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Keygar my brother, I feel compelled to tell you this. A vast amount of the voices who spoke as you do, namely, Jack Kelley, Jack Kinsella, Grant Jefferies, Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, and others have gone on to glory. You are one of the few left that speak the truth and I thank God I found your website a few years ago. I will probably never meet you here in the flesh, but I KNOW I will in glory! 

(I am not worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as the men you name. But I appreciate your kinds words very much) 

I know that you believe like many that the seven year covenant of Daniel 9:27 will be a covenant especially involving the nation of Israel. That may be, but please prayerfully consider the following. On April 22, 2016 (Earth Day) and 49 years after 1967, Francis, the "Bishop of Rome", supposed "Vicar of Christ", and "Prince" of Vatican City signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which is a covenant with many people with an initial term (before being revisited) of seven years.

Is it possible that these events are the fulfilment of the seven year covenant and the "abomination of desolations" spoken of in Daniel 9:27 and in Jesus' Olivet discourse and that we are already nearing the end of Daniel's seventieth week?

...(No, it's not possible, because 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8 says "He (Holy Spirit) who now restrains will continue to do so, until He (Holy Spirit) is taken out of the way. Then the lawless one (antichrist) will be revealed." That 'He' has not been taken out of the way yet)

Hello Keygar. God blessed me by leading me to your website tonight. I am looking forward to investigating it and being blessed by the gift God has given me in discovering it.

...(I'm pleased you found the site. I hope you find RaptureNotes helpful in some way. Thanks for commenting and may God keep you safe in these times)

Hi. I like your website. Very interesting articles. My belief is pre-tribulation. I believe time is short. This world is getting crazier and crazier. I'm a little nervous about vaccinations. I don't want to get the jab. I did a lot research and it is scary. Meanwhile the government is demanding the Covid jab. I don't like it. If I take a shot, I could either be dead, or injured, or suffering. I pray we're out of here soon.

...(Your thoughts echo that of all thinking Christians. Personally, I will not take the Covid vaccination till FORCED to. It may then kill me or injure me or I may survive it. I could even end up in prison or martyred. The Lord only knows. There is increasingly little wriggle room left. One can only hope that the Lord comes quickly. May God bless and keep us till whatever end befalls true believers. He has said He will, and I choose by faith to believe Him)

Hi. I just stumbled across Rapture Notes website and find it a great resource.
Just a question or two:
Are you dispensational and KJV only?

...(Welcome aboard. I am a dispensationalist, and my preferred bible of choice IS the King James Version, but I am not a 'KJV only' person. Thanks for posting)

I wish you all the best but remember what we know today as a "Truth" we may it find it wrong. Remember that if our righteousness is not higher than that of the Pharisees(Mathew 5:20) then we are not worthy of His Grace. However we are saved by Faith.

...(Thanks for your thoughts. There is only one 'Truth', and that is in the person of Jesus Christ: John 14:6. If we believe THAT truth we CAN'T discover it's wrong. Also, our righteousness can never be greater than that of the Pharisees, UNLESS our righteousness is the righteousness of JESUS CHRIST in us, Romans 3:21-23. Please visit again soon)

My heart is so broken for America and so many of us pray that we align with Israel. What scripture can you give as encouragement for us that are here praying for mercy on this country, as the leadership has taken a drastic turn towards deception? We want to remain hopeful.

...(I believe we have to shift our sights and loyalties from our present countries to our real homeland, which is in a different place entirely, ruled by a benevolent dictator, Jesus Himself. All earthly countries will turn against Israel and God, and all will be defeated at the second coming. Israel is the apple of God's eye, not America nor any other country. I stopped looking sideways years ago and began just looking up, living in "the big picture". Philippians 3:20 .. "But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord Jesus Christ".)

Thank the Lord, that He calls us home to be with Him, prior to popping the seals off the little scroll! We don't have to prep for the Tribulation, though it might be a good idea for the coming troubles we may be facing, prior to being Raptured. The only ones who make it through to the end of the Tribulation will be the ones that God, Himself will have dragged across the finish line. Revelation 14:13 indicates it is better to die in the Lord during the Tribulation than to survive it.

...(You seem to have a good grasp of what's before us. Thanks for sharing)

I am very impressed and blessed by your site. I'll also pray that this site would reach many souls.

...(Any feedback is much appreciated. Thankyou)

G'day Keygar and all. Just wanted to wish you all the best from America. The most optimistic thing I can think of is that we are that much closer to going home. Maranatha!

...(Thank you so much Michael. You're a special person. Don't ask me to elaborate, just believe me. Yes, what a year eh? I'm exhausted from it. I think 2021 is going to be super crazy, but hopefully the year we go HOME!!!! But, if not, I know if God has brought us this far, He isn't going to abandon us now. May God's peace envelop you and yours, and may His hedge of protection remain about you)

Is there an update to the commentary "Peace and Safety" in light of the developments with the US president, Israel and other middle eastern countries?

...(Some Bible commentators see the recent peace initiatives between Israel and several Arab countries as a good thing. Others see it as perhaps setting the stage for Ezekiel 39, or a peace confirmation with the antichrist, the sequence of those events being debatable. Others see it as a "dividing of the land" and as "cursing God's people", thereby inviting judgement, particularly upon America which is still pushing a two state solution. Certainly things haven't gone well in America since these peace pushes began. Coincidence? Time will tell)

Was Jesus excited on the cross as he knew he was going to Heaven and would meet God the Father for the first time!

...(Boy, do you have some homework to do! Start here)

I urge you to write to local and federal governments and voice your disgust with how they are handling this corona situation. You should voice your opinion everywhere you go. You will not be manipulated by fear. I urge you to do research and to think for yourself and question everything that government tells you.

...(I could not have said it better. Thankyou)

Thank you. May God bless you and keep you, forever.

...(Amen to that my sister. And I will say a prayer for you)

G’day from Hobart Indiana, previously from the Kingdom of Chicago. I haven’t written in a while and just wanted to check and make sure you and yours are safe and well... and Praise God, you are! We are as well.

...(Hello Hobart Indiana. Thanks for your kind concern. By God's grace we are all very well, and looking forward to our heavenly home. God bless you and yours)

To those who support a Global Dictator theory I would very much like them to please prove any supposition that the Roman Empire devoured and broke in pieces the whole Earth.

...(I assume you are referring to the extent of the antichrist's rule. There are several well constructed ideas on this question. Some say it will be the WHOLE world, others say mainly Europe and the Middle East. I lean towards the latter view, but I'm fallible. We'll soon know)

Thanks for maintaining such a genuine corner of the web for believers. It's like a breath of fresh air every time I visit here. May the Lord bless and protect you and yours.

...(People like YOU are a breath of fresh air. We appreciate you heaps)

Greetings Keygar, wanted to share some hope and encouragement as the world grows darker and darker out there, and the light of Jesus shines brighter and brighter. This world is not our home, we are just passing through, we are foreigners and citizens of heaven, so no point in getting too comfortable, better to prepare to travel light, ready for when Jesus returns for his Church, just as he promised, and said he will do. The world around us now has turned so Anti-God, Anti-Christ now, we are almost grinding through each day, sighing... " How long O LORD? How long?"

...(Wise, comforting words indeed. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. So few do)

G'day Keygar, I've been with you since 2010 and will stay with you till the end. I've also passed on your URL to members of my church.

...(You people are the tip of the spear)

Live one day at a time faithful soldier. God is our daily strength. Keep the faith, fight the good fight, and let us finish strong, with age no barrier. God bless you Keygar. I will pray for you.

...(Comments like this keep me going)

I read an article where David Wilkerson says suicide is a ticket to hell unless it’s maybe a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save fellow soldiers. If a Christian has eternal security then how can he or she go to hell just because they were miserable enough to commit suicide?

...(I think Wilkerson was correctly pointing out that suicide was no answer to life's problems for a non-Christian and would result in that person going to a Godless eternity. However, if a Christian killed themselves for whatever reason, only God could determine the outcome of that action. It would not necessarily negate their salvation. Such determinations are beyond us mere creations. I should add that I'd have to question if a person was in fact a true 'born again' Christian if they committed suicide simply because they were miserable. That would seem to indicate a lack of the Holy Spirit's presence in that person)

Thanks for the movies. I love to watch Christian movies because these are a rich source of motivation and inspiration.

...(My pleasure. Thanks for saying 'thanks')

Hi. I know that Patrick Heron went home to be with the Lord, but I would like to get a copy of his most amazing video "There is no apostasy or falling away".

...(I have seen the video on YouTube somewhere, and I'm inclined to agree with Heron, on this subject at least)

So, where exactly will the antichrist come from? Will he come from Rome/Europe or from Assyria in the Middle East? How do we harmonize these seemingly contradictory scriptures? May the Holy Spirit enlighten our understanding.

...(There are good arguments for both scenarios you mention. I lean towards Rome/Europe, but anyone who is dogmatic about it is flirting with their credibility I think. I personally don't dwell on this issue, as I expect to be out of here before he arrives on the scene. Thanks for visiting Rapture Notes)

Thankyou for your website. It has helped me a lot.

...(Thankyou for letting me know)

When describing Islam, what does "The religious component is a beard for all of the other components" mean?

...(It means ... The religious piety aspect of Islam is really a disguise for its sinister ambitions to oppress and suppress)

Thanks so much and God bless your Ministry. Your site helped a lot.

...(Thank YOU!)

I came across your site through a link on the Eschatology Today blog and just wanted to send you some encouragement and thanks from a fellow Aussie. Your site is great and I'm looking forward to checking it out more thoroughly.

...(Great to hear from a like minded Aussie. A rare treat)

Adventists do not use the Clear Word Bible. I have been an Adventist for 30 years and I don't know one that uses "Clear Word". A lot use King James.

...(That's good to hear. Hopefully it continues to be used less and less)

Jesus has already returned and is among us.

...(Odd that the Jews haven't heard about it. Could you POSSIBLY be wrong? Zechariah 14:1-4  Acts 1:9-11)

Your pre-trib rapture belief shows you've been deceived and are deceiving others.

...(Do something more productive, and go tell someone about Jesus, instead of attacking others over such issues. In other words ... go grab a mirror)

I have just read your latest blog, and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you do on your site. There is wonderful, truthful, biblical teaching there, and I read things eagerly.

...(Thank you for taking the time to say so. It's much appreciated)

I have seen the messiah. I know who he is. Would you like to know more?

...(Yes, the name of your Doctor)

I don't think I feel sorry enough for my sins and therefore don't think I got saved. I do want to know Jesus and I am prepared to live for him but my main motivation is fear of hell. How do I change this motivation and get saved?

...(If a fear of hell, which is a healthy fear, genuinely drives us to Jesus, to ask Him to forgive us our sins and to take control of our life, then we are saved. The hard part about getting saved, is that it isn't hard. All we need is faith in Jesus, which you seem to have. Listen HERE)

Do you know of a practice that involve hypnosis, and "testing of spirits", or "fruits" where the person is given commands and made to follow them.

...(Such a practice is NOT biblical and is fraught with danger)

I listen to all the mp3 sermons which you post. Lately, I listened to, "Am I really saved", and "The simplicity of prayer". I shared both with my friends and family members.

...(It's all worth the effort when I hear from friends like you. Thankyou)

I have been worried if I'm really saved or not. I question myself, am I really saved? I've asked Jesus to come into my heart and I've tried to mean it.

...(You either lack faith, or are going by feelings rather than the Word of God. I can't convince you that you're saved. You need to decide once and for all whether or not God is a liar. Harsh, but true. Romans 10:9)

You must be baptized to be saved. (Mark 16:16).

...(In the case of baptism and salvation, the Bible is clear that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not by works of any kind, including baptism (Ephesians 2:8-9)

Came across your site today. Another one to add to the few remaining true conservative sites I watch/listen to. God bless you in these last seconds we have left. Jesus is coming for his Church.

...(Wonderful to hear from my New Zealand cousins across the pond)

Jesus followed Father's guidance & came to John the Baptist in the River Jordan to be baptised. Anyone that takes that step of faith, and follows the example that Jesus set, will be born again.

...(If you are saying that water baptism is essential to being 'born again', you had better go and drag the thief who died on the cross next to Jesus, out of paradise. Luke 23:43)

I am very grateful for your tremendous efforts. Glory be to the Father and may He grace you with the strength you need to go on. Awesome work.

...(Encouragement like this is a ministry I believe, and always appreciated)

I came across RAPTURE NOTES while doing some research and thought that a guide on how to avoid fake psychic scams would be really useful to your readers.

...(ALL psychics should be avoided, as to consult them is a direct affront to God, and a doorway to the occult and deception. Leviticus 20:6, Deuteronomy 18:10-13, Acts 16:16-19)

It seems that every Christian group fits part of the definition of a cult. It has gotten to the point that I don't accept the Catholics, Protestant or Pentecostal teachings. It's no use debating these issues any longer for me.

...(The gospel message is so simple a child can understand it, and that message is ALL that matters. A lot of the 'other' is debatable I agree, and often, rather than argue about it, I'd personally rather go for a coffee)

September 21 of this year is supposedly "International Peace Day" according to the UN. The theme for 2017 is: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” But September 15 is when the UN General will ring the "Peace Bell" to recognize the day. I don't want to see signs where there aren't any, but do you think this has anything to do with the scripture?

...(I personally don't think those dates signify anything special. But of course, I'm not infallible. There are so many signs that something big prophetically may happen in the near future, that we don't need to look to more obscure indicators)

The prophecy of Daniel 9:27 is a fulfilled prophecy concerning Christ ratifying the new covenant with His death, not a future prophecy of a covenant by the antichrist.

...(OK, who forgot to lock the door?)

Can God save the false prophet or the antichrist?

...( Nope. They're sunk. [Revelation 19:20] )

Your website does nothing but spew uneducated nonsense, lies, and apologetics for a religion which is responsible for more genocide and murder than any religion in history.

...(It's not too late to educate yourself, but I wouldn't leave it too long. Understand that TRUE Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not a murderous and soul damning RELIGION as Islam is)

It really saddens me how the truth is turned into merchandise and sold on at a price, when Jesus said, "Freely you have received so freely give?"

...(Particularly when much of the merchandise is speculative nonsense put out to simply make money and attract attention)

Comments from the Topic: "Extent of the Antichrist's Kingdom."
Great job. Keep it up brother.

...(Appreciate the feedback)

Salvation is an ongoing process, as Paul says, for now we see "in part" and again Paul says, "not as if I have attained, but I press on."

...(Salvation is a one-off. SANCTIFICATION is ongoing. Otherwise, how was the thief on the cross next to Jesus saved in a few seconds?)

Can you please elaborate on "The Eastern Gate?"

...(Please see here)

I am confused as to whether salvation is eternally secure or if one can lose it. Can you help?

...(Please listen to ... here, and here)

Always appreciate dropping by your website to get my sanity back. There are so many voices out there now, people need to hear the voice of God which is clear with no confusion, that brings peace, safety, and security.

...(Sanity?, ah yes ..... I remember that :)

With Trumps election, "people will be eating, drinking, marrying, etc", just like in Noah's time. In other words, forgetting what time it really is. Honestly, I cannot wait for the REAL "Trump" to sound, because it is getting harder each day to be here. I earnestly want to go home.

...(Sound comments. I personally unintentionally spend a portion of every day thinking about being with Jesus Christ. If an angel appeared to me right now, and said, "Come home Keygar", I fear I'd knock him over rushing to get there :)

Great article on holiness. Well prepared, simple and meaningful.


I thank the Holy Spirit for speaking to me through your site. May God give you wisdom.

...(Amen. May God give me wisdom and humility. Thanks for visiting)

God has given you a wonderful gift to show others the way with clarity, and without confusion.

...(Thankyou very much for the valued feedback ... Keygar)

Very good and informative website, but you say the sin of suicide will automatically send an individual to eternal damnation.

...(To my knowledge, nowhere on Rapture Notes does it say that suicide will automatically send a "born again" Christian to hell. See HERE)

Just wanted to let you know there is only one Lord and that is Jesus.

...(No arguments here. [Philippians 2:11])

If someone has recognized that their supposed salvation was really only head knowledge and belief, can they still receive salvation?

...(Of course. Too easy. Right up till their last breath. [Romans 10:8-10])

I regularly visit your site. Thank you for your carefully chosen teachings, I gain a lot by listening to them. Please don't stop!

...(Thankyou for that spiritual hug. It did me good)

I understand the church wants nothing to do with me because I am gay. I just want to know was Sodom and Gomorrah about gay people and is the push for gay rights a sign of the end days?

...(True Christians harbour no hatred towards homosexuals as individuals, but the Bible teaches that God does regard the homosexual LIFESTYLE as an abomination [Leviticus 18:22]. The judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah was in part associated with homosexuality, but not that sin alone. An increase in the acceptance of homosexuality as being normal is biblically one of the many signs of the end times)

I have been involved in tarot card readings and spells for years now. I am getting so frightened. I feel that may be I am cursed.

...(The bible forbids such practices because they are directly linked with Satan and demons who use lies and deception through such activities to destroy lives. Cease all such practices now and call on Jesus Christ to forgive, save and deliver you. Read your Bible every day and pray often, asking Jesus to take control of your life)

I am from India. Muslims as soon as they reach more than 40% in any area, do ethnic cleansing of local Hindus. We lost Pakistan, Bangladesh & now Kashmir is going on the same way. I would like to know how this can be dealt with?

...(Islam I believe, was birthed in the mind of Satan himself. It is completely anti all other religions, particularly Christianity and Judaism. I don't believe the problems caused by Islam will be largely solved until a final world religion incorporating Islam is established during the tribulation period. Islam's credibility amongst Muslims could I think, be dealt a severe blow during wars in the tribulation period or shortly before that, but only finally eradicated completely at the return of Jesus Christ)

I enjoyed reading your blog. What you said, from reading the scriptures, seems obvious to me. It doesn't fit with the Hollywood version of the end times though.

...(Hollywood is manipulated by the fallen one (Satan), whereas the 'end times' are under the direct control of God. Hence the difference)

Your article about Pope Francis' comments at the "Third Vatican Council" is based on an internet hoax.

...(Thanks for the heads up. After researching it, I'll now be removing the article)

I love your site. Who is the Pastor who has been preaching in the video? May the Lord bless you and this very informative website.

...(Thankyou. The Pastor is Damian Kyle, one of the best teachers out there. I alternate them from time to time)

I have spent hours on your website. I visit it often. I am an old lady. Keep up the good work and have a most blessed day.

...(Thankyou so much for letting me know. I think you're a wonderful old lady)

The moment after the Rapture, the UFO's will appear. This will give credence to the 'Big Lie' that Christ did not come for His Church as prophesied but extraterrestrial aliens abducted millions of people.

...(Very possible. There may even be disclosure, and appearances, before the Rapture. See ...  here, and here)

I hope I am saved but I don't know. I believe Jesus died for my sins.

...(If you believe that after He died, He rose again, then you're saved. That's the amazing thing about being "saved", it's so simple it's hard to believe. We're conditioned to there always being a catch, or a price to pay, or something we should contribute. But there you go [Romans 10:9] )

Thank you for sharing the song "Please come back again". It is truly anointed and simply awesome and inspiring!

...(Thankyou very much)

I am from Pakistan. I have studied your web site, and have found it to be one of many wonderful sites offered on the internet which get to the truth of the Word of God.

...(May God bless and protect Christians in Pakistan, who are usually much stronger and purer in their faith than us 'westerners')

The reason I’m writing to you today is to let you know how much I am enjoying your website, especially your jokes.

...(Thankyou. A good laugh blows away many troubles doesn't it. Did you hear the one about .........)

If the rapture is truly scriptural, why has it existed for only a few years? This was an invention of the dispensationalists. Jesus will come down for all to see and Christians will not be taken to heaven first.

...(When you went to school, did you ever do your homework?)

My church teaches that the rapture occurs at the second coming of Christ. Can you advise if this is true or not and if not, how can I convince my Pastor otherwise?

...(There is much debate over this issue right now. I wouldn't bother arguing with your Pastor or other members about it. Just do some research and come to your own conclusion and quietly stick to it unless asked about it. See here, here, or here. These may help)

We are witches and will curse you. You are  !@#$%  scum. You need to be afraid of us as we are out to get you.

...(You're efforts to "get me" can't succeed, so I wouldn't bother. Why? Because of 1 John 4:4 which tells me "Greater is God who is in me than Satan who is in you". Plain fact. And I certainly don't fear you. I fear only God (Proverbs 9:10). The Lord Jesus rebuke you and I resist you in Jesus name (James 4:7). I urge you to repent and ask Christ for forgiveness, because you are lost, and have lost (Revelation 20:10). Join me on the winning side and cease serving Satan whose head was crushed by Christ at Calvary)

From one born again believer to another:
2Timothy 4:8 - Colossians 3:4 - Titus 2:13 - 1Peter 5:4
MARANATHA - looking forward to "that day."

...(Amen Brother!) 

I love your music! Are you Australian?

...(That's kind of you to say. Yes, I am Australian born)

If a person disobeys the bible and goes to the 'dark side' for answers through psychics, Ouija boards, etc., and becomes possessed by a spirit that follows that person around and makes problems, what is the best way to get all that to stop besides apologising to God and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour? One can do this and never want to go to a psychic again, but how does someone order the demon(s) out of this person and get the harassment to stop for the rest of this person's life?

...(This is SUCH an important and involved question, that is rarely effectively answered or resolved, that I think it best if I refer you to the article ... here)

I used to be a "pre-tribber" until I came upon some things that gave me reason to doubt this position.

...(See here. I had wrestled with this myself, but after considerable research I have adopted the pre-trib position. It is however NOT the critical issue that some angrily make it out to be. Not in my opinion anyway)

I can’t help but argue your commentary on “Suicide’s No Answer.” You make it sound like suicide is the “unpardonable” sin. I challenge you to find one verse in the Bible that supports your theory.

...(I challenge YOU to quote where the article indicates that suicide is the unpardonable sin. Time for your annual visit to the Optometrist methinks)

Please e-mail me a copy of all the saints from Noah to Lazarus with scripture references.

...(Good luck finding a new servant)

My name is TEWABE BAMLAKU GETASEW. I was born on March 13 as per the Ethiopian calendar. Can you tell my fortune for me please?

...(Your fortune is a future in Heaven with much joy and riches ... IF you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and the forgiver of your sins. Now THAT'S a fortune)

I stumbled upon your site by mistake and I must confess it was a sweet mistake. I have been blessed by the articles, and just want to say thank you and God richly bless you. Shalom.

...(Wonderfully encouraging. Thankyou)

As a British Seventh Day Adventist for about 51 years, I can assure you that I myself do NOT use the Clear Word Bible. Nor would I recommend its use to any member, young or old!

...(Many thanks for the feedback)

We must be here for a reason prior to the 'evacuation' ahead. So, I pray for strength for all of us who are waiting.


I'm searching for a church at the moment. I just want to find one which is growing in The Lord and trusting in His Word.

...(I empathise with you. You could try an online church such as this, or this. True Christian numbers and churches are shrinking daily, but God is always just a whisper away)

Dear Keygar, thank you for your lovely song, 'Here I Am'. Was having a bad day and was a bit depressed. It made a difference.

...(Wonderful. Thanks for letting me know)

Thanks for bringing some clarity to my life today.

...(Thanks for bringing some support to mine)

Hang in there Keygar. You do a wonderful ministry that is rare in Australia. Please know you are in my prayers.

...(Much appreciated. Thankyou)

Hi. I'm from Norway. I like this site amongst a few others. I'm a married Christian guy who drives a train in Norway.
God bless you and your family.

...(Never ceases to amaze me how small this world is in internet terms. Thanks for writing)

Please, how do you know that the rapture has taken place?

...(If you're a born again Christian, you'll suddenly find yourself looking at Jesus Christ and surrounded by millions of extremely happy people. If not, you'll begin to hear worrying multiple missing persons reports and a lot of DISINFORMATION from the authorities regarding their whereabouts. Various other momentous events at the time of the rapture may or may not occur)

You are very wrong about so many things in the 'Seventh Day Adventist' article.

...(Very enlightening ... thankyou?)

What an absolute wealth of condensed information. Absolutely amazing, helpful things to know and understand on your site. I welcome you taking the side of the Jews, as so many seem too thoughtlessly biased to be able to do so these days.

...(As I've said, these sort of comments simply keep me going. Thankyou)

Thanks my brother. Your words and thoughts have been, and are, a true blessing, comfort & encouragement to me and many thousands I'm sure.

...(These sort of comments literally keep me going)

Found your site by accident. I reside in Pasadena California. Love the music and articles you have available. I'm glad I stumbled across you.

...(Welcome aboard. A real pleasure to get your email)

I've been watching the news of the cyclones battering your side of the world and just wanted to check that you and yours are safe. Praying for you in Chicago.

...(I included this comment just to show what a caring and prayerful group of people follow Rapture Notes. I so appreciate you all)

How can any sane person believe in the rapture?

...(Perhaps using their brain causes it. Sorry ..... I probably lost you just there)

Kindly send me some literature, to explain to people the importance of preparing themselves for the rapture before the tribulation.

...(Sorry. We do not have the resources. Please just refer them to this site or similar ones)

What if "proof" was found that life existed on Mars in the distant past. Would not this lead people away from Christ and the Bible?

...(Yes indeed. Prophesied deceptions will take many forms as you imply, and they'll be flying thick and fast. That's why I think it will be very difficult for those without a good knowledge of the Bible to be saved, and why many "pseudo" Christians will also be fooled)

Hi. I am studying astrology. I think it is unfair that you make negative comments on a system that explains life and has helped millions of people.

...(My horoscope said I would read something really funny today and Wow ... it just came true!)

Last night I read an article from your site where this so called pastor said that "the woman" in Revelation Rev 12:1 was the Church.

...(I don't think so. Send me the link to the article? See ... here )

I just want to thank whoever wrote the extremely helpful article on the errors of Christadelphian beliefs. This was very helpful to me personally.

...(Glad it was useful to you)

Thank you for your article on speculations regarding the end times. I agree completely, but I myself am very interested in discussing these subjects as I do find them fascinating and possibly connected with all the end times events that seem to be converging at this time. It is good to be reminded that, although these subjects are interesting, they are only speculation and not gospel, excuse the pun!

...(A thoughtful comment is always a standout)

Thanks for your forthright statements on 'Speculation'. I totally enjoy your site.

...(I much appreciate your feedback)

I am a Christian visual artist based in Western Australia. I appreciate the work, effort & prayer you must have put into your writings, music and songs.

...(An artist AND an Aussie. I hit the jackpot. Bless you)

Hello brother. I am really happy to have come across your article, 'The Messiah's Gate'.

...(It is indeed an interesting subject. Thankyou)

Thank you for alerting people to Rick Warren's false Gospel. I believe that many have been deceived by him. May the Lord bless you for standing up for Him and His truth, which is only found in the Bible. Keep running the race for Jesus!

...(Thankyou. Although the hill seems steeper each day, I shall as you encourage, keep running for as long as I can)

I just want to thank you for your music. I have had a heavy heart for many days, and most of the news is so depressing and perverted. May the Lord Jesus shine His face upon you and bless you richly.

...(He just did, through you. Many thanks)

I do not believe you have all your facts right. Death is to indeed sleep, and there is no knowing in death. I believe when we die we are just unconscious till the dead in Christ are called and raised up.

...(It must have been hard work for you to re-write Luke 23:43. The fact that the thief on the cross joined Jesus in paradise on the SAME DAY they both died tells you something doesn't it?)

Your comments about catholic confession are non-scriptural as the ministry of confession is mentioned in the acts of the apostles when Jesus said to his apostles "I breath upon you the holy spirit. Whosever sins you retain shall be retained and whosever sins you forgive will be forgiven."

...(Only God can forgive sins. The power to do so was never communicated to His disciples, nor did they ever assume any such power to themselves, contrary to what catholic priests do today. The concept of confessing ones sins to a priest is not taught anywhere in Scripture)

I  recently watched a video, "Pope Francis shows his true colours". It's narrated by a former priest. He puts quotes from the pope on the screen. I just shook my head when I read these quotes. It seems like he is making up his religion as he goes along.

...(You've said it all I think)

I just want to ask about the new heaven and new earth.

1. Will the people who have been saved go to a new heaven or new earth?
2. Will the 144,000 live on earth or in heaven during the millennium?
3. Are paradise and the new heaven the same?
4. What can you say about the passages in Matthew 27:52-53? Was it the first rapture? Was it a partial rapture?

...(I could give you my views on these matters but it would be somewhat pointless.

Many things about the Bible, prophecy, and the future are unclear and widely debated. Personally, I don't know for sure the exact and true answers to your questions. One can 'Google' the topics and find many compelling arguments for many different interpretations. Personally I am not fussed about such matters. Interested yes........but not fussed.

Being forgiven and saved, contributing something to God's kingdom, remaining obedient to His guidelines and staying spiritually ready to meet Jesus Christ are the main things that occupy my thoughts nowadays.

I have given you an honest, if not helpful, answer)

I just want to ask permission to copy and paste some of the articles from your site. I am very blessed reading what you have on your website and I'd like to share it with others.

...(Please feel free to do so. I only ask that you give credit to the Authors of the articles where possible)

I love reading and listening to your site. I check it almost every day for any updates. It's so very exciting to live in the last hours of the last days. Can hardly wait to see Jesus!

...(Makes two of us :)

In the end times, the real antichrist is Adam from the garden of Eden. He is the man of sin and son of perdition that was prophesized to return in the Holy Bible. I know this, because I’m him.

...(And I am "Spiderman".  I know this, because I spend so much time on the web)

The doctrine of dispensationalism is founded in a lie that the great tribulation is for Israel, because of the term "Jacob."

...(There is a clear dispensational division between the Church Age and the Time of Jacob's Trouble, or the 70th week of Daniel. The Church Age must end so that God can pour out His grace upon the whole House of Israel)

I just wanted to say THANKS for creating your website. It's very cool, and interesting, and I keep jumping between my Bible and your site, just checking, lol.

...(Thankyou very much. Please do check my site against the Bible, and let me know if I'm off track somewhere)

Not all of us psychics are a abomination to God. What ever happened to 'judge not lest ye be judged?'

...(Psychics themselves are not an abomination to God, but their occultic practice is. You are impertinently telling God not to judge here, because it is He who has judged occultic practices as wrong. [Deuteronomy 18:10-12, Ezekiel 13:6-7]. Your logic on judgement would have us not condemn paedophilia or murder. It is folly to take passages from the bible out of context, in an attempt to justify what is clearly wrong)

I was a Catholic. I know what they teach. I came out of that church and am now enjoying the real truth by reading the bible. It saddens me to think so many Catholics don't bother to read the bible for themselves.

...(Yes, the truth sets one free, but dogma enslaves. Thanks for your input)

Don’t preach the rapture, preach Christ.

...(Better still, preach both eh?)

The Church of Philadelphia became Amman Jordan, which is where Lot went and where the 144,000 will be sealed. And the gospels state, "Let the reader understand, not the Jew." I'm looking forward to you're disappointment when the police are at your door.

...(Don't give up. 'Detox' doesn't always work the first time)

I just read your notes on the rapture. I must say it was very helpful in my studies. Thank you for sharing this important information. I will pass on what I have learned.

...(Thankyou for passing it on, and for letting me know)

God sent His high priests, his Levitical priests and Election into this last age to stand against Lucifer, just as they did in the first earth age when the rest of you fell away from grace which landed you in this second earth age which followed, in bodies of flesh, having been in spiritual bodies prior to that.

...(You obviously know what a "bong" is)

I read your article on infants children going to heaven if they die. My opinion is that only children of believing parents go to heaven, based on Gods covenant with Abraham and repeated by Saint Peter in Acts.

...(The question of infants going to heaven is a vexed one. I simply don't have the answer as it is not laid out clearly in the Bible. Your argument that only children of believers go to heaven has much merit, as do other arguments. Ultimately, who am I to tell God what's fair and what isn't? I'm sure His planned destiny for babies and children who have died is perfect and just)

What you fail to emphasize is the Great Commission. We've got to get busy and 'spread the Word' and try to win over the lost.

...(So true. In my recent blog I did say, "The most important message for a Christian to get across to the world is the pure and simple good news of salvation through Jesus Christ")

I am a Seventh Day Adventist. I would like to point out that Ellen White is not infallible and above scripture. Today's SDA church is as mainstream as any other denomination. If we were to go looking for cult like churches I think more concern could be directed at the numerous Pentecostal movements.

...(I agree with your assertion that many churches exhibit cult like characteristics. I think a lot depends on the particular Pastor in charge of a body of believers. As for the SDA church, to be quite blunt, I really have no problems with SDA people, as long as they distance themselves from Ellen White and their "Clear Word" commentary / bible)

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I'm a self-taught "expert" on the New Age Movement. The Baha'i "Faith" really gets on my nerves with their blatant, confident claims about how they are going to rule the whole world, blah blah. I enjoy your site.

...(Only Yeshua will be successful in ruling the whole world I believe, and it can't happen soon enough. Thankyou)

You, your site and your family are on my prayer list.  I have passed you on to friends. Can't say I disagree with anything you say, you old blight on Christendom ha ha. Before being saved I was a commercial fisherman living a riotous life from South America to the Bering sea. I was saved at age 36. That was the night I prayed the Lord Jesus into my life. I asked Him to take the booze away from me. Haven't had a drink since. The Lord gave me a wonderful Christian wife and two fine sons. He has always provided for us, not too much and not too little. Wish I could sit down and talk to you. It's a race now as to which comes fist, the rapture or my pace maker failing. The Lord bless you.

...( I'd love to talk to you, and WILL DO soon. You're a blessing)

Thanks for your song "when the burden lifted". It brought tears to my eyes. How fast this world is on its way to hell. See you in a much better place someday.

...(Someday very soon I believe. Thankyou)

Your blog on "discernment ministries" make more sense on this subject than any I've read. I just want to say God bless you for it.

...(Much appreciated. Thank you)

Jesus doesn't exist and even if he did, he was a dead man hanging on a cross, who gave up his life like a coward.

...(You can tell Him that yourself when you face Him. You'd better take a change of pants if you don't wise up in the meantime)

I guess it's the same as Christians not allowing Wiccans to mention their Gods and practice their faith...and even after all that.....the slaughter of innocent people out of fear...Hahahahaha. Serves you guys right!

...(You've finished the bottle I take it?)

I think I have been saved for several years now, but recently in the past year I feel as if I'm not really saved.

...(Feelings lead many Christians and non-Christians astray every second that passes. IF....one has acknowledged that Jesus is God who came to earth as a man to die for ones sins, and if one believes that Jesus rose from the dead and is returning, and if one verbalises these beliefs, and if one has sincerely confessed ones sins to Jesus and accepted His forgiveness, then one IS SAVED, whether they feel it or not. I don't FEEL saved either. I won't FEEL saved until I am standing in Heaven before Jesus and He welcomes me into His kingdom. But, I do KNOW that I am saved, because I've read the word of God, I've believed it, and I've acted on it)

My mother-in-law says our earthly bodies become dust and we never use them again.

...(My understanding is that salvation is a two stage process. First, our spirits are renewed when we accept Christ as our Saviour, and secondly, our bodies are eventually resurrected and made perfect and fitted out for eternity. Jesus was our example. When He came back to life, His physical body was made anew, just like ours will be. His earthly body was changed and glorified. It was not left behind in the tomb)

I have just discovered your site and like what I see. It is very comprehensive, and you have some very good links and articles. I look forward to exploring the site further.

...(Nice to get a slap on the back for a change) 

You are wrong, just like everyone of the prophesy morons who follow CI Schofields' false teaching of a 7 year tribulation.

...(Should I stay the moron you say I am, or change to become like your good self? Now that's a tough one...)

I have been praying but have been having real problems sleeping after. Why is this? Is having a relationship with God only through prayer? Your site says church membership is not needed but don't you have to worship with other people? What about being a lukewarm Christian?

...(I don't believe church membership is ESSENTIAL, but I do say it can be very beneficial. It can also be very dangerous if you are a member of an ever increasing number of apostate churches. Certainly for encouragement and growth, one needs to interact with other Christians at SOME level, which is exactly what you and I are doing here.

A lukewarm Christian is I think, one who has their feet a little too firmly planted into this world and its associated cares, but is still a Christian, albeit a likely ineffective one.

As to your own particular problems, not knowing you, it would of course be irresponsible for me to offer an opinion. It would be best if you spoke to a Pastor, or other Christians who know you well. God WILL answer prayer, but sometimes it takes a long time to work through our issues before we see the correct path ahead and follow it to the answers.

It's been my OWN experience that prayer, faith and PATIENCE enable God to perform miracles and bring victory)

The Seventh Day Adventist church is the ONLY true mainline church in existence.

...(Please contact me. I've got this terrific little motor car to sell.......)

We are largely oblivious to the invisible hand eroding our unique culture and heritage.

...(More like 'hands' plural I think. One supernaturally malevolent, and one naturally subservient)

I downloaded all your songs. How much do I owe you?

...(I owe YOU for listening to them)

I am very much impressed and blessed by your site. I'll also pray that this site would reach many souls.

...(Thankyou so much. PRAYER is INDEED the KEY)

I was looking for references about purgatory when I happened to click on a link to your website. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the arguments against purgatory. My trust is in the salvation purchased at the cross, through the blood, shed by my Saviour. Praise God for Calvary, because my own two feet would have walked me to hell.

...(Nicely put)

I have long suffered under the misconception that all men were missing a rib, and just had an argument with my daughter about it, which I lost. Men and women have the same number of ribs. Your explanation is an eye opener as to why men and women both need and complement each other.

...(Thanks for writing. The world is full of misconceptions. Even my very knowledgeable dear old Mother had mis-conceptions, me being the main one)

Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you for the work you are doing. I am from Tororo, Uganda.

...(Love getting emails from non-western countries. Thanks)

Just wanted to let you know that regarding your blog, you are not alone. I feel the same way, and I say, "Come quickly Lord Yeshua!"

...(Good to know I am not alone, and furthermore, never will be)

Thank you so much for this site. I will use it in my Sunday school, and in my own life.

...(Sunday school teachers are extremely precious disciples. Thankyou)

I sure hope that more people will find this website and realise the true way to Heaven is through Jesus.

...(Your hope is my hope. Spread the word)

This is to inform you that "SDA" is NOT the abbreviation. The word "Adventist" is the preferred abbreviation for Seventh-day Adventist.

...(Vital information. Thankyou..?)

I appreciate this site very much. I wanted to know your opinion concerning Darwinism.

...(It seems the evolutionists are slowly losing the battle to prove their theory. It's interesting that the Vatican and others are preparing to welcome extraterrestrials, and most people now believe in UFO's etc. I think the coming great deception spoken of in the bible may well be, that we humans were 'planted' here by an alien form of life from somewhere else in the galaxy)

It is so vexing to live in this wicked world. The longing for Jesus, and to go home is so overwhelming. Every second the world gets more evil. I too want to go home!

...(Yes, the waiting room is getting pretty crowded)

The abomination of desolation happened on March 22, 2013.

...(I think you should be more careful when picking mushrooms)

You are blabbering nonsense. Obviously you have never read the holy quran, or even if you have, you could never comprehend it.

...(You are to be commended. You represent Islam well)

I am 28 years old and half French, half Japanese. I  work and live in Bordeaux where, like every where in France, the situation regarding Islam, has become quiet scary.

...(I understand your concerns. I had hoped Australia wouldn't go down the same Islamic path as Europe, but sadly it is, albeit at a slower pace)

I'm confused about Antichrist's and the False Prophet's origins.

...(You're in good company. The leading eschatologists of today are still in debate as to where the Antichrist will come from. The predominant view seems to be that he will emerge from a revived Roman Empire (the European Union). I lean to that view myself, but I've read good arguments about his coming from Syria, a future Assyria, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Germany and of course, the good old U.S.A. There is also the theory that the antichrist may actually be purely demonic in origin. As to the false prophet, many believe that he will be a future Pope. Time will tell. I still think much of this could be tied to some sort of deceptive revealing of a so called benevolent intervention into human affairs from an extra terrestrial (actually demonic) source. Fortunately, no-one seems to think the antichrist or the false prophet will come from Australia, which is comforting, as we have enough crooks here already. As with much bible prophecy, the BIG picture is clear, but many minor details are still fuzzy, yet to come into focus)

I am with a group called Church of God, 7th Day, which the 7th Day Adventists are a branch from. I want to be like Jesus, and He kept the Sabbath!

...(Good for you. And remember, it's only on Wednesdays, that you can tell those close to you that you love them :) [Colossians 2:16?] )

I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude for this site. Several of the radio programs have helped guide me back to the small gate and the narrow way that leads to life.

...(You just made my week. Thank you so much for sharing)

The Mayans and all their similar ilk seem to have a good amount of egg on their collective faces, but lo and behold....the Word of the Lord still stands true.

...(That's for sure. The REAL action is yet to come, in the Middle East)

Romney is just as lost as Obama. Both believe in false gods or believe in nothing. I believe Obama is a Muslin. Both would continue to drive this nation down the toilet. I just get up each day, look up and tell the LORD that TODAY would be a great day to come back. I am ready to go. My wife is ready to go.

...(That makes at least "three" ready to go! Thanks for your input)

Recently found your site. Great stuff. I go to Rapture Ready every day, and now to yours. Keep posting these good readings. I have run a bunch of them off and have them in 3 ring binders for future study and use in preparing classes. Alabama, USA.

...(Rapture Ready was the inspiration for this site. Glad you like them both, and thanks for saying so)

Hi Keygar. I was in a situation like yours several years ago. A neighbour gave me this advice, "Irresponsible people usually don't stay in one place too long. They seem to just grow up, or disappear one day."

...(Wise advice indeed. Thankyou)

For many years I have felt a certain insecurity when asked about my religious beliefs. I was raised a Christian in a Baptist church in the United States and while there was a sense of family, love and togetherness, the tough issues were never tackled, leaving me wide open to wander the temptations of the world. Naive is putting it nicely. I just wanted you (and all the contributors) to know that I really appreciate the straight forward message you all are presenting.

...(Your story sounds a lot like mine. Thank you so much for sharing)

Have you ever studied with Robert Thieme ministries?

...("No", which I think may be a good answer)

There was a peace agreement between Arafat and Netanyahu in 1998 at Wye River in Maryland. I was there. That agreement was breached.

...(Both sides only implemented the first phase of the Memorandum. Israel withdrew from all territory it was required to transfer to the Palestinian Authority within the timetable. Israel did not see reciprocal steps being taken by the Palestinian Authority. Thus, Israel believed that the Palestinian Authority's promises to implement its share of responsibilities under the Wye River Memorandum were not serious, and the agreement's understandings and goals were un-implemented)

I am not Hindu just so you know, but Krsna consciousness is, to me, closer to the truth then any other religion. Krnsa consciousness also doesn't rule out any other religion like Christianity does.

...(Christianity is based on a belief in, and following of, the person of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not a religion. It was Jesus Christ himself who ruled out ALL religions in John 14:6 when He said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." It's black and white, no ifs or buts. One either believes Jesus Christ, or goes one's own way, at one's own risk)

I am worried and confused about why the greatest theological minds of our time, and times past, will not accept what I believe is clear and literal interpretation of scripture.

...(I believe one of the consequences of pride is that it causes us to believe what we want to believe, rather than what is actually the truth. That is why humility is such a crucial asset to a follower of Christ)

Stop teaching fear. I am a homosexual and don't like to be referred to as evil. Your twisted religion should not dictate my life!

...(We don't teach fear here. But fear is not always bad. In your case, if you don't fear AIDS, you'll likely catch it. No one here said you in particular are evil because you are a homosexual. Perhaps you just feel evil. Sin is sin, no matter what form it takes. As for your life, only you can dictate how you lead it, not me. But God will dictate the outcome, of your life and mine. Sounds like your gripe actually is with God, not me. Go talk to Him about it, unless you're afraid of what answers you may get)

Love your site! Just what I needed - your honesty about being a work in progress - so am I! So far (there's tons of stuff on it) it has certainly given me food for thought.

...(I needed that. Thankyou)

Allah Akbah!

...(God is indeed great, but NOT the god of Islam. The god of Islam, Allah, does not even exist. Historically, Allah was a pagan god, one of about 360 gods worshipped by the pre-islamic Arab world. Mohammed's biographers simply promoted a pagan god to pre-eminence by declaring Allah to be the one true god. There's only one real god, the God of ISRAEL. YAHWEH is the one and only God, as all followers of the non existent Allah will soon discover)

Born again is a very traditional explanation of a King James mistranslation of the Greek word 'anothen'. It should be translated 'from the beginning/first', and/or 'from above', and not 'again.'

...(Nicodemus was not confused about what Jesus was suggesting, only about how it could be possible. Why then are you confused? If a person thinks too legalistically as they study scripture, they become incapable of seeing or understanding the correct spiritual perspective)

Amazing and inspiring! Please pray for Myanmar. Thanks.

...(Great to hear from those in Burma)

I thoroughly agree......the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You are spot on with your observations.

...(Thanks for the feedback)

Before I came to Jesus I used to worry about all of this and what is happening in the world. But now I don't worry because I know that God has it all under control and all these things must happen.

...(Very true. Thankyou)

The issue around tattoos and piercings is that there is a conditioning to all of this which I believe will lead to a society willing to except a mark with little or no resistance or questioning. This is rushing toward a world where everyone will find they are controlled and monitored at every move. The irony is that the liberty, freedom and tolerance they seek will end in tears because they didn't question their choices at the time.

...(Wise words)

Don't know ya, but luv ya brother. Can't wait for my Saviour!!

...(Likewise and AMEN!)

Hi Keygar, thanks so much for your website! We love your opening article. We're with you, and look forward to that wonderful day when our Beloved Bridegroom calls for His Bride. Keep up your great work and witness.

...(Such remarks make it all worth while)

I appreciate your wit and patience.

...(I appreciate your feedback and encouragement)

G'day from Chicago! My missus and my daughter kept asking me how Keygar was while you were on holiday, so I hope the holiday was grand! Good to have you back, though....we all missed you!

...(Always nice to be missed. Thanks to you all)

I respectfully disagree with your analysis on a number of fronts. I think the notion that the church is removed before the Tribulation encourages the Laodicean attitude that is currently prevalent in the church.

...(I am glad we can respectfully disagree, it makes life much more pleasant. Thankyou)

Welcome back. I have been missing you and hoping that you were having a swell time on your vacation.

...(Had a very pleasant holiday. I feel relaxed, but fat. Must go and exercise. Thankyou)

Hello from the wilderness, of Western Oklahoma. I find many similarities in our views, and circumstances. I am 58, a musician and love God. We do house church, and study a lot using the internet, and subscribe to the method used by Calvary Chapel churches which is a verse by verse, read the bible, and see what IT says, approach.

...(Hello Western Oklahoma. All sounds good to me. Thankyou for commenting)

Love the site, thanks!


I believe that God has created each soul, that each soul belongs to God, and that each soul has to find God in its own lifetime and way, and enter into his life. That is what is important. All of us need to seek God and find Him.

...(I like definite and clear instructions in life, whether it's about finding God, or how to start my car. Jesus Himself said, "No one comes to God except through Him", John 14:6. Then there's "Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved", Acts 4:12. That's good enough for me. If anyone else wants to try to find God through someone or something else, good luck to them, they'll need it)

G'day from Chicago! I saw the reports of more foul weather and flooding down under, and I just wanted you to know that this brother has you and yours in prayer.

...(There's nothing like family eh?)

Real - practical - thought producing notes. Put you on my favourites list. Been in helps ministry for about 20+ years. Long ago learned not to expect tangible results, do as the Word directs and let God do the hard work and change souls and spirits by His Spirit. Just hope one day He may say I was at least an adequate servant.

...(I get the feeling He will. God bless)

Can you help me better share with my people what the Bible teaches us concerning the rapture and end time prophecy by offering me some related materials (like books, teaching tapes or CD's etc.)

...(Due to limited resources, the only information I can provide you with is what is on the website. There are many articles and audio messages available. You can download some or all of these with certain programmes if you wish and distribute them on CD's, DVD's or thumb drives)

I was reading the euthanasia questions topic and want something clarified. If someone is bed ridden and on life support but still functioning, is it still euthanasia if they no longer want life support?

...(If the person on life support was still conscious and responsive with some quality of life remaining or anticipated, it would I believe be wrong to remove life support if they requested it. But if, as in most cases of people on life support, there was no medical evidence of a recovery and the person was basically inert, I don't think it would be wrong to remove life support and allow the person to pass away, specially if they were prepared spiritually to do so. Each such circumstance is unique however, and it would take some prayer and thought before acting)

Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoy your site, and not just me, but friends I have let know. You do a great job, and we appreciate your hard work. We need people like you. Australia is sorely lacking in end time sites, and it certainly isn't preached in churches any more. Who knows, we may all be out of here soon, and then you can relax! God bless you.

...(Much appreciated)

I would encourage you to keep going and to fight the good fight! I visit your site almost every day and truly enjoy your comment and content. Your effort makes a real difference.

...(Your encouragement means a lot, thank you)

If you make a difference in only one of your visitors, all your hard work has been worth it. I certainly appreciate all that you do here and I check in regularly.

...(Kind words, thank you)

Sometimes we evaluate what we see and not what god uses.

...(Much wisdom there)

Hi Keygar, thanks for all your inspiring messages. I agree, these are hard times, and rumours of war are everywhere, especially in the middle east. I'm from Europe. Its getting uglier each day out here. See you in heaven.

...(You sure will! Thankyou)

Just to say I regularly visit your site and enjoy having a read and I have also just viewed your comments about the policeman. You are exactly correct about things hotting up here on earth, plus which one of these egomaniacs is going to push the button.

...(Appreciate your comments)

I am obsessed with what a  psychic told me in a reading 11 years ago. I am at a point in my life where I have only now realised how destructive it has been on me and on my personal relationships. I feel like it will never end and that I will eventually suffer from a mental breakdown.

...(You've gone behind enemy lines against all the bible's warnings. Dabble with occult practices and you may pick up a "friend" you can't get rid of. I have emailed you privately)

Thanks for your blog. it's just what I needed to hear.


Keygar, thank you for your insightful thoughts! I don't know if you know what an encouragement you are to those of us who visit your site. You encourage me greatly with your biblical wisdom & your God given talent in your music. I look forward to meeting you in Heaven.

...(You don't know what an encouragement YOU are to ME:)

Your new song "Just for Me", is just for me at this time. Thanks so much for your ministry.

...(Thank YOU for thanking me:)

What's the point of watching TV rubbish when your a Christian? It's only going to cause trouble with its demonic and  sensual programmes.

...(My sentiments also)

Keygar, regardless of the knowledge you had that your mother was indeed going to be with the Lord, I nonetheless extend my sincere condolences and prayers to you and yours on your temporary loss. I hold you up in my prayers, my brother across the sea.

...(So grateful for your thoughts. God bless)

Keygar, thank you for sharing about your beautiful mother & her faith in Christ. Also, thank you for the encouragement about prayer. It was a timely reminder. Thank you too, for the beautiful music you share.

...(Very kind words, thankyou)

Hi Keygar. Thanks for posting this on your web site. I was one of the researchers on Roger Oakland's book "Faith Undone".

...(Thank YOU for all your hard work)

After reading many of your Blog entries and a few other resources, I realized that you and I really think alike. It was as if I was reading my own thoughts, though our locations are different, our experiences and assessment of the world and all are very similar. From the State of Virginia, appreciation to you.

...(Love hearing from "the family". Thankyou)

Hi Keygar, love your web site. I agree with your take on the ministries that say the end is here, and then they tell you, you need their book or send a donation & they'll send you a gift, etc. It seems like an oxymoron a lot of the time.

...(I was called an oxymoron at school, well, a dumb ox anyway. Thanks for commenting)

Just read your rant and couldn't agree more. Too many "Christian" sites have fallen into the trap of date-setting or looking for any little sign which, to them, means that we'll be raptured TODAY.

...(Too true)

I so thoroughly enjoy your comments. Bless you for the " where the rubber meets the road " comments.

...(Thankyou for the encouragement. Much appreciated)

I live everyday in severe chronic pain, I want the rapture to happen so badly. So I would search out prophecy sites to see what they would say. I have been disappointed time and time again. I have made a decision, I am not going to be deceived again. The rapture will happen in God's own timing and I will just have to be patient and wait.

...(We must all wait, yes. Patience produces perfection. Take care)

I found your site about 1 year ago and love it. I agree completely about the over-the-top fear mongering and utter lunacy of anyone who thinks they could actually store up enough of ANYTHING, not have to kill someone who was trying to take it away from them, or even remotely want to survive in some kind of Mad-Max world (with all apologies to the Aussies-you guys DID make that movie!) Nevertheless, this American brother hopes that if he doesn't meet you in this life, we'll SOON get to meet at the Wedding Feast...who knows, the Lord might have a heavenly form of Fosters to wash down the heavenly Veg-e-mite.

...(Couldn't help but enjoy your comment. You just gotta be a fair dinkum good bloke :)

Hello, I read the section of your website on motivation for rewards in Heaven and was horrified. I serve God out of love AND because I want those rewards.

...(The " I want " is what worries me a little. See HERE)

Love your site! I was so relieved to hear your thoughts about all this insane stocking up of food and the endless list of supplies that a lot of Christian sites say we should have. My husband and I feel just like you do. You said it very well. It was so nice to hear you speak out on this.

...(Good to hear from you and thanks for the feedback)

Another website removed an article about lying paraphrased bibles. When I contacted them they said it was removed because they do not believe in KJV only. I am a KJV only believer. Thank you for keeping the article on your site.

...(Thankyou for commenting. I myself also prefer the KJV)

Your song "perhaps in heaven" makes me remember the saddest times in my life. Those times made me want God to personally come get me and free me of all of my burdens, but I just prayed through them and put God first. He brought me through. He walked with me step by step in the time when I really needed Him so thank you and thank God.

...(A very touching comment. Thankyou)

Whereas before my belief in the rapture was based on what the Bible says (which is good), my conviction now is fuelled by numerous indications that the time is at hand for us to go. Start tomorrow with a clean slate and continue like that for as long as it takes. Please get yourself ready to meet the King of kings and Lord of lords. The time for playing “Church” is over.


Hi, are you an Aussie? Because if you are, as I am, we have a large task convincing people here of what is coming in the future. I get laughed at, abused and thought of as a Looney, but I'm so thankful the Holy Spirit has given me the knowledge to study these end times.

...(Yep, I'm a dinky die, ridgy didge, true blue, fair dinkum, dead set Aussie bloke. If you are a Looney, you're not alone. There will be multitudes of us grinning weirdly in heaven :)

Sir, I like your attitude. I can't see the rapture in the Bible, but I sure do see Christ's return. I just tell people, "I hope you're right. The rapture is a great plan A. Plan B is that Jesus simply returns. Either way, it's ultimately a win/win situation."

...(Brilliantly put. Thanks for commenting)

If Yoga is an eastern spiritual practice then what about Christianity? It also originated in the East!

...(Mr Spock would find your logic "fascinating". You conclude then that if a good thing and a bad thing come from the same place, then their common point of origin causes the good thing to make the bad thing, good. Fascinating indeed.)

I am a minister of a small town church in Pennsylvania, USA and last night we began a study on the Holiness of God and what it means for us to be Holy as God is Holy. The word Holy means to be set aside for a special purpose or to be separated. Do we become Holy as God is Holy by first separating ourselves?

...(Sanctification is the same Greek word as holiness, “hagios,” meaning a separation. First, a once-for-all positional separation unto Christ at our salvation. Second, a practical progressive holiness in a believer’s life while awaiting the return of Christ. Third, when we see Him, we will be changed into His perfect likeness—holy, sanctified, and completely separated from the presence of evil. In theology, sanctification has generally come to mean that process of becoming or being made holy, that process being completed when we see Jesus)

I found your link on MRC and have been reading several of your articles. This specific comment is on your "What is Liberal Christian Theology?" Why not change it to be - What is Liberal "christian" Theology? You point out totally accurately that it (and much other that calls itself "christian") ISN'T! Just a small point.

...(Point taken)

Really found your blog on the Anti-Christ's kingdom very eye opening. I have a Dakes Bible and he brings out these same ideas. At first I thought he was a lunatic but the more I dug in to the word the more I realized this was right. Great site.

...(I used to have a Dakes as well. Learnt a lot from it)

Great article "why won't they listen". I too use to ignore world events and keep putting off Christ for some other day. But now after two and a bit years as a Christian I wonder in amazement how I ever survived without the "blessed hope". Common grace became saving grace. This is a good article for the "undecided" to read to perhaps prompt that final saving grace.

...(Thankyou for commenting)

I wanted to let you know that as a direct result of your web site, my wife, eldest son and I have recently accepted Jesus. We now attend a great church and are leaning a lot more. My entire family (there are five of us) has leaned so much from your web site. Please keep up the good work. I look forward to meeting you one day.

...(G'day to my new brothers and sister in Christ. God is still working and saving souls. I'm just so grateful)

The Thousand Year Reign contradicts Messiah's statement that His kingdom is not of this world. You make Jesus a liar by claiming He will reign on a physical earth.

...(So you assert that if I have some goldfish in a bowl, I am not allowed or able to supervise their existence because I myself am not a goldfish? )

Just a note to say thanks for your work. I go to your site daily to see if there is anything new. I've read the archives to death. I really like your good common sense that God has given you.

....(You're welcome although there are those that would dispute the common sense reference)

Bravo! Bravo! This essay ... portrays exactly how I feel about the rapture, and also what I think of those ignoramuses who like to advertise their inability to reason logically.

...(Exactly what I thought when I read it)

I have been searching for the truth about certain denominations. Some church people act so holy and their children seem so obedient, etc. If such is not so, do they think they will they end up in heaven with no rewards or go to hell? They seem so condescending to people who are different.

...(It takes all kinds as they say. I'm sure most apparent holiness does not impress the Lord in the least)

I have been reading and enjoying Rapture Notes as a link off the Rapture Ready web site. For the last couple of weeks the link would not open. Now the listing on the links page is gone. It is good to find you linked off prophecydepot.com. If you ever think of giving up, just remember, you have at least one fan that is still reading. Keep up the good work, and may God Bless you for your efforts.

...(Thanks so much for the encouragement. In the last few weeks, Rapture Notes has wrongly been tagged by Microsoft as hosting viruses, Google dropped Rapture Notes from its search results for no reason, and some sites removed their links to Rapture Notes. We fight not against flesh and blood methinks. But we shall box on)

I found your site today while searching for genuine Christians who are interested in being Biblical, instead of being a "positive influence" corrupted with ecumenism, compromise, flimflam, etc. What do you think of "generational curses?"

...(The best way to remove a "generational curse" would be to become a Christian and thus a new creature... 2 Corinthians 5:17)

I didn't know Australia was so accommodating to asylum seekers. Here in Canada it is the same. I can only hope that both our respective governments finally see the light and crack down on those who abuse our refugee systems.

...(Unfortunately, our U.N. controlled and inept politicians betray their electors by refusing to weed out the non-desirable immigrants amongst the genuine refugees. Their actions are in my opinion.... "treasonable")

I just discovered your website last night and am very interested in your viewpoints regarding the Antichrist, etc. I've been a serious student of Eschatology for over 30 years and have also been hearing from the Lord via prophetic dreams, visions and words for this same period of time. My conclusion at this time is that we are VERY close to the Lord's coming for His people.

...(Always encouraging to hear from like minded people)

Excellent analysis of Baxter's teachings! You also have an excellent article on Tithing. I'm glad there are still some who contend earnestly for the faith and for correct doctrine.

...(A pat on the back is always welcome. Counteracts the insults :)

What will be the results of me telling a soul about the "Rapture" if that person or persons can not find your word in the bible? Is the word "Rapture" or teaching about a rapture worth sending one soul to hell?

...(The word "Trinity" isn't found in the bible either, so I take it then you deny that. Secondly, the word "Rapture" doesn't appear in the bible because oddly enough, the bible wasn't written in English)

As you are probably aware, laws endorsing homosexuality - particular partnership and marriage - are also being passed in the UK. Christians are persecuted for their beliefs under the umbrella of political correctness.

...(Yes, and about 97% of the population drift quietly into a Godless eternity without a whimper, till they get there. All so sad)

I read a shocking article on another site that put the pieces together with the Israel, oil and gas and Ezekiel 38 and 39. I was shocked how exactly the prophecies are coming to pass.

...(Yes, slowly but surely, it's all coming together. Thanks for commenting)

You're going to find out in the not so distant future that your theory is full of holes. You are going to be so sorry for trying so hard to get people to believe this clap trap. You are the ones with all the problems and then you all twist scripture to fit this before the tribulation stuff.

...(We'll see, and thankyou for your well constructed arguments supporting your point of view)

It is only by truly giving of ourselves that we can find the path to God. Pray always because God's way is not like man's. Allow God to enter your hearts. What do you think?

...(By truly giving of ourselves we cannot find God. Only by believing in Jesus Christ can we find God the Father. John 14:6)

I read your article on Irvin Baxter's erroneous teachings and totally agree with you!!  You are totally correct in your summary of his teachings, he uses so many twists and turns that it is difficult to know what he really believes..??

...(I truly believe that if we humbly and sincerely ask God to prevent us from being deceived by false teachings, He will)

I'm a liberal and I love Jesus. I see this site and wonder why I even bother seeing as how you take religion and bash someone's political beliefs with it. Not all liberals are the same, and that goes for any group of people.

...(Then your logic would say that not all child abusers are the same, in intent or practice perhaps, so it is ok then to be a child abuser)

I believe the Middle East scenario antichrist more than a European antichrist, as many scriptures point only to the Middle East. But, what about the 666 mark introduced by the antichrist? How does that become global?

...(I personally don't believe the 666 mark will become global. Logistics and recalcitrance alone would prohibit that I think. But time will tell the truth of it)

Imagine that the various people who settled in the United States for the past 300 years decided one day that they wanted to partition the United States into an independent state just for them, would the American public go for it? The answer is absolutely NO. The situation in Israel today is no different. The Arabs there are not Palestinians, there is no such Arab nation as Palestine, or Palestinian people.

...(No arguments here:)

Shalom. I Bless the name of the Father for the lessons that I have learnt after reading 'RAPTURE NOTES'. It's really an inspiration to me.

....(Shalom. I am very grateful for your comment)

Greetings from Switzerland. Thanks for sharing.

...(G'day to Switzerland. It's amazing where these emails come from. Take care)

I will give you a thousand dollars if you can find one scripture to prove your rapture.

...(One I don't need to, two, if I did you would still dispute it, and three, if you have a spare thousand dollars, why don't you use it for the Lord's work, rather than your own?)

Hi. I want to read the bible every day and be faithful in the Lord. Please can you mail me your articles. Thanks so much for your time.

...(Unfortunately we do not do mail outs, but please visit RAPTURENOTES any time for the latest articles. Thankyou)

Your article on Yoga is almost laughable. If you believe, as I do, that perfect love casts out fear, then what are you afraid of when it comes to Yoga? I am puzzled by your ineffective article.

...(So, based on your reasoning, perfect love should cast out my fear of swimming with sharks?  Or should it rather warn of the dangers of doing so? I am puzzled by your ineffective logic)

Great site - even better information about yourself. Keep it up!

...(Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated)

Through your website, you are doing great work of the Lord, be encouraged to be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for your labour is not in vain. I was born in East Africa, in Rwanda.

...(I pray that God will keep you safe there, and meet you needs)

I am from Pakistan working as an evangelist for spreading the word of God. I have studied your web site, and I found it is the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religion faith.

...(Christians in India, China, Pakistan etc have my utter admiration for the work they do under difficult conditions. We "westerners" are soft and idle by comparison)

I have studied Bible prophecy for decades and have always looked forward to being with the Lord but now it seems more critical than ever. Life is hard but I know a better one is coming. I wish I could sit down and have a beer with you.

...(Great to hear from you and one day soon we shall indeed eat and drink together at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What a time we shall have !!)

To all those who think that they know the way God's Holy Spirit works in each and every person's life, I say, be very careful of just how much help you give God's Holy Spirit, especially if you have not been asked for any help.

...(A very interesting comment. Thankyou)

I believe you should not be afraid of homosexuals. I am a young, straight female with a few gay friends and they are loving, beautiful and kind human beings with no intent of infuriating fundamentalists such as yourself, just wishing to live their lives.

...(I too have had homosexual friends in the entertainment industry, so I'm certainly not afraid of them, except when they become aggressive with Christians and anyone who disagrees with them. I am not attacking them, simply pointing out that I believe their lifestyle is wrong in God's eyes, and that they like the rest of us, are sinners in need of God's forgiveness)

I reviewed your page on Christian Psychology. I agree with much of what is said, but I would like to see some research on Christian Psychology that is not based on humanism and evolution. Many Christians do not realize the beliefs behind psychology so this piece does a wonderful job of exposing those truths. Many do not realize that there are alternatives as well.

...(Thankyou for your input)

I have many friends who hold to replacement theology and one friend who is a Preterist. I see both of these positions as a way of calling God a liar. Regarding both of these views I ask them two questions. First, I ask them "who puts kings on their thrones?". Answer: God. Second question, "who set up Israel as a nation in 1948?" Their answer: Silence.

...(You've said it all. Thankyou for commenting)

I respect your right to believe in the Rapture and you and millions of others may be right. The only problem I have with the rapture is that you're saying that you can go to heaven without the physical flesh dying.

...(It was Paul who said "Behold I show you a mystery. We shall not all die, but we shall all be changed" 1 Corinthians 15:51)

If you need a good bible believing church to go to, you might want to come to Texas and visit First Assembly of God in Gladewater, Tx. God Bless!!! Keep up the good work you do.

...(It's great to hear there's still a few bible believing churches out there. G'day to Texas from Australia)

Quick question - if the "Church" is not here during the Great Tribulation - who is left to witness to the lost - if the Gospel be hid , it is hid to them that are lost.

...(Good question. Please see here, here and here )

I wanted to let you know that I "stumbled" on your website quite by accident. Well, let me take that back, when God is in control, there are no accidents. I think this is a great place to send friends/family who have issues with the church and who may have allowed those issues from having a relationship with the Lord. Thanks for using your gifts for the Lord. Blessings to you!

...(Thankyou for the encouragement. I hope Rapture Notes is of some benefit to you)

Hi, I'm in Dallas. I'm very much a Christian, very God fearing and born again. I fell victim to psychics and lost several thousand dollars. As a Christian country founded on Gods word, we should have laws to prevent this criminal activity.

...(I agree. We should have laws to prevent many un-Christian activities, like abortion, but our Lawmakers are unfortunately mainly non-Christian and even anti-Christian so don't get your hopes up. Just keep looking up instead)

Where Baxter is concerned, if your understanding of the Bible is no better than your usage, then up yours!!!

...(I include this comment as an example of the intellectually and socially challenged folk "out there")

Marie Perkins and this organization you're apart of, I believe you are "simply nuts" as I say, who are you to liken Oprah Winfrey to an "Anti Christ." How can just listening or following her beliefs will get you into hell? You just don't like her because White people believe in her too, which is "simply racist."

...(Who's Marie Perkins? So someone's beliefs are unimportant even if they're wrong? So thinking a black person's beliefs are wrong makes one a racist? You have some unique ideas, I'll give you that. Unique, but senseless)

Hi. I found your Web Site by Google and I wish you the best you can get, and the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

...(Many thanks. Please visit again)

Big thanks. I found this site when searching the internet on how to escape from pornography. I read the page about the porn plague and it really enlightened. This issue makes me guilty and my spirit weak.

...(Porn appeals to mans most base instincts and thus is hard to shake in this society. But rather than avoid God through guilt, we need to cling to Him even more as a result, and the wrong desires will eventually fade as we immerse ourselves in Him and His plan for us)

God Bless you! I have your music on my media player. I can not tell you how much the Holy Spirit uses the music to bless. Be assured of my prayer. Keep on!

...(you've made my day :)

Thanks a lot for this useful information. I would like to learn more about Jerusalem and the prophecies that I believe will be fulfilled.

...(my pleasure:)

I promote psychics by passing out their flyers, does that necessarily mean that I am as well, sinning and committing an act of abomination towards God? I do not give ANY psychic readings whatsoever and I do not get my palm read, either, I just clean their home and pass out their flyers.

...(A Christian should not promote Psychics in any way because consulting Psychics, and what Psychics practise, are both an abomination to the Lord. He said that, not me. So to avoid displeasing God, avoid passing out the flyers you mention)

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your site. I am a retired person and I really love your music and all that is on the site.
God Bless SOOOOO Much!

...(Thankyou. To me, people like you who take the time to say thanks are actually performing a special ministry in God's kingdom. God bless.)

Just wanted to say you are so right about these being the birth pangs. Continue doing a great job reaching out to those that are lost.
Lord Jesus come quickly!


"There is an enormous controversy brewing among professing Christians today as to whether or not there is going to be a Rapture of the Church. Many who criticize those who believe in the Rapture, do so out of a zealous resentment for lazy, complacent and irresponsible Christians shirking their duty to resist evil in the world."

...(That's odd, the only Christians I see who ARE resisting evil in the world are those that DO believe in the rapture. It's nice that you're not judgemental tho?)

You people are completely crazy and I hope with all your finger pointing that when God does come back he gives you all a good boot up the .... for passing judgement on others and proclaim. That's not what I meant! You sad sad bigoted crazy people.

...(I've corrected your spelling, but your comment still lack's cohesion. It's good you believe Jesus is coming back. But you may be surprised where His boot actually lands)

Hi, just a note to let you know that I just found your site and I am greatly encouraged by it. I have passed it on to my friends of like mind. God bless you and yours.

...(I appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to benefit from RN)

The solution to the Mystery of the Seven Seals and the Rapture was given to me in a dream. Solomon is the Key.

...(Dream on)

Where does it specifically say that we believers cast our crowns at Jesus' feet? Rev. 4:10 indicates that the 24 elders do it.

...(You are correct in that it says "the elders" will cast down their crowns at Jesus feet. The elders are representatives of the church , and as we are the church, I would expect we would want to follow the elder's example and do likewise)

I thank God for this organisation. Serving our God pleases those who love Him and were called according to His purposes.
May God bless you.

...(Thanks for your comments)

Looking forward to hearing more of your music and reading more of your articles in the future!
Your brother in Christ.

...(Please come back and thankyou)

What if you received the mark unknowingly?

...(People will receive the mark, fully knowing what they are doing and who they are aligning themselves with. No one will be forced or tricked into taking it)

Hi, I would like to cite your comment on comparing a wife who cooked a meal only to have her husband bow down and worship the food, and use some of the information cited about pantheism, in a book I am writing. I find your site thought-provoking.

...(Thanks for your comments. All the best with your project)

When the Bible states the anti-christ will rise to power, it is at least implied that he will not be a youngster (child). Thus far I have never read anything written by experts as to at what stage of life will the anti-christ know he is the anti-christ. Is this something that his parents know due to some kind of a message from the devil? Does he know this about himself since birth? Is this something in which he gradually becomes aware? Or does he make some kind of a deal the the devil to become the anti-christ, etc.?

...(I will email a reply. Thanks for your interest)

Do you have words for "please come back again"
The music was awesome.

...(So glad you liked it, thanks)

My daughter married a JW alcoholic and we are trying to figure the best way to help him. An added benefit would be to get him out of the "church" altogether, but just getting him sober would be enough for starters. Thanks.

...(With God, all things are possible, no matter how improbable)

YES, Obama being a Nobel Peace Prize recipient is the laughing stock of America!!! Along with Jimmy Carter! I truly believe there IS a delusion in our country! It started somehow during the election campaigning. I know of Christians that voted for him! I questioned them..."how on God's green earth can you in Christian consciousness vote for a man that is for gay rights and abortion. Both are totally against God's word!!" The reply I got was ... they wanted what was good for them "NOW" & because he promised "change". Well, we have change alright!! UNGODLY CHANGE!!

...(All very sad really, thanks for commenting)

Thank you for your awesome music! It has been such a blessing to my heart! God's blessings upon you!

...(That makes it all worthwhile)

My friend Keygar...
Thank you for the several articles I've read on your site, and for putting yourself out there with the love of God in your heart.

...(I appreciate you visiting Rapture Notes. Please come again)

Love your  website! I will keep you and your family in prayer!

...(Thankyou for taking the time to comment)

Hi Keygar, I recently came across your web site. All I have to say is that you are truly blessed by God. Like you living in Australia and Christians coming under attack, how true. Living here in the US, which I thank God often for letting me be here, we are under attack from all sides. From news media to family members. It just signs of the end times as the Bible said it would be. I go to your web site everyday and I'm always telling someone what I read on it. Keep up the good work. I'm sure that you will have will reached at least one person with your works. Keep it up and God bless you.

...(Welcome aboard and thanks for the feedback)

Just a note to let you know I am enjoying your web site and find lots of good info on it. The days grow darker here in America but Jesus Christ is Lord and is in complete control...His light permeates the darkness and I find complete rest and peace in Him. It will be my pleasure to meet you and all my Brothers andSisters in Christ in the clouds soon. What a family reunion that will be!!

...(It'll be MY pleasure to meet you. Keep looking up)

Hi, I just ran across your website while visiting the Rapture Ready webpage and I noticed your musical interest. I want to say I enjoy your site and thank you for the wonderful music. Great job.

...(Many thanks)

I am really blessed by your music, especially the rearrangements of old traditional hymns.

...(Thankyou. Glad you like them)

Pleased to meet you, and your most interesting site, which I came across only 3 days ago. If you ever come to London (UK), we (my husband and I) hope to be able to meet you. We could go to our local pub for lunch or dinner and we would even be pleased to give you free accommodation, if you don't mind indoor camping. Anyway, I guess I'll say goodbye for now. Thank you for taking time in building such an inspiring site.

...(That invitation sounds great, might take you up on it one day)

When Jesus gave us instructions how to pray in the lord's prayer, what do you think he meant when he said pray to the FATHER (who's name by the way, is Jehovah). What do you think he meant? Too many people can say that prayer over and over and never get it. Jesus never told us to pray to him. He only said he was not God, like in Matt 19:17 when he said, why do you call me good. There is none good but one, that is God! Jesus never said HE was God.

...(See John 8:58, John 1:1, Matthew 1:23, Luke 7:16, John 10:30, John 14:9 and John 13:13 and many more. Jesus is God, or these verses are lies, in which case we may as well shut up shop and go home. Who's wrong, you or the Bible?)

Ciao from Fremantle. Great site and you are a great mate, yep, good stuff. I am waiting for the rapture 2..wow. Great music and I like your style. Blessings bro, take care and Shalom.

...(Sometimes a friendly word comes just in time. This was one such occasion)

I have yet to peruse the entire site...so far, I am impressed with your honesty... so rare these days. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you. May you find the Truth in all you uncover and may it set you and others free.

...(I appreciate your encouragement and thanks for taking the time)

Hello. My comment is this: if what you say about the rapture is correct, then why does God say "pray that your flight be not in winter?" If what you are saying is God's truth then why would He say that about winter?

...(I think you're referring to Matthew 24:18-20. This time is AFTER the rapture, and during the tribulation, when the antichrist reveals his true nature and then turns on the Jews and they flee from him)

Hi Keygar!
Being Christians and in this world but not of this world...it still causes an ache inside us to watch our respective countries of birth deteriorating so fast, doesn't it? I look for the judgements to increase and become more harsh since He wants none to perish...His harshness being the only way some will turn to Christ Jesus. God Bless you for your service to our Lord and may the work you are doing for Him and His Kingdom bring you and yours blessings.

...(Sad to see our countries imploding morally, but exciting to know Jesus will soon take over!!)

Hi. I found your Web Site via this Site https://www.anointedlinks.com/links.
I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ.
A. S. from Sweden

...(Great to hear from Sweden and thanks for your good wishes)

Hello! I am a sophomore at New York University and am writing a paper for my journalism class (due Fri.) I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions or your opinion on the spirituality of yoga, yoga as religion, and or the religious backlash against yoga. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration!

...(Thanks for your question. Please see here)

Everything you said on your website, I have always believed. Years ago when I was young, I believed in aliens but as time went by, none of it made any sense. After re-reading the bible, it finally did. I have never seen a picture of a UFO above a church. I have never heard of anybody of the cloth being abducted. The only people who get abducted are those who deal in the occult! If they are here to help, why now, why not 10000 years ago? These demonic things take people and leave them mentally and spiritually disturbed??? These things are of satan, without doubt.

...(I think many people are, and will be, deceived by Satan's little band of followers posing as angels, aliens, miracle workers and even Jesus etc, especially in the near future and during the tribulation)

It is my understanding that the last trumpet blown in the feast of trumpets is called " the last trumpet" You may want to check this out. Thanks.

...(I will include an article on it when time permits. Thanks for the feedback)

"About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up, who will turn their attention to the prophecies, in the midst of much clamour and opposition."
Sir Isaac Newton.

...(Sir Isaac was no fool eh?)

Your article on homosexuality is very good! Continue to have courage and speak/write about this issue. I will pray for you to have strength!

...(I need and appreciate your prayers, thankyou)

"Dog owes God" gave me shivers...good shivers! I have a goofy yet wonderful Golden Retriever and have always loved animals in general. I realize animals don't have souls... yet I do have the hope that we will see some animals in Heaven...I figure if the new Jerusalem is 1,400 miles long, wide, and high there will be room somewhere for a few cats and dogs...I don't want to be in charge of the pooper scooper however...tee-hee. God Bless!

...(Dogs are great aren't they, so humble, such good friends and so appreciative. We could do worse than to be more like them sometimes)

Aren't we told that God has a book in which everyone who would ever be born has their name in?  Those who hear the message of Salvation and reject it have their names blotted from this book.  I believe if one never hears the message or is not of an age or mind to understand and make their choice, their name remains in God's book and if they die, they will be with Him.  Those in Hell will be those who reject Christ's substitutionary death for them, not those who could not understand the Gospel message.

...(I'll do some research on the subject and include an article on it)

There you go hating again.  God never said homosexuals were an abomination to him.  Man said this because homosexuals did not adhere to his rules of slavery that women were forced to carry. There is homosexuality in every living species. God does not hate or abominate anything in his kingdom. Man hates, judges, critizes, hurts, kills, destroys what God gave him and would even destroy God if he got the chance. Wake up, your religion keeps you ignorant and cringing like crabs in a barrel. These old parables in the "bible" should only be regarded as to where the mindset was in that day.  You should be more enlightened.  If you chanted or prayed w/the universe. Regulated yourself with its' routine, understanding would come to you. Not reading the word of man but understanding the realm of the universe God created for you. Pray to yourself because you are all part of a well oiled machine. These religion doctrines throw a wrench in Gods plan.

 ...(I don't recall saying I HATE anyone. As for praying "TO YOURSELF", if you're ever drowning, try it, and let me know how you got on)

You have a great site. I really enjoyed all you said about the UN and secret societies.I have been studying them a while but I find most ppl to be disinterested or think i am a nut. I totally agree with what u say. I PRAY ppl wil wake up soon.God Bless you thank u 4 what u do.

 ...(Thankyou for your thoughts)

I notice from your website you endorse, recommend Dave Hunt`s teachings; do you realise this man is a false prophet? You will soon see just why this man is a false Prophet along with many other self styled, self proclaimed, accepted of men, recognised and acknowledged by men false prophets that abound today.(John 7/18, Math. 13/57, Mk. 6/4, John 4/44, 5/41,
P. S. do you realise there is no such word as rapture in the Bible??

...(The word "rapture" is discussed on the site. I take it you think that I should believe that Dave Hunt is a false prophet, but that you are a real one??)

Praise God for your notes on the Jehovah Witness. I have a brother-in-law that converted years ago to JW. He was a Baptist and taught Sunday School. I have a burden to bring him back. My only communication with him has been by phone. He has no e-mail & I'm concerned he won't read anything I send. Recently my wife died & I've not talked with him much since. I probably have a narrow window & I don't want to flub this. I need help. Years ago my wife visited him for 2 weeks and it ended with no communication for years. He is brainwashed. What help or guidence can you offer me? I pray that as I gather information and seek help a door will open providing me direction.

...(Often TRUTH won't help, pray God will remove their spiritual blindness and that He will humble them)

Interesting website, however can I correct you on one point. The Clear Word at no time calls itself a Bible. In the Preface it states "The Clear Word is not a translation, but a devotional paraphrase of Scripture expanded for clarity .... it should not be considered a study bible". And goes on to explain "a paraphrase uses current language to make the text more understandable". Many people mistakenly refer to the Clear Word as a bible.

...(Thankyou for the info, point taken)

I have read all your articles and it has been a tremedious blessing to me. Please, keep up the good work. I just started a website called jesusiscomingnow.webs.com. I hope God will make me better everyday. I am writing you because i have agreed on almost 99.9% of your articles. But i was very surprise when i read your last article saying once saved always saved. I do not agree with you there because if you read the bible very well, it tells us that it is a sad thing for one to fall away after testing salvation. If a professed born again is caught commiting adultry, mother, changed from christianity to another religion like muslim be rapturable?. I sincerely don't think so. The bible says no adulterer, fornicator, drunkard, etc will enter the kingdom of God, and the bible did not differentiate from christian and none christians. What about the ten virgins?, they all have oil in there lamps(signifying the Holy Spirit)But only five made it and the other five were denied entry. As a christian, I do not have absolute authority on the bible so i try to talked on the thing that are very straight forward in the bible so i do not heap coal on my head by leading others astray. The once saved always saved gives people the liberty to commit sin because they feel since believing in jesus and His shed blood on the cross is all that is required, then they will make it to heaven regardless if they sin or not. As you know, the Holy Spirit is always convicting one of sin, so one can not have thhhhat Spirit and continue to sin. It is not works but once saved The Spirit of God makes you abhor all manner of sin.
I hope these helps. Please avoid talking on subject you are not absolutely sure about.

...(Well it's nice we agree on MOST things anyway)

I am somewhat puzzled, I am not a member of any church or gruop other than the AA/NA fellowship but I read the article pertaining to the Jehovas Witness group and was shocked at the sanctimoniuos self righteousness that your organization expressed, your un christian attitude is everything that Jesus said to avoid, I am a devout follower of christs message, not to good at it on occasions but I try hard, so when I read your sites tirade I am saddened that you seem to have missed his message completely, instead of judging them why not just keep your venom for yourselves and let others worship christ to the best of their ablility, they may not be perfect but are you?

...(TRUE love points out error and doesn't just accept it for the sake of convenience or peace)

Hi Keygar
Mark and I are eagerly looking forward to reading more of your articles and listening to your music. Thanks so much again. Don't we have a wonderful sure hope for the future through our Lord Jesus. We are very grateful for the teaching you provide.
If you're ever in the Newcastle (NSW) area we might be able to catch up... Otherwise we will look forward to that good old laugh in heaven.
May the Lord continue to bless and guide you. 'Be strong and courageous.'

...(Thankyou for the encouragement)

Hello there. i "stumbled" across your site while googling scripture that had to do with the rapture.. i have not delved into it at all...i was looking for a particular verse then went to rapture and saved your site for further perusal.
i just read all of your introductory page and am humbled at the awesomeness of God and his employment of your mind and talents.
i am at a crossroads in my life and am seeking friendships and have been led to share my faith with a few i have met in the dating world. all but one has responded with an unequivocal "i remember going to church with my parents...." and we discuss God.

...(Keep the faith)

Dear Keygar,
Just a quick note before I go home from work to thank you for your wonderful website. Unfortunately my husband and I don't have a computer at home so I have only recently discovered it in a break time at work. I have just looked at a couple of articles and printed them for my husband to read. We both really relate to you from what we've read so far, where you're coming from, your love for the truth and the Lord Jesus and your sense of humour. (We too, liked those old TV shows like 'Get Smart', 'F Troop' and don't forget 'Gilligan's Island.
The family photos are great too. We have been researching lots of things over the last year and have read some good books by Roger Oakland (Understand the Times), Ray Yungen (Lighthouse Trails) and Warren Smith etc. regarding some of the things happening in the 'postmodern church'. It's good to also find an Australian website - and you have it set up so well. We are looking forward to reading more of your articles! Keep up the great job Keygar! Thank you again!

...(A kindred sense of humour, thankyou)

just writng to say i am from south yorkshire in england uk. great website you are truly blessed. i regularly visit the site some excellent information that as helped me understand more about jesus.well done may the lord be with you always.

...(Thankyou for your kindness)

I enjoyed your music......it's very pretty and relaxing. Make you think of all the wonderful blessings God has given us.
God Bless you

...(Thankyou, glad you enjoyed it)

Your music is uplifting, thought provoking, and spiritually motivating. They brighten up the day for this senor citizen.
Thank you for making them available.

...(My pleasure)

Good Morning, just read your notes on our motives, and could not agree more with you and God's word. Here is my question, I see in scripture where the 24 elders lay their crowns at Jesus feet, but nothing about the saints. What scripture do you find to support that we, as saints at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, do the same?

...(None SPECIFICALLY but there is anecdotal evidence)

First time visiter. I shall be back. Great site. Thank you.

...(I'll expect you then, heh heh)

I am sitting here typing this post in "AWE"... you have a "beautiful" voice...and your music touched my heart... God bless you, brother.

...(Well THANKYOU, but I wouldn't call anything about me beautiful :>)

Nice website, Keygar.
I hope you don't mind but I linked to your rapture article on my blog.
In Him.

...(I'm flattered)

I downloaded "One more time" I like it. You have a great voice.

...(You're very kind to say so)

I thank God for such a kind heart person who share his talent and music for the glory of God. For me who is working here in Saudi Arabia where music such as these are not available, it is a great blessing. By the way my name is Jessie, I was a homosexual who, by the grace and love of our Jesus Christ have found salvation, hope and joy in His word. I feel very happy when I listen to your songs and I am thinking of bringing it to my room for listening but I don't have means to do it because I only use my pc in the company.

...(Isn't God so merciful to us all?)