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There is no Rapture?

 By Keygar



What if thereís no rapture? What if an angel appeared to me right now and said ďsorry mate, you got it wrong, there isnít any rapture, youíre going to have to go through the tribulation, do you want to call it quits?Ē


ďNo wayĒ Iíd say (by Godís grace, after getting up off the ground). God has got me this far, Iím sure He can get me all the way to finally be with Him. If I have to lose my head (literally) during the tribulation, Iím sure Heíll give me the grace to endure to the end. Would I want to keep my life anyway, and be like the Christian haters who will run the earth during that time? In a fit me thinks, and my head has never been much to look at anyway.


It amuses me though, and saddens me, how many so-called Christians really verbally attack other Christians who do actually believe in a rapture event. I even wonder if they are Christians. They certainly donít exhibit the fruit of love, patience and tolerance. I have no problem with or grudge against those Christians who donít believe in a rapture. Who knows, they might be right. DOES IT REALLY MATTER to the point of being rude about it. Surely the main thing is to eventually be with Christ forever no matter what suffering or persecution may or may not precede that.


And what about those who argue on and on that the rapture is in the middle of the tribulation, or at the end, or one thousand three hundred and twenty two days, ten minutes and thirty seconds after the antichrist appoints another Treasurer (I say another because thereís always at least one crooked Treasurer). Some of them really get hot under the collar, even calling others who donít agree with them apostate, or crazies, leading the church astray.


ďWhy thenĒ, I hear you ask, ďdo you even have a website about the rapture, seemingly promoting the belief in a pre-tribulation eventĒ. Iíll tell you why, because itís a free country (at the moment). If you want to start a website promoting a belief that insects will soon rule the earth from Eritrea, go for it. I for one wonít call you foul names and threaten you. Just donít expect me to sign up to your movement thatís all.


Then there are those who donít believe in the rapture and emphatically pronounce, ďshow me where in the Bible is the word, 'rapture' ". Well I canít. Itís not there, not in the ENGLISH translation that is (see note at bottom). The word ďelectricityĒ is not in my mobile phone user guide either, but thatís what the phone runs on. The word "Trinity" is not in the Bible, but most would agree on the concept. If you are going to dismiss the probability of an event just because you canít find the commonly used word to describe it in a book, then you're taking a risk I think. BUT, if thatís what you want to do, I wonít ask that you be removed to a re-education camp. Iíll not send you insulting emails. Iíll not call you a fool. Iíll not say you are a blight on society. Iíll RESPECT your position. Can you RESPECT mine?


Is believing in a rapture a cop out? I donít think so. Is it wrong for a child to look forward to Christmas? Is it wrong for a person to look forward to the return of a loved one? Is it wrong to prefer to escape difficult times and persecution if possible? Of course not, otherwise, the next time you see a bus bearing down on you, just stand there in front of it and hold up a ďbring it onĒ sign. No other generation of Christians has been asked by God to endure as horrible and tortuous a period as the tribulation will be. Why should we be different? Why would God especially expect our generation of Christians to endure it? But, what if He does expect just that? Well ok then, I for one am not going to question the Almighty. Iíll trust Him NO MATTER WHAT (by His grace).


Is believing in a rapture beneficial? I think so. It gives me a reason to be optimistic. It gives me a reason to stay ready to meet Christ. It gives me encouragement to do something to serve Him now, as He may return any moment. It gives me HOPE amidst a rotten world system. It gives me a joy of anticipation just like the afore mentioned child looking forward to Christmas. I believe there is clear evidence of a rapture contained in the bible. That evidence has already been covered a thousand times by scholars and theologians whose shoe laces I am not worthy to tie, so I wonít go into it again.


But, ultimately, my faith and hope and joy doesnít lie in "a rapture", it lies in the person of Jesus Christ. He alone I REALLY am totally sure about. Not the rapture, not the scoffers, not the world, not the politicians, not other Christians, not my family, but ONLY, Jesus Christ. I am happy just writing about it. I canít wait to get to heaven, whenever that will be.



 ( For more on the word "rapture" see HERE )





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