The Decade Ahead

By Don Koenig ... https://www.thepropheticyears.com

I am not going to make specific predictions for 2020 but I believed we have now arrived at the decade of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Shortly after the Rapture the tribulation period will occur followed by the fulfilment of all Bible prophecy related to the second coming of Jesus Christ. I think most of the end times prophecies will be fulfilled in the 2030’s although the four horsemen of Revelation probably will ride in the 2020’s.

I could be wrong about the tribulation starting in the 2020’s, but if I am, I don’t think it will prove to be of much comfort to those living through this decade. Because in that case, I think they will get to experience a world war more significant than any in history and then still have to experience the prophetic events that will be coming shortly thereafter.

The average American, Australian (....Keygar) and European are totally unprepared for the events they are about to experience. Young people of Europe and America are much like the people living in the roaring twenty’s of a century ago. They were into luxurious living, partying, etc and were totally unaware of the soon coming great depression and second world war. Our 21st century roaring 20’s generation is likely to also experience a world war, an economic collapse and the worst civil wars that ever occurred on earth. People that have the means should seriously think about getting out of the big cities now before they find themselves living in bloody war zones from which there will be no escape.

The communist and Islamic takeovers already occurring to overthrow the Christian culture in the West makes it certain that any major war, grid down situation or economic collapse will bring about massive civil upheaval in western cities. Many living there simply will not be able to survive what is about to befall them. Those living in the cities will be fighting over ideology, food, water and turf in short order. It will be a Mad Max situation until one group or another totally takes over. There also is no guarantee or even likelihood that civil people will gain control of the area where you live.

Even if Trump should be re-elected, it is doubtful that the American Republic along with its Bible based Constitution can even survive its own domestic enemies for another decade. When the godless leftists regain control of the federal government, there will be civil war in America. If the left is hindered by American patriots, these domestic haters of our Republic already running the big cities, media, education, foundations and globalist corporations will still bring civil strife to our nation. The division between the God-fearing more rational rural people and the godless group think city zombies makes civil strife inevitable.

Do the leftist ideologues really believe that rural rational conservative people will allow Marxists to come take away our means of self-defence so that they can round up liberty lovers and imprison or kill those that will not conform? These Marxists need to get real! Just look at Virginia. The brainwashed group thinkers of the cities might have the numbers to pass unconstitutional gun laws there, but they will not have the means to enforce those laws in rural counties. It just is a matter of time before this turns violent. As the left gains control, you are going to see local militias forming in counties all over the nation in opposition to federal or state unconstitutional actions.

True Christianity is being outlawed all over the world. The time left for the gospel of grace seems to be about over. The remaining politically correct Christianity even in “Christian nations” is mostly just a worldly religion using Christian terms.

It looks to me like the world is receiving its last call. God is using the biggest rap star sinner in the world to reach those bound by drugs, porn and every kind of sin. Conversely, the biggest “Christian” “Holy Man” in the world (“the Pope”) is telling Christians not to convert people to Christ!? This clown Pope even said that those who hold on to the fundamentals of the Christian faith are haters and bigots. Time is short. There is now a false prophet leftist Pope in the Vatican priming the world for Marxism, globalism, extraterrestrials and a leader who will turn out to be the Antichrist.

The only thing restraining evil in the world is the gospel, and that increasingly is no longer allowed to be preached. There will be no point in the Church being on earth if the gospel of grace can no longer be preached. The proselytizing window is rapidly closing. Keep in mind, that the delay of the Lord’s coming is not so the Church can convert the world. The delay is only to take out a faithful bride for the coming King. The great harvest of souls happens after that to determine the people allowed to populate the Lord’s Kingdom on earth.

We should be aware of the signs of the times taking place that are totally unique to the last days generation. One sign is the rebirth of Israel. Bible prophecy could not be fulfilled before that happened. Another sign is that the stage is being set for the Gog war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 to be fulfilled. Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya and the Sudan are now forming a military alliance to fulfil the prophesied army that comes against Israel. Take America out of the picture and there should be no question that the UN would vote to take back the lands acquired by Israel in previous wars. The Gog war is most likely a UN action led by Russia to accomplish that.

Still another great sign for our generation is the numerical prophecy about the kings of the East. China now has 100,000,000 surplus men who have little hope of having a normal family life. This happened in our time because of China’s one child policy. These surplus men have a timely purpose. They come with the 200 million man army from the East (Rev 9:15-16).

Revelation says this great army was prepared for an exact time. The one child policy started around 1980 and ended in 2015. Many of the early born surplus men will be too old to fight after the mid 2030’s. Many of the last born men will become old enough to fight by 2030. There also are a great number of surplus men in India and elsewhere in Asia because of their own birth control and their infanticide of girls. These surplus men are uniquely prepared for our time to make up the two-hundred million man prophetic army that kills a third of all men on earth.

This army out of the East is a late tribulation event, so if it is to occur before many of the surplus men get too old to fight, the seals of Revelation have to start to be opened by the late 2020’s. China is now arming to the teeth and building a silk road infrastructure to support such an eastern invasion.

Another sign of the time that we live in is that Iran says it will destroy Israel and they are developing the nuclear weapons to do so. Does anyone think this will end well or that this can go on for another decade without a nuclear conflict? Thanks to Iran, there are almost two hundred thousand missiles pointed at Israel from Iranian proxies. It is obvious that we are not going to get through this decade without major war breaking out in the Middle East.

Iran just this week used Iraqi Shiite proxies to attack the US embassy in Iraq. They found out that Obama and Hillary were no longer in charge. One hundred marines quickly arrived by helicopters to protect our embassy. Four thousand additional airborne troops may be on the way. Yesterday, President Trump ordered an air strike to kill Iran’s top general when this terrorist leader arrived at the Baghdad airport to possibly orchestrate another attack on US forces in Iraq. We shall soon see Iran’s response to Trump’s decisive action to take out their number one military leader.

Anything is now possible, but the sure bet is that time is growing short for Iran to decide to dismantle their nuclear weapons program. Trump and Israel will soon accomplish that job for them using air strikes if Iran chooses to escalate this further. Any additional action by Iran to extend its control over the fertile crescent could also spark a regional war between the Sunnis and the Shia. America on the other hand, may soon find out the extent of Iranian sleeper cells in our nation and our vulnerability to surprise attacks on our electrical grid. As I have said before, America as we know it will not survive any extended grid down situation.

The world is almost 300 trillion dollars in debt. This huge amount of debt can never be paid. There are only two possibilities. Nations will default on their debts, or the debtor nations will print money and monetize their debt. Both methods wipe out acquired wealth and promises made by their governments to their people will not be fulfilled. This will bring about rioting all over the world. When many nations are in perplexity (Lu 21:25) it is time for the Antichrist to appear with all the answers and the paperless digital 666 buy/sell system.

It is no coincidence of time that block chain technology and 5G make the digital 666 system of the Antichrist possible in the 2020’s. There are plans to put up over 50,000 low orbit satellites this decade to allow digital communications from any location on earth. When all the major financial institutions of the world go under, the new system will come into existence in short order. I don’t see how the bankers can kick the debt bomb down the road for even the rest of this decade. In a time of world conflict that won’t even be possible. There will have to be an economic reset followed by a new world economic system.

We are all under surveillance and are dependent on our communication devices. Thanks to Obama’s giving away US control of the Internet to the UN, it is now making plans for dictators, Islamist’s and globalists to control all of it. Soon nothing politically correct will even be seen or heard. The only truth or reality you will get to see or hear is the politically correct version. AI will control it all and there will likely be total control over everyone before the end of the 2020’s. China already has control over most of their population and India is right behind. Just add another decade for the elitist fascists and AI to gain control over the rest of the globe.

You may be getting the message that this is the last free decade before the second coming, but all this should not be depressing to true Christian believers. The Rapture comes prior to most end time prophetic events. In the 2020’s we should be looking up, because our redemption draws near.


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