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Terror Of ISLAM
By Sean Osborne


Almost simultaneous bomb blasts at the JW Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton hotels in central Jakarta on Friday have killed at least 9 people, wounding another 42, according to sources at the scene. This is the second Islamic terrorist attack within the last six years targeting the Marriott. A car bomb detonated by Muslim terrorists killed 12 people in 2003.

As I go over news reports and private assessments I find that there is one inescapable conclusive fact which will never be placed into print or broadcast over the airwaves by the Main Stream Media: MUSLIMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE MURDERS. Period.

While the Jemaah Islamiya terrorist group will undoubtedly be blamed for these atrocities, and other inconsequential tidbits of information will surface (additional unexploded devices, where the murderers stayed, etc. etc), these points are completely irrelevant to the core issue. This act of cold-blooded Islamic murder and all previous acts of cold-blooded Islamic murder before it rest upon a basic common denominator, they are based upon Islamic ideology and are executed under the basic theological tenants of the Quran found in:

Sura 3, ayat 151 (Allah Controls Your Enemies)
"We will throw terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, since they set up besides Allah powerless idols. Their destiny is Hell; what a miserable abode for the transgressors!"

Sura 8, ayat 12 (Lessons from History)
"Recall that your Lord inspired the angels: "I am with you; so support those who believed. I will throw terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved. You may strike them above the necks, and you may strike even every finger.""

The entirety of Sura 56 "The Inevitable" (Al Waqi'ah)

Sura 60, ayat 9 (Basic Law Regulating Relations With Unbelievers)
"Allah enjoins you only from befriending those who fight you because of religion, evict you from your homes, and band together with others to banish you. You shall not befriend them. Those who befriend them are the transgressors."

In these and other verses (ayat) of the Quran the basic inescapable truth that Islam is now, has always been, and will always be at war with anything non-Islamic (non-submitted to Allah) until Islam no longer exists on the face of this Earth. The sooner Islam ceases to exist the sooner the rest of the world population will be free of cold-blooded Islamic murder.


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