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Where 'Tolerance' Leads

By Janet Porter



When we disagreed while watching the news,
You chose to ignore my misguided views.
When I fell for the lie "my body, my choice,"
Fear of offending me silenced your voice.

When the courts destroyed marriage, you bit your lip,
You were too afraid that you wouldn't look "hip."
I wore a "Christian label" but was it not strange,
When I cast my vote for "hope" and for "change"?

You never mentioned, when we talked till the a.m.
To follow Christ means I have to "obey him?"
I know that was hard, it seemed so "uncouth,"
"Tolerance" was easier than speaking the truth.

You didn't tell me Jesus was the ONLY way,
After all, that's what He had to say.
To forgive us and save us, that's why He was sent,
But I never knew of my need to repent.

My sins were paid for by a God who loved me,
You could have explained it so I could see.
You called it "tolerance," but it was not love,
And now it's too late – who were you thinking of?

I trusted you and thought you were my friend,
But rather than speak up, you chose to stand by and pretend.
And for the first time, I can now tell,
With a warm, pleasant smile, you let me go to hell







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