There are many Old and New Testament prophecies and bible teachings which are presently clearly understood and agreed upon by an overwhelming number of Bible scholars and Christians in general. There are also those that are interpreted differently at this point in time, but I don't believe in preventing these differences being discussed or aired, unless they are fatally flawed with regards to the core beliefs required for one to be saved from God's wrath through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins.

Thus, some of the following programmes may contain opinions, statements or theories that prove to be incorrect. I defy anyone to be infallible on every subject and prophecy found in the Bible.
I also cannot examine everyone's views outside of what is presented here, so some of the persons below may promote somewhat dubious ideas that are less known about. That is why a degree of responsibility must be left to the listener to do their own investigation of the subjects, and of those putting forward their opinions here.

But I do think that as world events unfold, and as we get older and hopefully wiser, the more Bible knowledge we have, and the more ideas we have been exposed to, the greater will be our ability to discern the truth of these matters if we have humble hearts. With that said, I hope you find these interviews, commentaries and messages helpful, enlightening and instructive, and especially an inspiration to do your own research if interested ..... Keygar!


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Is your money safe?
Brandon Holthaus
Stars and Stripes of Babylon
Lee Brainard and Tyler
'Word of Faith' .. fraudsters
Justin Peters
AI in bible prophecy
Tom Hughes and John Haller
Are demons the real aliens?
Jay Dyer
Coming global transformation
Should I take covid vaccine?
Dr. Simone Gold
UFO disclosure happening
The Cross
Billy Graham
A woman rides the beast
Dave Hunt
Are YOU saved?
Oliver Greene
Pre-trib or Post-trib?
David Hocking
The rapture vs 2nd coming
Dave Hunt
Oh Hell, it's real!
Charles Lawson
America's pagan origins?
Tony Fauci stripped bare
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Being born again
Chuck Smith
Demonic oppression
Russ Dizdar
Is the Bible true
Dave Hunt
Set up for the Antichrist
Damian Kyle
THE TRUTH about Islam
Arab religion researcher
Sit back, shut up, and listen
David Legge
Vatican part of deception
Father Jonathon Morris
Evidence of Jesus' resurrection
Hal Lindsey
Apostasy or Rapture?
Thomas Ice
The origins of earth
Roger Oakland
About the Rapture
Damian Kyle
Possible rapture scenario
Irvin Baxter (note)
Oprah versus Jesus
End times intrigue
Irvin Baxter (note)
Life in heaven
Robert McCollum
Signs of the times
J. R. Hall
Charismania delusion?
Roger Oakland
Exposing false doctrine
J. R. Hall
Thoughts on Noah's flood 1
Kent Hovind
Thoughts on Noah's flood 2
Kent Hovind
The restrainer and the rapture
J. R. Lawendowski
Mark of the beast
Irvin Baxter (note)
Who owns Israel?
Zola Levitt
Aliens and demons
End time idiocy
Features of true revival
Marriage supper of the Lamb
The wrath of God
Irvin Baxter (note)
Global warming hoax
Dr. Michael Koffman
Marketing multiculturalism and folly!
Jan Markell
Technology and prophecy
Britt Gillette
Tribulation hope and purpose
Thomas Ice
Post election ponderings
Amir Tsarfati
Mormonism, Yoga, New Age, Cults
Dr. Ron Carlson
Occult, Paranormal, Freemasonry
Dr. Ron Rhodes
Mary apparitions / delusions
Jim Tetlow
Invest for maximum return
Robert McCollum
Roger Oakland
Message From Ex-Palestinian Terrorist
Walid Shoebat   
What is a fool?  
Andy Lytle
Holocaust memories / warning 
Jeffrey Seif
New world order thoughts 
Irvin Baxter (note)
What's suitable Christian music?
Dan Lucarini and Kimberly Smith
When will the rapture happen?
Zola Levitt
Israel..God's prophetic marker!
Pastor Billy Crone  
The Kingdom 
Zola Levitt
The future temple 
Zola Levitt
Zola Levitt
In heaven after the rapture
Zola Levitt
Marriage supper ...take 2
Zola Levitt
sowing seeds  
Roger Oakland
How we are saved
A.W. Tozer
Why care about life? 
Andrew Quigley
Preterism / Anti-Israel folly
Hal Lindsey
Absolute forgiveness 
Zola Levitt
(non) Christian yoga 
Caryl Matrisciana
Dead Sea Scroll proof of Jesus 
Zola Levitt
Offended in Christ
David Wilkerson
The alpha course 
Dave Hunt
One world economy 
Billy Crone  
The last Jihad 
Joel Rosenberg
Financial future
Gary Kah
Science proves the bible 
Ray Comfort
Saved or not? 
Billy Crone  
 Beastly chips 
Billy Crone  
Get real, get forgiven
Billy Crone  
More on Dead Sea Scrolls 
Zola Levitt
The certainties of life
Ron Johnson  
Evolution fairytales 
Billy Crone
Emergent dribble  
Roger Oakland
Why good people suffer 
What DO you believe? 
Iran, Islam & end time ideas 
Jim Murk
Calvinism examined
Dave Hunt
The Titanic's Triple Tragedy 
Richard Sowell
Temple mount, dome of the rock
David Barnhart
The final authority 
Richard Sowell
What eternity is like
Zola Levitt
And someone said... 
This new life
Bill Firth
New age, Old demons
Johanna Michaelsen and Dave Hunt
Unintelligent evolutionists
Billy Crone
Muslims in the west
Ibrahim Abdullah
Refuting pantheism & atheism
Phil Fernandes


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