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“Pressure on Israel from All Sides”

by Art Sadlier


There is no human explanation for the pressure descending on Israel from all sides. Scripture says Satan is the god of this world and we know that Satan hates God and His plans and purposes. Satan knows that God has clearly stated that He will send His Son to take the rule of this world away from Satan, and that rule will come through Jesus Christ ruling on the throne of David and ruling over a redeemed and restored Israel.

Satan knows that his only hope to retain his present position is to destroy Israel, so Satan is the source of all of the pressure on Israel today.

Look at this pressure that is being placed on Israel at this very hour.

FIRST- The US secretary of State has reportedly kept notes on the negotiations between the PA and Israel. The purpose is to try to hold the Israeli President to every item the Israeli negotiators discussed during previous talks. The interesting thing is that the PA has never made one single concession in all of the talks that have taken place over the years. The PA has said many times it's all or nothing.

SECOND- The world is increasing the pressure on Israel. The UN Secretary-General will host a meeting in New York on Monday of his top diplomatic partners in the Quartet. The Russian Foreign Minister, the European Union (EU) High Representative and the European Commissioner for External Relations will join the UN Secretary-General at UN Headquarters. The French Foreign Minister representing the EU Presidency and Quartet envoy Tony Blair are scheduled to participate by video-link. In a message to the “UN Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace,” held in the Chilean capital, Santiago, the UN Secretary-General said the international community recognizes the urgent need to continue supporting the parties in their efforts to reach a comprehensive agreement on all permanent status issues.

“The goal of such an agreement is clear: An end to the occupation that began in 1967, and the establishment of a Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel,” the message added.

The Quartet is also to confer with an Arab League contact group comprising Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen plus the Arab League Secretary General, diplomats said.
On Tuesday, the UN Security Council is expected to vote on a resolution calling on Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to continue negotiations over the outstanding "core issues". The pressure builds.

THIRD- The attitude of the PA has not changed, their goal is still to destroy Israel. On December 14th, 2008, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan called on Palestinian Authority Arabs to formally start a third intifada by carrying out suicide bombing attacks to "slaughter the Jews" in Israel. The following statement sums up the attitude of Israel's enemies. "There will be no room for Jews or settlements in the West Bank because their presence there will always be an obstacle to peace with Israel", the head of the Palestinian Authority negotiating team said at the weekend.

FOURTH- Iran is the major influence on the PA and Hamas. They continue and will continue to drive the passion of the PA. Notice the passion that will never allow peace no matter how many concessions Israel makes. Iran's president told reporters as thousands of Iranians held a protest rally in Teheran Friday against the blockade of the Gaza Strip, "Israel has reached the end of the road." Where is there room for negotiations in that statement? Meanwhile, they protested and chanted "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" as they demonstrated on streets leading to the Teheran University compound where the weekly Friday prayer service is held.

I never cease to marvel as to how men and women cannot see and understand how the prophetic scriptures state so clearly all that has befallen and is now befalling Israel. Nothing could be more clear than that Israel is God's chosen people and that His purposes and plans are unfolding before our eyes. The words of scripture flash in my mind as I think of what men are doing in this matter. "There is no fear of God before their eyes".

We are rushing to the false peace treaty of antichrist as found in Daniel 9:27.



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