There are many Old and New Testament prophecies and bible teachings which are presently clearly understood and agreed upon by an overwhelming number of Bible scholars and Christians in general. There are also those that are interpreted differently at this point in time, but I don't believe in preventing these differences being discussed or aired, unless they are fatally flawed with regards to the core beliefs required for one to be saved from God's wrath through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins.

Thus, some of the following programmes may contain opinions, statements or theories that prove to be incorrect. I defy anyone to be infallible on every subject and prophecy found in the Bible.
I also cannot examine everyone's views outside of what is presented here, so some of the persons below may promote somewhat dubious ideas that are less known about. That is why a degree of responsibility must be left to the listener to do their own investigation of the subjects, and of those putting forward their opinions here.

But I do think that as world events unfold, and as we get older and hopefully wiser, the more Bible knowledge we have, and the more ideas we have been exposed to, the greater will be our ability to discern the truth of these matters if we have humble hearts. With that said, I hope you find these interviews, commentaries and messages helpful, enlightening and instructive, and especially an inspiration to do your own research if interested ..... Keygar!

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Antichrist ... unearthly origins?
Brandon Holthaus
Hope beyond this life
Richard Sowell
Drag queens, the new pied pipers
Brandon Holthaus
Water baptism - necessary?
Gene Kim
Predestination made simple
Chuck Missler
An "alien" ending?
Jan Markell / Billy Crone
The bloodied remnant
Brandon Holthaus
A provocative perspective
Mike Adams
Where are my blessings?
Andy Woods
Corona agenda?
David Icke
Matthew 24: revisited
J. D. Farag
NWO-id & inoculation
Jan Markell / Gary Kah
Black lives subterfuge
Greg Reese
Sexual Sin .. fall or stand
J D Farag
Revisionism revisited
Any Woods
Communism at our door!
Andy Woods
QAnon further on
J D Farag
Corona, Egypt and plagues
Brandon Holthaus
Abraham accords & Ezekiel 39
Jan Markell and Ron Rhodes
Where we're at
Brandon Holthaus
Hybrid humans .. again!
Billy Crone
KGB agent's '84 warning
Yuri Bezmenov
Does 'virus' even exist?
John Rappoport
March to the 'mark'
J.D. Farag
Why America declined
Bill Salus
After the disappearance
Andy Woods
Mass distraction weapons
Mike Adams
ABC of Salvation
J.D. Farag
Faith without works?
Andy Woods
Should I take covid vaccine 2?
J.D. Farag
Mask to vaccine to mark
Chad Thomas
After the rapture panic
Narrator Unknown
Aliens approaching
Chad Thomas
Covid planned long ago
J.D. Farag
Prophecy, passports & promises
J.D. Farag
The power of prayer
Andy Woods
Pandemic behaviour overview
Shaharm Hadian
Masks, vaccines & lies
Jan Markell & Twila Brase
Supernatural Antichrist??
Brandon Holthaus


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