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Nephilim, Aliens and Fallen Angels

By Don Koenig

The account in Genesis of the Son’s of God taking the daughters of men as wife’s and producing an offspring called the Nephilim seems to be of great interest to a whole lot of people. Perhaps that is because people sense that there is more to the story than what they were taught in Sunday school on this topic.

The usual view taught on this is the Sons of Seth theory, but that theory just does not answers the many questions it raises. So instead of believing doctrines of well meaning but wrong teachers. I really have to take what the Bible says on this subject literally. I can also confirm through other ancient books such as The Book of Enoch and the writing of Josephus and others that the ancients also took quite literally the account of angels taking women and producing a mighty race called the Nephilim.

It then seems to me that if you take what is said literally these offspring of angels and humans corrupted the world and all air breathing flesh. They were the reason why God had to destroy the world to preserve the pure Adamic race through Noah so that a Kinsman Redeemer of Adam could come and pay the price and redeem the Adamic race from their bondage to sin.

In other words, this corrupting of human genetics was an attempt by Satan’s angels to literally short-circuit God’s divine plan of redemption to save the human race.

I will not get into all the details because Jack Kelly already said it better than I can or anyone else I have read in his article called, 'The Nephilim'.

On the Nephilim subject and Jack’s article, I will just add a couple of my own thoughts here. I think that one or more of the wife’s of the sons of Noah carried the Nephilim gene and that is why they began reappearing some time after the flood and why God told Israel to kill everyone in Canaan. I do not think the angels that sinned and were chained after the flood were replace by more angels that did it all over again like I have heard some teachers say. I think there had to be a genetic mop up operation after the populations of Canaan had become genetically corrupted again and that is why God directed that all the people occupying Canaan had to be totally wiped out.

I wrote my own article on this topic about ten years ago, I called it Aliens. So what does UFO Alien conjecture have to do with what happened in Genesis? I guess you need to read the articles to get the full picture on that.

It Seems to me that when Satan is cast out of heaven unto the earth just prior to the 3 1/2 year great tribulation, that this attempt by Satan’s angels to corrupt all flesh is going to get new legs. I do not know how it will all play out but I think it has something to do with the Mark of the Beast. Perhaps the Mark is more than just an identification chip to buy and sell. Perhaps if you take it, it will actually modify your genetics and you will no longer be a pure human, you will be trans-human or even superhuman. It may be the great evolutionary leap forward for mankind that is being promised by “New Age” and “New Spiritually” teachers.

So could you resist this temptation, deception or delusion to become superhuman if only you took the Mark? Most will not, I think most will be eager to take the Mark that will initiate them into the collective spiritual body of Satan. My conjecture is that Satan will promise people very long life or even eternal life while people are still in their bodies of flesh and still in their sin. All they need to do is take upon themselves the Mark that somehow gives them human angel hybrid genetics.

The Antichrist or False Prophet won't tell them that those who had corrupted genetics before the flood became wandering spirits after their bodies were destroyed in the flood (the demons) and he won’t tell them that they also will be tormented forever and they will not find rest. However, God’s angels will warn all mankind not to take the Mark so none will be without excuse. Thus those who seek to save their mortal lives by taking the Mark will lose their eternal soul.

It is also silly for anyone to even think they can physically fight against Satan and his angels with human weapons. Those that are arming for this war are on the wrong page in the wrong book. Will you really try to fight against angels with bullets? Your weapons used against them would do nothing but get yourself killed. Nobody will be able to stand against them, not even the two prophets of God. However, Jesus Christ will defeat all those that follow Satan at his second coming.



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