Political Correctness

By Hal Lindsey

If there's one contemporary cultural phenomenon that gets under my skin, it's "Political Correctness." This week, I want to take a closer look at how "PC" is slowly destroying our society and eroding our freedoms.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that "political correctness" is simply a product of the evolution of our culture and our growing sophistication as a society. It's not. Rather, it is a TOOL being used by the 'progressive' (read that 'liberal') elements of our society to intimidate most of us into silence. If we're afraid to speak out, then we can't stop them from pursuing their evil agenda.

As a political device, "political correctness" flows directly from Karl Marx. Speech-manipulation is nothing more than a tool of classical Marxism.

There are two raging issues in our country today that literally depend on "political correctness" for the traction their proponents have gained. Those issues are "illegal immigration" and "Islamic inroads into society". This week, I'll show you how they stand or fall on the definitions of the terms thrown about everyday in the media and at the highest levels of government.

When I watch TV and see the protest signs, listen to the protesters being interviewed, read what the movement leaders have to say, and see how the government officials react like deer caught in the headlights, it almost makes me nauseous. Words and their meanings are vitally important. Yet the very words that are needed in these debates have been so horrendously and maliciously skewed that the truth is nowhere in sight. And how can anyone make rational decisions if the basic premises are out of whack to start with?

Jesus said that "you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." In a politically correct society, truth is the first victim. We live in a politically correct society.

Many of you write to me to express how helpless you feel as you watch these charades unfold on the nightly news. I completely understand. I have an idea. It's not a new one. I know others are doing this around the country. When you feel in despair over how quickly our nation is sliding into this pit of confusion, deception, and denial, and you ache to do something about it, make it a point to pray specifically that God will cause the truth to be revealed. You don't have to pray 'against' anyone or any organization, just pray that the lies will be exposed and the truth will be revealed.

We know that God loves the truth and if He, by His grace, intervenes to cause the truth to be revealed in our culture, our society, and our government, then maybe we can begin to see a return to sanity, and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

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