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By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow

“The drums sound with measured beat; the Sun sets slowly with diminished heat. Listen to the dirge and mark the cadence of a song of death for a once great nation.”

One of the fun things about writing a column is the receipt of mail, good and bad, in response to my articles. Those who understand the message and have pertinent arguments and constructive comment are a blessing and greatly appreciated. Their comments are most often stimulating, interesting and nearly always challenging and enlightening.

The nescient few who write to vent their spleen and pour out a completely illiterate, unlettered and mindless invective can be weirdly entertaining. Given the bizarreness of their messages it is sad to think that the writers of these are the finished product of the American Education system. When I read these offerings I continually wonder when and how the writer escaped the asylum. It is scary to think that those who are so inimically disposed might be running around with a fingernail file in their pocket. I can imagine that their Kindergarten teachers appended their report cards with such messages as “fails to color within the lines” and “does not get along well with classmates.” These do help me to partially understand the Transportation Security Administration’s obsession with penknives and small manicuring implements. Remember I said partially as I am not altogether sure that many of those of the TSA are not often recruited from among this very segment of society.

Then we have those who are enthusiastically enamored of their self-perceived wit and intelligence, it is these who write to me messages that they think to be wildly clever and endearingly cute. Witness the following example: "Now that we have a wonderful new president why don't you, and those like you, leave the country." The same was written in a hugely large and boldface font. Oftentimes I find that the larger the font, of a perverse message, the smaller the mind behind it. Undisciplined messages seem to come from undisciplined minds. It always amazes me how these dimwits claim sole ownership of the country, it is analogous to saying, “Who allowed you to be born into my world?”

Now let’s extrapolate from that silly little statement. Without the slightest bit of a doubt it has never occurred to the rocket scientist who sent this message that if the nearly half of the population who comprise the most productive and giving members of society who most likely voted against the self-proclaimed messiah of this person’s adulation and worship were to move from the country there would be no one to support the remaining non-productive half of the population. Clearly every willingly unemployed individual, the indigent by choice, and every bum looking for a handout were hog tied and dragged to the polls by the Obama cultists and registered to vote, very often multiple times under differing names. And while they were at it they also registered cadavers, pet dogs, pet cats and beady-eyed parrots.

And then, of course, we cannot discount the fact that there are many thousands of those parasitic human sponges out there that are perfectly capable of figuring out with no help from others that the Obamas’ of the system slaver at the chance to extract from the wages of the industrious and bestow what they have purloined upon the slothful. Ah yes, it was a campaign of which we can take great national pride if one is to believe the media. To quote Chris Matthews it must have just sent a little thrill up the leg of all the little Bolsheviks who live in our modern day la la land. More on Chris Matthews and his compatriots, those insufficiently cooked (half-baked), denizens of the national media later.

We continually hear from these changelings of their deep compassion for the disadvantaged and dispossessed of society. They spend millions of taxpayer dollars promoting boondoggle social programs and they prattle endlessly about entitlements, welfare, earned income tax credits, affirmative action, compassionate welfare and a myriad of other societal programs that are supposed to have the intended effect of making it a fail safe culture where without personal effort or individual initiative even the most indolent can enjoy the good life.

The truth of the matter is that there are those who are truly ambitious and do have work ethics who could use a hand up to cope with unavoidable serious financial hardship until they are on their feet and able to pull their own weight. Our despotic government in its typical blundering and unjust way has put into effect, through its numerous bureaucratic agencies, a labyrinth of glaringly inequitable hoops to jump through that have every appearance of being designed to inhibit any help to the truly necessitous while virtually dumping money on the intentionally lazy. And I know with a certainty that the readers of this message can think of many instances to substantiate what I have just written.

It is difficult to be inclined to the slightest wonderment at the defeat of John McCain and the Republican Party. This guy ran the most inept campaign in history. If I were a betting man I would bet that he was actually bribed by those with inimical vested interests to throw the campaign as a prizefighter throws a fight. To observe him as he cheerily gave critical campaign issues wide berth and heaped upon his political foe his sweet admiration and goodwill made one wonder why we were even having a campaign. The only seemingly heartfelt speech that he made in the entire campaign was his concession speech in which he smilingly and cheerfully acknowledged that he and Obama were of one mind, one heart and one soul. That speech left not a doubt or question about the fact that there is now no difference between Democrats and Republicans. I have written previously of the fact that the Republican Party has done more to enable the destruction of a once proud Republic than irreverent Democrats. I invite the reader to view that article.

McCain might just as well have conceded the election up front and saved everyone a lot of trouble. It would have spared the millions, who already knew what the outcome would be, the suffering they experienced through a maddening and utterly biased harangue and bombardment by the media every minute of every hour of every day. An additional upside to such a front end concession would have been that the Obama campaign wouldn’t have had to resort to all that underhanded and criminal chicanery in the raising of those millions of dollars in disguised illegal contributions, but then of course they wouldn’t have had any mad money to throw around.

I would like to use this column to thank those illegal contributors to Obama for all of the money that they clandestinely pumped into the system, but I can’t speak or write Arabic or Chinese. But, they will be gratified to know that their friends in the American media made out like bandits and put the funds to good use with a splendidly stupendous propaganda program. And, hey! The American people just had a ball following their self-proclaimed political messiah around the country to the various lavishly produced performances. With breasts swelling in exultation and their resounding cheers bouncing off the clouds, the frenzied worshippers leapt to the occasion in exuberance and with eager outstretched hands sought the hem of the garment of their political savior. These expensively choreographed spectaculars were reminiscent of the great Nuremberg rallies during which the German people also worshipped their chosen savior, Adolph Hitler.

The national media is a mirror into the soul of the nation, their truly abominable and soullessly depraved conduct throughout the course of the campaign was most certainly grist to the mill of the demonic interests that continuously pursue and advocate for a Godless society and a world-wide satanic kingdom. One could not detect even a scintilla of integrity and probity in the reporting by, and the conduct of, the majority of the media personages that so noxiously embellished the TV screens, airwaves, and printed pages of the major newspapers and publications with their perverse and perverted works. The ignominy and disgrace of their deliberate and evilly uncivilized endeavors was a taint upon not only their profession, but upon the entire nation.

Despite the fact that the country was rapidly descending into the tank during the entirety of the campaign nothing could divert the attention of the people from their worship at the feet of their newfound savior. The markets were toppled and corruption of the most contemptible kind brought down major Wall Street financial institutions, the debased policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives brought the mortgage industry to its knees and businesses and corporations of long standing duration were forced into bankruptcy. The major American automobile manufacturers were near extinction and main street businesses were being eliminated by an inability to obtain capital, and yet the Obama worshippers soldiered on in feverish jubilance, undiminished adoration and blissful reverie. And while they poured out a religious devotion to their chosen, as to a deity, the American capitalist system bifurcated, wandered off into new avenues and crashed.

Presidential candidates, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum and that distinguished comedic group the American Congress lent their greatly anemic talents to the task of saving Wall Street. With the help of that great poobah of the Order of the Skull and Bones, George Walker Bush, these mentally diminished heroes of the new age bent their backs and feeble minds to the task of creating a brand new and innovative version of socialism.

There would now be two recipient groups of the monies of a dwindling productive middle-class taken by the confiscate machinations of a now bolshevistic government. And the futures of our children, our children’s children and their offspring’s offspring were mortgaged far into the future.

It was resolved and settled that two determinate groups would now feed at the government trough to the detriment and sacrifice of working middle-class taxpayers. The first of these groups continues to be an old parasitic and ever prevalent collective of the habitually and volitionally indolent, while the new feeders at the public treasury’s buffet are the shame deficient corruptly rich whose criminal actions and greedy excesses drove their corporations into bankruptcy and negated the payment of untold billions of dollars to their creditors. That such would be the recipients of the fruits of the labors of truly diligent and productive Americans is a tragedy of unending consequence.

The minds of the American people are fogged and made vacuous and benumbed by spiritual decadence and by the chemical concoctions of the unrighteous and immoral pharmaceutical malefactors that reap billions through the commercialization of the unholy substances that rob the health of the minds and bodies of the deceived and the deluded who are enslaved by their products. A monstrously perfidious campaign, unquestionably enhanced by the FDA, by the national media, the medical community and the obscenely wealthy manufacturers of these pernicious essences has made this a drug soaked and sodden culture. Is it any wonder that the young do illegally that which their mentors of the adult world do legally, and that is to use drugs as a crutch and as a substitute for righteous and spiritually healthy pursuits.


“Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.” Isaiah 59.7

The United States has come to the point of inevitableness in regard to an ultimate, and perilously near, pending total destruction. Its ashes will be scattered to the winds and its once prosperous ways will be made desolate. Vultures will roost in the remains of its cities and putrefaction will embrace its once fertile lands. It is a nation of derelict minds and iniquitous pursuits, and the fruits of its unrighteousness are ripe for harvesting. Its people have followed crooked paths to their own destruction. And that destruction is fast upon us.




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