Magical Mystery Tour

By Keygar

You've heard of the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour? ... Well come with me on Keygar's Whimsical Wandering Mystery Babylon Tour ...

The identity of Mystery Babylon as per Revelation 17-18 has been subject to much debate for as long as I can remember, which at my age, is a pretty long time.

Many books have been written about it. Too many I think. They have only confused the issue. Each well known Biblical scholar seems to feel the need to espouse their conclusion on what city it refers to.

According to some writers, Mystery Babylon is America. No other country in human history has spread Christianity around the globe as the USA has. Ironically, neither has any other country exported unrestrained evil worldwide as has the USA.

Even the recent Covid Plandemic originated in the USA (no, not China), and America has spread sickening bio-weapons labs worldwide, including to Ukraine, hence the current conflict there. Not to mention the wars America has started, the governments it has overthrown, and the gross immorality it has infused into other cultures.

Indeed, America has never seemed to progress far from the days of Al Capone and its era of corruption, murder, bribery, violence, deceit and bullying. If ever a country deserved judgement, it is the USA. But I doubt America is in fact 'Mystery Babylon' simply because it is already under judgement and well on the way to have fallen before the tribulation even begins.

Then, of course there's Rome, traditionally thought of as being the future Babylon to fall, by such great bible scholars like Dave Hunt. His arguments for this theory are many, and almost indisputable.

If you're still with me on this rambling journey through the theoretical, follow me. Or if you'd prefer, there is a side path coming up you can follow down to a nice picnic spot.

Meanwhile, other scholars claim Jerusalem is referred to as Babylon and is the place referred to in Revelation. Some good arguments exist for this idea, but the concept hasn't gained great support.

Other well known preachers insist Babylon is LITERALLY going to be rebuilt and the antichrist will rule from there during the tribulation. This idea would seem to clash with the concept of "imminency", that is, the idea that the rapture could occur at any instant. Unless of course, there is going to be time enough to build a city and establish world control and trade from it, following the rapture and preceding the tribulation.

If Babylon is rebuilt during the tribulation, it would indeed be a miracle for the merchants of the earth and the captains of cargo ships to get rich off it as seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls of judgements are unleashed on the earth, and half of the world's population is wiped out, as recorded in Revelation.

A literal Babylon rebuilt seems a stretch, but many insist that a city can be built quickly these days, which comparatively speaking, is indeed correct. But, to be planned, constructed, and then establish trade and rule over the whole world as well, in a few short years? This would seem to push the rapture back some time from now. The logistics involved in Babylon being rebuilt and becoming the centre of world rule and trade in our generation, are ENORMOUS to put it mildly. BUT, anything is possible with God in charge.

Well, If I've given you a headache, I apologise. I only wanted to share mine. I'm growing a little weary from endless speculation. These days, I prefer to dwell more on the certainties found in God's word.

I do of course have my opinions on matters such as these, but I'm not going to risk leading others into error by putting forth my conclusions as if they were fact.

If you've read this far, you flatter me. But I thank you for killing a little time with me as I've rambled on my whimsical mystery tour. Won't it be great when we know all things as HE does. Hopefully, we won't have to wait for Babylon to be rebuilt before that's the case.

Keep one eye looking up, and the other looking down for pitfalls.


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