tom Hughes
Fear based bad decisions
Damian Kyle
CIA American takedown
John Wells & Kevin Shipp
Masochistic mayhem
Nigel Farage
The final empire
Damian Kyle
Is the future here?
J.Markell, J.D.Farag & A.Tsarfati
America's questionable founding?
Children, o.t. saints and unevangelised
Jan Markell and Guest
Middle East sitrep
Doug Woodward
The islamic elephant
Melanie Phillips
Crazy stuff! ... or is it?
Last days infiltrators
Richard Sowell
Tom Hughes
America and the NWO
Tom Hughes
A living hope
Damian Kyle
Ready for the Beast
Amir Tsarfati
25 end times signs
Don Stewart
History of the Illuminati
An exposé from 1967
Health and Wealth (part 1)
Dennis Rokser
Health and Wealth (part 2)
Dennis Rokser
How to win people to Christ
Richard Sowell
World religion forming
Amir Tsarfati
Hidden in plain view
Jan Markell
Brief history of Islam
Brigitte Gabriel
Pre-wrath or pre-trib rapture?
Alan Kurschner / Thomas Ice
I never thought I'd see ...
Jan Markell
23 minutes in hell
Bill Wiese
An eternal perspective
Richard Sowell
Sharia exposed
Usama Dakdok
Fifteen signs
Jan Markell
The coming great con job?
Billy Crone
Depopulation weapons??
Joe Imbriano
Demonic component of music
J.D. Farag
The simplicity of prayer
Richard Sowell
Palestine nonsense
J. D. Farag
The Flesh versus God
Why God made the earth
Richard Sowell
Avoiding Tears in Heaven
Richard Sowell
Sex gone wrong
Damian Kyle
Am I really saved?
J.D. Farag
Censorship ... end times sign
Stefan Molyneux
Calm before the storm
Amir Tsarfati
The last generation - possibly?
Amir Tsarfati
What is your life?
Richard Sowell
The lonely remnant
Jan Markell & guests
Lawlessness everywhere
Tom Hughes
Resisting Satan
J.D. Farag
The impossible nation
Damian Kyle
If I were the devil
Paul Harvey - 1965
Reality check on Islam
Greg Reese
Gog & Magog when?
Andy Woods
Heaven's courtroom
Damian Kyle
Is America in prophecy?
Mark Hitchcock
The coming of the Lord
Richard Sowell
"Last Generation" confusion
Andy Woods
Did Jesus teach the rapture?
Andy Woods
Cult of liberal theology
Walter Martin
Deadly social justice
Brandon Holthaus


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